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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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All You Need: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 8.4 - Turquoise


Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: Squirtle was a closet-good sim and dreamed of having children. Di died and Adam showed his support to violet generation by dressing in purple. Erle held a funeral party. Denim spam. Corny went to the future and later blew up a Kenspa. Faye became a teen and Inky became a child.

An update on Denim, I think I forgot to add, but he and Viorica had a son named Palmer :)

I made Coke his own bathroom.

The house now has five bathrooms!

Also I changed Inky out of that hairstyle I gave him and into this one.

Coke: Hey I had a romantic dinner with Jordan here!

Meanwhile at home Lav is being neurotic!

Lav: Beniamin! You're still alive! I suddenly had a wish to make friends with you, since you're my new co-worker! So what made you quit tattooing and join the military?

But wait, isn't Lav a police officer? you say.

She got an opportunity to change jobs. So she did.

She managed to steal some washing powder and softener from the station before she quit, though.
And since joining the military, she's stolen a full garbage can from the base.

By the way, this is Remy the cook, who was working when Coke and Jordan were having dinner :D

Coke: Hey honey.

Jordan: Hey Cocaine!

Coke: I have rolled this wish...

Coke: Will you get engaged to me?

Jordan: omg!

Jordan: Omg omg omg!!

Coke: So that's a yes?

Jordan: It's beautiful, Cocaine!

Coke: Yay!

And then they went to sleep. But not before Coke started a painting of his new fiancée.

I probably wouldn't have done this if he hadn't wished for it..

I don't think I'll get used to Lav in the military.

Jordan: Hey, who's the golden boy in the picture in the picture?

Coke: That's my son.

Jordan: Cool, doesn't he live home any more?

Coke: Nah, he lives at Gallows Rest with his husband.

Jordan: Isn't Gallows Rest the grave---oh..

His muses :)

Jack: AH! I thought everything in this house was upgraded to not break!

Nah, they're all upgraded to stay clean, so those who need handiness can fix things when they break :D

Jack's favourite hobby: playing video games with his kids.

Faye: BTW, dad, I hate my kid brothers.

And don't worry about havings kids since...

There are no boys your age in town. Yikes.

Di: Hey guys, I'm back.

Squirt: I don't get why you don't like kids, Firouzeh!

Squirt: We have the best smiles!

Squirt: hey mum, it's your birthday too!? :)

Legacy style double birthday ftw!

Squirt: I wish to grow up to be awesome, like my mum.

This is Corny's "what do you mean I have to start acting my age now?" face

Squirt: Hey I herd you liked Standby so I decided to grow up to be just like him!


Coke: You want me to write a masterpiece? No problem. I'll call it "The Oldest Heir of All"

YEAH. I like it.

I liked the shirt he grew up in so I kept it.
The robot is pink because Squirt's favourite colour is hot pink!

Squirtle grew up with the Dramatic trait!
New trait, whew~!

And back to chess like nothing ever changed.

While Inky cooks. There's always one cooking, lately in my legacy.

I was looking around town and found Lilac!

Corny: As well as a pregnant Blueberry!

Corny: Heeeey!

Berry: Heeeeey!

Corny: So, who's the father?

Blueberry: Why, it's my former mortal enemy Remy Madison! We sorted out our differences... in bed. And now we're boyfriend/girlfriend!

Corny: Everyone knows woohoo is always the best with people you passionately HATE.

Phi and Keefe are also having a baby.


She'll love it.

Erle: I...

Erle: ..am extremely tired.

Squirt: You can't remember why you took this picture, do you?


The next day Blueberry and Remy had their son Zhivko.
What a name.


Corny: Close, c'mom, c'mon!!

The past was scary..

Corny: Past was freaking horrifying!

And then they broke up.
Ahw. I guess the puppy love wore off and they realized they still hate each other.

Meanwhile... Faye is trying out the miner.

Faye: I thought you made sure the ground was clear before you built a house here!


And Squirt is sculpting!

Squirt: She should shut that thing off. It's too loud!

Jack's once again spending time with one of his kids :D

Coke: This painting shows off her nice eyes and freckly skin.


Jack: Okay, exciting moment over.

Lav: Yeah. My life is average.

Squirt: Hmmm...

Squirt: Well THAT helps.


I gave him a tongue piercing.
I think it fits him.

Off to do some workouts he went! While.. Di was out and about.

Squirt: This is awesome. I love working out!

Squirt: Nice lighting?

Faye: You two better not be having kids. I hate them.

Jordan: what do I tell her Cocaine?

Coke: I'm thinking...

Squirt: Shouldn't you be in bed?

Coke jsut painted a pig and some apples, acorns and mini-pigs falling down from a tree.

Your argument is invalid.

Goooo my pretty!

I'm worried for her!
She's 93, so she may die any time and..

she's on the 9th level! She needs this promotion before she dies!

