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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Time for Love: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 9.6 - Green

I didn't know what else to title it and there's a lot of love in this chapter.

Coke: Jordan.. Jooooordaaaaan.

Jordan: Home.

Coke: yay, she's up! Now we can kiss and look generally cute and all that lovey dovey--

Jordan: Gotta go to work, bye.

Meanwhile at the theatre.

Robert: I'm 24 and grandpa died at 91 so I have around.. 67 days left if I die at the same age as him.

Hey look, it's Cerise's step-mum Benedikta!

Coke is being wonderful and re-painting the painting Jet(his mother) painted way back in the day.

So apparently, Robert and Cassidy aren't the only ones who use Squirtle's police cruiser which he kept even after he quit his police job xD

Non-melting sculpture of a gator with a top hat and a cane!

Cass upgraded from acoustic to electric.

However sadle, she doesn't seem to make the cool "I'm rockin out!" animations on it.. which is lame.

That guy is.. a relative, but I can't remember whose son he is.
I need to write this stuff down!

Jetta: What is it, Elph?

Elphie: My grandma and grandpa are both dead!

Jetta: ( She is so beautiful it makes me re-think my hate for art. )

Jetta: I hate hating art, you know?

Elphie: Why?

Jetta: Cause my girl is an artistic masterpiece.

Elphie: When you die, I'm putting a heart on your headstone

Elphie: ( If she rejects me now, It'll break my heart all over again, but it's totally worth the risk! )

I just realized they're red and green just like Standby and Seona, except the places are reversed.
Jetta's favourite colour isn't red.. but it looks good on her.

Jetta: Are you jealous, Teresa?

Sim!Teresa: No way, my husband's kisses are more than awesome enough.

Jetta: You keep telling yourself that, girlfriend.

Frieda(who is now a YA): Ahw, how sweet! She found a new girlfriend!

Elphie: Omg, your skin is so smooth! <3

Jetta *does look of longing*

Elphie: You know, all this talk about girlfriends.. I'd like you to be mine.

Jetta *gasp* : Yes!

I LOVE the lighting in this game sometimes. So awesome.

Hyrianne: I sense a great photo opportunity nearby! I can't see it! Where could it be!?

Julienne: Hey isn't that my daughter's best frie-- what is she doing with that other girl?

Julienne: Right. I have a feeling she and my daughter weren't just friends.

Because Elphaba is classy like that.

Ephie: Whoa, you dressed into everyday in a hurry!

Radomir(Radoslav's brother, might I add): I wonder if they want to join that 5-way me and my friends are planning.

Elphaba: Diamonds, your ayes are like diamonds!

Radomir: Wait, she's the guy's sister who stole my brother's girlfriend. She's hot.

Jetta: I think your curfew is up.

Elphie: Hmm..

Jetta: Yeah, I'm strong and generally awesome.

Jetta, one question.

Jetta: What!?

Do your parents know about that tongue piercing?

Jetta: Wat tong picing?

Nice try.


That one guy: Llamas.

Btw, this is after Julienne tried to hit on the blonde guy and he rejected. I think she's trying to get on his good side xD



Jack: Wow he plays really well.

Jack: BOOGABOOGABOOGA! It smells nice here.

Squirtle: Ah!


Squirtle: Do not diss the pink, dad. I'm comfortable in my own skin and you're jealous!

Jack: Outrageous! A straight man wearing pink!

Squirtle: What's your problem with colours, dad!?

Squirtle: I bet you're just angry cause you're black and white now.

Squirtle: Oh and you're mean! You yelled at my daughter!

Squirtle: Don't say anything, cause I don't care.

Jack: See what you did, you woke her up!

Squirtle: She woke up, cause it;s 7am and she's hungry.

Meadow: Hey you up there, FEEED MEEE!

Robbie is growing up soon so he's already looking for a new place to.. wait is that BoolProp?

THERE! This is Corny's robot gnome.. she's named Cordelia xD

Meadow: A cake! But for who!?


Meadow: For Moss? Oh or Poison Ivy?

For Robert!

Meadow: That only leaves ME! It's for me!

Squirtle: A birthday?

Frieda: Whoo, my boyfriend is growing up!! :D

All his siblings on one side!

