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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Non-Playable-Sim Update!

Since chapter 9.6 would otherwise be freaking HUGE. I'm putting most of the pop-up notice updates here today! :D
So people who don't care about townies, don't have to read this :)

I forgot to mention last time, but the same night that Corny died.. Keefe died too!
And now Phi joined them.

Seriously, I got these updates one immediately after the other in game.

All of Blue gen, except for Bleu is dead...

Since changing my age mod a tiny bit by adding a few days to teenage-hood.. I have a nicer population of teenagers in town :D

Julienne is such a player!

Zero even got divorced from her husband because she found out!

They did try to date again for a while..

But then she got pregnant by some other guy and they got married xD

Sim!Abby(she's a mod n Boolprop) also got pregnant and married THE FIREMAN WHO SAVED THE LEGACY HOUSE LAST TIME.


I think I missed Zero's baby update, but Abby's baby is named Isabel!

I know someone wanted me to hook up Moss and Melrose, but she got married.

Sim!annaf94  had a baby girl named Branimira, or Bran as I call her.

Bran. Cute.

Sim!Abby and Sim!Teresa are totally BFFs.
Teresa's also married, cause that's not her original last name.

Thanks for the money Sim!themarinalegacy .

That's it xP The rest are in the update, cause they have to do with the chapter, so I can't put them here ;)

The chapter will be up tonight sometime.

Till then..

Love and rainbows

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It sure happens alot of things in your game :)


Well... that's certainly different...

LOL these updates are so much fun xD

Sorry if you have posted it already, I couldn't find it.
What age mod do you use? I've been trying to find a good one.

PS: I love these little updates xp

I use the Aging Manager but I've modified it to my own liking via S3PE :)



These pop-ups are an endless source of amusement, how do you get them?

Lol, if I got a euro every time I got that question.

It's Twallan's StoryProgression mod :) it does more than the pop-ups, but you can customize everything, which is AWESOME.

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