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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Chim-Chim-Cheree, Finale Part 1

I'm so excited I could cry. Really.

Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: Vireo was pretty, Flamingo was awesome. Portraits were painted. The teleporter teleported Vireo the never nude sim to an unfamiliar place.. nude, Nick had a bad day and refused to kiss his boyfriend, Cassidy's ghost was adorable and her husband joined her in death. We heard the story of how Ningo(Nick and Flamingo) came to be and Coke found a laundry gnome.

Ahw, there's not an empty chair for Vireo!

Except.. there are plenty of seats empty.

Chlorine: I'm so boooored.

..I have no idea why I took an included this picture. WHYYYY?

Teachers have the cutest career outfits in this game. Adorable. If not a bit dull in colour.

Vireo wanted to garden.. and we still have all of two plants left, so she harvests the money tree :D

Isaac: Excuse me?

Vireo: I'm hearing things..

Isaac: Nope, it's me - Isaac Deens, from the Deens Legacy by simpairment! Except Mariah didn't find my hair right away and totally butchered my outfit.

Vireo: Oh the Deens'! I love your legacy!

Chlorine: Heheheheh. Grandpa is dead!

Reminds me of the Deens xD

I found his hair later on in the update, this will do for now x3

Jetta: Oh how will I get by without my father-in-law?

For the record.. Chlorine was about to scare her and I accidentally cancelled the action.

Isaac: No way, we're both Athletic!

Vireo: Sweet!

Vireo: Let's kiss!

Isaac: Yeah, I don't know about that.

Vireo: What? Why?

Viraac: Awkward...

Isaac: Wow, that must have been some kiss, huh?

Vireo: Yeah, mum has that effect on her. Great kissing is in my genes, you know.

Jetta: I can't believe that lame line worked. She doesn't even have a great kisser trait.

Isaac: That was mind-blowing.


Only in The Sims.

Man, I love this game.

Nick: Did you know that I like theatre?

Elphie: The theatre is all good, but I'm more of a rule the world kind of person.

Elphie: Nooo time to go to the theatre for me.

Coke: I feel as if I've travelled through time and space...

When I did those Coke's travels chapters, I should have used the time machine to take him there. DAMN. That would have been awesome.


Isaac likes that painting Vireo is painting of him.. even though it's useless, as his hair will change and I will paint a new one.

And it's Key Lime Pie's birthday!

Coke close-up. That's how little I cared at that point about KLP.

Flamingo: Photobomb. I'm learning this from the Denalis.

Did I really need two of these?

Coke: I'm awesome.



Right. Were his eyes always so blue?


I love how Flamie photobombed most of these.

Key Lime Pie, everybody. After all this boring KLP, he rolls Childish and becomes, if this was not the last generation, someone I'd probably pick as the heir.

He's a Clumsy, Childish, Brave, Genius, Loner. Likes Irish Green, Key Lime Pie and Classical music.
His Life-Time Wish is to become a Renown Surgeon.

Pie: I'm gonna be a doctor!

Flamie: WHAT?

Flamie: You know what, good for you!

Coke: What was I doing?

Nick: Omg, my boyfriend's dad. Omg omg omg... he is far too topless and far to close!

Coke: Oh yeah, hey, come on in.

Nick: Finally.

Nick: Welp, it's midnight. I'm leaving!

Flamie: :|

Meanwhile Isaac has still not left.

Isaac: Okay I'll leave.. but you better find my hair! >:|

His girl(in this legacy at least) meanwhile is fishing.. as always.

KLP's PJs. Oh man.. I really like him. Dressing him was so much fun.

Whereas, I completely did NOT customize Cherry and Vireo's outfits past everyday. That's why Vireo's are teal.

Jetta's a Top Gun.

Jetta: B|

Oh hey, I forgot Coke had this! :D he just whipped it out of his pocket, no big deal.

Chlorine: Hey Stan, what's up? Wanna hang out?

Chlorine: Yeah, my family is home, but whatever.

Vireo: OH NO.


That's what just went down.

Like it? WELL TOO BAD. That's the last you'll see it.

Flamie: Damn you homework. I can't believe I have to do this crap.

Flamie: Pff. I can't believe you haven't done your homework yet!

Yeah, cause you finished AGES ago.

Coke: Another plant dead..

Coke: And now it's spot is empty.


Seriously, just Ctrl+F and look for "like my soul". The person saying it might be familiar.

Flamie: Hey, Nicky? You came and left yesterday and I thought it'd be nice if you came over today so we can hang out all day instead of 5 minutes?

Vireo: Grandpa :(

Nick: I'm in a great mood today and I'm staying for more than 5 minutes.

Flamie: And we have like.. KIND OF privacy.


Stan: Your home is sooo chill, girl.

This is Stanley Hudson. I created him.

Oh boys.

Chlorine: So I noticed you've got blue all over you, are you in a rainbow legacy too?

Stan: Not yet.. if you catch my drift.

Pie: Dear Diary, I wish my distant relative and his boyfriend wouldn't make out in our shared room so loudly. I have nothing against the gays, I've got lesbian mums. I just don't see why people need to kiss each other in general.

