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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Two plus two: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 9.1 - Green

A chapter is born!
And a SPOILER in the opening. Yikes!

Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: Casstle got married. So did Faye and Connor, but Lewis and One did not. Jordan gave fantastic tattoos. Also Robert (Green) Chimeree was born.

Warning, this update includes a bunch of completely useless, but cute pictures.

We begin with Cass finishing that fantastic painting she started last time.

It goes up in Robert's room!

Hey why'd you stop? Your motives are fine and the painting is far from done.

Cass: I'm pregnant!

Again? Your son was born YESTERDAY!

Well good thing you rolled that wish, then.

And now to grow up Robert!

Squirt: Whoo! I know you can do it, son!

Squirt: Ahw... I have woooork :(

Corny: Welp, I'm leaving.

Cass: One day baby will be growing up just like you Robert.

Robert, who is good and absent-minded is also blonde and has Jacques' violet eyes.

He is also adorable.
He grew up in the monkey shirt, so I let him keep it :D

While grandma put Robbie to the crib to sleep a while, his mum takes a nap.

Wait is everything green.

I changed the layout a little tiny bit.


Let's try this sculpting thing again!

Rats, it didn't take the pose D:

Robbie: Daw-daw, dun leave me!

I turned the living-room around!

Blue Jay got married!

Meanwhile Corny dug a cave thing!

This could have been the opening.

Oh hey! I just needed Palladium!

Corny: Don't look at me, there's nothing to see..

Coke: I have a feeling.. that you're in labour.

Cass: Nonsense, I have till at least I'm done with this painti--

Cass: oh crap..

Coke: Told you so.

Cass: This better be a girl!

Cass: :D

Cass: It's a boy. Oh well. *gives love*

The boy is named Moss and is a virtuoso and a heavy sleeper.
He enjoys Classical music, Tri-tip steak and the colour purple, like his mum.

Oh hey! :D

Corny: Ew, what stinks..

With their dad constantly at work or skilling, grandparents must help out.

Robert: I'm soooo cute.

Corny: I look kind of Egyptian.

Squirtle does find some time to bond with his sons.

He also finds time to wish for another one.

And to hang out with Lewis x3

He's so cute!

I wonder what this master invention is! O:

Squirtle was too busy eating, so he wouldn't die so Jack has to invite Lewis in.

Squirt: We're both clumsy!! :D

Lewis: Yeah, that's GREAT [/sarcasm]

Squirt: Now friend, I have to question you about a crime committed in town.

Lewis: Excuse me?

Lewis: Go ahead, I have nothing to hide!

And then Squirtle tripped over his feet. He was not even moving..

Squirtle: Nobody saw that, you can't prove it and I'll never do it again!

Squirt: Now, were you at the scene of the crime?

Lewis: Yes! No! What's the right answer!? I was dead at the time!

Squirtle: How long have you and your girlfriend been together?

Lewis: Oh gosh, we go way back. It's got to be around  15 years now.

Squirtle: And you're not married?

Lewis: It's complicated.

Robert has learned his skills!

"Report on Lewis Williams by Squirtle Chimeree.

He didn't do it.
His motives for not marrying his long time girlfriend are questionable, though."

I did it via Master Controller. Because they just wouldn't get married!

More lesbians, whooo!

Uh oh, someone found her favourite food.

Cass: Cooookies!

Cass: Birthday time for Mossy!

Moss is so cute!

He has, though you can't see it well, Jack's hair colour and Cassidy's eyes.

Now off to play your little xylophone you go..

or.. eat the little hammer, whatever you want.

Cass: Heck yeah I'm pregnant again BLAARGH!

Hell naw, I have Cocaine, I don't need another family member to live a long time.

Corny: Small ya later whats-your-name.

And he floats off thinking of something binary.

Be free!!

Squirt: I got a promotion!

Cass: Oh yeah? I'm pregnant!

Squirt: Whoa! Way to top MY good news!

And then they both go and try to keep their motives stable.

Cute boys!

Cute painting!

Corny is filling the hole that gave her palladium.. it's an emotional moment.

It's amazing Squirtle has time for ANYTHING these days, but the children must have attention!

Robert: This is how it's done, brother!

Moss: Buh?

Robert: Oh he can't talk..

This was another opening I thought of, but I figured it was TOO much of a spoiler.

Moss: Mummy? Daddy?

Robert: They're busy now, now we play!

Robert: But wait! Birthday!!!

Oops! I could have sworn he had a day left!

See what I did there?

Robert: I'm going to steal, for justice!

He's a kleptomaniac now.. a good kleptomaniac.

And I think he has his mum's nose! WHOOO, he's not a clone of his dad!

Before he grew up, his mum managed to get a portrait of him as a toddler. Ahw.

Btw, they're STILL at it.


He has Cassidy's eye-shape, which I'm thrilled about, cause is different than the regular. And it's awesome.

Do you dig Robbie's bedding? Simple but nice.

Yeah, you're ABOUT TO in 9 hours.

So.. Corny found a magical gnome, so did Coke(while fishing) so I figured, since we already have one named Spike.. I named these two Buffy and Willow.


