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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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More, more, more: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 10.1 - Lime
I finally made an Elphaba avatar too! Phew!

OKAY. So last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: It was announced that Coke only has 2 skills to master before he has mastered all skills in the game so far, Nazar was a cute pervy maid, Willow set fire to Coke, Jetta and Jordan got pregnant at the same time, Ivy grew up, Sim!Mariah and Meadow didn't get along, Squirtle grew old, CherryBlossom and Vireo were born, Coke got electrocuted twice and demanded I sell the inventing bench, Key Lime Pie was born, the girls were SUPER adorable.

Plenty of cuteness still in the legacy house as you can see here.

Elphaba: Say 'Love' Pie, come on!

Vireo: It's mumma's rocket!

While Jetta has to work, the girls grow up. Yeah, Coke doesn't hold Vireo this time. HAH!

Cherry grew up a Loser. Ahww..

She's quite the Cocaine in female form with Mortimer's hair, but she's quite pretty because of it :)

Vireo grew up Never Nude and kept her 'I <3 My Simmer' shirt on as well as acquiring some fancy eye-wear!


Ahw. Those nice light blue eyes look great on her :)

A little birdie told me the Woohooium does something when people woo.

Totally does!


Since I forgot to paint the house again xD

here it is in Lime. Turns out I had the door wrong way on the wall, so I turned it so the door knocker was on the outside. Silly me.

Dude. Beating up a lady!? Very, VERY un-cool.


Vireo hears this exclamation and is pleased.

She often fishes autonomously.

Pie is cute too. I mean her mum was cute as a toddler so he has to be cute.

Elphaba: His hair smells of babies. Mmm...

Cherry: You're so strong, hauling those huge fish out of the pond.

Cherry inherited Coke's bulgy-eye expression. She does it all the time!

Cherry: I got a goldfish!

Vireo: A rainbow trout!

Cherry: You're so much better at this.

I WANT those.

Jordan: Cocaine, darling.. we're having another baby!

Coke: OMG, YAY!!

Jorcaine are in love :)

Squirtle: Hey, I haven't been in a picture yet this chapter, so I made this topiary penguin. It's a masterpiece.

Omg. IT IS SO COOL. It has a little bow-tie and everything!

I wish he'd done it in ice though.

Every time they make out on the sofa, I just expect one of them to grope a boob. It makes me sad when they don't..

Family portrait!

Pie is there in the background!

That's not really how playing tag works, girls.

Vireo: YOU'RE IT!

Eventually they got the hang of it.


It's a never-melting ice sink!

Well.. he didn't really sit on it, but I get the point.

How strange!


Oh sorry, I didn't mean to disturb.. just wanted to you know.. snap a picture of the obviously awesome catsuit.

Oh and Jetta was given an everyday martial arts outfit.

....except in bed.

Am I right? xD

hey remember those two? They're still having that baby! Bet you forgot.

Coke: Oh and.. she's in labour.

Coke: my tummy hurts.

Really, Cocaine? REALLY?!

Jorcaine had a boy too! His name is....

*paces around the room*

*Googles "something pink"*

*looks around the room*

*then suddenly remembers something and feels stupid*

His name is Flamingo Chimeree!

Flamingo is a Friendly Genius who likes the colour of Sea Foam, Indie music and Sushi!

Ahw and a lovely pink crib!

Uh.. I know you're a brave daredevil but.. really Elphie?


It goes in the front yard!

A Coke sculpture is needed! He is after all.. Cocaine Chimeree!!



D: New maid..

He's super cute too, though.

His name is Nash. I had a Nash Apple in the Apple Alphabetacy! I didn't really like him and I actually asked people to not vote for him xD

But this Nash is alright.

Pie: Birthday?


It's also Flamingo's birthday!

Cocaine is ECSTATIC.


Coke is SO his mum's son.

Flamingo grew up.. well..

Too Cute To Function.

Pie still takes after mum-Elphie, apart from Evander's eye shape! Ooh!

I like him.

He grew up Brave like his mum.

