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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Before the End: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 10.4 - Lime

Why didn't I think of that kind of stroke for the text before? I'm stupid.

Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: I said it may be the last chapter this time, but it isn't! More things happened... I don't feel like writing anything here..

Chapter begins with.. a completely uninteresting gnome, that is afraid of the fire.

What's going on in the house? Well, here's Jordan and Jetta working on their career skills. I wonder if they'll reach them before the end?

Coke's sculpting because he has a wish to earn 20000 by selling sculptures.. not that we need the money or that he needs the points. He has nearly every single Lifetime Aspiration award and we have one million and two hundred thousand simoleons in the pocket.

Vireo is back to fishing despite having a photography+painting LTW. I doubt I'll reach that far before the end so I'm not even trying xD

Cakes on the floor? You are dismissed!
Elphie and Flamie are spending some quality time in their respective bubbles.

Flamie: It was THIS big!


Flamie: And that's how I won the award for biggest bubbglegum bubble at our class' fun-time gathering!

Flamingo Chimeree is sitting on a chair made of ice.

Your argument is invalid.

Just because they're the last ones doesn't mean they don't get portraits. Especially since I already painted some but they were lost D:

I'm also not moving them out because why the hell should I :)

Oh yeah..

Her new trait is Childish.

Coke: I made another panda? I thought I hadn't made one before.. I guess they'll have to share their awesome panda status.

I decided to teleport Vireo to a fishing location.

Unfortunately she was teleported to a different location completely.

Not to mention... completely naked!

For our Never Nude sim.. this is a nightmare scenario.

She dressed up quickly and ran off..

Nobody will ever know, Vireo. Don't you worry!

You guys are so boring D:!

Well.. someone's got to fix this machine.

Oh yeah! Vireo's painting!

Coke: I can cook!

Flamie: Omg! O:

Flamie: That's amazing, dad!

There. Key Lime Pie gets a picture too!

I'm so sorry, I'm totally focusing more on Gen-3(Pink) than the actual Gen-10 right now D:

Coke's kids are just that much more awesome.

Lol. I'm looking forward to failure much like this in my upcoming ISBI, where I can only control one sim per generation.

I thought it'd be sweet to have the girls paint each other!


Flamingo in the graveyard. What could he be doing here?

Flamie: I have a date with destiny Nick.

Flamie: I detect feelings of love.

Nick: Who's going to fall for that line?

Flamie: I was hoping you would, gimme a kiss *closes eyes and leans in*

Nick: What? No way!

Flamie: :O

Flamie: Okay, how about a cuddle, then?

Nick: Cuddle?! O_O

Nick: Whoa whoa, can't you see I'm in a bad mood? -__-

Flamie: What went wrong?

Nick: >:|

Nick: I thought boys were easier!

Flamie: :(

Nick: Fufu, I totally turned him down.

Nick: wait did I just turn down my own boyfriend's cuddling attempt?

Flamie: Are you serious?

Nick: why would I do that?!

I like to think if they were IRL people that Flamie is shorter than Nick. It would just fit.

Flamie: I don't get it. Why can you flirt with me but when I try you push me away?

Nick: Because, dummy. I always make the first move. It's my thing.

Nick: Also, I got singed and I'm in a terrible mood.

Flamie: But you're so smart, how did you get singed?

Nick: Leave me alone! It was an accident and it was not my fault!

Flamie: Whoa whoa, I was not blaming you!

Nick: Okay then..

Nick: So.. you're looking cute today..

Flamie: Oh, you <3

Flamie: I'll see you another day, babe.

Nick: See ya. Maybe I'll be in a better mood and we can fulfill all those wishes you have towards me.

Flamie: I love you!

He wants to chat, kiss, make out, give a massage and move in with Nick xD

Oh yeah and his LTW, you can see if the 13-perfect-fish-in-a-bowl one just like Coke's first wife Tabitha's.. remember her?

Nick has great facial expressions.

