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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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This Cycle Never Ends: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 10.2 - Lime

Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: The kids were cute, very cute; Squirtle made a sink out of ice; Elphie found the future outfit; Jorcaine had a boy named Flamingo, he and Key Lime Pie were then cute together, but Flamie was cuter; Coke wrote an autobiography; the girls became teens; Elphetta faught while expecting a child at the same time.

We begin this chapter with Jordan's birthday that I forgot about! Yay!

Jordan: Whoo!

Cass: No fair, she is younger than me. Hmph!

Cass: I'm happy for you :)

Squirtle: I ain't listening to no old lady.

Cass: Watch your tongue, I have a black belt in wielding a pointy paintbrush and guitar strings.

And she looks exactly the same. Why I bothered to take a picture.. I do not know.

Simselves totally PWN normal sims.

Elphie: Kids, I think we should talk about this situation we're in. I mean I'm pregnant and--

Vireo: I'm leaving.

Pie: Can't talk with my mouth full...

Elphie: Right..

Coke is that close from Mastering inventing, meaning he only has sculpting to learn!

He's still super cute, after all this time.

Jetta: Blah blah!

Jetta: Look at me, I'm Elphaba and I don't know how to properly use contraceptives!

Elphie: This is as much your fault as it is mine!

Jetta: Haw haw!

Elphie: Low five!

Jetta: What? No!

Elphie: So about that weather..

Jetta *yawns loudly*

Elphie: This isn't going to work if I'm the only one working for it.

Elphie: I love you.

Jetta: Oh, well if you put it like that <3

Jetta: I salute you!

Guess who is still fishing. No it's not the kid with the angling trait(Flamingo) it's still Vireo. She does this first thing in the morning autonomously!

While Pie plays video games. So does Flamingo, but on the computer.

And CherryBlossom reads.

Coke got stir-crazy so I sent him to the graveyard 4 steps away from the front gate. There he read the inventing book.. seems I forgot to put down a bench. Cute.

Jetta: She plays so well!

Elphie: I call this "My wife's a bitch, but I love her anyway"

Nash: Oh, you looking sexy today baby. I wanna take you home hot stuff!

The.. microwave.

They wouldn't have babies, so I had to induce pregnancies on them. Thus two boys are born.

Cherry: We could be such great friends. I can see it now, you and me holding hands..

Cherry: My heart breaks as you leave!

Think I'm making it up?

I am not.


Jordan and Elphaba: Someone get that.

One of Jordan's many best friends that she's stopped hanging out with, cause once you join the legacy house.. it's like.. you never get to go anywhere!!

I sent Vireo to welcome him in and he wanted to kill her with a wrench.

Meanwhile, Cocaine masters inventing.

Therefore, one more skill to go! EXCITING!

I guess the made up?

Flamingo: Whoops...

Yeah. I think they did.

Pie: SO! It's my birthday! Are you coming?

Flamingo: As long as I can get far away from that room.



Elphie: It's a girl.

Jetta: Okay, I'm going to our son's birthday.

The girl is named Chlorine, which is a pale yellow-green gas. Chlorine is a powerful oxidant and is used in bleaching and disinfectants.. at your local swimming-pool for example!

No, but you can't be heir! There isn't a heir this generation!

He reminds me of... Leroy.

Seriously. Don't know why.

His fourth trait is Genius!

A Brave, Genius, Clumsy, Loner.

He is clothed in lime immediately!

Next time I load the game...

The sculptures are all... gone. Well the ice-sim ones are anyway.

What, EA?

As the dawn breaks, though..

Elphie: It's not only your birthday today babe. It's also mine. And Jetta's. And uncle Coke's!

Elphie: Don't be mad Chlorie! Sharing is caring!

Jetta: Yay!

I daresay.. she is not a clone!

Lewis's blonde hair, Elphaba's eye colour and nose. Not sure about the lips but those cheeks are definitely the same ones that Vireo has!

Love her.

Oh and.. forgot to say, she's an Eccentic Virtuoso who likes Spaghetti, Latin music and the colour Purple!

I was sure she was going to die before Chlorine turned child so I started Cass on Clorine's portrait.

Cassidy however.. had other plans.

Great. Death! Just what we were missing!

Nash and Elphaba combine their powerful mourning forces!


Adam: Yo. Dig my new wig?

