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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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As Long As You're Mine: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 9.0 - Green {Part 2}
!! Part one is this way !!


Forget about it, you crazy freaking woman.

Now in part 1, we saw that the automatic machine did nothing.
Next time I reloaded the game and unpaused.. it took me directly to the tattoo screen. WTF? My game is bugged.

So I returned Coke's tattoos and gave him an anchor on his ankle and a heart  on his right arm.


Connor: Watch it, mister, my wife's a policewoman! She can kick your ass!

Jack: Oh really?...

Jack: hey congrats on your wedding. I bet you had a nice cake! :)

While she was painting I figured Cass could paint Connor. So she did.

Connor: Marriage :)

Squirt made a sculpture of Cass, but it didn't take the pose like I told you in part 1 :(

SO CLOSE.. and she gets fatigued.

The glee on his face..... sorry I got distracted thinking about Glee. I miss it terribly this summer.

Squirtle: KACHING!!


Cass: I'm with child! Whoo! Now back to bed!

Coke's got less and less skills to master, so nectar making is next!

Squirtle's already reading the pregnancy book.

Once he's done he goes out to sculpt.

Or to get his tongue stuck to the ice, I forget which.

Squirt: AAAA!!

Squirt: AUTH!!

Squirtle: O-bo-y haw hath, aighth?

Squirt: You ah oingh oh pay fo dath!

And pay it did.

Jack: I miss Adam..

Cass: Whoops! I used dark blue instead of light!

Cass: Fix fix fix!

I think your bigger problem is that you're painting the mosaic zebra BLUE.

Corck *are still in love*


Corny: Whew. Now I can stop being sweaty all the time and play a mind-game!


Squirt: Sweetie, have you gained some? I'm feeling your belly against mine much more than usual..

Cass: I've been having backaches too, massage?

Squirt: I wonder what has caused these backaches..

Cass: Nothing to worry about, it's just my pregnancy.

Squirtle: Pregnancy?!

Cass: Very funny, honey.

Squirt: Haha, I did it for the moodlet. You know I love babies.

Cass: Not as much as me. Not as much as me *flashes her shiny family-oriented trait*

I was stalling her when I noticed..


Those of you who don't know Assassin' Creed: They cut off the assassin's ring finger and replaced it with a retractable hidden blade.
I realize it's her middle finger that's missing, but it's still a plausible theory that she's an assassin!

Cass: If you play nice, I won't kill you.

The reason I was stalling her? She was hungry but we had no grilled cheese, which she craved, so Coke had to quickly make some.

The house produces A LOT of laundry, so I bought a second machine.

OMG. Nice. I haven't seen that one before.

Cass: Well, of course not. I haven't painted it yet.

Zero: Fancy seeing you around, Corny.

Corny: Omg, we both love the outdoors!

Zero: Man, lawn living was the BEST!

Zero: hey Francie, we have a visitor.

annaf94  : I'm in Turkey right now, neener neener, you can't go!

annaf94 : How's little Coke? I remember he was such a a sweet little boy.

Corny: Uncle Coke isn't that little any more miss.

annaf94 : Check it out bro, it's Cornflower!

themarinalegacy : I am NOT your brother! GOSH!

One: Hey skank. Stop talking to my boyfriend!

Corny: Hey lovely to meet you! You must be One. As in his One true love.

One: Oh, you flatter me, mistress Chimeree!

Omg, you two need to have babies. A LOT OF THEM!

Zero: Shoo! It's past midnight and you need to leave!

Corny: Shush, I'm watching LewOne.


Cass: I think my water just broke.

Cass: Ow!

Coke: Jacques.

Squirtle*in a monotone voice*: You're doing great honey.

Corny: AH! I came as fast as I could!

Cass: Which colour was after Truquoise again? Was it green?

Jack: Pfft, I could do that standing on one foot with my eyes closed.

Yeah. REAL MATURE, you guys.

Squirtle: We need to take her to the hospital!!

Cass: What do you mean home birth!?

Cass: It's a boy! His name is Robert!


Okay so those of you who don't watch football, won't get it, but trust me. It fits.
And it's even a little funny.

Robert is a Good Absent-Minded boy. He likes Yellow, Grilled Cheese(the one Cass had a craving for) and his favourite musical genre is Roots.

I cheated those two pregnant too, since I didn't think they'd do it themselves(Faye hates kids, remember?). Connor and Faye now have a daughter named Olena :)

Squirt: Hey do you still have that wish for a girl locked in?

Cass: Do I ever!

I quite like Robert's room. The brown wood does wonders. I think it wouldn't look half as good if that was green too.

Also, he has a hot dad. Yummy.

Squirtle: I will make the world a better place for my son!

You are not the nanny, you don't need to clean the baby's diaper and nothing else in this room is dirty. Leave NOW!

Next time: Robert grows up! More babies! Will Corny reach her LTW?

Thanks for reading!

Love and rainbows!


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So I discovered your legacy pretty recently and it's awesome (: Seriously I love it.

I just got up to date with it all this afternoon, up to chapter 8.6 and I decided to have a general creep on some of your other links and while I was doing that I noticed 9.0 had gone up :p Somehow I ended up reading part 2 before part 1, I'm pretty good at failing like that. But anyway both parts were awesome, and the name Robert? Bahahaha I love it xD Although maybe coming from Scotland (and having not exactly been rooting for England to win the World Cup) I love it a bit more than I should haha. Anyway I look forward to reading more :D

Thank you! ^^

I love it when I'm clicking around and someone I follow posts a chapter. It always makes my day.
Ahahaha.. nice to see someone other than me can fail like that too :P
Glad you liked the name xD my boyfriend came up with that, just like Cocaine. I need to give him more credit.

