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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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OMG, Weddings! : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 9.7 - Green

It's wedding time! But not yet, cause ya know, the girls are still teens. But wedding time some time in this chapter! Whoo!

Elphie: I want to write my bicycle!

And we're off to a nice clean start!

Elphie: Hi honeee

Jetta: Hello, love

Elphie: Kissy time?

Jetta: Nawwh!

Elphie: What's wrong?

Jetta: I'm just so stressed out today.

Elphie: This'll cheer you up!

Jetta: You always cheer me up.

<333 Elphetta <333

Jetta: Btw, your space babe outfit is really freaking hot.

Elphie: Siiiiigh.

Meadow: Omg, the new girl!

Meadow: She looks pretty up close..

Jetta: I love your house, it's very colourful.

Meadow: Sis?

Elphie: yeah?

Meadow: I approve.

Jetta: Heck yeaaaahh.


Meadow: huh? What do yo--

Coke: PRAISE MEADOW! Praaaise!

Jetta: Wow he's good at interrupting.

Jetta: What about Grey, huh? Best colour EVER, no?

Omg.. whose favourite colour is GREY?! Really? D:
It makes me cry.

Meadow: You're so wrong. Orange is the best!

Meawhile, Elphaba is being hardcore.

Coke: Why is she leaving? I liked her!

Coke: Never stop being awesome, Meadow.

Elphie: Why can't me and Coke be best friends? Or at least me and Meadow!

It's true. She and her twin are just friends.

That's when I realized I could recolour the space outfit. Just as you thought it couldn't get any more awesome.. BAM.

Whoopsie. I guess someone's not ready for oak boards just yet.


Coke: Mmmm.. ambrosia.

New maid! What happened to E. Chadwick? D: He probably got old.

I liked Chadwick.

YEAH. I missed that painting!

While in the park meeting sims, I saw this scene.

This is my simself's grandson Willard and his daughter.. Eenraig. What kind of a name is that? xD

This is mostly for Connor, because he likes to keep tabs on his Veltran family that I added to my game.

I forgot to check Willard's wife's name, sorry .__.

She's so cute! Nice to see my boyfriend's simself's eyes have carried on.

There's no surprise that I got lost... in your brown eyes.

Eenraig: I am not a zombie snack :(


Random insane lady is insane.

Mr.Lefty: HAR HAR, your life. It is mine to take.

Surprise birthday time!

Wow, the family has grown so small xD

Meadow: I do a cute face like this, because people love me?

Elphaba looks exactly the same!

She's now... Good!

Elphaba: But how can I now sing No Good Deed?!


Elphaba Chimeree, our heiress is so now a Good, Brave, Excitable, Hopelessly Romantic, Daredevil!
She still likes Spaghetti, the colour of sea foam and the sweet sound of Soul.

Her LTW? To become the Leader of the Free World!

ps. ahw, she didn't keep her space outfit D:

Our Meadow, probably my favourite spare of all time has become Mean Spirited!

She is so now an Eccentric, Coward who strongly Dislikes the Outdoors, Has No Sense of Humour and is Mean Spirited!
She likes to eat Fish and chips while listening to Indie music in her wildly Orange bedroom.

Her LTW?

Meadow: I'm a freaking Gold Digger, baby, and I ain't kidding.

I wanted to find her a lovely husband but decided to leave this heart matter to herself. I will keep you updated on her progress :)

So, wanting to become a politician as she does, Elphaba went out in search of friends, as she was in severe lack of said friends.
I thought it'd be nice to give her a head start on her charisma before her first day of work!
Since she already has Charismatic Greet, it's pretty easy. Do Charismatic Greet, ask the sim their Career and voilà - instant friends!

The beach was full of simselves. Here you see Meghan, myself and Sophie.

Apparently, we're both Good! Who knew?

Elphie: You know that political job you have? Yeah I'm going to so pass you on that career ladder.

Elphie: So did you die fixing a tv?

Dead guy: I got run over by a train.

Elphie: A coward?! Whaaat?

One: So YOU are my future daughter-in-law! Splendid!

Bleu: I ain't dead yet!

Nice to know..

Neiter are these two!

What is that BLUE sweater she's wearing?!

Oh she's pregnant.

Elphie: Watch this!

Faye: My dear niece I really don't think you should..

Faye: Oh my goodness!

Faye: Just looking at it harms my unborn child!!

Elphie: Heeeeeeey. Hey bay-be!

