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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Cocaine Chimeree & The World of Sims, Part I: China

Coke: What's going on? Why am I in the old house with Gen-Violet? Why am I not married to Jordan? Why am I in my old hair and PJs? What's going on?!

Well, let me tell you! A long time ago, when Generation-Violet were teens, I decided to send Coke to get that darn smashy thing I'd been after for generations. But I didn't put those pictures in a chapter because there's a lot. So here they are!
Also, since I took these pictures FOREVER AND A DAY ago, the captions may or may not be crap-tastic.

Coke: Hey, I'm going to China! Sweet!

Coke: Wait, wait! What was I doing?


Coke: Oh oh, a ticket to China and back for one adult please!

Coke: You're on, message board!


Determined Cocaine is determined.

I only took these, because they looked pretty.

Coke: Right *checks message* Jiang Lu?

Jiang: That would be me.

Coke: I want to know the smashy secret!

Jiang: Excellent! I can tell by your shiny Schmoozer trait that you have a way with people, mister Chimeree. I haven't been able to convince some hard-headed locals that getting this artefact is a good idea. Do it for me.

Coke: Got it!

Coke: Jiang's daughter's a local and surely hard-headed, let's try her! Hey, little girl!

Little Chinese Girl: Nǐ hǎo!

Coke: Hello!

LCG: I am sceptical.. wait.. no.. we are good friends now, sir. Yeah you should definitely get this artefact. Great idea!

LCG: Goodbye handsome man!

Coke: Omg, Liang Creeper!

Liang: What now?

Coke: I'm a big fan of your wife's family!

Liang: I is not married.

Liang: Oh, this expression I understand. This funny!

Coke: So, I want to get this artefact and you need to approve of it before I can get it. So just say yes

Coke: You think me getting the artefact is a great idea.

Liang: Artefact, great idea.

Coke: Good enough.

Liang: Sorry, spaced out there for a second. Is sir buying something?

Coke: Uh.. no.

Liang: Zài jiàn!

Coke: No way dude, we're both schmoozers! Don't you think it's a great idea for me to get the artefact!?

Lee: Omg, yeah, it's an awesome idea! Oh oh, are you Cocaine Chimeree? I love your family!

Lee: So how's Saturn?

Coke: You mean Jupiter? She's fine.

Seeing as it was late, Coke returned to the base and decided to see Jiang another day.

The other tourists don't clean up after themselves. Yuck.

Coke: I was asleep, but woke up cause I thought the sun was out.. but it was you.

Anuba: Oh my god, how precious are you!

Coke: Are you married?

Anuba: Nope, flirt away, love.

Coke: Your sparkling eyes are like thorns of a rose, poking into my heart!

Anuba: Oh, Cocaine!

Coke: Are you sure you want to go to your 3 by 5 room, or are you willing to share with me in mine?

Anuba: Well you ARE very handsome..

Anuba: :|

Coke: Get out of my way, I've got meetings to attend.

Coke: That your wife, Jiang?

Jiang: Yes.

Coke: I like her dress.

Jiang: That dress IS pretty nice.

Coke: I convinced your daughter, Liang and Lee that this is a good idea.

Jiang: Excellent. Now Lu wants to have an interview about this with you. Go!

Lu: Ew, I ain't speaking with you legacy scum. Get out of my face and my shop.

Coke: Nice boobs, lady!

Lu: Nice compliment! Let's make this interview happen!

Coke: Wait wait.. you're vegetarian! So was my wife.

Lu: And then she discovered that chicken is delicious?

Coke: No.. she died.

Lu: Awkward..

Lu: Whoa, I see you're much more reasonable than the Jiang scumbag..

Lu: However, the city needs valuables before we can assist you.

Coke: Booring quest is booooring.

Coke: I got the stuff.

Lu: Great, go get your prize then.

Peijing: You shall not pass!

Coke: Oh yeah? I'm Cocaine Chimeree.

Peijing: Fine then >:( !

Coke: What was I--


Well if you ask so nicely.

Coke: Hellooooo my little friend.


Coke: Whoa this thing is heavy as hell!


Coke: Hey wife-of-Jiang!

Coke: I got the smashy! Can I keep it?

Jiang: Sure, but you must catch me a relic before you can run off with it.

Coke: Hey look what I can do, woman!

Jun: Whatever. I'm gonna get a frappuccino.

Coke: I'm lost.

See the statue, see the plate? You know what you need to do.

Coke: J-IANG!

Jiang: Dude, I'm like.. right here.

Coke: I got you your relic!

Jinag: Excellent! Congrats, you now have the smashy thing :)

Coke: YES, YES, YES!

Coke: My life is complete.. oh wait, this is before I mastered all skills, never mind.


Coke: LU! LUUUU!

Lu: Congrats on your smashy power, my good friend! What will you do now?

Coke: Read a book!

Lu: Haha, alright, I'll see you around.

This game is so pretty...

Anuba: Hey stranger!

Coke: I am returning home today, but our romance was very special, for sure. I will always remember you.

Anuba: I hope we meet again one day.

Coke: Perhaps!

And so Coke returned home!

I'll see you soon with Part II: France!


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China is beautiful !
My family must go there when I get them back xD

The smashy thing is so cool ! *starts a plan to search for smashy thing* xD

Omg, it took forever to get the thing, because you have to do a bunch of quests before you can do that one. So annoying.
China is probably the most beautiful of the three places in the game.

Jiaaaang! :D He married my legacy Sim in my game*! :D They had several beaaautiful children.

* Yes, he left his wife and children for her...

Jiang is quite cute, isn't he? :D


"Peijing: You shall not pass!

Coke: Oh yeah? I'm Cocaine Chimeree."


This was seriously PRECIOUS.

Awesome Coke is awesome.

I had a different line planned there at first but this one.. so much better.

.____. I love your new avatar.

Indeed, whatever the first line you had in mind was this one is so amazing. And so true. It's Cocaine Chimeree, woman, what the hell??? xD

Awww thanks! <3 It's my Aine. Guess who she was cuddling with when I took this pic... hint: blue. LOL

8D exactly! Their kid is cute, btw.

Yay Cokes stories :) You had to be happy back then when you finally got that smashy thing :D

Hey I was wondering if you could upload Cocaine to the sims 3 exchange?

Why? He's already uploaded as a .sim file and you can just put that in your SavedSims folder, it's a lot easier than .sims3pack files :)

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