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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Ice Ice, bb: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 8.6 - Turquoise

We begin this chapter with..

Pouty Squirtle. Why so pouty?

Squirt: :(

No, really.. what's up?

Squirt: AUNTIE ERLE!!!!

Squirt: My heart is broken for her. Oh and I think everyone forgot my birthday!

Squirt: Eric the bear will make me feel better!

Corny: Hey, party for the only middle-child in the history of ever who actually gets attention?

Squirt: Mum, it's my birthday! I want cake!

Corny: :O   unicorns.

People arrived. Look I invited Keefe!
And UV!

Things to know about UV:

He hooked up with Sorrel after his wife died!
I guess the violets had a thing for Sorrel, I mean 3 of them dated her xD

Also, we have one more gay couple in town!

I remember Trenton! I think he was.. he was somewhere I can't remember where but I know the name and remember his look(he's the Mohawk one)

Connor and Denim: Booo, Bleu sucks!!


Screw you Keefe.

Squirt: Attention?

Squirt: Cake! :D

So that's why they were booing Bleu..

Mariah: WHOOOOOO!! :D:D:D

Faye: What is she ON!?

Oh god.. it's contagious..

Squirt: Yeah! Cheer for me!! :D

In the back of the room, a set of dark green eyes was watching the heir, yes Squirt is the heir, grow up.



omg, he's so cute when he's angry.

Guy who wasn't invited: AAAHHH! THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL, BLUEBERRY, IS HERE!!!!

Cass: Fufufu. He noticed me.

Squirt: Pleased to meet you milady.

Cass: Meet me? Have we not met before?

Squirt: We should get drunk together sometime.

Cass: You mean drunk on LOVE, right?

Squirt: What'chu talkin' 'bout?

Squirt: Hey we're both clum--

Cass: Is that CAKE?

Now to give him a makeover! :D:D:D

How many heirs have had this happen to them, I wonder..



I love it.

His fifth trait was Unlucky and he got the same LTW as his older sister. To become a Dynamic DNA profiler aka a Forensic Specialist.
I think it's sweet that they will work together :)
Faye of course has a head-start, but eh..

Cass: why who is this charming gentleman? Have we met?

Squirt: We did like 5 minutes ago.. I simply put a hat on.

Cass: Well you can leave the hat on when we...

Cass: ..go get a cup of tea!

Cass: Gotta go, nice party.

Painting of Lavender: Don't give up sonny. You'll get her.

Squirt: Something just gave me goosebumps...

And then birthday boy did all the dishes autonomously.

I think I'm going to like him. Not that I didn't already.

The next day Crazybat was invited over for a chat.

Cass: You know, Cocaine met his second true love for the second time right here next to this mailbox.

Squirt: Really? I didn't know that.

Okay true story.. Squirtle sneezed twice and the after he was done Crazybat sneezed too!!

It was totally awesome.


Pretty, right?

And then I got a message that Ultraviolet.. has died!

He lived to be 106.

Squirt: Oh great-uncle UV! How will I go on without you!

Squirt: Maybe if I just strike a pose like this, I will feel better..

Squirt: Right, where was I?

Cass: Finally done with your flamboyant posing? Awesome!

Squirt: So, are you single?

Cass: Well yeah. Mariah turned romance off for my household so I wouldn't hook up with some random dude, cause I'm engaged to you and all.

Squirt: You're the girl I'm engaged to? Sweet! :D

Verity: Hey I'm the new maid and..

Verity: Your new heir just rolled a wish to flirt with me.

...this was SO RANDOM!

Squirt: Let me your.. teddy bear!

Cass: Oh Squirtle!

Cass: Quoting Elvis Presley's lyrics is so romantic!

Squirt *swoons*

Squirt: You should probably move in since we're engaged and all!

Cass: Wait was that a tongue piercing?

Squirt: Uh.. yeah..

Cass: Hot.

Squirt: DISCO!

Cass: What!? :O

After moving her in..

her first autonomous action was to mourn Erle.

Your simself is AWE-SOME.

Apparently her place got burgled .___.

New hair!

I think we haven't had anyone quite that pale in the legacy for a while now either. That's pretty cool too!

Master of the arts and she doesn't have ONE point towards it, even though her previous house had an easel AND a guitar!

Oh well.

Cass: My very own guitar! How do you hold it? Like this?

She got the hang of it and was jamming soon enough.
And looked hot while doing so.

Denim is going to be a dad again!


Like the face one from Creepers who wasn't married in? :D
I love the Creepers. This is no secret.

More ice sculptures!!

Yeah.. safe to say that he's good at this.

Her mum took the same pose as Jordan.

Too bad he has to quit this job and become a DNA thingier.

Cass: So how did you sleep?

Squirt: Fine, I slept fine.

