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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Girls Will Be Girls: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 9.4 - Green

Spoiler, but it was so pretty and there was no other good cover potential.

I gave in and decided to grow up Poison Ivy ONE DAY early.

Ahw, precious.

See what I did with the dress pattern?

Poison Ivy grew up... and awesome, I forgot to write down her trait. I have all the others D:!


She's still grumpy.

Oh yeah, she's an angler!

So an athletic, grumpy angler!
Likes lilac in colour, roots in music and.. something.. *rustles through notes* spaghetti? No that was Elphaba. It doesn't matter! *throws paper everywhere*


Reminds me of how Light, our  second generation spare liked fishing and the first thing he did was go fish too!

Ivy: I remind you of a boy?

A pretty boy!

Ivy: Okay then..

Sometimes, when the timing is right.. they all work at the same time! even the little planes fly! It's so cute.

Robbie: Hehehe, if I go do homework with her I get to be in a picture!

Cass was just sitting there, looking pretty. No other reason for this picture. She's pretty.

Sometimes, when they're too tired, or there's too little time before the schoolbus arrives to eat a real meal, I let them have a fruit from the hundreds we've collected from our gardening days :)

Coke is an amazing air-guitar player.

OR you could just go play a real one.

Like so.

Meadow: Wow, he plays even worse than mum.

What do you mean? Cass plays splendidly.!

That day, Coke spent the whole morning in the kitchen preparing a TON of leftovers. I like to have a variety to choose from for everyone :D

E.Chadwick: He's really good at it. I love him.

Everyone loves Coke, gender is irrelevant.

What.. why? That makes no sense Moss! You're not mean in any way and neither is your father!


Willow the magical gnome does a little dance, because..

Heck yeah!

Robbie: Wow, dad's gone soft now that his dream has come true.

Squirtle: I HAVE NOT. There were wilting plants here, I'm doing what anybody would if they had the time!

Cass is still a few points from reaching her LTW.

Moss: BUT SHE'S SO AWESOME with the guitar! I want to be just like her!

Cass: Yeah, I rock.

Coke: There, Dim Sum. I hope Squirtle is happy *looks bored*

Wow, she just now got promoted to Lieutenant! We sure passed her in the career ladder.

Elphadow: Birthday!

I combined their names O:

Sweetie, you ain't gonna see them grow up if you're staring at that wall.

Ivy: I don't want to be the baby of the family! >:(

Sorry. And you'd be growing up with them right now if I didn't grow you up a day early .__.

Cassidy rules so hard.


I guess this means I have to name her heiress right here and now.
Yeah.. as if I wasn't planning to have a green heiress named Elphaba from the very beginning. Not at all *shifty eyes*
I'm just so happy she's grown up to be awesome. I would have been so disappointed if she was lame D:

Cass: Hey, can I propose something?



Elphaba: OMG.

Elphaba: I'm an awesome student!!

Elphie: Oh and I'm a teen, which means I get to have KISSES! Eeeeee! From my TRUE LOVE!

I CHOSE her the trait of hopeless romantic.
Only this once.

Elphaba is so an Excitable, Brave, Hopeless Romantic Daredevil.


Meadow doesn't look regular, which is cool.

She grew up with No Sense of Humour.

That makes her an Eccentric Coward who Loves the Outdoors and has No Sense Of Humour.

Also a very interesting personality.

She still has a few points to go, but she just looks so cool with the guitar.

Ivy: And then Seona said "I want another baby" and Mariah was all sure go ahead and they had triplets and my mummy and daddy were jealous.

Elphie: What's that smell? Oh yeah, it's the smell of DANGER... and I'm ready for it.

Squirtle enjoyed his favourite meal of dim sum while his wife played the guitar.

I think she enjoyed it a little bit more xD

"But mostly myself"

Meadow: Oh god I'm in the room alone with HER. She has evil super powers.

Ivy: I wonder what's for breakfast.

Ahw how adorable :D they're all having breakfast together.

Elphie: Now that I'm a teen.. It's time for an adventure.

