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It's a Ten: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 10.0 - Lime

OMG. It's chapter ten! I think I think.. the world might explode!

Insert something witty here.

I sure am witty today!

So after the wedding, this pretty much went back to normal around the house. Except now Jordan lives with us!

Jordan: Hey boss, oh who am I kidding, I AM the boss. Anyway I'd like to quit cause you can't have a mad scientist who isn't actually mad! Byes!

It's true.
She is instead joining the new Education career and becoming a teacher!
Cause I don't know what else to do! She doesn't have the Change Lifetime Wish award available! I don't know why..

New maid AGAIN. And this one is super cute. His name is Nazar.

Coke. Now that you only have inventing and sculpting to master, how do you feel?

Coke: Normal.

Coke gets right to it!

I hope he finishes before the legacy is over so I can upload him as a household to the official site and he keeps his skills and such. It'd be awesome.

Why, Elphaba, that sounds like a great idea :D

Squirtle is sculpting out of stone now, cause I want him to do the challenge where the sculptor sculpts from each material 5 times.

Stone keeps scattering into precious stones though!! GRRR!

Nazar: DAT ASS.

Well it appears as if Willow, the magic gnome here, has set fire to Coke with her magic.

Nazar: Having a nice day mister Chimeree?

Coke: I'M ON FIRE.

Nazar: Hot.

Ivy: Hey uncle Coke!

Coke: Willow.. set fire to me?

Coke: She did, didn't she?!

I'm a good matchmaker :D

Make that great!

I nicknamed them Friebert and Manna xD like?

I changed Jetta's hair. Mostly because I didn't like the way her tips were showing on the other hair.

Her wife clearly liked her new do.

Elphie: You know, darling..

Jetta: Hmm?

Elphie: there is another way that you can learn athletic skill, a way that would let us interact!

Jetta: I don't like the looks of this. She marries me and then drags me to a shady corner beside the house.

Aha xD

Jetta: Stop being so damn beautiful, I can't stand art!


Anyhow, Squirtle is super happy to accept the award.


Jetta: Babies.

Elphie: Rubbish.


There's also Sherwood Raymond, Dionysus, Cloud and Clownfish.

Elphie: Fiiiiiiish.

She's so adorable as an elder!

Ivy: I don't get why I have to do this homework assignment! I'm never going to hand it in, cause I'm growing up today!

Jetta: ME! Married! Who'd have thought!

Also, check out her portrait! First time was the charm! :D

Meadow: I brought food!

Ahww, that's Connor's everyday wear xD

Elphie: AH! I'm married to a lovely woman and she's having my baby! I must tell Meadow!

Meanwhile in the dining-room:

Jordan: I'm having a baby too!

Tarquin: Haha! That lady is preggers!

Lewis: That's... my daughter..


How nice!

Her fifth trait is Childish!
That makes her a Childish, Grumpy, Athletic, Friendly Angler!

Her LTW is Physical Perfection, which means to master athletic and martial arts.

Ivy: Hi person who wasn't invited.

Tarquin: I heard everyone who is anyone was going to be at this party.

Ivy: uh-huh.. and who.. exactly are you?

Tarquin: I'm.. Tarquin Bauer! Everyone knows me!

Ivy: Never heard of you.

Cerise: This isn't what it looks like.

It really isn't.

Elphie got wet while doing laundry and dripped everywhere.

Tarquin: BYE.

Ivy: Ahw he left.

Ivy: I'll show him leaving like he's never seen before!

Meanwhile Meadow and Sim!Mariah were not getting along at all!

Mariah: Nice party! >:(

Mariah: I'm leaving, I had a great time!

Meadow: I'm gonna be sick!

Ivy: As a goodbye present, I broke your computer.

Ivy: BYE.

Jetta: She's so beautiful I just want to hit her with a wrench!

She's pretty too!

D: No!

D: Noooo!

Faye moved out with their daughter.. who apparently has black hair!

D: Faye and Connor are no more.

Elphie in this outfit reminds me of my Estonian and Literature teacher from my high school, she always had shortish hair and wore cute sweaters and A-line skirts and she was shorter than most of the class. She was really great at her job.

!End random trivia about my former life!

Nazar: I'd leave but you're blocking me in, so I'mma just stand here and stare. Ooohh yeaaah. Giggidy!

Ahw, she had a bad day D:


Oh I see.

Both mummies are thrilled to have a baby.

Or well.. all three mummies.

Squirtle: I'm growing up! Whooo!

Squirtle kind of zones out during his transition.

:D Ahw!

And as that happens..

Lewis PWNED that guy.

Squirtle: You still love me, right, hot stuff?

Cass: Yes dear..

Jetta: Your babies. I want them.

Elphie: :)

Oh yeah! she's pregnant too!!

I didn't forget.

Casstle *are still in love*


That hero medal?

It's Squirtle's I think, but..

Cass got a medal too!

I experimented with Jetta's hair.

I didn't like it and changed it back later.

Elphie liked it, though.

Jetta's cravigs don't only tell her what she should eat but WHERE she should eat it.



Double labour!

Cass: I can't talk right now! The last generation of this legacy is being born, you dumbass!

Coke: Where are we going again?

Elphie: Angering your wife might not be the best idea right now.

Hey look, it's Eenraig's mother Lina!

Jordan had a girl!

Jordan: Good luck with yours!

The girl is named....