Chlorine: Sooo.. I just noticed you're not wearing any shoes.

Stan: The breeze between my toes is so liberating.

Nick: Yeah. I'm THE MAN.

Chlorine: I just wish my aunt wasn't practising an especially angry speech just here...

Chlorine:Oh well.

Stan: I like liked that.

Two pairs, two different relationships.

Flamie: Thanks... I've been having that wish to massage you since forever.

Nick: No problem at. all. Mmm..

And then they talked about books.

Chlorine: Excellent!

Stan: Right.. I'm going home.

Stan: You're weird. I... I like you.

Chlrone: Whoooo!

Rememeber how he looked when he didn't get to make out? Sad. Now? Extremely pleased.

Pie: Guess I can stop pretending to read, huh?

Flamie: What?!

Flamie: You were there the whole time!?

Flamie: Grrr!

Flamie: So, Saturn's a pretty cool planet, huh?

Meanwhile Elphaba gets home from a party she was invited to.

Elphaba: Whoooo! Party!

Kids, remember, don't drink until you're legal.

Jetta: You look hot.

Elphie: What, me?

Jetta: You remind me of our wedding.

It's.. safe to say..

Err.. right. I'm leaving.

Jordan: I have to give these stupid lectures for work. I keep doing it but my work performance is still saying I'm doing a crap job! And then I need Charisma and Logic. This job SUCKS.

Vireo: Great lecture.

Cherry: Waaaaaah. I want to sleeeep!

This is not an ISBI. SLEEP *puts sleeping in her queue*

Jordan: Let me tell you a little something about Thee Flags! This will be a lecture you'll never forget.


Can't remember for the life of me.

Meanwhile.. guess whose hair I found? Isaac's!

Jetta: HE is going to possibly marry my first-born?!

Jetta: Wow, those pants are tight and I see close to no package!


Jetta: Hey Vireo, your boyfriend's got a tiny---


Isaac: So not talking to you.

Jetta: Whatever.

Jetta: So what is it that you do?

Isaac: I'm in Law Enforcement.

Jetta: Oh cool, you're athletic too?

Jetta: I salute you, sir.

Isaac: Now that's a lot better.

Jetta: You're still a  freaking loser. I bet you spend your days behind a desk and aren't even allowed to carry a gun!

Isaac: :O

Isaac: Whoa, lady, what the hell is wrong with you?

Isaac: I like working out.

Jetta: Cool. Person person plus plus.

Jetta: Btw, before you go. You dating my daughter is outrageous!

Jetta: And you embarrassed me right in-front of her!

Isaac: What the hell are you talking about!?

Isaac: You're so boring and I'm leaving.

Flamie: So how come you don't have a boyfriend, sis?

Cherry: Love is a disease.

Flamie: I'm so out of here.

Cherry: Did I say something wrong?

Isaac's new painting.

Also.. Key Lime Pie's painting is finished.

Continue to Part 2.

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I'm off to read the other two parts now :)

Yesss photo-bombing is taking over the world!!! >:D
The Denali's will be pleased, HEHE!

All the couples are too adorable!

Awesompe part 1 :D
*More reading*

I'm gonna reread the whole legacy before I read this.
I think it'll be the end of an era :[

Whoa. Good luck :D should be fun..
It's certainly the end of something :( :)

(my friend Alex love Lady Gaga, he made me put this XD)

You can go to other parties?
That's amazing!

It was a career opportunity for her as a vice president I believe :D


OK, I've read this one but I need to go to work and I guess I'm soooo not ready to read the other two! T_T

But before I go, three things:
1- COCAINE'S 'LIKE MY SOUL' AHAHAHAHA Looooved it! Oh, the good old times!
2- KLP! <333333333333 So cute, love him, too!
3- Hellooo, Isaac! Gorgeous!!

Now I have to go. I'm late >.

1. It felt right to put that in there. Especially since it's the finish line.
2. KLP, totally made himself pretty awesome in my eyes when he grew up xD
3. I know, right?

1- It's Cocaine Chimeree. He and everything he says or does is always going to be awesome. *tries to find the COKE FANGIRL t-shirt*
2- He *is* cute. <33
3- He SO IS. Started reading his legacy LOL Thanks for mentioning it, it's really good. I'm loving it.

How could Isaac ever say no to this face? D: Lol'd so hard at his and Jetta's love/hate relationship, too, especially when she insulted his package. XDDDDDDDDD

I love Cherry's "Love is a disease," too. Oh, guuuuurl. <3

I hate when I can't remember why I took pictures, too. DX

Jetta has random mean outbursts. They're the best.

x3 I loved that line. One of my favourites in Part 1.

It's so annoying D:

Yaaay. Silent reader again. :3 Can't wait two read the next to parts -- but first a taco. :D
Oh, poor Cocaine. But he's so adorable. <3 I used to love Light... but then he went all ugly as an adult. ^^; Cocaine is epic! :D I blame his empty soul on his early start in writing. XD

This reply to your lovely comment is empty.. like Coke's soul.

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