Robbie: Hey, just cause a random guy you've never met or even heard of knows your number doesn't mean he's a creeper! Hello? Hello??

He hasn't been to school yet and he has some contacts.. so I decided to call some xD

Good to know the little one's learning all the right words :)

That's the girl he's talking to.

I was planning to hook them up, but something came up. More about that later.

Now is baby time!

Squirtle: You're doing great honey.

Squirt: Is that baby drool?

Cass: It's finally a girl!!



They're called Elphaba and Meadow.

Elphaba is Brave and Excitable, likes Soul, Spaghetti and the colour of Sea Foam.

Meadow is Eccentric and Loves the Outdoors. He enjoys Indie, Fish n' chips and the colour Orange.

The moment I took the above picture, the two lovely ladies who got pregnant accidentally.. had a baby girl named Stevie.

I liked the name so much that when my game crashed and I had to re-play and they named her something else.. I went and renamed her Stevie. Yeah.

Robbie: Screw medicine! *rolls wish to become a surgeon*

You're a liar! A liar and a thief!
Still cute, though.

But wait there's more.

It's Corny's birthday.

NOOOOO.. I like her young :(

Corny: Thanks for keeping my awesome pigtails of awesome.


A wild Twinbrook appears.

You see, my game was being all glitchy and stuff, so I checked the savegame and it was over 80MB, which is quite a bunch.
So I decided to move the family. I did a very brief poll cause I wasn't sure where to move and Twinbrook got 8 votes, so we move to Twinbrook.

Since we're moving in the morning, we gain a day, so the girls grow up the day after this.

Let's try this..


Meanwhile Robert is fishing.

Nothing better to do with kids. Maybe painting and cooking and chess sometimes.

So pretty!

That's where we're located in relation to the city centre.

Squirtle: I did it! I sculpted my beautiful wife!

Too bad it's going to melt.
This is his 15th ice sculpture. 10 to go and he's so busy with work and babies!!

Speaking of babies..
a BOY named Vivian?

This is Bleu's Inappropriateness at work. I just wonder how Lestya let him name the boy that.
Oh yeah, he re-married. I think I forgot to mention that.

Sculpture of Crazybat: That's a lovely painting of your son, Cass.

Cass: why thank you SoC.

Do you really think it's a good idea to talk about that just here?

Robert: DIVORCE.

It's FOUR birthdays! First the girls!

Then Cassidy and Jacques!

Cass: I look mostly the same! Excellent!

Elphaba got a strange dark dark brown hair tone and Jack's violet eyes.

Meadow got Jack's hair colour and Squirtle's eyes.

Cocaine has written 100 novels!
And has earned nearly 1.5 million simoleons!
All titles of his books are in the first post of the Chimerees BoolProp thread.

Btw, Squirtle's in the Forensic path now.

I'm convinced that they live on Saturn. They talk about it a lot.

Meanwhile.. Robert brought a friend over from school.

Robbie: They talk about the globe way too much on tv. I'm sick of it!

Coke: well we have to be a little more eco-friendly or there will be no globe in a billion years or so.

Cass: che-mis-try. Come on Elphie, it's easy!

Elphie: Who do mum think I awe? I can not say dat!

Jay and Mireille had a boy!

The only way I could fit all three toddlers in one picture. They're SO CUTE!!!

Now while I moved, I lost a bunch of sims, among whom Lewis and One and the rest of the gang, so I recreated them and made LewOne engaged straight in CAS. Now they're fighting. I hope it's a one time thing.

Ahw, SoC melted D:

The ENTIRE time this update took place, Squirtle had this wish and I felt so bad for him but I didn't let him quit.

As a child, Robert still gets bonding time. It's a lot more hectic in the house than it seems from the update.

It's pretty awesome.

Funny how in the beginning of this update there were 6 sims in the house and now there's 9. I turned the number upside down :D

And that's it for this time!
Next time: Moss grows up, so do the girls! More things happen, as always!

How is everyone liking these updates on other families that I've been putting in a lot recently, btw?

Also, some people reported that Squirtle made their game crash in CAS when they tried to change Squirtle's looks. So I uploaded a new file and changed the link in the downloads post. If your game went bonkers, try the new file and let me know .__. though I really don't know what could make it crash that way..


Thank you for reading!

Love and rainbows!

AMG Cute toddlers! *Snatch the twins* They're mine! :D
I really like when you tell about the other families :)
Noo! Corny grew old :( I really liked when she was younger.

Green layout + Dark brown floor gives me a feeling that they live in the rainforest like Tarzan :)

I see what you did with Robert ^^ Perfect! Now to hope he rolls clumsy as a trait too :D

They really are adorable.. so far! But watch out, they will grow up monstrous! Nah I doubt it..
I liked her young too.. it's so odd to see her grow old.

Ooh.. nice. Yeah I guess it is like that a little.

Lol! Oh that'd be horrible xD

Meadow. Is. Adorable. I want to steal her away in my pocket.

Hell naw, she's mine! >:O
I wish one of the girls got Cassidy's eye-shape too, though .__.