And the rest on the other!

Cass kisses the wall again.


Robert grew up with Good Sense of Humour.

That makes him a Good, Absent-Minded, Good Humoured, Perfectionist, Kleptomaniac.
His LTW is Perfect Mind, Perfect Body.. same as Corny.

They look good together.

I have a new love for that dress.

Meadow: Did you hear? Robert and Frieda got engaged!

Coke: NO WAY! :D

Btw, Somehow, Coke and Meadow have become Best Friends.

Elphaba: Omg, I Love romantic scenes!

I'm not leaving these two completely on their own. It might take them forever to get married, so I'm doing it here.

Cass was a witness again.. with sandwiches on her mind.

The pop-up window asked me if I wanted to move Frieda in and I was all, nah, move Robert in with her instead!

Frienda: Bye, we're going home to have pretty blonde, violet-eyes babies together!

You know what, people who said she was evil? You're right.

Still cute, though.

Ahw she was in debt! But no more!

Elphie: Sorry? Yeah.. of course we can still talk, you're my bff after all!

Elphie: What do you mean you have photos of me and-- are you blackmailing me?

Elphie: You can't do that Cerise!

Elphie: Oh you silly girl! Yeah I totally fell for it!


It swam on top of the water the whole time.


How nice.

Coke: What's this? A BIRTHDAY CAKE?!

Coke: Begone foul cake.

Coke: I'm Cocaine Chimeree, I don't ever die.


I almost killed my heir.

Squirtle: Very un-cool!

Autonomous martial artist!

Ivy: AH! my face! my beautiful face!

Ivy: Maybe sim-fu is not for me.

Ivy: No way I'm giving up. You watch it dummy.

Ivy *kick*

Autonomous fisherwoman!

Elphie: Grandma's time machine?

Elphie: It needs a closer look on the inside!

Coke and Meadow are still total BFFs. It's really amusing.
Coke autonomously randomly walks over to her to praise her and such.

Coke: I thought everyone already knew..


Elphie: Check it out dad.

Elphie: Woohoo! I'm a sexy space chick!

Squirtle: I can't believe my daughter is a hot space babe now! *dramatic pose*

Elphie: Btw, uncle Coke is a famous novelist!

Squirtle: I had no idea!

Elphie: Daddy, how come you still suck at this game?

Squirtle: I blame Football Dodger.

WTF Elphie?! WTF?


So Coke was fishing when he got a grill-master opportunity or something, so he went to grill stuff!

Coke: Mm.. salmon!

The One Lady: I wanted to make salmon.

Some people were actually there.. wait is that Cerise?

Elphie: HAI! :D:D:D

Cerise: oh man, what do I say to her?

Elphie: So how was your da--

Cerise: Our house was freaking burgled!!

Elphie: Whoa whoa!

Elphie: Whoa..

Manya: He sings so well!

Coke: I used to be your biggest fan, I used to be your biggest fan! And now I know, that you could never love someone like me... cause you're a fish.

Lyrics, minus the fish bit are belong to Voxtrot, who are no more :(
I used to be..

Elphie: Be cool, Cerise. Sometimes life sucks. Like that time you broke my heart. But then I got a girlfriend and I'm SO HAPPY.

Cerise: Hey I totally feel better no--Elphaba?

Cerise: She's still a bit bitter isn't she?

Oh look, it's Augustin Madison, Sim!annaf94 's husband.

He's uh... uhm... well.. I'm sure he has a great personality!

Elphie: my uncle's only here so I won't get picked up by curfew police!

Squirtle: Last time I did this I got electrocuted. I think Mariah's trying to kill me.

She didn't give up and now she's better!

And she looks graceful :)

Cass is totally re-painting the same thing that Coke is :)

You might be thinking, but she's already mastered painting, shouldn't she be playing the guitar?

Nah, this happened!!


Lol, he's virtually nauseous!

I hope she keeps this outfit as an adult! PLEASE EA, LET IT BE!

It's awesome.

Autonomous fishing buddies!

Meadow: Not another red trout!

Ivy: You can sell that for cash!

Ivy: All the girls are like "I want flowers!" I don't get them. Flowers? Pfff.. get me something practical instead..