Elphie: Hey, you're coming over to my place aren't you?

Elphie: Maybe I should have bought FLOWERS!

Cerise: HEY!

Coke: Hey, isn't that Meadow's little friend from back in the day?

Elphie: No, she's mine.

Cerise: Hey did you go to that party Saturday? It was so cool.

Elphie: Nah, I was busy riding unicorns.

Squirtle *trips over his own toes*

Elphie: Did you know Faye Chimeree is filthy rich?


Elphie: You're a great friend Cerise.

Elphie: Actually, you're so great, that I think you're my best friend forever!

Cerise: Forever?


Elphie: I have something to tell you.. I'm gay.

Cerise: What are you gay about?

Elphie: No, I don't meant the slang, I mean I'm lesbian.

Cerise: Hey, congratulations on your coming out!

Elphie: Thanks, you're a good friend.

Elphie: But are you a good enough friend to leave your lame boyfriend Clay, who I didn't know you had..

Elphie: ..for me?

Cerise: WHAT?

Elphie: Oh dear..

Elphie: Well that didn't go as planned.

Elphie: Are you upset?

Cerise: Nah, got you! Of course I'll break up with him.

Elphie: For me?

Cerise: For you.

Cerise: Ok. What. Are you doing?

Elphie: Can I kiss youuuu?

Cerise: What?

Elphie: Can I please?

Cerise: Okay.. but jut a little one. No tongue! I'm not sure how I feel about this girl on girl thing just yet..

Elphie: Omg, that was so much better than hugging. What do you think?

Cerise: Not.. bad, I guess.

Cerise: Anyway.. can we go inside now, it's getting cool out here.

Squirtle: Now that I've topped my career.. time to sculpt more! Finally!

Elphie: Daddy?

Squirtle: Yes?

Elphie: Uhm.. I've got.. I've got a girlfriend.. well it's not official, but I'm working on it and.. and she's really great and I love her.

Squirtle: That's nice honey, I'd love to meet her.

A funny story comes with this.

A moment before she was a maid. Then she got into a relationship with a towns-person. She moved in with him, making her a resident in the town. Then they almost immediately they broke up and she moved out as seen here.

She used a guy to get into the town! xD

Meanwhile Cerise was inside.. not getting along with Meadow.

Meadow: Thankfully, you'll be meeting our father and he will see that you're not worthy.

Cerise: Fool! Parents LOVE me.

Cersie: I hope he likes me!

Squirtle: Hey, I'm Squirtle, I'm Elphaba's dad.

Cerise: Cerise Rotter, charmed.

Squirtle: I hope you won't make her forget to do her homework.

Cerise: Of course not, mister Chimeree! :D

Meadow: Oh no! I think he likes her!

Cass: This funny sensation in my tummy.. I think I'm finally pregnant again as me and my husband have been wishing.

No, you're just hungry. Go eat and stop wishing for babies.

And that's it for this time! O:

Next time: Who knows what! :D

Thank you!

Love and rainbows!


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Ha! Now i got to be first! :D
OMG you got super cute kids this gen! I Love Poison Ivy! She's fantastic! And Meadow don't look bad either :)

Elphaba <3 She is by far one of the most good looking teens i've seen ever! :)

Yay Squirt LTW now sculpting!
Yikes, Cassidy sure want a baby :)

Eplhabas girlfriend look good too! I'm jelous of the genes running in your game :)

xD this is not a race!
Thank you ^^

I'm planning to put Squirtle back into the sculpting career, see if he can reach the top there too :)

Hey, I just wanted to say I'm a BIG fan of the Chimerees and I think your legacy is amazing. In fact, I can't beleive I haven't commented before. Maybe because I suck and don't have a livejournal. XD Anyway, I also wanted to ask what skins you use? I've been looking for some new ones...

Mucho Chimeree love. <3

Thank you very much ^^
It says which skins I use in my resources post. Link in the sidebar :)

I always grow the kids up one day early. I'm too impatient! xD
Aw Poison Ivy is pretty!
I love the outfits you dress your kids in! So cute!

