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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Cocaine Chimeree & The World of Sims, Part II: France

Coke: Phooone.

After successfully retrieving the smashy thing, it's time to go to France!

I always thought, the sims version of France is a bit... yellow.

Forgot to pack Coke's white Kenspa, but that's okay.

WHAT WHAT. This house is bigger than the Chimerees. This is not allowed.

Most of his journey to France, Coke ran around collecting rocks and excavating.

FYI, this is the house you can gather pomegranates at. That's why we're here.

Find Coke.

Hey it's a gorgeous Chinese girl!


Coke: Hey maybe I should go on a quest?

I decided he should do the nectar making quest, so first he gathered grapes.

Coke: Ew, ew, ew, ew.

Coke: AH!

Coke: EW D:

Coke used his awesome handiness skills to upgrade the machine before he left. Cause he's a nice guy.

Beatrice: what is he DOING? I need a drink.

Charlotte: I don't care what, as long as I can ogle him as I have this glass of wine.

Charlotte was the second wife of a guy I had in a different save.

Jean Luc.. Pivet.

Yeah.. he ain't impressed either.

Jean Luc: Well, I at least have the right initials.

Coke: BUGS! Gotta catch 'em all!

Coke: Gotcha!

Coke: A huge boulder in my way.. what ever shall I do?


Lol, delayed reaction from the boulder.

Coke: Holy crap. Do you know what the hell this is? You bet your sweet ass you do! This is A FREAKING WALL! THIS IS THE GREATEST DISCOVERY EVER!

Determined Coke is determined, once again.

Coke: That was really fucking ninja of me!

Coke: Exploring may be tough. You really have to put your heart into it.

Omg, the pun.. it hurts.

Coke: A wall? I think not!

Coke: Let me see...


Coke: Gotcha.

Coke: A room behind a door? What, what, what?

Coke: Grape plants I have not seen elsewhere..

Coke: Butterflies!

Coke: Coins! This cave is the BEST.

Coke: A green pool that may just be acid, that's going to burn my eyes out? I will jump into it head over heels!

Coke: AAAAH! I'm alive!

This place was riddled with traps. But Cocaine is so awesome, he wasn't bothered at all.

Coke: Money? Sweet.

He found a small room to camp in, with a fire pit and a tent!

Coke: I can't say grapes fried over a fire are the best dinner ever :|

Oh hey, the Chinese girl is at the base camp!

Coke: Ni hao? I'm Cocaine Chimeree.

Jee: Jee Young, nice to meet you.

Jee: You like it here in France?

Coke: It's lovely!

Jee: Wait, wait! We both have problems with short-term-memory!

Coke: Way!

Omg. Jiang was in France with his wife. So cute!

Coke: I like your... hat.

Jee: Oh, you're a charmer, Coke.

Coke: You know, they say France is the most romantic place out there.. want to kiss?

Jee: You're MARRIED?

Coke: My wife is dead, relax.

Jee's rice hat needs to stop eating Coke's brain.

Night falls over France.

After leaving base camp, Coke realized he forgot to shower, but no worries!

Oh yeah, refreshing shower.

While fishing, he was joyously singing Ping and his checkers.

Adorable. I filmed it, but I think I deleted that footage, RATS! It was so cute.

Coke: You lost footage of me singing? :(

And then... OMG.

You may remember Remus the glowy butterfly. This is when I caught him. SO SHINY.

Coke: my  journey will be over in an hour?

Coke: I have an idea!

Coke: Is this thing on?

The End!

I did go to Egypt too, but it was 1. boring and 2. SUPER SUPER glitchy and laggy. That's what travelling in WA will do to your game. That's why I had to move my family after this. "Nice" work, EA.

I'll see you guys around!

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The adventures of Cocaine ...

I will definitely have to do this travelling business sometime with my family xD

I must have shiny butterflies !!

Oh the butterfly.. it's EXTRAORDINARILY RARE. I was so happy when I found it. Pretty.

(Deleted comment)
THE BUTTERFLY WAS NAMED REMUS?! I LOVE THAT NAME!( Werewolf fan, Remus Lupin, I's loves him)

Remus the Glowy Fly. Coke even wrote a novel about him.

So glad you did this, since I'm not getting WA anytime soon, so I can't see what's in it =P Fun to watch Coke having his own adventures :)

I'm glad some good came out of this ordeal :)

Aw, I'm going to miss Coke so much when the Chimerees are over! Thanks for sharing, his adventures were adorable.

You're making me want to reinstall World Adventures.

I've read this story from the beginning and am sad that it's at it's end.

But I'm happy to see all these little extra you've been doing. These last two made me laugh.

Ahw, thank you for sticking with the legacy! :D It's so odd that it's ending. It's not finished in-game yet. I'm dreading it.

You're welcome ^^!

Oh and I meant my above comment totally sarcastically :P

Wait. I mean my FIRST comment. Not the "edit." Hehe, oops...

And I mean it more humorously, than sarcastically.


Omg, I hate that Jean Luc. -_-

Coooke <3333

I need to send my sims to China, France and Egypt. I'm doing this as soon as Aine's child grows up. Travelling still messes the family tree, right? Better send sims to travel when the legacy is in it's early stages.

Coke is lovely. And the pic of him with Remus is just too cute.

Omg, it messes the family tree? I had no idea .___. more reasons why I will not go anywhere with the next family.
I thought of uninstalling WA, but I like the photo cameras and some clothes and hair.. .__. I'm not sure what to do!

Really? Because I have heard [read?] complaints everywhere about legacies travelling and then when they came back the family tree was all messed up. I have only sent my sims abroad 2 or 3 times before and as I wasn't legacy-ing I didn't even notice anything wrong, but now that I'm trying to keep track of my family I'm afraid the family tree might get borked if I send my sims anywhere after some generations.

Oh, I seldom use anything WA related, but I don't want to uninstall it. I don't know, I like to think that whenever I want I can find whatever it is from the WA EP without having to install it again. That, and I like lots of things WA added to the build and buy modes, so... I'm not uninstalling it anytime soon.

Shiny bug :D Coke is just to awesome to get hurt by traps ^^
Coke sure IS romantic :)

I've read your legacy, and I loved it! I was wondering how you were able to have more than 8 members of your family. What mod was it?(If it was a mod)And any recommendations? Thanks, and great legacy!

With AwesomeMod you can Allow OverStuffed Houses. It's a pretty progressive mod, though, but it's the only one I know that does it.

Thanks so much, and where can I find it? I Google searched it, but there were so many different links I wasn't sure what to choose. Once again, thank you!

It's the first link, the link that says AWESOMEMOD! SHINY! WIP - Download & Announcements

Also I have a link in my resources post.

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