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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Chim-Chim-Cheree, Finale Part 2

This is Part 2, Part 1 is the previous post, go there first.

Oh hey.. it's Flamingo's birthday!

And Nick's!

Elphie: Whoo. I'm so freaking excited.

Jetta: What's so exciting over there?

I almost died. That's how perfect they are.


There you go.

Flamingo Chimeree.

He's a Friendly, Adventurous, Genius, Angler and his last trait is Bookworm.. thus making him and Nick share two traits(Genius and Bookworm). Famingo likes the colour of sea foam, the taste of sushi and the sound of indie music.

His Life-Time Wish is to have 13 Perfect Fish in bowls.

Jorcaine: Our son's in LOVE. Frick yeah!!

Nick: Speaking of said love

Flamingo: Oh my goodness!

Nick: Marry me?

Jordan: So romantic..

Flamie: Yes!

Nick: Mine.

Nick: I love you so damn much.

Flamie: Yeah. Me too. I'm so awe-I mean I love you too.

And then they talked about computers.

You might have noticed I didn't dress Nick in pink. Flamie and Cherry are spares from long ago technically. And he just looks better in.. not pink.

Jordan: So watching my son make out with his man totally makes me want to do the same with mine.

Coke: Oh Jordan, stop! <3

This was just cool.

Flamie: So.. the military is great.

Nick: Yeah, it's alright, but I really want to be a chef!

Speaking of chefs.. Lewis became a 5-star chef in my game, but I clicked away the announcement by accident D: Congrats Lewis!

Do you like their new room? xD I love it and I don't even like pink.

Meanwhile Pie gets his own room too.

Pie: Yeah about time. I like that painting, btw.

Nick: Nice underoos, babe.

Flamie: Did he just take the last piece of cake?

That's okay, now I get to eat this flame fruit cobbler.

Mr. Lefty: I wanted cake too!
Mr. Righty: No I wanted cake.. now I eat you. Nom nom nom.

Ahw, they're thinking of each other!

Jordan: Last night was GREAT, HONEY!


Coke: Sure..

Flamie: Mhmm.. right.

Meanwhile, I get Nick the job he wanted in culinary and find out he has 0 cooking skills.. whereas Jordan managed to top Science all on her own xD Some simselves are great at skilling on their own.. some.. not so much.

Oh yeah.. Nick.
I named Him Nick Silver, cause Nick didn't give me a last name so I thought of something random.

He's a Good, Genius, Computer Whiz of a Bookworm and also a Natural Cook! He likes indie music(same as Flamie), tri-tip steak and the colour black.
As mentioned, his LTW is to become a Celebrated Five-Star Chef.

Painting going on here. Oh yeah, remember Vireo? She's boring a lot of the time.

Meanwhile I realize it'd be a great idea for the men to go fishing/cookbook reading together. It's beautiful at the lake.

I sent Vireo there to get a photo of a sim fishing.


THAT NIGHT. Flamingo meets his much older, dead, half-brother Yellow-Submarine.

Flamie: Hey, I'm Flamingo, I'm your half brother!


Flamie: Isn't it crazy how both of our dad's son are gay? Craaaazy!

Sub: Crazy? More like totally awesome.


Flamie: So, I'm marrying this guy Nick. He's a fantastic man! He's going to be a chef and we share tastes in music and books and we're both smart!

Sub: Cool story, bro.

Flamie: And know what? He thinks my strange pink attire is adorable and he doesn't mind that I pierced my ear.

Sub: Omg.

Sub: Nice catch!

And then he left.

Flamie: Bro, I miss you already. We just met and we had such a great talk! You're the best brother ever, Submarine!

I only included this because Chlorine's hair looks nice.

Stan: What's up flower?

Chlorine: Why are visitors always showing up in formal wear? How to counter that?

Chlorine: PLUMBOB! I've got it!

Chlorine: How abut that?

Stan: I like it.

Creepy maid is creepy.

Chlorine: You're an awesome guy.

Chlorine: Will you marry me?

Chlorine: Pleeeeeease?

Stan: Oh wow, this is so sudden! Okay!

Chlorine: Sweet!

Before you ask: I used Twallan's Woohooer, I'm assuming that's the one that enabled the action, because I don't have any other related mod.

Chlorine: Let's go inside and tell my mums!

Pie: Wroooooom!

I find it hilarious that he got his Childish trait when he grew up xD

Elphaba: Omg, BOOBIES.

...we're so mature here.

Chlorine: So mum, you know Stan, right?

Chlorine: We're getting married.

Jetta: I'm going to murder that son of a plumbob!

That face.. frightened me. And she literally went bonkers from nothing.

Jetta: Diiiiiiee.

Elphaba: Riiight.

Chlorine: And now that she's gone..

