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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Pink is the New Lime : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 10.3 - Lime

Hey a chapter!

Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: Jordan grew up; Elphetta kept fighting and not fighting, it was confusing, make up your mind, girls; Nash the maid was attracted to the microwave; Chlorine was born; Sculptures went missing; Crazybat's simself died :( ; Jetta, Elphaba and surprisingly Cocaine grew up and there was a party for Flamingo.

Last time there was confusion with the portraits. It happened again. Thankfully, I had saved a sim from a savegame with the portraits in her inventory so I could save most of them. I lost all the kids' portraits and Elphie and Jetta ones.


This is where I noticed how skinny Flamingo is. Eat boy! EEEEAAT!

Meanwhile Chlorine is being a typical toddler.

Oh look.. Coke is about to master sculpting.

And there we go.

DO tell me if I forgot a skill.
He has mastered 15 skills!


But life in a legacy does flow on.

His father may have mastered all skills but Flamie still has his ways to go.

Have the girls made up then.. finally?

Here are the repainted portraits of green.

But now.. time for the littlest lime to grow up!

Clorine: Why all the patterns! Usually you just paint the clothes the proper colour and you're done.

I like her. She deserves patterns!

And she's pretty!

Chlorine rolled Vegetarian.

Chlrone: Cut it out now.

Coke creates the topiary panda!! Whoooo!

First thing our Eccentric Vegetarian does is work some on her inventing skill.

Within MINUTES, she creates.. I think I named him Angel.

Chlorine: You should be careful with that chainsaw uncle.

How cool is this kid!? She was born being able to salute, thanks to her military-chick mother.

Squirtle: She has respect for her elders, I like her.

Squirtle is like 99 years days old now.

So naturally he misses his lovely wife.

Squirtle: Hey baby, you're my girl!

Cass: Oh honey!

Squirtle: Cassidy :D

That's just.. aww.

Flamingo: Hey Nick?

Nick: yeah?

Flamingo: You know.. my mum and dad's great love story started by the mailbox.

Nick: What are you trying to say?

Flamie: Omg, we're both super-geniuses!  We'll be best friends!!!

Boys will be boys.

Cherry: Nobody ever plays with me :(

Chlorine: I'd sit there but I can't, there's a cute boy in the way.

Chlorine: I was thinking of cute boys and you came to mind, love.

Chlorine: What do you MEAN who am I?

Chlorine: I'm Chlorine Chimeree. we met in school, of course you know-- hello?

Flamie: Welp, I'm just gonna walk that way for a while.

Nick: So he just left me here in the company of his nerdy loser sister?

Cherry: Nobody ever tells me I'm a star!

Cherry: I am seriously uncool. So unfair.

I kind of love her.
I kind of love everyone apart from Key Lime Pie. I often forget he exists.

Vireo: Hey handsome, how about a flirt interaction, eh?

Nick: Uhm >:(

Nick: I'm TAKEN. Don't touch me.

Vireo: Oops, I didn't know, do forgive me!

Nick: Well if you ask nicely..


Elphie: Jetta! That's quite enough!

Perhaps, they're not over their fights just yet.

Nick: I'm leaving -_-

Flamie: I've got it!

Flamie: I'm awesome.

Jetta: Hug ti--

Elphie: No way, Jet-tay!

Jetta: Why not?

And then I decided Elphie needed a make over.

New hair brings new affection!

Coke: I have mastered all skills, what is my life now?

Your children? Your wife?

The father.

The son.

They look alike without being copies.
I like them.

Squirtle is 100 now. When will he die?

Faye.. is "seeing" the ex-maid Nazar!

Flamie: Ew, what stinks?

Uh.. you.

Cherry: Naash! Why haven't you called me back!?

Nash: Stop calling me, stalker!

Cherry: I love you?

There are some pictures I can't remember why I took. It's like I'm trying to make it look like things actually happen, when they don't. The game's been boring me  lately.

Chlorine: I want to be puff and awesome, like mumma!

Elphie: Good for you.

Btw, I found out that Meadow is a lesbian too! Ahww!

More pointless pictures, whoo!

The new maid.. Turlough Star is a little bitch.

