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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Why I love Aikea's default eyes.
I will let Squirtle demonstrate..

oh and this is a spoiler cause he's an elder on the pictures..

The big leaf came from the sculpture he was creating at the time.

Nice lashes too.

 I used zoom like crazy in free cam mode.
I have Aikea's camera mod too.. go figure.
I kind of love her I suppose :D

Oh and it's night so I brightened the pictures up with photoshop naturally.

I do not have an eye fetish, I swear!

Next chapter... soonish..

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Eyes are probably the most important part of a sim, IMO. I have been using the same default eyes I found at MTS since I started playing the sims 3 (unlike in TS2, where I change them constantly) because I love them so much.

Club Crimsyn is one of my fave sites, too. Really nice guy stuff, and things for "regular" girls.

I agree with you! I love her replacement meshes too.
I've had the same eyes most the time, I changed them for a while for her second pair, but I like her first ones better.

They are so pretty! I do miss using Aikea's eyes but i love my new ones! They're sort of Anime-ish xD

Squirtle is a cute old man lol!


Got Aikes eyes to they're fantastic :)
Squirtle looks cute as elder :)

I like Aikea's stuff [and Gelydh also rocks!], but the eyes I have, as I have mentioned before, are amvalvo's and I love them too much. But Aikea's eyes are beautiful, too. Someday I'm going to use her eyes just to give it a try. ^^

Aww, already old, Squirtle? Still cute, though!

Can you link me to your camera mod? I have the one on your resource page, but I don't think it's doing anything and I can't zoom in like that...

I don't have any other camera mods. Are you using free cam mode? That's how I got this shot.
Press Tab and move with qweasd and zoom with +-(or mouse wheel).

Sorry I didn't reply sooner, your comment got lost in the middle of other comments :/

Lol, it's fine. I only just checked back here D: But thanks, I'll try that out. Still getting used to all these mods and stuff.
One last question, where did you get Jordan's skin tone? I can't seem to find it...

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