Squirt: You should know, since you were right there next to me..

Cass: Say, I took a peek at my relationship panel and noticed that we're just friends. When are you planning to change that?

Squirt: How about.. a romantic massage?

Cass: Excellent, my back has been killing me!

Cass: I don't think that made us romantic interests of one another yet..

Squirt: Oh I know a way to make that happen..

Cass: Yup, that did it.

Squirt: I know this union has been planned, but.. I think we should go steady anyway.

Cass: Yes!

Cass: So when are you going to quit the self-employment and get a real job?

Squirt: I was just planning to do that actually.. tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll do it!

Coke: Well that's done.

Indeed. So beautiful .____.

Corck *flirt autonomously*

I invited over some old friends, because Corny had to tell some people about how inventing is totally awesome.

How do you like that? I think they're quite wonderful. Squirtle's might be a bit orange.. I'll see if I can get a better one some other time.

Squirt: Are... you watching me eat?

Cass: Don't judge me!!

Meanwhile.. Inky's birthday!

Cass and Jack: They're blocking our way!

I think... I think he has Corny's lips.

Eh. He moved out and got a job in Culinary, as his LTW is to become a five-star chef. And his fifth trait is SAVVY SCULPTOR.

So not fair. That was your brother's trait and you stole it!!

Coke got him some muscles!

Coke: One more athletic point to go.

Anyway.. bliss!

It's quite boring in the house with only 5 sims: Coke, Corck and Squirbat.

Really.. that's a silly couple name. Come up with a better one Crazybat!

It's lavender, reading a book and watching the cooking channel.

Don't see that every day.

Since Faye is gone, Coke has to take over the garden again. I don't think he minds.

Coke: I'm going to smell like the garden again. I like smelling like the garden..

Squirt: My first day on the job!!

He is now a Snitch. A long way to go, you have.

I added the violets to the graveyard.

Coke took the opportunity to have a little sob over Tabi's grave while he was there.

And then he went to fish. Since he mastered athletic earlier that day!

Coke: This one reminds me of Orange generation!

Coke: I see how why she enjoyed it so much. Fishing is so relaxing..

Cass: Are you really going to sculpt me?

Cass: How about this?

Squirt: I like it.

While he sculpted Crazybat played her guitar to her boyfriend.

And then the ice disappeared!

I'm guessing it blew into pieces...

Squirt: Strike a new--

Cass: I've got it!

Squirt: Okay.. what?

Cass: No, this is my pose! Do it!

This time I let her be in that pose to see if it was her quitting posing that caused the sculpture to fail.

Cass: How are you doin--


Cass: Whoops. Sorry.

Squirt: Damnit!!

Squirt: I'm just too tired for this!

Whoa.. this lighting. I can't decide if it's awesome or creepy.

Trenton and Egil had a boy! And I like the name o:

Also, Keefe's daughter and Judd, Dulcie and Nola's son, are dating x3

The couple were complaining so I had to buy them a new bed. The old one gave them a "slept bad cause of cheap bed" moodlet. Pfft.

Cass: I like the new bedding.

And.. that's it for this time!!

Next time: A teal wedding? Babies??? :O

Thanks for reading!

Love and Rainbows!

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Squirt is a little to enthustiacic about sculpting Crazybat :)
Awesome scuplting a crocodile with a HAT!
Haha coward man :) But i don't know i would have stayed that close to Berry :/ She's after all evil.


Yeah he gets too excited and his hands are shaking and he ends up ruining the sculpture :(
I know, isn't it THE BEST!? Besides the unicorn, that was pretty cool, too!
Exactly and she was glowing red, so I would have run too.

Thank you! :D Also, the hair you gave me... looks almost exactly like mine. Mine's shorter in front though. (The name I thought up for me and Faye is Connorouzeh. xD)

Wait... in the birth announcement for Agnessa (Nola/Dulcie's baby from last chapter) say Nola was the FATHER!? xP

Hehe, booing Bleu is something I would totally do xP I have a feeling I'd dislike him in real life.
The guy running from Berry xP Did you notice all of Di's kids have names starting with a variant of "Blue"?
I bet Crazybat is quite happy now... She's been waiting a while to marry in, hasn't she...?

Wait... so with the death of Erle... there aren't any more elders in the house!?

What the...? Did Squirt make a scuplture of an alligator with a top hat and cane!?
(Would you mind terribly to make my Simself and Faye have a baby? I know she dislikes children, but Jupiter disliked children and ended up having two... [Also, I'll stop asking stuff of you.])

Awesome! :D

Yeah, that's how the SP works, it designates the person who didn't give birth as the father, regardless of gender.

