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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Fire in my Heart: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 9.5 - Green

I am convinced that the moment I stop posting every other day again, as I know happens sometimes, people will complain and whine and ask when the next chapter is out.
My solution.. get this legacy over with, so there won't be any more updates to ask for! :D
That's what it looks like anyway.
For those who are not aware, yes I am doing another legacy after this, but before that happens I will take a small break for like a month maybe and help my boyfriend Marco set up my website, where the legacy will be hosted.
That's the plan.

Now back to our scheduled program.

Title is inspired by Leo Sayer's(and/or Meck) Thunder in my heart.

Oh and it's a long chapter.

Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: Poison Ivy became a child. Squirtle reached his LTW and went back to sculpting, the twins became teens and Cass still wanted another baby. Elphaba came out. Meadow didn't like Elphie's BFF-GF Cerise but Squirtle didn't mind her.

Remember Squirtle started a sculpture of Elphaba last time?

It didn't turn out quite right..


Squirtle: I must be too tired again..

I realized we had a tool that allowed us to add lots to existing neighbourhoods, so I added a lot next to/in-front of the Chimeree house and put a graveyard down! They're now closer to their ancestors once again!

The middle ones are spares and the like. Seona's grandparents are here too, cause they were my CAS sims and I love them.

Founders and Black gen are on the other side :)

Attempt number two of Elphie sculpture.

Meanwhile inside, there's a guitar play-off going on between Coke and Moss.

I made over Cerise.

She's skinny.

The hair mesh is kind of funky, but it came out perfect otherwise.

Ivy and Meadow are fishing together!

Elphie: My girl is HERE!

Meadow: This is disturbing!


Meadow: No. The sink is broken again. I can't believe this nonsense!

Meadow: Plumbob, I'm so embarrassed!

Of your sister making out with her girlfriend?

Meadow: No. I... I...

She wet herself. I missed it, unfortunately.

Omg, Cass is painting the social bunny.

Cass: I know, how awesome am I?

Elphie: Look, Cerise.. look! I'm touching the fire, Cerise look!

Elphie: Cerise?

Cerise: Gotta go, bye.

IIIiiiiit's Leroy!

And Dionysus and Seona's grandpa Sylvester! :D

Meadow: Did you know this picture is taken because I am pretty and not to show you off? I am loved too!

Elphie: Sorry, what did you say, I was hypnotized by my yummy spaghetti.

Elphie shares her love of spaghetti with... Cocaine! Did you know?

Coke: I don't see the panic, it's so mellow here.

Someone absent-minded, it was Coke, put something in the oven and then walked away.. and it caught fire. Thankfully the kids had all left at that point.

Squirtle: Cke's right there's nothing to panic about.

Coke: I changed my mind!!!

Cass: Your father is half a meter from the fire, Squirtle!!


Feliks: The fire is almost touching my face, you guys!!

Feliks: Man, this is hard work.


Jack: Crap, my hot 80-year-old butt is on fire!

Corny: HOT!

Cass: Someone help him!

Feliks: Thanks you guys, I'm getting a MAJOR promotion for this :)

Coke: Ew, this filth.. I think I'm going to hurl.

Cass: Yay, singed counters!

Feliks: By the way, YOU are hot.

Corny: Everyone thinks uncle Coke is hot, Feliks.

To calm his nerves, Coke goes to the graveyard to fish.

Ahw, but where's the fun in that, Coke?

Coke: Hai thar.

Are those two the new Philomena and Keefe?


Sim!annaf94 got married to an elderly gentleman. I hope they have a baby before he dies..

Elphie: Oh my god. I am dating my best friend forever!!

Meadow: Everyone thinks that girl's a lady, but I don't, I think that girl's shady.

Meadow's line courtesy of Kate Nash.

Omg. Pretty.

Cass: YEAH. my painting was put up on the wall!!

It's a freaking social bunny.. PLUS I kind of lost the old paintings.. like the red lady Cloud painted, so I need new material. It's a long story and it's okay, the portraits are still intact, just the regular ones were lost xP

Elphie: Stupid homework. I could be hanging out with Cerise right now, but nooo..

Meanwhile.. ahww, Corny playing with dolls.

Corny: And Mr. Greenman said "hey Corny it's about time you kick the bucket." ..wait that's not what he--

Corny: That ain't right.

Corny: Hey everyone, I think I'm--

Corny: expiring.. yup.

Elphie: Oh nooooo!

Corny's death theme is Thank You For Loving Me by Bon Jovi, as it started playing the moment I entered the playing with doll-house picture.

Elphie: How could you take her away!

Adam: I don't have time for this sentimental crap.

Elphie: :(

Adam: I WANT YOU.. to join me in death.