They had another girl named Usoa x3

Elphie: YUMMY! :D

And there she goes. Her first day. I'm so proud!

And there's her boss... Sim!me!

I really really would not put ME as the leader of this joint.
Sim!Mariah: Ha. I have better leadership skills than you.


After work.

Jetta: Hey! You grew up!

Elphie: I know, right?

I couldn't wait, so I'm growing Jetta up!

Elphie: YEAH. Grow baby!

Elphie: You move in with me, yes?

Jetta: 'course!


I gave her different hair at first.. I may still change it..

Here's our heiress!

And her ~lovely~ bride.

Here's the funny part.. where's Elphie went to the performing arts school as a teen, Jetta went to Military school, and now she wants to join the military and become an astronaut!

Oh and...

Cerise got married to a girl named Gunhild.

This is Gunhild.

Not sure why I took the time to show you, but there it is.

Btw, along with this generation and Jetta, I'm also uploading Cerise, for you all :)

Elphetta are pretty together.

I kept Jetta's red nails, they look smokin'

Elphie: I love you!

Since Poison Ivy, remember her?, is still in the girls' room, Elphetta gets Moss and Robbie's old room. I quite like it anyway!

While Elphie sleeps, Jetta takes time to learn athletic skill and joins the Military career!

Elphie: Jet-ta!

Elphie: Omg, I'm actually going to do it!

Jetta: Oh! You called me here to make out in private?

Elphie: Maybe?

Elphetta: <3 :)

Elphie: Also, Jetta Numeral.. marry me?

Jetta: Yes!

*murders charisma skill bar*

Something about them hugging really warm my heart.


Funnily enough, this chapter has as many weddings as the last one, but these two are special so I showed how excited I am by spelling 'like' with a y. I'm so hip.

Elphie: Mum, Coke and Jordan are not the only ones getting married today..

Elphie: Me and Jetta are getting married too!!

Lewis: Nice party, but I've gotta go.

One: THIS PARTY IS AWESOME! But I'm leaving.

Those two.. I swear.

Mieszko(who wasn't invited): That umbrella is FABULOUS!

First up.. Jorcaine!

And then the lighting went down the toilet so I had to put up lamps..

So so gorgeous!

Mr. and Mrs. Cocaine Chimeree, everybody!

Naturally, her portrait!
Oh and she managed to become a Mad Scientist all on her own!
So no LTW to worry about!
I might change it via the Lifetime Award, for the challenge. Well done autonomous Jordan, though!

Elphie: AAAAH!! We're next!!!

Jetta: YES!

EAxis, I love you for making that dress. It's gorgeous.

So beautiful.

I couldn't find a bow-tie suit for Jetta, so I had to spend the extra points for Jetta's EAxian suit too.. just cause Elphie promised her a suit when they got married xD

Another completely useless shot, just cause I thought it was gorgeous.

What are you looking so smug about, sim!Me?

They're totally English. They talk about the weather, right after their wedding.

Elphie: Looks like it's about to rain any minute!

Elphie: Perhaps we should go home, wink wink, nudge nudge?


Cass: I'm about to.. wait.. grow old? Nooo!

Robert: YEAH, mum's old!

She grew up charming, didn't she?

Now on to home to redress!

I need to resist pointing out how nice her boobs look in that dress.

Well that didn't go well at all, did it?

Ahe look who grew into a grumpy old man!

Connor: Leave me peasant!


And then he got into a fight with Robert. What what?!

And Robert kicked his ass. Ahw.

Robbie: Watch it mister. I'm like a ninja with my kicks!

Back home and... lovely, I think she looks.

Oh and of course I had to make over Jordan, she's a white-gen now!

Jordan: That was the best wedding party EVER!!

This chapter is now FINITO!

Next time: Poison Ivy grows up! More! Babies?

Till then

Love and rainbows!

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Cass looks not bad at all as elder :)
Yay now Coke got his Jordan :D
Elphie got a stunning dress, it's awesome :)
Eplphie grew up beautiful, and you got two LTW's that you haven't done yet :)
Aww no space suit :(

Oh dear simMariah rulling the world ^^ Going to make a law forcing all sims to have great hair and nice clothes ? ^^

A Edit button would be nice time to time :)

After taking a look on the weeding dress again i just to have it! It's awesome looking.

