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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Toxic : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 9.2 - Green

As in, the cute in this chapter is toxic.
The photo is from the last chapter cause I didn't find ONE picture in this chapter that could work as an opening.. plus ice-sculptures rock.

Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: Cassidy had another boy and twin girls. Robert was blonde and turned out to be a good klepto. And we moved to Twinbrook.

Oh and it's over 130 pictures.

Don't you hate it when game companies advertise with something like "THERE'S OVER 35 DIFFERENT BLA-DI-BLAS!" When there's 36 bla-di-blas. Just say the damn number and I won't hate you. Gosh.

Meadow: I'm sooo cute.

That out f the way..

It's Moss's birthday time! Excited?

The Maid: The arch is in my way! >:(

Corny *looks determined*

Jack *keeps his emotions at bay*

Sparkly dance!

Help me plumbob.

He is cute.
Is he Cass's face-clone? I don't know. Do I care? No.

Moss: Don't eat meat!

And he's a vegetarian.

Moss: I used to play with that thing.. I kind of miss it.. *sigh*

Meadow: Wat?

Moss: Nothing.

Iiiiiiit's Notzo Curious.

Now I should mention, the majority of townsfolk is made up of those I packed with me when I moved, but I did move back in some original Twinbrook families that fit. There aren't as many empty houses as I'd like .__.

Notzo: School freaking sucks. I hate school. Do you hate school? School's for mama's boys!

Rbert: What Would Meadow Do in this situation?

Don't know about Meadow, but this is her twin Elphaba, the WILDLY popular.

Ahw look at those little cheeks! So pinchable!

There's once again a ton of toddler skilling going on.


By the way, Coke is totally not high, while he teaches Meadow to walk. He's just intoxicated by the cute.

Cass: Why did I have all these kids so fast one after the other again?

Cass: Ahw, baby girl, you are so adorable, now walk to mummy and we will look cute together, okay?

Elphie: Okay!

Elphie: I can wawk! Is a miwacle! :D

Meadow: Mama and daw-daw wuv!


Corny: That darn woman is always in my way!

The hostility makes a comeback!

Meanwhile, Moss is at a girl's place after school.

Her name is Cerise Rotter.
She's charming.

Cerise: >:(

Corny: BUH!?

Robert: I didn't do it!

It was Jack who scared Corny.. through the wall.

I'd forgotten he was Mean Spirited.

We feed our toddlers only the healthiest organic produce.

Robert: What was I doing here again?

Meeting your girlfriend Frieda(the daughter of the Something.. Bateman firefighter a few chapters ago), who you were on the phone with last chapter and I thought I'd lost in the move, but didn't.

Meanwhile his other girlfriend Radoslav Giles does her homework beside them.

In the backyard a celebration is going on as Squirtle grows up to adulthood!

Squirt: I'm getting old.

Cass: I'm pregnant.

Wait, what?

Cass: I'm pregnant!

Squirtle: That's fantastic! I didn't know you had a wish.

Cass: Oh but I did.

And magically the sculpture of her he was sculpting shatters into the completed form. Sweet!


Squirtle: You wouldn't have to stay up so late, son if you did your homework right after you got home from school, like your brother.

Robbie: That's a great idea dad, I will practice that from now on!

Omg.. Evander?

The lips are different and the jaw a tiny bit, but they're very similar, like Jack and Inky xD

Squirtle: You're special Cass, we usually only have pregnancies in young adulthood in this legacy.

Elphie: So, how's it going?

Meadow: I don't want to talk about it.

Corny: And then Mr. Greenman realized his house was a dump, so he cleaned up the whole house! And it was FUN!

Corny's actually very qualified to teach the toddlers.

It's Connor and Faye's daughter Olena. Where the hell does she get her platinum blonde locks from?!

Olena: That's what I'm wondering too!

She's adorable.

Before he reaches the house I get a message saying Connor has to leave soon .___.

Lewis: one.. are you.. pregnant?

One: Why aren't we married yet, douche!?

Lewis: Well, we haven't broken up yet either, so stop complaining.

One: You have issues!

Lewis: DO NOT.

And One's a fan of the blues.

Mariah: I brought waffles, just like Connor :(

It's Frieda!

She's.. different-looking.