Corny: Ah well, what the heck.. sure why not.

Adam: Nice doing business with you, mistress C.

Adam: Sigh. Only a few deaths left in this legacy. I'm sure going to miss those wacky Chimerees.

Jack and Elphie *bawl their eyes out*

Cass: Well that just ain't fair! She was only 90!


For some reason, your reign seemed so short and I wish you'd never grown old.

Love, Mariah.

Jack: I dedicate this to Cornflower! BWAAAAAAAA! </3

One never truly grasps the concept of mortality until the death of one's parents.

And so Casstle shares a romantic moment together.

Squirtle: Welp..

Squirtle: That's 25 ice sculptures done.

I just wish I'd gotten an un-melting Corny sculpture.

Cerise's mum Julienne is cheating on Sinbad with his enemy, Goodwin.

Oh, farraginous_lee , when will Goodwin and Sinbad realize they're meant to be together!? O:

Oh and they WERE CAUGHT, which I missed...

And Sinbad got re-married almost immediately.

Squirtle: How strange, this sculpture of my beautiful wife reminds me that my mother died.. sniff sniff.

This chick.. her name is Bunny.

And she's kind of adorable.

Those of you who've followed my non-chapter posts, might remember this as Melrose Hart-Costello. Sylvester's(Seona's grandfather) daughter from a different savegame.

I moved her into this 'hood, cause she's slap-me-across-the-face gorgeous.

Also, she reminds me of lucypeps . I had her simself in TS2 and Rosie just reminds me of her so much.. odd xD

Frieda, Robert and Elphaba go to the same school* so they get to hang out together in front of the theatre after classes.

*Twallan's Careers mod, it turns some of the career buildings into schools with different skill leanings, and each sim gets assigned one when they turn teen.

Well well well!

Nice dress.

Cerise: Hahaha, that guy is old!

Elphie: HI HONEY! :D

Cerise: AH!

Elphie: Haha, I love you.

Dorian: HAHAHA, check out the dyke! Going to hell she is.

Cerise: omg.

Elphaba: Just ignore him :D

Robert: And then she just DIED.

Frieda: There there..

Elphaba: hmm..

Elphie: Kissy time?

Cerise: Omg not here!

Elphie: Ahw, what's wrong?

Cerise: I'm new to this stuff and I don't need you to like out me in-front of everybody on our second date.

Elphie: Ahw, she doesn't want to be seen with me :(

Cerise: You're a great girl and an awesome friend and it's nothing personal, but I think we should be just friends..

Elphie: Wha-- FINE!

Elphie: I hope yur grades are still high.. or whatever. what do you want to talk about?

Cerise: There's no need to get snappy and sarcastic with me. We're still BFF, I just don't want to make out in public, gosh.

Elphie: Robbie...

Robert: What's wrong little sister?

Elphie: I really care about her..

Elphie: I love her and she.. she shot me down.


Robert: it's okay sis, you're better than her. You deserve better.

Frieda: wow, he is so sentimental, I like that in a man.

Elphie: Yeah but..


Cerise: oh please..

Frieda and Elphie *share a knowing look*

Elphie: I'm.. going to see the film that's on. Ta ta!

Cerise; This sucks. She's an awesome friend and now she's pissed at me or whatever. Bitch.

I can't help but think that dress looks really good on her.

Frieda: The way you let your sister cry on your shoulder really turned me on.

Robert: Oh really *eyebrows*

Frieda: Me and Radoslav are over. I want to be with you now.

Cerise: Screw the bigot! Who cares what he thinks.

annaf94 : Sweet. I witnessed Robert's first kiss.

annaf94 : I'm so awesome.

Robert and Frieda: We agree +

Robert: Before our curfew is up. Be mine!

Frieda: Yeah!

Robert: I'll be seeing you, love.

Elphie: Omg, I had this rubbish dream that Cerise broke up with--

Elphie: No wait, that really happened!!

Elphie: Can I just curl up and die, please? :(

Elphie: No!

Elphie: Turn that frown upside down :) you are awesome. So what the first snow always melts. There'll be more romantic opportunities for me!

With all that heartbreak, Elphie forgot to do her homework, so she has to hurry and get it down before school.

Coke: oh my love where have you been?

Coke: Yeah, were HAVE you been?

Jordan: hey it's you who hasn't invited me around... what is that?

Coke: It's Xander, our new gnome.

Jordan: So almost time to get green generation married?

Jordan: That means our wedding is close too!! :D :D :D

Coke: I know, I'm so excited that my fingers go through my fancy vest.

Jordan: Nice to see this place hasn't de-mellowed!

Jorck are still adorable.

Coke: You're my girl!