Talking about weather sounds so english but it does also sounds so swedish too :)

Awww, what an awesome double wedding!
Quick question, though: how is the next generation going to work since it's the final generation??? Are you going to just quit as soon as they're born or wait until they're young adults too?
I love Jetta's tux, it was the first item I got out of the store.
lol @ Conner/Robert fight. Wonder what happened?

She will play until they're YA's :)


Elphetta <3

Jordan and Cocaine aren't Corck...they're Jorcaine/Jorck
Confusing them with Corny & Jack?

No Sexy Space Chick :(

That is so Sulfer's 'do and Jetta wears it so well.

Omg *goes to edit* Thnak you for letting me know xD Silly me...

:( I have to make her go to the future again after that outfit!

Re: EllsBells

You're welcome..I'm a bit OCD-ish when it comes to pointing out mistakes XD

I just noticed but.. Jetta has gorgeous lips. I like small-width, big-height lips. And a good bit of genetic variety for Lime! <3

I tried and tried since Robert was born for a decent Lime name to suggest but...I'm lost :/

And I thank you for it. Sometimes I miss things or mess up and I kind of rely on people to let me know so I can fix it xD so thanks.

I've already had all the lime born in game and I'm about to write the chapter(I'm crazy) so I don't need any more names ^^ thank you, though.

I love Elphies space/time machine outfit! It's awesome.
Coke likes making his entrances :D

GREY! Leroy! :(

My sims have never made Ambrosia...makes me sad...something for Aubree to study!
I can't wait to see Elphetta's babies, they're just going to be too cute.

The weddings were beautiful :) And talking about weather and especially rain is VERY ENGLISH xD

It was random, he just wished to learn it and then make it, so I thought, hey.. go for it, you're Cocaine Chimeree!

Mm.. babies.

That and.. traffic? Am I correct? xD

(Deleted comment)
I can hardly believe it myself!

AW! Elphetta! I gave you that name... right? Cause I remember putting that in one comment... I don't remember... BUT THE WEDDINGS WERE SOOOO PRETTY! One of the many weddings I did was at the Waterfall thingie in Sunset Vally! I liked it...

I think it was someone on the forums but you did say something similar as well! :)
Ooh! I haven't gone to the waterfall place in so long! I haven't been to Sunset Valley in so long xD

Awww wedding time!!! <3333 OMG OMG OMG THAT DRESS IS BEAUTIFUL! I have one or two dresses I'm going to buy [someday], but I'm waiting because I only have 250 points LOL and I wanted that Ravena dress. >.<

ANYWAY, Sulfur's hair looks very good in Jetta. ^^

Loved the chapter <333 very very much.

I adore that dress, so pretty, I spent my precious points on it and Jetta's outfit.. I wonder if I have anything on my paypal xP

Thank you very much!

too bad EA puts only pictures showing the front of the clothes/hairs/etc. That's what stopped me from spending my last simpoints, to be honest. Well, well... As soon as I find a job I'll be able to spend some money buying simpoints, even though I doubt I'll really do it LOL

Jetta's wedding outfit is really cool, I bought it last week for one of my sims, Soile. *o* But then I saw the Steampunk Swashbuckler outfit, bought it and used it instead of the outfit Jetta wore. I still love it, though LOL

ARGH! I hate the EA previews, you get very little idea what the item looks like! Especially with hair. It irritates me to no end!

Ivy's face when she was trying to break the board is hilarious!
You and I say GREEN is best, not orange! xP (Actually my favorite color used to be blue, but I got bored with blue xP)
Meadow is really pretty in her first shot after growing up!
Eanraig? Well that name is certainly very unique... Also I like how you and Marco have an elder grandchild but are still YAs :P
Let's hope Usoa has some of Faye's facial structure, shall we?
Yay, double wedding! :D
Gack! I wouldn't ever wear something like that vest-thingy... can you give my simself a makeover plz? xP
Weird... random fight... D:

(Also I remade the Veltrans, since they got removed from the exchange o_O I'm thinking of uploading them...)

Wait, does it say Elphaba has six traits!?

Whoops! She's not charismatic, that's Moss's trait xDDD Now I have to remake that picture!

I seriously can't wait for some Lime Babies. I will be so sad when this legacy is over D:
And my favorite color is gray D: I just think its pretty :3

Elphetta is adorable. I can't wait to see what their kids look like <3 <3
Keep up the awesooome work.

I get like.. silver, but grey I just don't 'get' *shrug* That's me I guess.

Thank you ^^

Actually I lied. Silver and pale gray are my favorite colors, followed by white then gray xD
But w/e.

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