Oh my gosh! Are those inventions on the table?! If so i never knew they could actually work! haha!

Elphie! O: Omg! I love her! What an awesome Heiress! :D

I have competition *shifty eyes* lol!

I don't know if it's just me, but sometimes when Cerise says something she looks really pissed off xD

Thank you!

Yup those are inventing table things. They don't ALWAYS work, but they do have the ability to work. Next I want to see the drinking llama!!

Thanks. I love her to :D

Lol. I think she looks pissed most of the time :P

Aw, Poison Ivy grew up cute (: And I see what you did with the dress pattern.. smart ;D

So, Elphie is frickin' awesome. End of. The kissing scene thing was sweet (: Cerise is really cool looking! I like her (: Srsly, this family's genetics are awesome.

And major lolz @ the maid lady haha xD

Thank you, I really liked creating that little scene.
Haha, Cerise isn't a part of the family's genetics just yet ;)


Omigod Meadow, Corny Much?

Both Cerise (But Red Gen's over!) & Elphaba look much cuter as teens. Violet Eyes...As I have mentioned before *Elphaba Girl Crush*

'Nah, I was riding unicorns'

Hah, really? x3

They were pretty cute as kids too, though. Major Elphaba crush.

True fact.

I's love Meadow, but Elphie is so pretty! Where did you get Meadow's kid hair? CAUSE I WANT TO GIVE IT TO KATAANG'S DAUGHTER BEI FONG!(It's that last name of the girl on my icon, not alot of girl names that start with B) Oh, my one sim made that Gnome from the last update, I put in the front yard, next day it's in the back yard touching it's toes! I thought it was creepy, I'm just waiting for it to be in front of Azulon's bed because he kicked it...

Meadow's kid hair is one of Peggy's ^^

what? (Anonymous) Expand
Yay! Elphie!!!! *she's gorgeous, too!!!*
I just noticed we're on the 9th generation... not much more to go... :(
What a weird maid.
Holy Flowerpots, Batman! We've found out where Poison Ivy's hiding!!!!
lol, sorry, that was terrible. But even her hair's close to the right color!

Ahw :( Gen-9!! So close..

xDDD I was amused by their hair colours being similar too.

I still love Meadow. Even more so as a teenager. ;P

Green babiez

Are you sure Cass and Squirt can't have another one? Cos <a href="http://www.rodhull.co.uk/emu/grotbags.asp£>Grotbags</a> is an awesome green gen name...

Ugh, my sucky link was sucky (and I forgot to sign in) - trying that again


Congrats to Squirtle!
Hehe... Cassidy was cheering through the wall.
So... Cerise rejected Elphie's request to break up with Clay, and then accept shortly after? :P
Silly maid...

(Cerise really doesn't smile enough...)

No, she rejected and then I got angry and broke them up with master controller .___.
I needed to do it for plot purposes xD

Oh and Cerise's mum is Julienne Rotter(Knack) did either Nick or Pattina have that blonde colour?

"Likes lilac in colour, roots in music and.. something.. *rustles through notes* spaghetti? No that was Elphaba. It doesn't matter! *throws paper everywhere*"

Omg I totally know what you mean there XD

Elpharise? Ceraba? Whatever you decide to name them, they're too cute. Meadow is also adorable. Poison Ivy is destined for great evil fishing.

LOL @ Robert. No facetime for yoooou.

I love that all the heirs have drawer issues. That's too cool.

midge says Cerelphie x3 which is pretty cute.

Robert gets some face time in the next one x3 I feel bad for the others. I'm horrible at equal face time sometimes.

I agree xD


Oh, Mariah. You're so hilarious (:
I love Elphaba! The whole one foot up thing made me lol. She's so cute, like a sweet little pixie or something O: she reminds me of TINKERBELL. O: o: O:
Anyway, I'm loving the Chimerees! Thanks!

~ PS I'm the person whose dad threw out my Sims 3 game! ):
Idk if you remember meee.

Thank you so much! ^^

I remember you! :D *shakes fist at your dad again*

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