You saw that meal Coke was about to make in the last picture? Well.. Coke left to use the toilet for a moment and Turlough here cleaned up the unfinished meal. COKE WAS GOING TO FINISH THAT AND EAT IT, because he is hungry. DOUCHE.

Chlorine: Can you say that? There may be children reading this!

Children should not be on the internet. They should be playing with lego blocks and colouring.

Hey look it's Nick. Not sure why he's in formal.

Nick: Music?

Elphie: I see you there boys.

Nick: Huuh?

Flamie: Yeah that's my aunt, don't mind her.

Elphie: Oh I see.

Elphie: Yay, the boy has found love!

Elphie: why can't it be one of my kids?

Nick: So yeah..

Flamie: Right.. I thought you said to Vireo that you're taken?

Nick: By you, yes.

I love his face on this.

Nick: I'll see you soon, Flamie.

Flamie: My life is empty when you're gone.

Observe the others standing there doing nothing in the last two pictures. That's how little I cared about everyone else at the time.

Jetta and Elphaba are doing okay on their careers. Elphie mastered charisma so all she needs to do is get cash.

Jetta is a fighter pilot.

I think Elphie became a mayor.

Vireo.. does whatever she wants, which apparently is martial arts.
Abandoned fishing has she?

I held a fund-raiser.. which I apparently didn't take any pictures of.

Leo decides it's in everyone's best interest for him to die at the party.

Gee thanks.

Jordan: Goodbye person I could have known!

Jetta: How unfortunate..

Flamie: :D

Daphne: Yes, yes! Exactly as I planned!

Adam: WHAAAAT!? it isn't a Chimeree dying, why am I here?

Ha, tricked you, fool!

Squirtle: The truth is Daph, the only reason we invited you is because I had to deliver you that painting.

Chlorine: :)

That's precious.

Daphne: So how about you and I..

Squirtle: How about not. My wife may be dead but she still lives with us.

Faye died D:

MAYOR. That's so cool.

Meanwhile Jetta struggles to keep up with the skills she has to master.

Coke: Fuck gravity, I'm Cocaine Chimeree.

Turlough: Hey baby, how about I get you a bouquet of roses?

The... fortune cookie machine?

My maids are strange.

That shall replace the hanging chair.

That's how cool it is.

Oooh, the pun, it hurts!

Elphie: Jetta..

Jetta heard of Elphie's promotion to Governor(LIKE EVANDER WAS!) and love is once again in the air.

For the boys as well!

Flamie: Want to go to the theatre?

Nick: I'm flattered!

Cherry: Yay my brother has a boyfriend!

Cherry: I hate you.

Vireo: You're dating Nick, no way!

Flamie: I know, isn't he great?

Flamie: And when the sea whooshes around itself it makes sea foam and I love the colour of it. You need to understand the importance of that colour!

Vireo: No thanks, I like green.

Flamie: Hahahaha, no.

Vireo: I only like you because we're related.

Vireo: I'm prettier than you, why would he date you.. I don't get it.

Flamie: Ho ho ho. I win.

Ladis and gentlemen. This is screenshot number 10000. IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND.
Ahem.. it's.. I mean.. what? How did I get 10000 pictures from a 10-generation legacy? How does that happen?!

Oh yeah, remember Denim-picture mania? And the nearly 200 picture chapter of Coke's journey to China and France that I still haven't posted? Plus pictures of my other save games I haven't shown everyone and tons of extra pictures I take very time. Still 10000 is a lot. Wow.

Jetta: Are you quite done? My back aches like mad!

Jetta: My back aches I said!

Elphie: And I was going to rub it but you got up and got dressed and now you're leaving. Not my fault!

Chlorine: So I'm eating a burned-to-crisp cookie, so what! It's my birthday and I'll have cake later on!

The loser, Cherry, gets on honour roll! Yeah!

Elphie: Your birthday party will double as a fund-raiser!

Elphie: It will be awesome! Totally kick-ass!

Elphie: :D (Y)(Y)

Cherry is pretty. I can't help but think so.

And so! BIRTHDAYS! Check it out, some of gen-10 is about to grow into YA!

That's something else... wow.

Some of the family is excited.

