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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Just Getting Started: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 9.3 - Green

Pretty Elphie gets the cover today ^^

Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: Moss grew into a child, Squirtle grew up into an adult and Cass was pregnant again. Robert grew up and his 2 potential romantic interests got together with each other instead. The twins grew up and Corck was mean to them. Cass had a girl named Poison Ivy and Elphie liked girls.

Meadow: Oh god, there's something in the way of my bed.. I'll never sleep!



There. SLEEP.

She wasted half a night whining and now she'll be tired for school :(

Meanwhile Corny made a robot gnome that I forgot to take a picture of.. oops.

Elphie: wakey wakey, time for danger!

Meadow: Is a talking ghost? Noooo~

Elphie: School time! :D

Elphie: Who is that peculiar fellow staring at us?

Meadow: It's our big brother.

Elphie: Shh... he shifted in his seat...



Where's a neurotic sim when you need them! I had no idea the sink was broken..

Sim!Teresa got married too!

Coke: hew Lewis, fancy seeing you here at the library!

Coke: If you were to ask me and I'm sure you would if I gave you time to speak, I'd tell you that you should definitely marry your baby's mama.

Lewis: But she's MEAN!

And I hear they're fighting again D:

Why can't they be like Phieefe who I constantly hear good news about. Those two are so in love it's insane.

Coke also went to see their house, which is just down-hill from the Chimeree house.

It's quite gorgeous.


Jetta: Hmm?

We have a mini-laundromat going on in the laundry room.

Coke: Actually it's a race. And I'm winning.

Coke: Promotion.. say it!

Ivy: Pwomoton!

Both gnomes as you can see were happy to hear Squirtle got promoted to level 9!

While helping Elphie, Cass was looking in a completely different direction the whole time!!

Robert: hey, jsut strolling by here, hoping to get in a picture. Say Elphie got some plot last time, do I get plot too?

Cass: By the way, you guessed right last chapter. I do indeed like to read.

Moss: Small piece of cake?! What is this nonsense!?

Moss: Thats-a more like it! :D

It's like his face grew but his eyes stayed the same size. Funky.

Anyhow! Moss grew up Charismatic!

That makes him a Charismatic, Heavy Sleeping, Virtuosos, Vegetarian.

Moss: Finally I can learn to play this wonderful instrument.

Yes. Give me all your money! >:D

Cass: Oh oh oh, just learn to walk, you brat.

Cass: Mariah should just let us grow you up early :D

I'm debating it.


Elphie: I'm calling her.

Meadow: I thought you said you were "SO over"?

Elphie: Everyone deserves a second chance.

Elphie: Cerise?

Elphie: I want to seeeee youuuu.

Elphie: I can't wait to give her a second chance! :)

Bwahaha. Turquoise takes over Blue generation's jobs xD

It's a new generation!

Meanwhile... yeah we know he's an awesome writer. The town finally sees his talent as he reaches to the top of the writer career.

Elphie: There she is..

Cerise: I thought you said it was over between us.

Elphie: I changed my mind.

Cerise: You can't do that.

Elphie: Yes I can. I'm a woman!

Elphie: Oh yeah, this one is so much better than the first.

Cerise: I've got to go, it's my birthday today and I'm late to my own party!

Elphie: :)

Meanwhile, inside a different kind of adventure was going on.

Meadow: Okay mister chair. I am going.... to sit on you.

Elphie: You need this and painting skill for your job, dad?

Squirtle: Yup, Mariah hadn't done the forensic path before and wasn't aware I needed painting too.

Elphie: Accept your defeat, father.

Squirtle: How could I let this happen?

Elphie: wow, you're really rubbish at this game, huh?

Squirtle: I don't want to talk about it.

Robbie's absent-mindedness isn't nearly as adorable as Coke's.

He's still cute, though.

Meadow: So now that your girl-crush is a teen and you're not, what is your plan?

Elphie: Exploration!

Meadow: Sorry?

Elphie: Wow, her house is almost as cool as mine.