WTF is with that?!

Cass: Please! Please let me live a tiny bit more!

Cass: I'm too awesome to die!!

Adam: Shut up and get in the urn!

What, what!?

Cassidy "Crazybat" Chimeree lived up to a nice old age of 97. During her lifetime she reached her LTW, was funny, gave birth to five equally awesome kidlets and painted some sweet paintings!

Squirtle: My heart, it beats ever slower now that my love is gone! Soon it will cease beating altogether!

Elphie: what's wrong dad?

Squirtle: The drill.. it's just so loud!

His wife's death confuses him to death!

Jetta: Go ahead, say something!

Chlorine: How can I? Grandma just died! :(

Meanwhile.. Cocaine's birthday!

Coke: YAY! I can grow old and die finally!

Coke: I can't freaking wait!

Right then.

Those two grew up too and I gave Elphie a new outfit.

Jetta: It's your fault our daughter won't talk!

Elphie: Oh, fighting about or kids now are we? BRING IT!

Elphie: It's your fault Vireo looks just like YOUR FATHER!

Jetta: Oh no you didn't!

Elphie *rage!!*

Elphie: Hey watch me eat dirt!

Jetta: Dirt?

Jetta: Oh, you are DISGUSTING!

Elphaba: AAAAA!

Jetta: >:(

When I load the game again.. WHAT?

So I load an old savegame and they're okay, but the green were teens so I don't have Jetta and Elphie's and the kids' portraits.

When I load the new savegame again..

They're fine again without me doing anything.

Except Elhie, Jetta and the kids' portraits.

These glitches confuse me.

Elphie: Say.. divorce!

Clorine: Please don't divorce!

Elphie: Omg. She said something!!

I can not remember why I took this picture. It's cute, I guess that was it?


Meanwhile mumma Jetta has to use the board-breaker for 2 hours for some opportunity.

Clorine learns to walk. Ahw she's cute.

I love her lime highlights!

After reporting back I make her jog all the way back home x3

She needs those athletic skills!

Cherry: I'm such a loser :'(

Ahw, that's a shame D:

Meanwhile a party is thrown for Flamingo!

Nash was invited, cause for whatever reason.. he isn't our maid any more and I miss him.

Nash: She plays it good!

Cherry: A party for my brother?

Cherry: Whooo!

Whoa. Yeah.

Most of them just stood there doing nothing xD

Nash feels like a part of the family though.

Cherry: I'm so lame D':

Flamingo: Yay!

Pie: oh no! People!! D:

Squirtle: Whoo, they made up once again!

For how long?

Pie: This is rubbish!

Nash: How you doin' girlfriend?

He still has his eyes ion the microwave.

Nash: Only you, baby, only you!

What a nifty mix between Coke and Jordan.

He looks a ton like Coke, but still has some Jordan parts on him too. Like the nose. Pretty sure it's Jordie's.

Flamingo's fourth trait is Adventurous!

He is a Friendly, Adventurous, Genius, Angler!

Like the get-up? I like it a lot.

Will Elphetta stop fighting?
How will Chlorine grow up?

Find out next time, maybe! But till then..

Love and rainbows!

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Hahaha, I love Coke to death but I can't wait to see him grow old again. For like, no reason.

Adam is weird. I've never seen him so...spontaneous?

Yay for a new baby! I love Chlorine's hair.

And yes, Flamingo looks like a perfect combination of Jordan's/Coke's most desirable traits. And he looks really good in pink. XD

Thank you for the update. :) Any estimate on how much longer the legacy will last?

Same here. It gives me some kind of relief.. no idea why. It's like hey! he is human after all :)

xD yeah he's odd. I like him, actually.

Me too. It oozes 'cool'.

I have no idea how long it will take. It relies largely on how lazy I am and when I feel like playing and updating. No more than a month, I think.

It really has to be super annoying with all glitches :(
No! Cass is to awesome to die before 200 days atleast!
Flamingo grews up super cute! He really looks diffrent and i like it :)
Hope Elphetta stop fighting atleast for some time. :)
Chlorine has a nice genetic variety :)

It's ridiculous what I put up with, just to play this darn legacy xD it's annoying, but I love them so much!

We've got, then, Leroy and Mimi in the last gen! 8D I still think Cherry remoinds me of Mimi.