Ivy: Like a cookbook!

Meadow: Totally.

SURPRISE! It's Moss's birthday!

Elphie: Oh my plumbooooob.


OMG. OMGOMGOMG. None of my sims have ever autonomously grown up with Chad's hair before!

Exciting stuff!

Ahw. Yes I changed him out of it..  sorry.

He grew up Clumsy.
So a Clumsy, Charismatic, Virtuosos, Heavy Sleeping Vegetarian.
His LTW is to be Hit Movie Composer.

As that's his LTW, I figured I'd help him along with the skill.

Remeber Faye and Connor's daughter Olena?

She's cute.

Moss: Hey, she's cute, I'll go say hello!

Moss: or.. not. That's okay too.


Cressida: Love oh love of mine, where could you be?

Cressida: We're both--

Moss: Charismatic! Yay!

That one guy: Yeah I'll just stand here and blend with Moss.


Julienne: Hey am I interrupting something? Sorry.

Moss: This is normal, I have this effect on girls all the time.

Moss: Say, you're not married are you?

Cressida: Of course I am.

That guy: BOOOKS!

It's a bookclub meeting x3

Moss: Mm.. boobs. Sorry, did you say you were single?

Moss: You're like a beautiful flower that rose up from the dirt.

Cressida: MARRIED, remember?

Moss: Fine, I'm going that way.

Moss: Nice to meetcha.

Julienne's new husband: BLAH!!

Melrose: AH!

Gasp. It's Sim!Mariah! Hello me!

What? You're barely friends and I didn't give you any ideas about this.

Sim!annaf94 : Why of course I'll move in with you! I'll take my husband and baby daughter with me, kay?

What? I expected you to reject! You're barely friends!

Moss rushes home not sure what's waiting for him there!

Francie: You're an EVIL MAN! I don't know what I ever saw in you!

Francie: I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you! I've got a possible romantic interest who is hot and young unlike you!

Francie: Come Bran, your possibly, maybe step-dad will be an awesome dad for you.


Moss: This is a happy ending just like in theatre!

Moss: Whoops, let me just get that.

Moss: Marry me Y/Y?

Francie: OMG!

Cass: Why am I puking? I didn't eat anything bad and I haven't woohooed with Squirtle for days!

Speaking of woohoo..

What is THAT? No idea.. but I'm smelting it!

Francie: Ahw you're so sweet when you serenade me! :D:D:D

Moss: Mum, you know that simself over there? We're getting married.

Cass: YAY! I just rolled a wish to see you get married and all too!!


Cass has already autonomously accepted Bran as her first grand-baby.

Moss: Bye mum, give me our baby back now and we will move out, thanks!

Goodbye, pretty!

Francie: BYE COKE.

Moss got promoted like almost instantly that night.

WTF, Squirtle?

Squirt: I just realized I live alone with uncle Coke, my wife and THREE TEENAGE DAUGHTERS.

Heaven help you.

And that's finally the end of this chapter!!

Next time: Things happen, as always. Elphie and Meadow birthday? Will Meadow find someone to love too?

Till then,

Love and rainbows!

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Elphie had A TRON OUTFIT! SO COOL! Oh and I found out that there's going to be a new season of AVATAR!!!! Course there's new characters but who cares! OMG!!!!!!

Elphie really got a super awesome space suit there!
Yay Robert and Moss grew up nice and already married :)
Poison Ivy looks so diffrent from her sisters. I think it's the nose that makes her unique

Oh chessus may the plumbob have mercy on Squirtle being alone :)

AMAZING! as always (:
I love that caption:
Julienne: Hey am I interrupting something? Sorry.
hehhe, so fuuny ^^ A bit close much, lol.
Ohh and i LOVE Elphie's catsuit type thing.
I'm going to be so sad when the chimeree's are over, but i'm sure you'll do a great job with the ISBI after you take a break. (:
Anyway, happy simming!
Ohh and Moss is super cute <3

Hah! Thanks :D

I hope I will do good. I haven't done an ISBI before. I mean I had a private one in TS2 but it lasted for 3 generations before I uninstalled the game. I'm gonna be winging it a lot.