Jordan: I like the sound of that.

Coke: Fly me to the moon!

Coke: Let me.. play among the stars!

Jordan: Oh, I LOVE Frank Sinatra!

Elphie: No.. I shouldn't call her. We're friends, but I think that wound is still too painful.

Elphie: Far too... oh Cerise!! My heart!!

Elphie: :'(

Cass: What's wrong Elphaba?

Elphie: Cerise and I are no longer an item. She wasn't ready to be out and I really couldn't care less about what others think. So we had to break up.

Cass: I'm sorry sweetheart. It must hurt a lot.. but how could you appreciate happiness if you never got hurt? I know it doesn't make it hurt less, but everyone gets hurt sometimes. That's life.

Cass: Oh and I like those bracelets you acquired during this update.

Elphie: Thanks. Inspired by you, of course :)

HEY THANKS FOR THE 2 SIMOLEONS and your kind words :)
Sim!mariah will be awesome, when she becomes the leader.

You remember crazy-name-girl! I remember when she was adopted and now she's all old.. ahww..

Meanwhile.. Poison Ivy's birthday!

Ivy: Hey remember me?

Cocaba: YAAAAY!


And then.. amazingly.. Moss and Squirtle joined in!

Not in perfect sync, but still totally awesome.

Oh yeah, that's what we're celebrating.

Poison Ivy rolls Friendly as her fourth trait.

A Friendly, Grumpy, Athletic Angler!

WHO.. doe she remind me of?!

Ivy: I may be Friendly, but I'm also Athletic and Grumpy, so don't mess with me.

Elphie: Sorry? Are you lost?

Jetta: Lost? You invited me and then forgot all about me, hot stuff.

Elphie: AMG, Jetta Numeral!

Elphie: YOU grew up hot.

Jetta: Look, who's talking, hurhur.

Squirtle: L.F.B! There's CAKE!

Did you know, that Gregory Maguire named Elphaba in honour of Lyman Frank Baum(El-Pha-Ba) who wrote the original "The wonderful Wizard of Oz"?
That's because the wicked witch(of the west) didn't originally have a name.
I find that really, really cool.

Jetta: Uh, I think that was your fath--

Jetta: Well then.

Elphie: I have to go.

Jetta: I realized that.

Elphie: Don't get a girlfriend while I'm gone.


Jack: Mariah, I think I'm dead.

Ivy, we all see through your charade.

At least your sister HAS FEELINGS!

Cass: Poor Elphaba.

Seriously.. it's like she's SMIRKING.

Adam: Oh please, as if that's EVER worked before. Get in the damn urn.

After Adam is gone, Ivy gets her act together and cries a little.

Then Meadow realizes that she just saw death in a cloak.

Squirtle: My pretty wife isn't going to die is she?

Ivy: Those freaking fish. I'm going to get them. I'm going to get them all. I FCKING HATE THE FISH.

Moss: WHOA! PDA!

Cornflower and Jacques. Your reign felt extraordinarily short. I loved you a bunch you mean little simmies you.

Jack died at 91, two days after his wife.

Oh and the second medal is for Corny, for making a ton of widgets :)

Cass: Death sucks.. but this cake sure is delicious.

And that's all for this time!

Next time: Robert grows up and such, more birthdays perhaps? More Elphie drama?

Thank you for reading!

Love and rainbows!


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OMG Jetta and Ivy are both so pretty!

Poor Elphie. I'm glad she was able to bounce back. Jetta's much prettier than Cerise anyway. :-p

Thank you :D

Yeah. As much as I'd like to go for genetic variety, I don't want the LAST GENERATION to look TOO alternative. Omg, I can't believe there's no more babies after the ones that are about to be created.

Aw Corny and Jack! I'm going to miss them.

Poor Elphie getting her heart broken D: Although I gotta say I prefer Jetta, she's prettier and just generally more awesome (: So keep her in the legacy plzkthx. Haha I'm kidding :p And that's totally cool about Elphaba's name! I never knew that. One of my friends is OBSESSED with Wicked, can't wait to tell her this and show her up muahaha.

Poison Ivy is really pretty (: I hope she rules the world with her evil powers/grumpiness. And I loved the sychronised cheering hahaha xD

Corck are together again. :(
Cherise... DX
I hope Jetta and Elphie work out, though!
You're making your own site for your stories? I wish you the best of luck. And I don't blame you for taking a break after this legacy. You totally deserve it. :)

Thank you! Last time I didn't get a break since I started this legacy before I was finished with the last one xD I have been playing and writing legacies continuously for 3 and a half years O:

Recent Thoughts (Anonymous) Expand


Cornflower!!!! :'(

Ivy grew up HOT! Who does she remind you of...hmm?