Meadow: Hey, I'm looking for Jetta.

Jetta: Nice to see you!

Elphie: Now that I'm single again, I was thinking we should hook up. You know, cause we're both kids of famous legacy people. And your dad's even a SIMSELF.

Elphie: We belong together. You and Me.

Jetta: What are you talking about?!

Elphie: You can wear a tux and a bow-tie to our wedding, I like dresses.

Jetta: Hehe, bow-tie.

Jetta: MUM, there's someone at the door!



She's been the emperor empress of evil for a while now. I find it extremely awesome.

The following 41-picture long LewOne interlude is brought to you by.. me.. just as usual.
I hope you enjoy.

Lewis: I worry about our relationship, One!

Lewis: You're mean spirited and it's brought our relationship score to the RED. It's -42 now. MINUS! Oh plumbob!

One: I don't see the problem, douchebag!

Lewis: How can you say that?

Leiws: Hug?

One: EWWW!

Sim!Sophie: Wow, they're screwed.

Lewis: I'm sorry if I came on too strong. Let's start this conversation again.

One: Fine.

One: I'm giving you a chance.

Lewis: How did your day go, honey?

One: Still coming on too strong.

Lewis: Plumbob damn it!

One: Do you really think we're setting a bad example for our daughter, thus crippling her from having a normal romantic relationship EVER?

Lewis: YES!

One: Now is hug time..

Cass: Hey I'm just strolling by, don't mind me at all.

Lewis: Cooking is SO AWESOME.

One: Oh wow, I'd forgotten how nice kissing was.

Lewis: One, do you want to marry me? Right here, right now?

One: Are you nuts?

Lewis *is heartbroken*

Lewis:  But you're so beautiful!

Lewis: Holding your hand in front of Jetta, when we're pretending everything is okay is the best part of my day.

Lewis: We could take a trip far away and forget about all our problems!

Lewis: Abut this marriag---

One: I said I don't want to get married right now. Gosh.

Cass: Don't mind me.

Cass: Just gonna read a romance novel right here.

Lewis: Hey One, we have a witness now... let's just do it.

One: How romantic!

One: With this ring..

One: I ask you to be mine.

Cass was totally their witness.

Cass: Mh?

Lewis: One <3

And then she kissed him autonomously and I wondered if they'd be okay after all :)

One: Lewis <3

Cass: We're both family-oriented! No way!

Cass: Congratulations on getting married!

Lewis: Thanks!


One: We're both clumsy AND bookworms!

Cass: Unbelievable!

Cass: Congrats on getting married. I can't believe he took your name and everything!

One: Yup. Lewis Numeral. Fufufu.

Then they spoke of their favourite books.

Cass: My daughter thinks the world of your daughter!

One: Really? :)

One: I'll let her know :)

Cass: Well, be nice to Lewie now.

I think they'll be alright.. for a little while anyway.

Really, your husband's police cruiser?

Cass: What? Robert uses it all the time!

How is that even allowed!?

That's it for this time.
I appologize for half of it being LewOne HOWEVER. It was nice.. plus after the "dinner-party" at my boyfriend's parents place that I am attending, I have the next one ready to be written :)
Sorry for any typos, I've got to run!

Look forward to it!

Love and rainbows!

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I know it was more Elphie centreded, but Meadow is so darn cute! <3
And Jetta, too! Plus, it looks like Elphie has a thing for that hairstyle xD

Thanks :D
Haha, yeah. I put that hair on her and then later I realized Cerise had had the same style xD

YAY update! When I read '41-picture long LewOne interlude' my heart kind of sank because I was like, ahw not enough Chimeree!! But I enjoyed it :D They are such a cute couple...
Almost as cute as Elphie! (Nice segue, hmm?) Whom I adore! Her girl crushes are sweet :P I also LOVE her outfit! Where did you get the dress and shoes? (I heart converse!)

