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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Talk to the Hand: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 8.5 - Turquoise

I have nothing witty to say here, just go ahead and read I guess >w<

Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: Lav changed jobs, Jorcaine got engaged and Jack played video games with his children. Squirtle became a teen and Blueberry had a baby with her enemy. Erle reached her LTW, Inky grew up and Lavender died leaving only Amethyst and Ultraviolet left in the purple generation.

Since Firouzeh is a neat genius, it's likely one of the LTW choises for her as a YA will be to become Creature-Robot Cross Breeder, so I'm helping her along the way!

We did lose the garden when we moved house again and I didn't feel the need to re-plant till now.

Faye also reads A LOT. Closet bookworm!

Inky: I'm bored!

Off to learn more cooking you go! Go on!

Inky: OMG, It's aunt Erle!! I didn't realize she was still alive!

You might remember that Corny has been mainly inventing.
Well I suddenly remembered that..

Her LTW has nothing to do with it.


And so begins her new schedule. Wake up, work out, shower, chess or whatever.

Faye: Ew, I can't believe you're family-oriented!

Erle: You foolish girl! Children are the future!!

Faye: Begone! I refuse to speak another word to you or even see your face!

Ahw they're all doing homework together!!

Squirt: I love school! :D

Meanwhile, Blueberry goes on a date with her ex-boyfriend,
He's the town Gigolo I believe <_<

And Dulcie and Nola have a daughter named Agnessa! :D

Squirt sculpts from metal!! :D

Squirt: This is FUN!


Jack: Welp, that's my LTW done with. I'm a pro writer now!

Crny: Grilled Cheesus I'm so far behind him! MUST reach LTW!

She has like.. 2 athletic points.

More mining!

Oh sweet!

The metal sculpture? A chair.

Squirt: Ew is that scrap metal on my shirt?


Btw, I added some sims to my game.
Such as Zero and One Numeral from As Numerous as the Stars! I made them siblings, so no incest.
Then.. Victorine St-John, a townie from Runner Alphabetacy.
Three simselves: Lewis, who writes the Marina Alphabetacy!
Connor, a reader and friend of mine and
Anna Francesca, who wrote the Loco Legacy last year but it died D: she's been in my game before(she got an autograph from Leroy xD)
I made them three siblings too <_<
As well as an Elf I downloaded and Vienna Apple reincarnated and greenified. her name is Gemma now xD


It must be birthday time!

Berry: Mwahahaha, I will steal your valuables and you'll have no idea!

Mariah: Well, nice party but I should go now. BYE, suckers..

How rude!

Yes, it's Faye's birthday!!

Faye: Oh hey, he's cute!

Jack: Is she looking at that guy? No it can't be! My little girl! Nooo..

Faye grew up with the Great Kisser trait.

Faye: Time to put my new skills in good use! :D

Faye: Well HELL-O!

Faye: check it out, we're both geniuses!

Faye: You know what that means, fellow smart person?

Cass: I don't know, what?

Faye: It means we can go sit on a bench somewhere and make out? I'm an awesome kisser!

Cass: Whoa whoa, chica, I don't swing that way!

Faye: Oh. Uhm, well, okay I should go.

Faye: Hey I saw you inside! It's my birthday you were at!

Connor: No way! That's awesome!

Faye: So, do you work for my family or something? I haven't seen you around before!

Connor: I don't really have a job right now..

Faye: Right..

Faye: So do you think our two hearts should go toge---

Connor: Yeah! This is more like it! I love video games!!!

Squirtle: You're going to get BURNED, bro!

Squirt: WHAT!?


Connor: Hell yeah, I win!

Faye: There you are! I was talking to you!!

Connor: Oh?

Fannor: We're ONE but we're not the same. We get to carry each other! Carry each other! Oooonnnee!

Speaking of One.
(hell ya, segue!)

She's dating Lewis!


Phieefe are having another baby too.

Can't wait to see what stupid name they come up with.

Faye: so will you marry-I mean.. are you single?

Connor: I am so out of here!

Faye did not have the Science career LTW on the list. Instead she's becoming a Dynamic DNA Profiler.

Faye: Ahw that rose reminds me of my failure of a romantic life :(

Faye: But it's so pretty and gives me hope! :)

This warms my heart every time.

Frank: Screw your family and screw your rubbish bin!


Faye: Hey! You're that guy from yesterday! Let us finish what we started!

Faye: Hahaha, you're copying me!

Connor: Ha! You know it!

Before too long, Connor showed interest! Whew!

We're making our own destiny instead of leaving it to Story Progression.

Faye: I... I love you!

Connor: We just met!

Faye: I know! So will you marry me?

Connor: Oh my plumbob yes!

And then Connor carried her all the way to their new home across town where they lived happily ever after. The end.

RIGHT! Let's carry on then!

Amethyst died! That leaves Ultraviolet alone alive from that generation. Did I mention he is THE oldest purple generation sim!

Squirtle is still doing sculpting and he's getting rather good at it. I want him to make ice sculptures. If he makes 25, they won't melt any more and I want that!

Then I got busy with Coke, inviting Jordan over etc. but forgot to take pictures <w<
while I was doing that...

Adam: Hey guys, I'm back!

Whoa, almost missed you there!