Moss is super cute. I wasn't expecting that. I like him better as adult!

Another great chapter!
That's an awesome suit for Elphaba. Can you change the colors on it, or is it just like that? I haven't done anything in the time machine yet so I don't know myself. I hope she gets to keep it when she ages up!
Ivy's gotten really pretty too.

I have no idea, I haven't tried. I should though. I guess you'll find out in the next chapter xD
I so so so hope she keeps it.

I love Squirtle's dramatic...acy?
And I'm so glad that everything's good with Jetta and Elphie :DDD
Mwuhahaha, I got a free baby from some old guy, and now there will possibly be moar >=D And yeah, me and Moss moved quickly! I just have that effect on legacy guys xD

I literally laughed out loud at "Mwuhahaha, I got a free baby from some old guy" I think I frightened the dog.
You totally have that effect.

Ah I can't wait until green gen is available for download.<3 I want to make my Twinbrook pretty.

Great chapter. :)

I'll do it as soon as everyone is a YA :D then I can do the family tree update at the same time too :)

Thanks :D

(Deleted comment)
Moss looks better as YA than as a teen IMHO :3

Oh yeah! Meadow has the same eyes as Moss does.. can't wait O:

hahahahaha oh, poor Squirtle xDDD
Moss O.O wow.

LOOOL Julienne is a pain, isn't she? xDD Oh, Lord.

Oh, Elphie and Jetta, grow up soon *o*

Julienne's a player *waves a finger at her* she's breaking up people left and right.

I can't wait for the girls to grow up! It'll be awesome.

You know you can recolor that futuristic outfit, right?

YAY for Elphaba + Jetta! (JET-ta! :D)
The kids keep rolling wants to be mean to their dad... Teen angst much? :P
Hehe, Woohooium xP
Olena is pretty much female faceclone of my Simself...
Congrats to Robert + Frieda and Moss + AnnaFrancesca!

(I'd like to slap Julienne, that cheating b____) (pardon my language)

I was jsut telling someone I'd try next time I'm in game xD Thanks

It's TOTALLY teen angst. It makes no sense otherwise.
So what she is, it doesn't make her less cute. I can see if I can make them have another one :)


Why did Moss grow up clumsy, not Robert? D: Haha I was totally hoping Robert would roll clumsy xD

Elphie and Jetta are so cute together, I love them :D Elphie's crazy space outfit thing is neat, I really hope she gets to keep it!

Poison Ivy is totally evil. I love it.

And LOLZ @ woohooium. I want to know what that is..

I love them too, so perfect! ^^

I wanna know too!! Now I must play!


Elphetta? Jetphaba? Whatever, I love them

Moss is HAWT! Robert looks so...skinny

Julienne is such a player!

Bless you Squirtle

I like Elphetta :D

Really? I think Robert looks quite normal .__.

I love your legacy :D I was skeptical about it at first but it is by far one of the best I have ever read :D But how do you get Coke to live forever? That's kinda amazing :) I have supercomputer and awesome mod! ...Also how do you get the updates on the people.Lol and thankies :D

I get that question so many times omg. I think I need to make a FAQ xD
Advanced > Edit in CAS
age down and then on either Ambrosia or the Age feature under Intermediate.
Updates are via the StoryProgression mod ^^

And thank you for your comment love!


When you give the townies makeovers ,how do you do it without changing active household & all that stuff? Is it on a mod?

Thanks! Can't wait till the next update!

Yes, it is indeed a mod, I use Twallan's Master Controller. I click on the sim and choose NRaas > Master Cotroller > Stylist and make them over!

I'm pretty sure I have a sim with Jet's EXACT HAIR COLOR. And do you think you could put up Ivy on the exchange with NO cc? My game is so annoying and won't work with CC :(

I don't have this sim any more, this post is 3 years old. Sorry!

LOL, Squirtle. That Dramatic trait sure makes for some funny pictures.

Elphie is so gorgeous, she really pulls off the short hair. And I love how you still have her in dresses, not the stereotypical butch lesbian.

Question: how do you get townies to dress in the rainbow pattern? I'm guessing you're not making over every townie you take a picture of? For example, that last shot of Bran, he has rainbow shoes, but he's not a Chimeree?

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