I don't get why my party guests won't enter the house D: they've done it the last three-four times. My game is glitchy!

Coke, Elphie, KLP: Nick...

Flamie: Nick <3

Squirtle: Man I love art!

Sim!Mariah: well done! Your third legacy finished.

Somewhat. There's still a tiny bit to go before we're done.

Sim!Mariah: Oh please, most people wouldn't even see the lime grow up, cause they're the last generation.

Eh. Might as well.

Flamingo and Elphaba: Don't leave us! :(

I wonder if she's aware that she's funding her own downfall, since in order of Elphie to be promoted to the last level, Sim!Me has to be demoted, cause she's the leader atm, if I'm correct.

Elphie: Maybe Mariah doesn't have a partner and I can run off with her!

...I can't even.

You may remember last time's modest success pictured here..

Well this time..

Yeah. Modest indeed.

This is Vireo as a YA!

Vireo Chimeree rolled Loner as her fifth trait and she wants to become a Visionary, like Alex!

Vireo's a Technophobic, never Nude, Athletic Loner, who Loves the Outdoors!

Photo of Jet: Hisss!

Likes Green, autumn Salad and Pop music.

Her little sister Chlorine!

Chlorie rolled Childish! So she's an Eccentric, Childish, Vegetarian Virtuoso!

Cherry looks the same as before xD

CherryBlossom grew up in that outfit and I was all "sure but I'll make it pink!"

She grew up with commitment issues and wants to become a Star News Anchor, like Seona and Evander!

She's a Friendly, Easily Impressed, Bookworm of a Loser with Commitment Issues.

She likes Hot pink, Cheesesteak and French music.

Squirtle: Eat that chicken leg like you mean it. A growing boy like you needs his food!

Key Lime Pie: It's cake, grandpa.

Next chapter... will probably be that last one! OMG OMG OMG.
I'm putting Cherry and Vireo up later today and Cocaine will be uploaded after the last chapter I think as a household, so that he keeps his skills, but not yet.

Till then...

Love and rainbows!

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Oh Chessus! Next chapter is the last! Ah well the chmmerees deserves their rest :)

Haha Adam you got fooled!
we can say that you're lucky that all this glitching happens now at the end and not in like gen 7 :)

Yay Squirt crushing the 90 dyas curse and reaching over 100 :D

Another good chapter as always :)
Will miss the chimerees and mostly JEEEE-EEE-EET :(

I've had my fair share of glitches throughout the legacy, but my savegame's getting big again and I can and will not be bothered to move them again for that one last leg of the journey.

Indeed. He's I think 104 in game.. I think..

"Fuck gravity." That was priceless.

You get the freakiest Sims. First Adam, then your maids.

I love love love Nick and Flamingo. It's the most perfect thing ever, I can't even tell you.

LOL, Key Lime Pie is mentioned twice and shown once.

Getting close to the end. It's kind of exciting, seeing the last generation off into the world or whatever it is they'll do as their goodbyes...gah.

Still one more chapter or so, but still: this has to be one of the best, funniest, interactive, lifelike legacies ever. You are amazing for creating the Chimerees.

Thanks :D

Yeah, and I love them xD

Nick thought so too :D

xD lol. Watch me care. Poor thing.. I feel bad for him.

I don't even know, omg.. mixed feelings like mad.

THANK YOU so much :)

Awww... I can't believe we're almost there.
I was about to ask why Flamingo wasn't going to the download page, then I realized he was still a teen. :)
He looks so much like Cocaine, but so different too! It's so cool!
I love all of them in this generation. I don't even remember seeing Key Lime Pie in this chapter. lol

Me neither!
Yeah xD I wish I had Chlorine sooner, cause now I have to wait till she grows up in-game before I can end this legacy xP and she just turned teen so ugh.. oh yeah I forgot I was supposed to put the girls up for download!
He was.. around.. somewhere.. :O

(Deleted comment)
OMIGOD FLAMIE IS GAY!!!!! WHY ARE ALL THE HOT GUYS ON THE EARTH GAY?(*cough* Capt. Jack from Doctor Who *Cough*) Ah well, in this day and age, mite as well get use to it...