I have two toddlers in my game and they're really cute! But i guess not as cute as yours... If you find another gnome, you can name it Zander or Angel, what ever floats your boat, in my legacy, they have a gnome named Iroh, he hasn't moved yet, I kind of bummed out...

Ahw, I'm sure they're darling!
Sometimes they take a while to move. My Spike is missing right now.. he's around somewhere!!


Elphie is incredibly cute. I love her. And her violet Jack eyes. But I also like Meadow's hair colour.

The cute, oh the cute! ^^

Those kids are too cute!
Btw when you were saying about your Saved Games being huge, i checked through my saves and i have sooo many backups! And they're like 26mb each!! That should hopefully stop my game from being so laggy!

I love hearing about how the rest of the family are doing :)

Omg, 26MB ? D: I am jealous!

ELPHIE!!! I've already picked my favorite. lol.
Mainly cause I loved the book Wicked.
I still haven't seen a gnome move on my game.
All the kiddies look adorable though. Glad Squirtle finally got to make that sculpture *even if it melted.*

So, the file has been fixed right? And a new file was made for Squirtle? Cause... it still crashed. ^^"

D: I don't know what's wrong with it then..
I could try to dress him in all EAxis and try again I suppose.
Or maybe try and upload him to thesims3.com .__.

Eeek! I'm stealing Elph now because she's so effin ADORABLE!
I love the updates on the other families. They're hilarious!

Good luck in the new neighborhood. All of those glitches will probably go away now that there's a smaller save game -crosses fingers-. I want to see what poses they come up with.

Thanks, thanks aaand I hope that's the end of glitches for now too! I wanna see more poses too! It's very entertaining!

The children are all so adorable (especially Moss)! Hope Twinbrook eliminates your game glitches, I couldn't imagine playing an over-populated household with a glitch and managing to stay sane.

Yes, love Moss! So cute!
I don't know how I do it. Marco keeps saying I put up with too much for this game xD It's like Stockholm syndrome. And it goes both ways I think xD

Their all so cute!
Wish my toddlers looked like that; if they looked like Moss I'd be a happy simmer!

On another note;
I have been trying to start up a legacy for quite a while now, but I just don't know how to start it! Any tips anybody?

And just clicked on the Saves file.... Size: 642MB!!!! I was like woah no wonder my game is so slooooowwww!!!


Haha; anywho great update love them all!!


Oh my goodness, don't check the WHOLE saves folder, just the one savegame you're interested in .____.
My whole saves folder is over 2GB :P

I really don't know how to give advice for starting a legacy .___. it comes so naturally to me..

hiiiii xD

omg, green is so pretty on furniture.
loveee the updates on other families, and the chimerees xD
i also loveee the clutter(: i'm a clutter junkie in real life, but i cant find any sims sites that actually do them. Like your rose on the computer desk and bread in the kitchen, totally awesome, but i cant find them anywhere. You're amazing at decorating btw. You're an inspiration xD I don't want you to ever stop writing, will you be carrying on writing with the sims 3? Please say yeassssss!!!

Thank you very much!
I don't clutter as well as some, though I do try x3 it's fun.
I have no idea where I got most of my clutter from, I think the bread and stuff came with a house I downloaded, so I can't tell you where it's from D: There's a ton of clutter here, though: http://byhsd.blogspot.com/

I'm actually planning my next legacy already ;)
But after this is done, I'm gonna take a break for a month or so to set stuff up and plan some more :)
Thanks for the comment love!

OMG Moss is SO CUTE, and Robert <3333

ELPHABA!!! Elphaba!!!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!! <3 Loved the name! and both the twins are so cute, too ^^

BTW I really like the updates on the other families, it's fun ^^

Loved the update!

The girls are adorable children and so is Moss oh god, so cute. The next chapter is mostly them being cute, I have no idea what to write besides "CUTE NUMBER ONE, CUTE NUMBER TWO" and then I feel less intelligent :/

I'm glad you like the updates too, I've come so used to them :)

Thanks :D

(Deleted comment)
Green's one of my favourites too, besides turquoise :D
Lol, Ally at BoolProp said the same thing about Moss. I did not plan this, but it's pretty awesome.

Yeah. They're silly. I wonder what their child thinks of this. Mum is evil and dad's a gigolo. What an environment to grow up in.

I love your updates, short and long. :D

And funnily enough, Vivian is one of those boys names that suddenly turned into girls names. Vivian Leigh is who made it popular for little girls. I wonder if a male Meredith will pop in your town... :D

Oh wow, really? I did not know this.


Ive started my own legacy hopefully ill get farther in that one then in my old one its right here http://erica48576.livejournal.com/

Ooh. Good luck with your legacy and don't forget to have fun! :D

Ahh I really have to stop lurking and start commenting more!
I still love you legacy, and I read every update, just too shy to comment :P
I still can't get over how much I love Squirtle! And Cass of course, lovely couple ^^
An their kids, adorabubble! I don't think I have a favourite yet, they're all too cute. I can't wait to see how they each grow up :D
Looking forward to the next update ^^