Thank you ^^ I felt guilty not putting the LewOne bit in, so I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
The dress is by Oepu
The converse are by Helaene, they're unisex :D I adore them. I wish there were high tops for teen-adult WOMEN too, they only have them for guys for whatever reason. I own 2 pairs IRL and I consider myself a female.. so I don't see what EAs problem is xD

Loved the segue.

I so need high tops for females! Amy Pond is the kinda girl who wears high-tops only! I hate EA for that!

thank you!
When I first played the game I actually spent about 5 minutes searching for the high tops for women, I was so annoyed they weren't there!

Whoops! The dress is not by Oepu, Poison Ivy's is once she grows up and I thought for a moment that Elphie wore it.

Elphie's dress is by Tomislaw.

LewOne would work is One could contain her Hot Headed trait.
Moss is cute <3 So is Elphie!

I SO hope they don't break up D: I'd be heartbroken if they did!

Thanks :D I agree with you.

Oh chessus i have failed you! I Wasn't the first one to comment x_x :)

Lewone is so cool :)

Elphie is cute and got a cool personality :)
Wow Moss looks intresting looks better then Robert but i'm still hopping for Robert to get his clumsy trait :)

And i love that little rainbow in the end of the chapters :)

Hahahaha. Lewis is almost always the first, at least on BoolProp x3

I agree. I am SO happy with how she has turned out.
Robbie's got ONE more chance left to get clumsy.. we will see if it works.

Thanks ^^ I love it too! I decided one time that I should add it in and it makes the ending less lame.

ah; i always look forward to an update! i think my first chapter is ready to be written!! maybe some more pictures needed but aye; anywho i loved it, and is Elphie trying to tell us something?
great update! :D

Oh, well good luck with your chapter then ^^
Is she? O: O: O:

Thank you!

In my legacy Coke came to KatAang's wedding, he did his Absent Mined thing and I thought is was so funny! One time in yours, you should have Meadow say "What Time is it?" Elphie will say " ADVENTURE TIME!" I's love that show...

Hahaha, nice to know ^^

Sorry, what show is that, I don't believe I've heard of it ^^;

Course I'm 13, I still watch cartoons, I also don't know if they have Cartoon Network in the Netherlands... That maybe why...

We had Cartoon Network in Estonia back when I lived there, but they never had that and I don't watch cartoons any more .__.

They don't have CN here though, some dutch cartoon channel replaces it, though most of the stuff they show is American.. and they do show Avatar I think. I think. ^^;;

Oh so they have some thing that's OBVIOUSLY worth watching for the rest of your life, but so you know Dutch other wise what's the point...

Elphie ^^
Aw, how sweet for One and Lewis. You manage to keep in touch with everyone in your game, even those not related to family.
Moss grew up pretty well, IMHO. I'm growing to like him a little more than Robert. Elphie shall always be first, though in my book. ^^
Oh, wow, Blueberry looks too nice and sweet in that pic to be an emperor...emporess? of evil.

Yeah it's the control freak in me >:)
In my book too. Elphaba *sigh* I love her.

That's how she gets you! You'll think she's sweet and she'll take everything that you care about.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! :)
I love them all too, but... well you will see a lot of blatant favouritism in 9.4

Aw i loved the simself half of it! It was cute!

And all the rest of the update was awesome as always! :)

I wish my simself got a break in love, she's had four bf's in my game...all of her relationships ended...badly D:

Thank you!

I married my simself to my boyfriend's simself and turned breakups off for her household xD

Love them!

I totally love your updates! I have been lurking for months and it brightens my day to read your updates. Totally off topic- but what mods do you use in your game? I've been thinking about downloading some but I'm not completely comfortable with which to use and why some are better than others. Thanks! -Leigh

I highly recommend Twallan/NRaas StoryProgression mod. Link in my resources post.. or you can google it.
There's more mods I use in my resources post, so you might want to check it out ^^


You talked about weddings a lot in this chapter and I think ti would be so cool if, in a future expansion pack, they added in a minister profession so you could go around marrying sims off!

I guess I see how some people could like that.

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