Back home..
Flamie: ugh, looove everywhere. I just wanna go to bed, curl up and sleep.

Cass: Oh my goodness! Her guitar is teal! That's unforgivable!


Cass: No way! No kisses! You're alive for god's sake. Yuck!!

Squirtle: What the?

Cass: Oh alright!

Oh really?

So one family is totally getting along.

Flamie: I'm thinking of becoming a scientist as a job besides fishing, you know?

Coke: Hahaha, you're funny, son!

Flamie: I don't get it?

Flamie: You think I wouldn't make it in the career? That's okay, I don't live to please you.

Vireo continues to evade her LTW skills.

Meanwhile Coke and Squirtle spend some time playing video games.

Coke: Isn't this fun!?

Squirtle: Whoa, I'm feeling nauseous.

Squirtle: Crap. Sonny, I can't feel my legs.

Coke: What's in that direction?


Adam: Well well, the last sim to die of old age in this legacy, are you?

Adam: You're the last ooone!

Squirtle: Nice to finally meet you.

Adam: Pleasure. Now get in the urn, I'm late for a party.

Coke: So anti climatic!

Squirtle lived up to a healthy old freaking age of 106. 16 days more than the 90-day-norm.

I liked your hats and your crazy wife and children. I liked your ice sculptures too, before they disappeared. So long Squirtle!

I find it hilarious that when Elphie, the governor, had to take some documents to the criminal hideout.. she drove there in the police cruiser.

Random picture of Flamie soaking in the tub.

Chlorine doesn't have many impressive facial expressions..

This one's pretty nice, though.

Jetta: So, I'm a Top Gun now. Only one more promotion to go. Yee-haw.

Flamie: That's great auntie *do not care*

Jetta: How can I get promoted whilst grieving!?

Chlorine: Howdy.

Chlorine: So, tell me how you and Nick came to be together!

Flamie: Why, sure!

We met beside the mailbox after school.
I was so nervous and he was cute.

I asked him if he was single and he said he was.

Your mum ran past and saw us, but we didn't care.

I suggested we watch the sunset on our awesome balcony.

He liked that idea.. but we got distracted with each other's eyes..

I was totally falling for him. I couldn't control my facial expressions..

It took me a while to take control of my body again..

Finally, I hit on him for real!

I thought I was being real clever.

He complimented me on my superior brain, a trait we share.

We swooned and swooned.

Then finally..

Our first kiss. It was legendary.

We lost track of time kissing, pretty much.

Then we decided to see each other exclusively.

It made me so happy, I could die!

And then we went inside and played video games.

Flamingo: That's how it went down, cousin.

It really did, I just didn't show it because this seemed like a better idea.

What what..

Coke: Mm.. the sweet smell of waterfalls and lavender. Just like it says on the package! No false advertising for me!

And this is the gnome.. I called it Quirrel.

And that's it for this time, next time we may see the last chapter for real.

But till then, as always..

Love and rainbows!

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(Deleted comment)
I use Twallan's Porter to move my families.

...That's the gnome? O.o
I love Flamie, he's just so cute! And he and Nick are are really adorable couple :3
How many deaths has Coke seen, now?
Oh, yeah, the new title's lookin' pretty nice, too :3
Glad it's not the last chapter! I still wanna see more of the chimerees. Are you going to still play the family occasionally while you're doing your ISBI, and will we have the occasional picture/snapshot of them?

Yeah, freaky little gnome..
Omg, I have no idea.. a lot.

I doubt I'll play them, but I'm moving some of them to the ISBI hood and planning to make their households non-ageing.
But maybe.. you never know. I was hoping I could wipe the whole game though and just keep them on my backup drive. Their savegame is kind of huge a glitchy D: it makes me sad.

Omg, that reminded me of Tobias Chimeree! Aaah! The very VERY beginning!

Before i say anything else I LOVE THAT FONT! Why does your font always look so cool?!

Flamie is definatly his fathers son, cute :)
Also i know it's pretty late to say it but i love his skintone too!