Oh, Key LP is so cute! So is Flamingo and Chlorine! <33

Wait, now you're letting Coke age? Does that mean he's free to die, too? Hm, guess it makes sense, since you already said you wouldn't be playing with the Chimerees once the legacy ended. Are you going to put some chimerees in the town of the new legacy?

LOL my grim started appearing without his normal clothes, but I prolly lost the pics. He is a CC lover, let me tell you. xD

Ho ho really? That's something to think about. I mean.. Mimi IS her great-grandmother and all xD

My theory is.. he only ages when he's married. But you never know. He's Cocaine freaking Chimeree :D:D:D
Yeah, I'm absolutely sure I'm putting some of them in the hood. Denim.. Jet.. Sub.. we will see! I think I'd miss them too much.. in the beginning especially.

Lol. Weirdo, right? Sometimes it makes me like him more for it. Gives him character.

Elphbie's song reminds me of this song in Scott Pilgrim...
Wallace(Scott's roommate): This isn't a race guys!
Crash(Band agenst Sex Bob-Omb): Our next song goes out the guy who wouldn't shut Up in the balcony, it's called "We hate you, please die."
Wallace: Aww, sweet a song for me!

Lol. Hilarious.

I wonder if there actually is a song called that out somewhere!

Which one? "We hate you please die" or "My wife's a bitch but I love her anyways", because the Scott Pilgrim song is in the soundtrack for the movie. It's really weird because the song before is called " I'm sad, so very very sad", it goes like "*Clash, clash, clash, clash* SO SAD! Thank you..."

henst the reason Wallace says "This isn't a race guys"

I meant "We hate you please die"
The song was especially made for the film though. I was wondering if there was one made before that, just for kicks xD

They named the song from the book though!

So I have to prologue of my legacy on my LJ! If you wanna check it out... Or not, either way

Loved the update!
Im so jealous of your awesome legacy skillz. haha
I agree about Flamingo being a perfect mix.

BTW-In my game, someone just had a baby girl named Grozdana.
I immediately thought of a female Grozmarine/Grozdan. XD

Yes, envy my powers! Eeeeexcellent...

Omg Grozdana!! You have to check her out! O:

I know!
I can't to see how she turns out! :D

lol, another good chapter.
wasn't Yellow Submarine mean-spirited, too? Yet he was always nice with Grozdan.
I'm looking forward to seeing Cocaine as an elder again.
Kids are cute as always. Pie sooo looks like Leroy!

Yeah he was and Groz was Evil(though I changed that later) they knew how to keep their personalities from interfering with their relationship. That's why there were soi freaking perfect. I loved them so much, omg..

Strangely so do I. Ageing makes him human, I think this immortality sort of took that part of him. it's a relief to see him age again xD

(Deleted comment)
Yeah me too! I haven't been playing much, cause it's a little depressing to think they will be "over" soon .__.

I made a tutorial for that. Check it out!

(Deleted comment)

Loving This, but have a question

I have had such fun reading your legacy. I think I might be as much in love with Coke as you are. :) I was wondering though, how do you take pictures of the pop-ups? They always provide such interesting information, and I would like to take the occasional snapshot of them myself, but can't figure out how. I'm not exactly a technophobe, but a computer whiz I am not. :)

Re: Loving This, but have a question

I use FRAPS for screencaps, but you can also just click PrintScreen, go to Paint and paste. FRAPS creates those files for me, so I don't have to alt+tab out of the game. Yeah, I'm lazy.

Re: Loving This, but have a question

Ah! Thanks for this. I, too, am lazy and will investigate this program immediately!

Super-Mega-Foxy-Awesome-Hot NASH! =P
Chlorine is a cutie-pie!
What happened to those Ice Sim Sculptures? :O I hope you get them back.
I really love Flamingo!

OMG, Flamingo is so gorgeous. I'm so going to have to play with a freckled sim sometime soon. I think he's my favourite of all the Chimerees. He and Corny are the only ones to have married into my legacy, albeit both to spares. But then I also love Coke so so much, and Squirtle. Why are all my favourites guys??

Funny how the evil sims are usually reasonably nice to everyone (bar stealing candy from toddlers/babies), but the mean-spirited ones want to make enemies of everyone. Even when I had two mean-spirited sims partnered, they still rolled wishes and autonomously were mean to one another all the time.

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