John Borrowman omg, yeah and Neil Patrick Harris, too!
Well, we still have plenty of guys left for us too, though.

Well... as long as you make something else sim-related at ome point, then I huess I can bare it xP I think the end of this may even be sadder for me than the end of the Apples... There's been at least one sim that I've less-than-three'd every gen in this legacy :P <3

Like the ISBI I'm planning? :D I'm taking a break for sure though.. hang out on Tumblr and finally catch up with my YouTube subscriptions. I'm entirely not sure how long I'll be able to stay away from my sims :P
I'm so glad you've loved it! I think it IS sadder than the Apples, some way, it was shorter, but I feel like I put more into them as sim-beings and cared for them more. It's been so great!

D'awwwwww. D: It's sad to see the end of such an amazing legacy! D: Oh well. It's was awesome. :)

There's only one more chapter? Wh-what? D8 No, please! I'm gonna get deprived! I'll go into withdrawals! My panic attacks will get worse! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *dies*

XD Well, anyway, now that I'm done getting past the obvious, I freaking love the Chimerees. And Cocaine. Mostly Cocaine. Er, the SIM, Cocaine. Right. That's it. *shifty*

You've done amazingly at creating a wonderful legacy. I read the Apple Alphabetcy quite a while back when my Sims 2 game still worked on my laptop and it didn't take forever to load on my other private computer.

I hope to read more of what you write in the future! I LOVE IT!


D: I'm sorry, all good things must end, right?
Don't die!

Riiiiight. This of course makes me instantly use the Cocaine icon.

Thank you so much! :D I can't wait to write some more about my sims :D

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One more chapter! D:

But secretly I'm really excited for you to start another legacy. :D

Vireo is HILARIOUS and really pretty!

"I wouldn't like you if we weren't related."


Same here xD

This is true.

Look at that frikkin awesome panda you got! :D
You got the Robo Gnome i'm so not jealous!..........maybe slightly.

WOW. I couldn't believe that was Elphie for a second, she looks so different with that hair!

Children should be playing with Lego! Or playing outside getting fresh air whilst us adults stalk the internet and play with little pixel people all day long :D

10000 pictures? Well done Mariah! :O

I love pandas :D
I already had one that Corny made, I wonder if they'll be friends :D

I think she looks better, actually :D

Yes, this is true. Play outside, it's nice weather, play football!

I think it's crazy!! Wowza. I'm gonna put them all(pictures + savegames) on my external and reinstall the game once I'm done xD

WAIT, WHAT? Flamingo and Nick??? OMGWTFBBQ THAT'S SO FREAKING AWESOME, GO GO FLAMINGO!!! <33333 Flamingo is the new Cocaine, that's what you should have titled this chapter LOL

Vireo, she's gorgeous! And Chlorine is so cute. But poor Key, don't forget him! i.i

Oh, man... I think I'm not going to read the last chapter. Now I'm sure I'm going to cry the seven seas. T_T

xD Nick especially asked me to make his simself for him with the intention of getting him and Flamingo together. I found it adorable.

But he does nothing interesting D: I'll try to give him more airtime next time. All of them actually!

Ahw, it'll be okay.. somehow.

Oh no.....

I love the Chimerees! I waited ages for the newest chapter I was like =DDDDDD when i saw it was up! Cocaine ftw!!!!!! hahah "Fuck gravity, I'm cocaine chimeree" priceless :) Squirtle's pretty epic, too :)

Thank you so much :) I'm glad you liked it!

Um, hi ? lol
One of my friends on LJ told me about your legacy because I'm starting up a Rainbow legacy soon and I must say, I have a lot to live up to !
I've read the latest few chapters and I'm so amazed by all the colour you inject into the legacy ! All your children are gorgeous and I love all the hair (obviously because it's colourful :P)
One question, why are Cocaine and Jordan still alive ? Did you make them immortal ?
Anywho ... I'll be following this legacy from here on out and if I have time, I will go back and read from the start (:

Cocaine I made immortal(because he is awesome, through hacks but you could do it with ambrosia too) Jordan however is Coke's second wife and she's lived a pretty regular life :)
I'm so glad you've found it and hope you enjoy it :)

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