Cherry blossom is the name of the flowers on Sakura trees that grow in East Asian countries.

That's right.. Jordan and Cocaine's kids are named after PINK things! :D

CherryBlossom(whose name I had to write without a space because EA is super lame) is Friendly and Easily Impressed, likes hot pink, cheesesteak and french music.

Jetta gave birth to a girl also!

Her name is Vireo.
Vireos are a group of small to medium-sized perching birds. They're mostly greenish in colour. The Wiki picture clearly shows a yellow-green bird, so it fits.

Vireo is Athletic and Loves the Outdoors. She also loves the colour Green, Autumn Salad and Pop music!

I didn't want to give them separate rooms, so here we are!

Isn't it lovely?!

Cass: my daughter's a good mother.

And that's it, the legacy is over.

Nah I'm kidding, I'm raising these babies up!

Read on!

Lol. Lewis can't satisfy One.

I am SO mature.

Sorry, Lewis :3

Poison is a dating sim!

BTW. The smelted Woohooium looks like this. Disappointing.

Mums are in hard-core multi-task mode!

One night goes by sleeping and ta-da! Toddler time!

For whatever reason. coke insisted he take both the babies to the cake. Wtf. I wish I could pick who does it myself.

This is little Cherry.

Mother's eyes are the only ones I can point out for sure, right now xD

And Vireo!


She's super cute, too bad she's a total clone of her grandfather.

Speaking of clones...

Lol. I tried getting the space suit back, but got a book instead.

Elphie: I went to the future and all I got was this stupid book about clones.



Remember Squirtle could get stuff cut into Sculptor's eggs? Yeah. They're pretty!

I had already made Elphie a painting, but I decided to re-make it and I like this one better!

Oh dear.

Unlucky sim!

While Coke runs off to shower, Squirtle finishes.. this.

Seriously. He JUST got electrocuted. Nobody is THAT unlucky.

Coke: Sell that damned thing!

Ahw. I guess he can just read the books then.

Coke: You have got to be kidding me.

Someone's having an unlucky day.

Cuteness that is Vireo!

I love you too, babe!

Jetta: Look, Elphaba! I'm a witch too!!

Vireo: Look at me, I'm defying gravity!

Elphie: I should show this book to Vi, she being a clone and all.

Seriously. I LOVE Vireo and I loved Denim who was a clone, but what IS IT with these clones lately.

I have had it with these damned clones in my game!

In any other case, I wouldn't let them have another one. But I want a non-clone gen-10 baby.


Should Jorcaine have another one too?

Learning time!

Dangit! The cute maid got married. Means he quits being maid and gets a new job.. I liked that maid. He was creepy and had character!

Elphie: Ahw I have to put my career on hold!

Jetta: Rocketshiiiip! And I mean a real rocketship, this is not a metaphor, cause I want to be an astronaut.

Elphie: I am pregnant.

Jetta: Rocketshiiiip!

when it comes to toddlers.. the baby's needs go before the parent's.

This is just too cute.

Sweet! New he can go back to making ice sculptures!

Cass: About time he makes an unmeltable sculpture of the awesome that is me.


Cass: Thank you honey, I love it.

What could be a better mascot for a legacy than a pregnant woman!?

This goes in the lobby stat!

I'm sorry I don't show these two as much, I love them too!

Hey.. Jetta looks awesome in martial arts outfits! I should give her that as everyday.. is that possible?

Elphie: I love you Jetta.

Jetta: Love you back!

Statue of Elphaba: Yo, Jetta, I see you're looking good in your martial arts gear and I'mma let you finish but.. your wife is in labour.

Jetta: Thanks for the heads up SoE!

A boy!

Wow.. she lost that baby-fat like *snap* so!

The boy is named Key Lime Pie! he's a Clumsy Loner who likes Irish Green, Classical music and..

Key Lime Pie, ladies and gentlemen.

Jetta: I wanted a GIRL!

Well.. FYI, in the active household, same-sex couples can only have babies of their own sex. So I had to induce a boy.. which Elphie wanted.. but since for some reason neither Twallan's usually awesome Master Controller nor 8 apples gave them a boy.. Pie was born a girl.. and I changed his gender in CAS.

Did I cheat? Yes. Do I feel bad? Yes. Am I being honest and telling you this, thus making you go "ahw, at least she's honest" and getting me off the hook? Yeah!

Vireo: Mum?


Vireo: You put it in youw mouf!

Cherry: mhm?

Vireo: Then.. twash it awound!

Vireo: Wike this!

Vireo: Isn't eating plastic people fun?

I dub thee.. cutest toddler picture EVER. EVEEEER!

Vireo: I love you little gween man. I love gween!

Vireo: I love YOU! :D

Omg, she is so cute I want to squish her into tiny little pieces and then love all those pieces!!

Cherry: Awen't I cute too?

Ahw, of course you are!

Cherry: Gween?

Omg, that was so cute..

You again?

Coke: Hmm?

Key Lime Pie is not your son!

Ahw!! But is he a clone?

This is his mum..

Same lips and nose..
and jaw structure and hair colour.

not sure about the eyes. Well the colour is clearly Jetta's, but shape I'm not sure of.

Elphie: Say 'I'm a winner!'

Pie: I'm a winnew!

I added all of green-gen including as an extra - Cerise - to the downloads post!

That's all for this time!
But there's more to come!

Till then..

Love and rainbows!

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