Meanwhile, Robert's other girlfriend is actually.. a boy.

Radoslav: I have a boy's name!

You had girls hair, plus there's a girl names Stevie running around somewhere.. if I didn't lose her in the move, that is.. which I think I did :(

Aaaand in case you were confused, it's Robert's birthday!

Moss: It's a table, whoa.

Many actually paid attention!

Not Mariah though.

She has issues with her image and decides to work out.. just because.

One: I want to go home, Lewie!

Lewis: Calm down and at least watch the kid grow up. It's what we're here for.

Lewis: Well, nice party, but I've got to go.

Yeah. NICE.

Frieda: Booo, it's Walter the skip-skip guy!

Cerise: Omg it IS! :D

One: :D It's Walter the skip-skip guy!!!

And this is Robert. Forgot about him..

He's a Perfectionist.

Squirtle: So, are you single, Frieda?

Frieda: WWMD?

Frieda: Yeah, I'm single, what of it? :D

Robert: Nothing, nothing.. I'll see you in school.

Meanwhile Radoslav was being sweet and noticed Elphaba was tired. That's Meadow's crib, but okay.

While Lewis left, One stayed behind.

She and Cass got into a fight while I wasn't looking.

One: Skank.

Cass: Hussy!

Cass: I'm pregnant.

One: Wow, really? I couldn't tell from your huge gut.

Cass: Says the elephant.

Robert: So are you single?

Radoslav: Yeah, great party gtg. Bye.

Robert: My job here is done.

A moment later:

Robert: Noooooooo!!!


And then the party calmed down a bit.

Notice Cass is missing her finger again. It's the dress mesh I have a feeling.


Jack's first autonomous interaction with Elphie, before I even got to make her over was to patronize her.

Jack: I am the best yeti out there, kid,

Jack: So you have to do what I say, little yeti. No talking back at me, child.

Elphie: Pfft. Watch me. I LIVE for danger!

Elphaba grew up a Daredevil. That makes her a Brave, Excitable Daredevil.

All that in this little package.

She's cute.

Dad's nose and eyes. Not entirely sure about the lips yet.

Meadow, who already Loves Outdoors and is Eccentric grew up a Coward.

She and Elphie are like night and day I think xD
Except I'm sure Elphie would love the outdoors too.

There's an impostor among us!

The maid.. is slacking and eating cake.

He's cute though, so we let him eat cake.

What's-your-name. I feel for you. I clean bungalows for a living and I had an especially tough day today D:

I wish I had some cake..

Meadow: Is that grandma's chair? Nobody else ever sits in it.

I think so :)

Jack has gone completely mental. He is being mean to EVERYONE lately.

Jack: Check out this lama, hahahaha..

Meadow: Watch it, grandpa, my twin can kick your ass any time of the day.

To get away from(coward) her hostile grandpa, Meadow goes outside(loves the outdoors) to invent(eccentric).

Wow, she's using ALL of her traits :D

Cass: Yeah, make a statue of my glorious pregnant self.

Squirtle: We'll put it in the living-room. It'll be glorious.

Elphie: So you like reading huh, mum?

Cass: How does she know that about me?

Elphie: Having another baby, I can't freaking believe it.

Cass: :|

Elphie: I love you, mum!

Elphie: Mum, mum! I caught a huge frog!


Elphaba's first catch. EAxis named it Niles :D

How precious.

As Cass was about to check it out, she went into labour.

Elphie: what's wrong with mum, daddy?

Squirtle: She's having a baby!

Elphie: What do we do?

Squirtle: Well we simply..


Elphaba's screams were FRIGHTENING. Omg.

Meadow: Get. Away. From. Me.

Jack: I just wanna hug you!

Meadow: I know you better, old man! RUN , LEGS, RUN!!

Moss: Ew, mum you stink, take a shower!

Cass: I'm kind of busy right now!

It's a girl!

I named her Poison Ivy, after the super villain from Gotham!!!!

Or a plant, whatever you want.

Ivy is Grumpy and Athletic.
An athletic baby, bahahahaha.

LewOne namesd their girl Jetta.



Moss: How come nobody knows how to make steak around here!?

Squirtle: And the only person who can make dim sum is Cocaine and he always decides to make something else.

