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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Blows my mind.
I was looking at these aerial pictures of New York City.

Now.. I'm a small-town girl. I was born in a country with only 1 million people and my town had.. maybe 3000 inhabitants, the tallest building being the brewery with 7 floors xD and looking at those photos... it just blows my mind.. I don't even have anything else to say.

I think I'm too scared to even think of visiting now xD not that I can afford it or anything xP

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It is amazing. I grew up in a small village, and even my nearest city is absolutly tiny compared to that!

I'm visiting In February next year for my sisters hen weekend. I really want to visit Ground Zero, pay my respects.

Makes you realize how tiny us humans are xD

New York is so amazing!
I love the city. I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is more like a giant suburb, but I love going down to New Orleans and visiting relatives in Bangkok, Thailand.
If you ever muster up the money to go, do it! It's so amazing there, I love the Big Apple. :)

My boyfriend has a friend in Ohio, I think. So when we go see him one day, maybe we manage to see other places too.. though I wanna go to San Francisco and that's like.. coast to coast .___.

Man that is some HUGE building!
New york city has around the same amount of inhabitants as Sweden as a country have :O We have a litle more then 9 million :)
I live in a small place with perhaps 1000 inhabitants but just like 5 min away from a 10000 town :)
I'm a bit scared with all those huge buildings :(

I always say how, Amsterdam, the capital of the country I live in has 3 times as many people as the whole of the country of Estonia where I was born and raised. It's quite amazing how they can fit so many people in a single city!

Oh, I totally know what you mean! It's not quite the same as with you, but I used to live in Finland, which, you know, has a rather small population for its landmass, and then we moved to Melbourne, which is apparently expecting to begin having problems with its immigrants at some point -- they're running out of space.

... Everything is so huge, here! The town center is not NEARLY as big as with New York, but the suburbs seem to stretch 'till the horizon, no matter where you look at it from. It's pretty insane.

But seriously, don't be scared of visiting huge cities! Melbourneans don't really know how to appreciate their city, since most of them haven't lived in smaller places, but we, from smaller and more modest backgrounds, totally can. :'3 ... But maybe you should start with something smaller, like Melbourne, *winks*

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Oh oh! My cousin fell in love with an Australian guy when she was studying in Spain and they moved to Australia together, but I don't know where, I'm not in great contact with anyone but my mum at the moment xP

I'd love to visit a ton of places though.. despite the snakes and such xD

the snakes in Australia I meant xD I've heard things about them >w>

Welcome to the Big Apple, love. Good luck on navigating; you're going to need it! ;)
If/when you go, check out Ellis Island and Rockefeller Square, and, if you can, the Empire State Building. Seriously, best views EVA.
Also, check out the Met. There's nothing else like it.
Maybe I'll see ya! XD

Lol, yeah it's not like you can go EVERYWHERE in one go there, unlike the town I live in and the town I was born in xD

Amazing, isn't it?
The city I [was born and] live in is like that, too. Seventh largest metropolitan area in the world or something.
I must say I LOVE living in a huge city. I love buildings, skyscrapers more than grass, trees and mountains, even though I was born in São Paulo but raised in Rio de Janeiro. It is ALWAYS breathtaking. It is ALWAYS amazing. If you ever have a chance to visit New York, GO FOR IT. <3

I think I'd love to live in the city. I really do! Right now it's too comfortable where I am, though. Close to work and such. I'd hate to get a new job. As an immigrant, it's tough finding positions. Especially cause I'm super socially awkward. I think a job interview would kill me .____.

How's your job hunt? It was you right? *picks brain*

You're right, living close to your workplace is comfortable. That's a hell of a problem in big cities, you always end up getting jobs on the other side of the city and spend hours going to and coming back from work -_- I used to spend 1.30/2h everyday to and from work, it was exhausting. One of the things I don't like here in São Paulo.
As for interviews, I have problems with it, too. I'm too shy for my own good and I always think I'm going to screw up. I know how you feel *hugs*

Oh... I'm *still* looking for a job. T_T Can't find anything. The fact that I left university without a diploma makes everything worse, but I hated my uni and half of what I studied, so I had to leave >.< I'm going to study so that I can pass the exams for public jobs, though. That way I'll never be fired and I'll have a nice paycheck, LOL. But I'll have to study as if my life depended on it - and it kinda does, I suppose...

Woah! It looks just like SimCity!

My family if from a very small town in Mexico, too... Maybe around 1000 people?

But that doesn't make me afraid of New York! I actually would like to go to college there...

Ooh, nice! That would be an adventure :D

My dad works in this building... there's a picture of it here! At http://www.mcgough.com/projects.asp?id=104&c=Public
Check it out!

I know right?! That's where I went to camp... Weird huh?


Freaking Love New York :)

I went in Winter (for free!) and skated basically everyday at Rockfeller. I love skating too. The Dome near me doesn't compare.

My parents go all the time :P I have a wall in my room as a shrine to New York. All our family loves it. We even have fancy photos of ghostly Twin Towers in our toilet :)

I like skating :D I haven't skated in so long, omg.

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