Denim agrees with you, obviously.
Yes, I did that on purpose :) Di's were Blue and Lavvie's were not :)
Yeah she's been waiting and she's super happy xD She already sent me a private message asking if they have kids yet. I haven't even played past what happened here :P

Nope, no elders!

YES HE DID, AND IT WAS AWESOME. I am so re-sculpting it later on.
Nah I wouldn't mind. I will have to do it via a mod though, they will probably not do it themselves and I don't want to change households, SP tends to break people up and get them jobs etc. very very fast.
Actually when I moved Faye out and to a house with your simself, they broke up immediately, so I made them back together via Twallan's Super Computer. Pesky Story Progression! They haven't broken up a second time yet <_< I hope they get married soon!


Crazrlte are so cute! But are picky about their beds(My bed's cheap, I'm always fresh-as-a-daisy!) Keep on Simming!


James from BoolProp offered Casstle(Cass-idy and Squir-tle) as their couple name. What do you think? I think it's awesome!
Silly sims being picky about their stuff! It's a BED that you can sleep on. Shut up and sleep!

Crazybat is so pretty! :D

I'll relay the message :D

I think so too!

Yay, Squirt is the new heir! But, yeah, it's gonna be tough to come up with a name for the heir and his girl Crazybat... lol, what about Squat?
Can't wait to see what's next!

Casstle! :D Crazybat herself said Squirtidy, but I like Casstle better.

Oh, Erle died too... Well, well. And HI LAVENDEEEEER! <3

LOL Corny's LTW! I didn't remember it either, omg she has two skills to master >.< I hope she can do it o.o

Yay, Squirtle and Crazybat are going to marry \o/ Their kids are going to be beautiful, can't wait to see them *o* [and MAN, hello, Squirtle! He's hot.]

Oh, autonomous same sex couples! Love them, too bad it doesn't happen a lot in my game i.i

She managed to get her athletic up to 6-7 in a few days and her logic is at 5, so I think I can do it :)

I can't wait either!! I like green >w<

They're my second or third now too, so it doesn't happen all too often for me either. I forgot.. do you have a Story Progression mod? Mine allows me to adjust the chance of a sim being gay/lesbian.

Recent Thoughts (Anonymous) Expand
Yay!! Two new chpaters! :D
I love the unicorn and the crocodile and it was awesome because it had a hat like Squitle!!
Squirbat is a unique couple name i like it :D
SuperComputer is FINALLY working in my game so I can test it out. Looks fun!
Brilliant chapters but Violet generation is dead :O :'(
Can't wait untill GREEN generation! That is my sports day house colour! But we lost. So.. is it Green or Lime?

Now that I got a few suggestions, though. I like Casstle better for their name :D

It's Green :)


I love the Creepers too. The Chimerees & The Creepers are the only legacies I read :)

Whooo! Crocodile with hat!
You all bet me to suggesting Casstle :P

Green Suggestions?

Cucumber (gotta love this one)
Roheline (Estonian for green ,but you might know that)

I actually have plenty of green names already.

Lol, roheline makes me laugh.. since I'm Estonian and all.. I didn't ever think of that!

Re: EllsBells (Anonymous) Expand
Aw Squirbat are so cute together! And I love Squirt's new outfit (especially with the hot pink!)
When Inky grew up I only noticed he does look quite different from his dad,although they are very simular!
RIP all of the violet generation, they were one of the best generations me thinks.
I just realised how much I like the colour turquoise
Can't wait till next chapter xx

I love Squirtle's outfit too! I thought the pink was a nice touch.

Too bad turquoise will be gone soon o:

I. Love. Your. Legacy.
I just finished reading it and I started... yesterday night, maybe? Anyways, it is simply AMAZING.
I seriously love Cass and Squirtle, they are cute xD
Squirt is a bit overly excited with the sculpting there? Lol, it's adorable though.
And that's so sad that all of the violet gen have gone... They were my favorite about black and white xD
Keep up the amaaaaazing work :3

Thank you! :D
Wow, that's pretty amazing!
I love them too! They're so sweet!
I think it's a glitch D: it's annoying!

And another thank you! :)

He looks awesommmeeeeeeeee in that outfit :D And what a combination of traits >w<
And whaaaaat? Maybe it was just too hot a night for ice sculpting xPPP

Thanks :D

I'm pretty sure it's a glitch D:

I've been catching up on all the chapters for the past 3 days. I'm enjoying it immensely. Between you and Deviouslyvivid, I might even be able to be convinced to try my hand at a legacy myself. You certainly make it look like a lot of fun.

Ok, I'm off to keep reading. :)

Oh Amanda! I love her legacy too! It is ridiculously fun. Why else would I play legacies continuously for 3 and a half years xD
You should definitely try it. It's not for everybody but if you don't get bored it can be very rewarding :)

I hope you keep enjoying the legacy!

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