I can't take Adam seriously with his wig onnnnn xD

I WANT QUIRREL! He's so adorable!

......urgh. I smell of fish...downside of working in the chippy!

:D Thanks, I love that font! I got it from DA. It's so awesome!

He is, yeah. I love them :)

I know, it's ridiculous and totally unprofessional. Get your hair cut, Adam.. gosh!

Ah.. sleeping with the fishes!

SQUIRTLE... Cyborg took him away... Flamie and Nick, sittin' in a tre- Um I like random stuff like that.

That is one awesome gnome. It doesn't even look like a gnome... but God it's cute! (:
Poor Vireo... teleported without her clothes on...
I shall miss Squirtle.

It sure doesn't. I think I've seen some f those not-so-gnome-looking ones in another legacy I read, but I can't remember now..

It was so embarrassing..
Me too :)

That is the cutest gnome ever!!!
Also, I love how Flamingo calls Elphie and Jetta his aunts, even though it's the other way around.
I also noticed that both of Coke's sons are gay!

Sure is :D
xD Yeah, nifty is it not? :)
Huh.. maybe he just has that gene :O

The off-centredness of your icon's text bothers me so much.

Haha... Maybe Coke secretly likes guys, too...?

Ha. Really? You're the first person to tell me that!

Hah.. I don't think so x3

Really? xD Amazing. I would think more people would be bothered, for sure..

Haha, nope... It doesn't bother me, though.. I just thought it was a cool icon! Lol

I've caught up ! I caught up last week but I was without internet until now and then I read this lol

I love how Flamie looks like Coke ! And his relationship with Nick is so cute, and the love-hate aspect just makes it cuter (:

Squirtle died :'( I liked his hats too :(

I'm going to be sad when this ends ... But all good things must come to an end :') At least there's an archive for remembrance (:

Yay! Being without internet sucks..

Ahw, yeah, I shoud re-read too, remind myself of the good old times :D

Love LOVE LOVEEE your legacies :]! Where did you get the full body freckles though? Jealousy!

Glad you like it :D

Check my Download a Chimeree post, there's a link for the skin under Cocaine Chimeree :)

Did you get the gnome from just doing laundry? That's so amazing, almost makes me want to use the laundry feature. Then I remember how annoying it is, and how it will glitch your maids. :(
I delurked because, the legacy is ending and that's sad. This was the first Sims 3 legacy I read when I switched from sims 2 to 3. It'll be sad to see it end next chapter. Congrats on (pretty much) completing a amazing legacy.

Uh oh it glitches maids? Mine seem fine..
But yeah, Coke was doing laundry and suddenly I got the pop-up!

Ahw thank you very much! I'm glad you've enjoyed it! :)

Yeah I once had a maid trying to pick up the same pile of clothes for her entire shift. She would pick it up then drop it like something was in her way. Every time she came it would happen with a different pile of clothes. I finally gave up and got rid of the washer ^^;

Ice chair = awesome.
Oh no, poor Vireo D:
Nick facial expressions remind me of Aldric... all those generations ago :O
Bye bye Squirtle...
What... a magic laundry gnome??

How dare you not comment omg, the world will end if you don't! [/random yelling]
Hahaha, yeah. I think if that happened to me.. I would have DIED.
ALDRIC, omg! That was so long ago :D:D

Yeah a laundry gnome! I had no idea you could get them :D

Speaking of Aldric... will you download the NEW Veltrans when you do your ISBI? You can download them off my Sims 3 Page... or if they don't work, a link to a (homeless) version is here:http://www.mediafire.com/?wg2gicw4w63qsjl

Back from holiday in Turkey and first thing to check is the chimerees ^^

No Squirt he was so awesome! Ah well he really do deserves the rest. :)
Yay laundry gnomes!
Man i'm really gonna miss the wacky chimerees when this is over :(
Well looking forward to the (maybe) last chapter of the chimerees :D

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