Pie: Don't you girls wanna play with blocks?

Cherry and Vireo: No! Blocks are for boys!

Pie: But they're so much fun!

Cass is 89 and I want some paintings done before she expires T_T so she's eating yummy life-fruit!

Cass: Looks TASTY!

Paintings such as..


If you have a camera in your sim's inventory, you can ask others to pose. I make them pose and then paint real-life! And voilà! Cool paintings. Especially Pie's!

Pie: Why do you have the same PJs as my sister?

Cherry: Why are you so lame.. oh yeah.. cause you're a boy.

Vireo: That smiley is lime-green, that's why it's so happy.

Elphie is level 4-6 during this update.

Pie: I feel lonely.

You're a loner, you should LIKE that.

While waiting for Flamingo to grow up.. she painted FLAMES. That's pretty cool.

Then I figure she should paint CherryBlossom too.

Elphie and Pie: We're both brave.

Jordan: Buisness maaaaaaan! Say it!

Flamingo: Mmm...

Flamingo: I gave it a thought and decided not to :)


Jordan: Everybody poops, Flamie, just do it.

Flamingo: Nooo!

Flamingo: You'll pay for that.

Or not xD

End Flamingo spam.

Elphaba: A fire. I want to be in one.


It's Coke's third Biography!

Omg. She's just awesome like that.

meanwhile, I figure Elphie should throw a campaign fund-raiser.

Moss: You. Forgot. To. Put. Me. In. The. Family. Tree!

Yeah but I changed that quickly, nobody saw!!

Moss: Yes they did, someone TOLD you that you forgot me. I hate you now.

What he said is true... I should be ashamed.

Elphie: I assume dressing up earns me at least a lengthy make-out session.

Jeffrey: Bow chicka wow wow, Melrose is hoooot!

Guess what! I realized in the middle of the party that it's also the not-biological-twins' birthday!

I changed their hair. I just got a new batch of CC and I wanted to use it.

Vireo keeps the shirt, though xD

Lewis Vireo grew up completely petrified of technology. I think I guessed it from all the time she spent out of the house, away from the computers and such.. fishing.

So Vireo is a Brave, Never Nude, Technophobe who loves The Outdoors

Photo of Jet: HISSS!

Cherry grew up with the trait Pretty. Wait no.. Bookworm.

CherryBlossom is a Friendly, Easily Impressed, Loser Bookworm.

Ahw. I love her!

Key Lime Pie: Stepping in this cake would be a bad idea.

Pie is like.. a total genius.

Thirty-six and a half thousand = a modest success.

Flamingo is a pain in the neck.

Flamingo: Stinky am I!

Here's Vireo without glasses.


Flamingo? Yeah, he's still too cute to function.
It should be illegal.


He also inherited Coke's bulgy-eye syndrome, but on him, unlike his sister, it looks totally cute.

Anyhow. He grew up an Angler.


Jetta: I got a promotion!

Elphie: OMG.

Jetta: I salute you, wife!

I moved the boys into Corny and Jack's old room, cause they wouldn't all fit in one room any more.


Hey Leroy!

Leroy: My legacy was a success!

It's not over quite yet dummy.


Well well!

This will be Coke's shiny Autobiography!

Why is Squirtle doing a creepy grin?

He's cleaning the whole house again.

Sometimes, he fails a little, though.

I zoomed to other places and.. wait are they fighting?

Well Jetta is mean spirited and all.

Elphie: Did you just call my mother a llama?

I sit back and watch them go, without interfering.

Elphie: Holding hands!

Jetta: No! What will the children think!

Elphie: You are making no sense!

Jetta: She is mighty sexy when she runs off to the bathroom.

The boys' portraits!

The girls' portraits!

After painting all those paintings Cass was feeling stir-crazy so I sent her to the catacombs for some light travelling.

Cherry: I. was going to read that.

Jordan: get your own book.

Jetta: It's YOUR fault, our son is a loner!

Elphie: Why? I throw parties and all!

Elphie: You're starting to get on my nerves today!

Elphie: You're mean! I hate that about you! HATE IT.