Sometimes I make Coke cook for many hours, so that we have a ton of leftovers in the fridge for everyone to choose from :)

That's NEW SoC standing in the.. lobby.

Corny: Do it.. everyone is asleep.. nobody will see you.

Corny: Wheeeeee!!!! :D:D:D

SoC; Hahaha, a 70-year-old playing with a kids' toy!

Corny: Like you're one to talk, you're made of ice.

SoC: Hey! That hurt my feelings!

Elphie: Wake up, sis! It's time for adventures!

Meadow: Mhm.. in a minute.

Meghan, the simself of a BoolProp mod that I have in my game, got married!

Congrats Meghan!

Meadow: She said it was time for adventures and then she tells me to go fend for myself cause she's busy.. :(

Cass: Hey, it's Poison Ivy's birthday!

And so the family cheers once again!

She's cute! She is like Moss, but a girl!
Same eye and hair colour.

Except Poison Ivy is pale like Cassy!

Elphie: Hello? :)

Elphie: Hang out?! I'd LOVE to hang out!

Elphie: Can we hold hands? :O

Elphie: I'm so excited! I'm going to see my crush today!

Elphie: I love love LOVE my one true love!

Elphie: There!! Look!!

It's... Cerise Rotter.

Cerise: Wow it's so mellow in here!

Elphie: Mariah has to drug us to keep us under control :)


She's quite pretty actually.

Rob & Ivy: :(

Rob & Ivy: :D

Your mood is influenced by the mood of the people around you.

I couldn't help but notice that the girls are wearing matching hi-tops.

Meanwhile, Meadow is having a relaxing day of inventing.

Wow, girl, you're quick!

Cerise: I wanna be cremated when I die.

Elphie: That sounds lovely!

Elphie: I think you're beautiful and funny and everything.

Cerise: Thanks.. :(

She's pretty when she actually smiles!

Ahw, family moments :)


No, Squirtle. You have five kids! That's enough for anyone... unless you're Seona and Standby!

Moss learns writing for school. I love when kids get opportunities for school. I never know what to d with them.

Ivy learns all the important words :P


Isn't she darling?

Cerise: I like that rose bouquet from the sims 2, that you got for really great dates! That was so nice. Now we can't even go on dates at all. Not real ones anyway.

Elphie: I stopped listening ten minutes ago, but I agree with what you're saying. Just smile and nod Elphie. Smile and nod.

You're thinking Coke is all "Ahw she made a friend! How cute."


He's too mellow to notice anything around him.

Elphie *admires*

Coke totally interrupted their private conversation by autonomously going to Praise Cerise!

Coke: You're very well behaved for a 7-year-old!

Cerise: Uhm.. thanks?

Cerise: What?

Corny: Her playing reminds me of a llama.. crying.

Meadow: How'd your adventure with Cerise go?

Elphie: We are SO over.

Meadow: I thought she was your true love?

Elphie: Her hugging was less than mildly exciting. I'll find a different true love.

Corny: You STINK, kid.

Blue-gen has gone MEAN ever since they grew old. I swear.
I mean they ARE grumpy and mean-spirited but it's gone worse since their birthdays.

Meadow: Pssh, my twin will kick your ass, grandma!

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Yay update :)
The twins grew up super cute, Elphie has stolen my heart <3 :D
You're right Squirt do look almost like Evander!
Evil elders :( Don't mess with Elphie ^^
Aww Corny playing with toys how cute :)

Can't wait to see how the twins look as teens :)

He does, but I really couldn't care less. He's a great heir :D

I can't wait either!


I might be totally mad but Cerise looks a bit like a blonde Kalynn Langerak! Oh, wait..Its just the eyes & brows really.. -_-

*Elphie Girl Crush*

I always forget about Robbie & Moss. But they are still loved. Moss is lovely <3

Go High Tops!!!

Hey wow, yeah it IS the eyes and brows xD funky.

I forget sometimes too. I hope Moss grows up to be a cute teen too!

They're the awesomest.

Elphie... o^.^o
She's so cute, I just wanna steal her away! I'm getting stuck between liking Elphie and Ivy at the moment...
But they're all cute so far, and Squirtle wants more!
Wow, the blues really did get meaner.

(Deleted comment)
Omg, they scream as if there's an axe murderer about to kill them .___. it's frightening.