Chlorine: I want a cake with lots of cream and cherries! That would make me so happy!

Stan: Has this family always been this crazy?

Coke: It has since I've been around.

Stan: And since when is that?

Coke: Gen-2.. about 8 generations ago.

Stan: :|

Elphaba: When are you proposing to your boyfriend, eh Vireo? Your little sister is getting married.

Vireo: Whatever. I'm going fishing.

Elphie: So.. no premarital woohoo and if you get married as teens then no postmarital woohoo either. Got it, punk?

Stan: Oh.. oh of course not ma'am, I'm a gentleman!

Elphie: Wow so we're both brave.

Stan: How else do you think I had the courage to say yes?

Elphie: Well done. Well done.

Flamie: :D

Elphie: I'm watching you.

Stan: Bring it.

Jetta: RAAAGE.

Notice how Nick's already so much into this legacy that he doesn't even notice anything's going on.

Jetta: HATE.

Pie: :)

No idea why I took this.
There's a lot of that going on xD

Elphie: Here, here.. let me make you feel better.

Chlorine..  she's eccentric.

There ARE empty seats behind the kitchen table.

Hey it's Quirrel!

Stan: That Coke guy is bizarre.

Vireo: Screw television and computers. Screw technology. I hate it! Ugh!

Pie: Is she for real?

Pie: You know what, sis? You look exactly like our grandfather Lewis, so you're not one to talk.

Vireo: Whoa whoa.. that doesn't even make any sense.

Nick: YUMMY!

Nick: Ew, this toast is really old..

Nick: Oh well. Yumm..

Lol. They run so goofy!

Cherry: whazzup?

Stan: What? Don't come telling me about your technophobia. That's just wrong.

Pie: I win. Now I'm going to my new bed while you still share a room with two girls and sleep in a bed that was bought when you were a child.

I thought their fighting days were over.

Jetta: I'm not even talking you, sweet-tits.

Elphie: GASP!

Elphie: Why do you have to embarrass me in-front of internet people! Internet people are cool!

Jetta: Oh, sorry.

Elphie: It's ok.

Jetta: Omg you're so cute from this angle!

Elphetta: Hahaha.

That's their relationship.. pretty much summed up.

Jordan: This house is driving me nuts!

Coke: Hey, thanks for making pancakes again even though we have a fridge full of stuff.

Jordan: How can you even see me through the wall?

If he didn't eat that old sandwich before I'd totally think he was having a kid.

I can't get over Flamingo's cute PJs.




Poison Ivy got married to Notzo Curious. No kidlets...

Chlorine: YAY! Get a jellyfish, sister! A jellyfish!

Vireo: Leave me the frick alone.

I couldn't remember why I was keeping them around.. so I moved them out..

Chlorine: What?

Chlorine: Wait a minute!

Chlorine: OH YEAH! Here's some Ningo!

Flamingo: Whoa..

Nick: Hey babe..

Flamingo: Yeah?

Nick: I love you.

Flamingo: Omg.. he said I love you.

Uh.. kid, he's MARRYING YOU.

Flamie: I'm so happy, it's amazing.

Flamie: Carry me!

Nick: I have to go to work now.

And so Flamie went fishing alone.

And with this minnow...

you can carry on to Part 3.

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Flamie and Nick = So damn cute it's illegal!


The cuteness of this chapter overwhelm me:)

Let me paint you a picture...
Asylum Doctor: Mrs.Chimeree, are you sure that there's no one crazy in this house?
(Everyone's yelling and there's a fire in the kitchen)
(There's an explosion in the back-round)
Adam and Jamie: Well there's your problem...
(While I was typing this, my kitten Scott sat in front of the tv and watched a McDonals ad. Rocky attacked him soon after)

Flamie: Isn't it crazy how both of our dad's son are gay? Craaaazy!


OK, I lied, I wanted to read the rest and OMG OMG OMG FLAMINGO MET SUBMARIIIIINE!!! <3 BRB, I'm going there to die!! [not really. I' reading the last part.]

Flamingo and Nick are super cute together. <3

(Deleted comment)
True. EA is so punny :D Entire Twinbrook is full of punny names. Kat Hunter(..cougar?)? Dee Liver(the newspaper delivery girl). Ridiculous xD

This legacy is awesome.
Jetta: Diiiiiiee.
Jetta's expression kinda reminded me of Cruella De ville!

Thank you!

xD lol, you're right!

I love Falmingo, so cute. <3

... I don't usually pay attention to paintings, but Standby was totally watching Flamingo and Nick hug after the engagement. o.o

Why does it seem Jetta is in her underwear the most? And vaguely reminds me of Jet? XD

Is Pie... in a relationship yet? o: Isn't he around y.adult or adult? I think he's to cute to die alone. XD D'aww.

I just looove the wacky Chimerees. X3

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