Gorgeous Greens.

As always *Elphie Girl Crush*

I have no idea who she reminds me of.. an actress or something.. I can't remember!


Poor Elphie, i hope Jetta makes her happy.
I can't wait for the Coke and Jordan wedding! :D

Cannot believe this legacy will be over next Gen! I'm really going to miss the Chimeree's D:

Ahw, yeah me too. I am so moving them into the next place too, to spread genes xD

Corny's death theme is Thank You For Loving Me by Bon Jovi
Good music :) But i could have survived if she lived atleast to 91 days not 90! :(

Jack, gonna miss him a little but Corny :'( i will sure miss her way much more, she was so awesome :)

Ahw poor Elphaba, but Jetta is a good catch too.

The part when Elphaba and Coke sync and the others follow reminds me of ABDC or the mamma mia musical you know when the stars start and the rest follow :)

Chimeree's not over soon *Living in total denial*

Poison Ivy looks good

Thanks ^^

Yeah lame comment reply D:

(Deleted comment)
I'm sad she's gone too!
Thank you!

Its almost the end :O Noo! <3 The chimerees! Hopefully the last generation will be a good one :)
Robert and Moss are so cute :D <3 <3
(btw this is sims223344 and is too lazy to log in :D )

Yeah, hopefully xD

Aw, Poison Ivy is really beautiful.

Naw, poor Elphie... I'm just waiting for Azulon to grow up, HE'S JUST SO DAMN CUTE I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once Agni Kai and Air grow up I'm going to have to move Azulon with them, just so KatAang can have more Chillens.... ELPHTTA!

UYFASRUDYWIFOUYPUIHDGISAOYUGFEWQ THIS UPDATE WANTS TO KILL ME, SOMEBODY HELP ME XDDDDD Dude, you have no idea. 03:00AM here and I was reading and trying [and failing] not to laugh.

ANYWAY. WHAT??? Goodwin Goode, I thought you were... GOOD? O.o what kind of evil technique is that???? Holy plumbob, man. Am I going to sound mean if I admit I laughed a lot because Sinbad remarried? Because I SO did. [and LOL at you mentioning my evil schemes xD I promise I'll try.]

Aww, Cerise broke Elphie's heart! i.i But hey, Jetta looks GOOD! Oh, marry and have babies already, you both *o*

Wait a minute, Poison Ivy is gorgeous O.O And her... eyeliner, I think I have it, too. It's subaxi's, I guess, and it's not an eyeliner, but anyway, it looks like Ivy's. And it looks GORGEOUS.

Last, but never leats: CORNFLOWER!!! T_________T Cornyyyy, you amazing heiress, I'll miss you i.i <3 such a dear, you were. And then Jacques follows and I felt even sadder >.<

Ah, the end is coming. Yeah, it is, but it's going to be so sad. But anyway, have a very nice and very much deserved break then and good luck with the website ^^

Yay, I'm funny :D

Yeah, he has malicious ways, despite being good.. apparently.
Whoo, schemes!

xD THEY'RE TEENS. I can't wait to get them married.

Ivy is beautiful and I'm glad you like the eyeliner :3 it looks great on her.

She was a great heiress. Much love to Corny!

Thanks :D

As soon as I sawe the title, I started singing xD
And an old guy!? D: Yes, simself, babies, quick!!!!!
Oh, and it's nice to see Adam's gots his robes back >w<
I'm always there at the theotre! That's where I got the autograph as well >w< Woo!
Chimeree family = epic. (Oops, nearly typed Apple there xD)
:O Ivy is so pretty!
Aww, Jetta's cute, too :)

Awesome. Influence, I have it.
Maybe when he dies you'll remarry a cute/hot young guy O: I hope so at least. Sorry old guy!
I feel the same about Adam's robes!
Really? I thought it was the stadium.. where Leroy worked? O:
HAHAHAHAHA. The Apples... ah.. what a journey THAT was. I like this one better though.. I think.
Yes, yes she is!

Thank you!

I can barely keep up!

Little family graveyard... nice!
WHAT!? Corny and Jack are dead now!? D: Bring back the favorite foods!
Julienne! Well she IS flirty... and Goodwin is a Hopeless Romantic :P
Melrose is beautiful!
Noo! Cerise and Elphaba are broken up D:

In unrelated news, I seem to have lost my ambitions disc DDD:

Actually I have a Mac... I'll see if I can figure it out.

Oh o.o I'm sorry I can't help you >.< But if you can find the Download Manager you'll be able to do all that. Though the question is how to find it, but anyway...

Woow. Jetta is GORGEOUS! So is Ivy!! It seems like you have a really exciting game... Haha!!

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