Recent Thoughts (Anonymous) Expand
Elphie is my favourite ^_^
I was like 'Oh my god' when Cass popped again, that caught me by surprise.
And i agree the childs scream is frightening! I hate it D: It makes me scared..
I love the name Poison Ivy, and she is darling! But Elphie, is just lovely xD
So that's why it always smells good in the legacy house! You keep your sims drugged up! lol

Mwahahaha~! I surprised someone!

Elphie has my heart.
I DO NOT *shifty eyes*

You've also randomly reminded me that i want to upload my Simself and some other legacy sims...but i don't know how D:

Take them to a mirror or dresser, click on the little ... icon next to their little icon in the bottom and choose save to bin or share. Share allows you to upload to the official site, save to bin saves them and adds a .sim file in your savedsims folder.. which you can then upload.

It's Walter the skip-skip guy! I said that out loud and my 5 year old brother died of laughter... 5 year old laughs get annoying after a while. I got Ambitions today and IT'S TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
It's taking forever to put in my legacy on LJ so I'm going to ask you who should be heir...
-Aang...YA, Wants to be and Astronaut
-Appa... Teen,?
-Azula... Teen, Evl Mastermind
-Agni Kai... Teen, ?
-Air... Teen, ?
Or - Azulon... Toddler, ?

Yay Ambitions!!!

Omg. I don't know .___.

I'm back... :P

RADOSLAV is a BOY!? He had girl hair through his childhood and now in his teenhood! O:
Maybe Olena gets her hair from my grandparents :P Although I don't even know if I have a gene for blonde hair, both my parents have dark hair. Whatever, it's the lack of realistic genetics in TS3 anyway.
Why won't LewOne get married!?
WHAT!? They started dating RIGHT AFTER he asked them if they're single! (Jerks.)
I hate it when kids see someone go into labor. I agree, their screams are terrible.
Who's Cerise's mom? Her haircolor is very unique... If I do remember... I looks like Renee William-Brown's haircolor?

Never mind about Cerise. I just played and Renee has much lighter hair with different roots.

(Deleted comment)
Awwww the green kids are SO CUTE! *o* I love them all, can I have aaaall of them? 8D

LOOOOOL Robert!!! Oh cheesus, poor Robert. And it all started with the girl-turned-boy-or-so-we-thought-Radoslav. Then, Radoslav and Frieda decide to date.

And wait, Cerise Rotter? O.o She's Sinbad's daughter, right? But with whom? She has Sinbad's eyes, I guess o.o That and she reminds me of Jet, not only because of the hair.

Corny playing with toys <3 Dude, Corny and Jacques suddenly decided to act their bad traits xDD Loved it.

Ooooh, cute maid!! I'll upload a picture of the super cute babysitter my almost-simself got when she needed to leave her daughter at home to join an eating contest. I swear, he is so cute AND he immediately went to simself's daughter's bedroom and took care of her all the time <3 I'm marrying him in, he's too precious to let him go!

No, they're mine! All mine, mwahahahaha!

Yeah, poor thing. It always happens though. As soon as my sims CAN date, they will.. there's nobody left for ME D:

I haven't got a clue. I'll check next time I'm in game o:

Ahw how sweet! >w

story progression

i just re started playing my sims game and i want the story progression mod i tried getting it but ervry time it says its outdated whered you get yours

Re: story progression (Anonymous) Expand
Re: story progression (Anonymous) Expand


Green babies are just so CUTE!!!
I love Moss and Elphie, Meadow also cute.
^ ^
I'm also interested in the story progression mod but when i download and install it in the game, the game will crash. T.T
I have ambitions, and i dont know where to put the downloaded items, is it sim3 or sims3 ambitions.
How did tou install it?
Thanx a lot.

Looking forward to your update, it is a great legacy!!
Cass is so pretty...

All the kids are so adorable! And I am totally loving the hi-tops :D

I totally did not see Cass's fourth pregnancy coming! :p The name Poison Ivy = WIN. Ha, one of my friends had a superhero themed party at her last birthday (I know, right?!) and I went as Poison Ivy xD Awesome update, can't wait for the next chapter :D

Woo. This post was on my 21 birthday. It's like a present!

Off to read it now and I'll quit commenting on ancient posts.

Happy very late birthday!

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