Erle: Almost? You missed me going sparkly and doing a surprised face!

Erle: Nice of you to pick me up, Adam.

Adam: Well, come along then.

Adam: what? Don't look at me like that. It's the dry-cleaners taking too long. No my fault.

Adam: Erle expired at 99. She managed to fulfil her LTW, but still got the medium urn. Ah well.

Thank you for that Adam, now carry on.

Jordan: typical, he invites me over and then pays little attention cause some relative died or whatever.

Coke: Hey there love, I didn't forget about you. You're staying the night naturally?

Jordan: Sure, sure!

Coke: Say, I was thinking of waiting with getting married till Gen-Green is ready to do the same. Then we can have a double-wedding and our kids can grow up together with Lime!

Jordan: You want to wait a whole generation before marrying me!?

Jordan: I'm not even going to talk to you after that.

Jordan: You hear me? Talk to the hand, Cocaine.

Jordan: Cocaine? Are you listening?

Jordan: Hey, pay attention to me while I'm ignoring you!

Coke *attempts to give love*

Jordan: Oh hells no!

Coke: What? Was it something I said?

Jordan: Omg, were you not listening?

Jordan: I'll forgive you if you write another novel about me.

So that's a deal then?

Photo of Jet: Hey, I haven't had any lines recently, but I'm so making a comeback!

Corny: WHEW!!! This is FUN!

Corny: You know what's MORE FUN than jumping on a trampoline?

Corny: Blowing up a trampoline!

Explosion: POOOF!

Meanwhile Coke wished to make Jordan's favourite food, so here he is, making Flame Fruit Pancakes!

Squirt: I am so awesome. I'm on top of the class and I can sculpt all sorts of fantastic things.

Squirt: So, Cke already named a satellite after you.. I am sculpting you out of ice!

Jordan: Sweet.

Squirt: We're both heavy sleepers.

Jordan: Does that explain why we're still in our sleepwear?

Squirt: Not really.. anyway.. strike a pose!

Jordan: I call it.. Hey there, hot stuff. It's for Cocaine.

Jordan: It's already a masterpiece!


Meanwhile, I tore down the wall next to the fireplace.

I guess I like to open up things.
Also I put a desk there and windows.

I like it.

He finished it.

Looks just like Jordan!

Jack: I don't want to die!

Corny: You're not going to. You're 56. Now let me finish watching this programme.

Coke: I call it "What is he ON?!"


Jack: I don't want to die!

Corny: Screw disco balls!

Jack really seems concerned.

Coke is still so heartbroken about Erle's death that he impaled himself in the end table.

Screw you, that's a nice name, too!
I would have given it to a girl, though.


Jackson and Kukka just started an awesome anime legacy by naming their son Alphonse.

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the best anime of all time. OF ALL TIME.


Corny: No way, we're both neat!!

Nova: Who'd have thought!

Nova: Hehe.. I totally planted dust on her shirt..

I have the next chapter ready for writing, but it might take a few hours(or I may hold it till tomorrow after work), because I'm feeling kind of out of it right now xP

Anyway.. next time: Squirtle grows up and so does Inky. No more deaths yet? We will see!

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Ah well Erle died. Not sad :)
Faye is looking amaziiing
Simselfs taking over! Gosh i really got to start improving my simself :)

<3 Chimeree

Thanks :D

not a lot to say D: sorry!

Loving your updates! :D Sorry for not commenting lately, I'm just a bit empty and out of words!
I also have a sim in my legacy that is into inventing but her LTW has nothing to do with it xD Should get her to work on it.. but she loves being atlehtic and is always working out - but her ltw is to max out writing and painting skills.

I get that feeling too, so it's all good.

Lol. Darn you sims doing whatever you want except.. not :P

U2 is "ONE" of my favorite bands! I've been listening to that particular song because I'm going to be in a talent show.(Wish me Luck) Oh and on my Legacy, My Founder had more twins! Agni Ki and Air(Both girls(Not a lot of girl names that start with A)) Hey, no "Love The Rainbow"? What's up with that?


Good luck!!! :D

You mean Love and rainbows? It's a double chapter so I put it in the end of the next one instead :)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! ^^

Let me know when you post the chapter! I'll be sure to check it out!
City legacy? Are kids named after cities? I did it with an unpublished TS2 legacy back in the day.. it was awesome! I never got further than B-generation(it was an alphabetacy xP) before I uninstalled the game, though.
Anyway, let me know and good luck with your legacy!


I dunno if its just me, and you might have said it before, of someone else might have, I can't remember, but Coke reminds me of Edward Cullen sooo much. I dunno why, he just does.

Woo, go Squirtle! Well, at least you're getting a lot of use use out of Ambitions (is that the right on? I can't remember much about TS3 EPs =P).
And seriously, what is up with Adam? WHERE DID HIS SCARY ROBES GO D:::::
And... ALPHONSE!!!!! Although I prefer Ed, personally. But stil :DDDDDD

Yup, Ambitions. I love actually using the EPs I have. With WA, I feel sometimes that I should just remove it, but then I wouldn't have nectars and photography .__.

Hey what happened to Bleu like did he get a job a family like what
happened to him?

Sorry, this happened a year and a half ago, I really don't remember :/

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