Jetta: Hate..?

Elphie: Shut up..

Elphie: I don't want to hear from you right now.

Coke also painted his son.

I like his son.

Pie: Just.. hold it... in..

Pie: Eww...

Flamingo: I'm so awesome. I know when to go to the bathroom.

Pie: I'm so embarrassed.

Jetta: YEAH. GO SON!

Pie: Huh?

Pie: Mumma still loves me!

Pie: Stop copying me.

Flamingo: Only when you stop copying me.

Elphie: What, no no. me and Jetta aren't fighting. I'm over the moon for her!

Jordan: Sure..

Vireo: I'm an awesome angler!

Cherry: Yes, yes you are.

It's a hit! Coke's fans are ecstatic.

Elphie: Alright, remember yesterday before we started fighting, when we fooled around?

Jetta: I'm listening.

Elphie: I'm pregnant.

Jetta: Whaaaat?

Vireo: Typical.

Will Elphetta sort out their differences? What will the baby be named? Will the legacy ever end? Will I continue to be in love with Flamingo Chimeree?

Some of those questions may be answered next time, but till then..

Love and rainbows!

Ahhh!! I love the kids!
Flamingo is made of WIN.
Virio is cute, and totally an awesome angler.
Cherry is unique, but very pretty.
And Pie looks adorable!
Loved the update. :D

Oh yea, and all of pink/lime kids will be up for download right?

im like ZOMG Vireo looks ALOT like me :D same hair style,glasses, and head shape maybe even the lips are like mine. NO DONT LET THE LEGACY END!!!

I've got mind powers and saw what you looked like and gave her hair and glasses so she'd look like you. It's so obvious! :D

ELPHIE AND HER SPEECH THINGY! That happened to me in class, I had to do a Monologue for To Kill a Mocking bird, I forgot everything I wrote and I improvised and it turned out even better that what I wrote! XD, my friends were floored! I'S LOVE FLAMINGO!!!!!!!!!

ZOMG. Nice work! :D I love flamingo too.. as you might have noticed.

Yikes! All the kids are super cute! Just want to ''borrow'' them :D

SPACE SUIT! Heck yeah! :)

i luv Pie <3
His portrait is so awesome!

Flamingo is made of pure WIN.
Virio is cute, and super awesome angler.
Cherry is really unique, but very pretty.

Cass is so awesome so i know she will defeat the 90 day expire curse! :)

Hur hur me like my chimeree drug :)

Cass did defeat it, she's 94 in my game now :)

You're welcome :P

omfg...Flamingo!! I can't get over it! <3
He's so cute! :D

I love baby smell! I was smelling my nephews hair the other day...umm yeah xD

Those kids are just tooo adorable!

Penquin sculpture is awesome i want one. When i saw one of them for the first time my memory went back to the penquin in Sims 2 Seasons :D

Elphie got the awesome outfit again! yeaaaay

Nash another Super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot-maid!

Shock pregnancy :O Love it x

Omg your nephew. I can barely remember him from that picture I saw, but I do remember he was super adorable..

They are so cuuute.

Same here. I'm pretty sure it's a tribute to the little penguin. Such a cute fellow!

I know. I was floored to ge tit back :D

Yeah. Nash actually reminded me of Jacob Denali! xD The hair and colouring, sort of.. I dunno. Maybe it's in my head.

Omg, I had no idea it was going to happen. It was a split-second decision. I hope I won't regret it.

How long does it take you to change the color of the house?? I don't think I could ever do that.. XD

Ahw... Poor Pie... He's still a cutie though!!

No idea, never timed it. I'm looking forward to painting the house whenever and however I feel like it. The rainbow is kind of draining xD

:) The all are.

(Deleted comment)
Is he? I have the impression that he looks just like his dad, aside from the gingernessand the freckles. I love it, though!

Flamingo is soooo cute! The penguin topiary reminds me of the one from The Sims 2... I miss that little guy. :(

CB as a teenager reminds me of Zooey Deschanel, a little bit. I think it's just the eyes.