Yeah me too (:
Haha oh I fail like that a lot don't worry :p
xD You really do. And speaking of Cocaine, I love him :D He's so awesome. I'm so happy for Jordan and him (:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Jacques yelling at Connor, wtf??? I'm dying, someone make me stop laughing! xDDDDDD
OOOOH, he gets a portrait in the legacy house, too? That's nice!

AND THEN HE FAINTED! Ok, someone help me FOR REAL, a legacy chapter WANTS TO KILL ME! *dies*

HAI ZEROOO! <3 LOL @ 'lawn living was the best' xD And hello, One! I hope her babies with Lewis are as pretty as them *o*

LOL, the birth! xDDD And Firouzeh gave birth, too! Hello, Olena!

Ok, I think I missed the 'robert' thing, but anyway, I like the name. And his bedroom is awesome. Somehow it reminds me of... Irish pubs? o.o

Yaaaay, one more baby for Casstle! go, go, Casstle, bring us some more 8D Is it weird that I love babies but don't like kids? o.o

Awesome updates, Mariah <3

Btw, loved the title. Forgot to include this on the comment xD

Haha, thanks. I was listening to the song from Wicked when I was creating the opening shots, so it came naturally x3

He did that autonomously. I guess since he's mean-spirited and all xD and Connor is I think hot headed. So it's funny.
D: Actually I sold it.. but it was lovely.

I don't know.. He did it once before but I nearly missed it so I didn't get pictures xD

Mm.. Numerals.. I miss them!

Robert. Robert Green the English goalie! :D He wore a green shirt and everything.

I don't really like kids either, but in the sims I'm fine with them :D

Thanks !! :D

Oh, I see xD I didn't watch all the World Cup matches, so I missed the England ones, unfortunately. But now that you explained it, it's weird [and funny] that a goal keeper named GREEN wore a shirt actually colored GREEN xD

Teehee, ROBERT! I love it! You're a football fan too? :D
LoveloveLOVE your legacy, btdubs. I don't know how you do it, but you somehow make your characters...characters! They're not just plain old sims anymore.
I bow down to your awesomeness.

I watched the World Cup, but I don't usually follow when they play in clubs x3 World Cup was good though. And we were runner-ups so that's something x3
Ahw thanks! I really do try, some sims make it easier than others x3 I love my sims.


Hahaha i get it! Robert fits soooooo well :) You're a genius *Bows*

Now we need more green babies :) Green is a awesome colour and it needs a lot of babies.

Squirt got suprised when Cass was pregnant i see :)

x3 The credit for the name goes to my genius boyfriend.

Good thing Cass has the family-oriented trait :D

C: Hey, watch it, my wife is a cop!
J: Is that right, say...
I've been watching Mythbusters so much, I have lines stuck in my head. I reject your reality and subsitue my own!

Does Cass have a bar-code under all of her hair? (hit man reference)

Hahahaha. Nice reference.
I don't think so, though xD

Congrats to Squirtle & Cassidy!
Wait, a tattoo machine? Was that one of Corny's inventions?
Bad, bad simself! You just don't reject Faye!

What's that number next to the "Athletic" skill? it's like 21,401/22,000 or something...
WHOA, Cass is missing her middle finger... did it stay like that? Oh wow, it looks like it did :O
Hello Robert! And Olena!

Nope, it comes with Ambitions and you can buy it in buy mode. Makes you want to re-install it, eh? ;)

I think it's my awesomemod, showing exactly how much points she needs to advance.
I think it was the dress .__. I have to check.

Actually I already did xP
I hadn't seen that object though...

Ah okay xD
Did you find it okay? It's under hobby stuff I believe.

Crazybat's living up to her name.

Especially with the whole middle finger thing!
OMG, and Corny still wants babies after the first three?
I was bright enough to let my founder get pregnant after her twins grew up cause both her and her husband wanted it... and she ended up having triplets. O.o
I've never seen that tattoo machine in use. Cocaine looks really freaked out in it.
LOL at Squirtle tongue getting stuck! But what happened to his piercing in that pic?!

Re: Crazybat's living up to her name.

After the first three who are all adults. She's crazy.
Oh wow, that was an oops, huh? xD

I have no idea what happened to his piercing .__. I couldn't really see it .__.

Okay, I must have really bad memory; I didn't get the Robert thing until I saw the comments, even though I'm from England and I was supporting them -_- That shouldn't have happened...

But anyway. Love Squirtle in the uniform! He's cute. And the dramatic trait! Was that in the base game? Either way, I've never used it before, so I was like 'how did he do that?' at first =P
Oh, and I met some people from Holland yesterday :D

Dramatic comes with Ambitions x3 they can fake passing out xD

Ooo.. nice. My mum met some dutch people in Egypt when she went and she told them how her daughter lives in Holland xD

Wow great double chapter!
I love the dramatic trait too!
My uncle is called Robert Green! Not the footballer though xD
Green genertation is in the house :D Can't wait for moar Chimeree's!

WAY. Nice co-incidence x3
I have a cousin named Robert.. not Green though.

I played nearly all day.. I wonder how many pictures I have...
Either way there should be a chapter before the week is through.

how can you plan a outfit on a pregnant sim?
id really want to know:)
ps:your episodes are sooooooooo awesome
i love them

Get NRaas/Twallan's Master Controller, click on sim, choose Dresser, pick the outfit out of the available pregnancy friendly clothes and voilà!

^^ thank you!

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