Reminds me of the penguin too! I loved him. So cute...

You know what? Yeah.. I think you're right!

I love Pie, lol. He's rad. And Cherry Blossom has this unusual, but quite beautiful face.

OH AND at the end of the legacy, you totally need to see how much money the founder portraits are worth. :D I was kind of hoping that could happen with what Jet painted, but you lost those ones, right? ):

I like the word "rad". I like it a lot. I really have come to love her face. I think she's like a Coke in female form, but yeah.. strangely attractive.

Oh oh.. that's a good idea. Yes I did lose Jet's(and other) paintings. Glad I still have the portraits, though :)

Tart followers have also beaten up women in my game... Gotta love Twallan's personalities xP

I noticed Moss wasn't in the tree as well... I just didn't say anything.

Flamingo looks more like Jordan... And Cherry looks more like Coke.
JET!!! I was reading some of the white-gen chapters... amazing how far we've come since then...
Vireo looks really cool in her last shot.

GAH! I feel like there's something else I wanted to mention, but I forgot D:

xD yeah.

Gasp. But I trust you to tell me when I screw up! xD

I think they both look like Coke! I need to dish out the Coke as a child photos xD or wait till he grows up..
Most hilarious thing about it.. she really was making that face at the same exact moment.


Note: I got a lj account for the sole purpose of expressing my gratitude for this legacy! I have enjoyed it so much, and I check for updates as much as I check my facebook. : ) I miss SeeBee and Grozmarine, they were my favorite! Anyway,thank you so much for writing it!

Viero is so pretty! I love her hair and glasses! I am amazed at how gorgeous flamingo is! I really love that skin, Jordan looks amazing with it too in that pregnant underwear picture! I was admiring it on her belly!

Wow! Thank you so much. Your words are very much appreciated :)
I miss Grozmarine, ooh.. I loved them! And Seona.. man.. good old days, huh :3

I love the freckles too x3 I was looking forward to using that skin on someone in my game and I'm glad I got to see it in the legacy :)

I love your legacy!!! I adore it and it's become one of the legacies I check regularly. I also love Elphie!

I was wondering something of you though. I have been trying for a long time to publish a legacy and up until recently haven't really gotten very far. I have been playing a legacy and have enough material to post it, the only problem I have is that the founder's spouse is Moss. I was going to link to you and your legacy if/and when I posted, but I felt bad about laying down the foundation of my legacy with one of your sims and publishing without notifying you. I just wanted to know if it would be alright by you if I published with Moss as my founder's spouse?

Thank you very much!

I'd be honoured to help you put a start to your legacy via one of my sims :) Go ahead and have fun with it.. and good luck with the legacy!


Elphetta are fighting! Oh no :(

CherryBlossom's potrait as a child..she looks everything like her father..which isn't a bad thing :)

Jetta...what will the children think of you holding hands...I think the real issue is that you are wearing a bra and knickers :)

Re: EllsBells

Extra Little Bit That Is Not About Chimeree's:

I just played an old game of mine and 3rd generation was born and shamelessly, I gave into my addiction to your legacies and named the baby after you....

Oh and my pro-author is writing a series of books called after Chimeree couples..hope you don't mind!

Flamingo is so cute!!! And Vireo, she's BEAUTIFUL! Loved her hair, too.
I think Cherry Blossom reminds me of Mimi...

Elphetta fighting? o.O oh, no!

Coke's autobiography, I never even knew writers could do that! Neat! And Cocaine's awesomeness makes the ice sculpting glitch come back. And I LOL-ed. xD

Poor Moss! <3 He's so handsome *o* I think Key'll be handsome, too! ^^

Mmm the hair. I hardly care if she's a clone, she's so pretty *strokes Lewis's ego*
Oh really? Hmm..

It shocked me too. Most of it was autonomous too!

I have been slowly working towards that, but it's based on opportunities, cause you have to write 2 biographies and you can only do that when someone asks your sim.

Poor unfortunate Moss. It's not his fault I have a bad memory. He got caught in the cross-fire. Unfair!