Hey, it's Amethyst!


Erin: I am awesome.

You can die happy now..

AHAHAHAHAHA.. he wears his fedora with PJs.

Squirt: It's because I'm totally hip.

Okay so Arabella is a pretty cool name. I'll give you that.

I'm completely not bitter, but picking on them amuses me.
Am I a bad person?....

Hey look it's my simself in her new gear!

Squirt: Mariah..

Mariah: Ummmm....

Squirt: Hey M..

Mariah: Mmmm...

Squirt: I've heard about an arranged girlfriend for me, but I haven't met her, what's the deal?


It's Denim!

Denim: What 'chu want?

Mariah: You HAVE met her. You were around ten, it was your grandpa Di's funeral.. the girl with the blue dress? Green eyes, dark hair? Very cute?

Squirt: No idea who you're talking about..

Effie: Isn't that the girl who runs this joint? Someone needs to tell her to delete this CC hair I'm wearing. I don't like it.

Mariah: Don't worry, it's going to be a ball!

Squirt: W...what?

Squirt: I hope she likes pink. I LOVE pink. The hotter the better.

Mariah: I like green!

Squirt: Looks like mum's time travelling again..

Squirt: Eh, I'm gonna just sculpt here is if my life was completely normal.




The Prince now hangs next tot Corny on the wall :)
I thought it was appropriate.

Uhm.. did you break it?

Corny: Yeah I guess..

what if it breaks while you're in it next time! O:

Coke: Jordan <3

Hey look it's Judd Libby, Dulcie and Nola's son!

He's adorable.

Inky: I like theatre! I like it a lot. Do you like theatre?

Judd: Yeah I'm just gonna take off now.

Inky: But it's my birthday!


Faye: No more freaking kids, WHOOO!

Inky even has the same EYEBROWS as Jack. I mean.. really.

He grew up a Snob.

Inky: We don't look COMPLETELY the same dad.

Jack: Really? How come?

Inky: my eyes are a slightly prettier shade of violet.. and I think my cheeks are a bit different. An improvement over yours of course.

They act like nothing's happened.
It's a legacy, bb :)

Lilac died :(

The only three now left are Lavender, Amethyst and Ultraviolet! One of each pack of multiples.

Lav: I have a stinking feeling these sparkles do not mean that I'm a vampire.

Lav: Evander, is that you?

Couldn't they let you finish your painting!? D:

Lav: hey cool, I'm see though!

:( Once again the family is heartbroken.

Adam: CURSE YOU DRY -CLEANERS! You promised me the robe would be clean by WEDNESDAY!

Lav: Please, just let me finish my painting!!

Adam: Nope, get in the urn.

Jack: :(

Adam: Don't look at me like that, I'm only the messenger!

Adam: I'll be back for you soon Erle.

Erle: I'm going to die?

Lavender died at 90. On the same day Erle was already 95.

Coke: Death makes me incredibly hungry...

The Vanders are together again.

And that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you next time :)

Next time: Faye grows up? More things happen!

Love and rainbows!

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Oh no Lavender died! I can't believe her two older brothers are alive still, I swear Ultraviolet was the oldest.
I'm guessing Squirt is the heir then? He does look pretty awesome now he is a teenager though. I gonna look back last chapter to see if I can see the arranged girlfriend for him!
Inky might as well be Jack's twin - it's so weird that they're literally clones of each other! I wasn't surprised when he rolled the trait Snob because he kind of looks like one if that doesn't sound totally ridiculous.
Blueberry's story was pretty funny. X]
Haha, that's the second time Adam's shown up without his cloak lol
Can't wait for next chapter! x

Oh wait it just occurred to me that you were talking about Crazybat! I assumed you were talking about a female child at the funeral. I can be simple at times! =D

I don't feel like looking back right now, but wasn't the arranged girlfriend the one with the cool dark hair with purple highlights or something?

Inky and Jack are totally clones. It's almost scary.

WTF Adam? But I like his hair and eyes.

Yup, Crazybat. That's her.

Exactly. Ugh!!! Clones! *stare*

xD He's being glitchy.

ADAAAAAAAAM!! I have told you that if you took Lavie away that early that i would hunt you down! Take a look behind you next time cause i will be there!

LAVIE</3 Okey now i'm sad :( Jack looking at Adam at the end was amusing :) Squirt looks awesome, totally worthy the heir spot :) Another super chapter! :) Lav .... <3 I haven't said it before but that pic in the opening shot with SeeBee is one of the best i have ever seen! It's perfect.

Thanks :) Alex took that photo on their wedding :)

Too sad to see Lavender go. :(

Can I ask how you got the neighborhood population summary? Is that from the game, or a mod? And the window that showed who the father of that baby was, too.

Thanks! :) I love your updates.

Same here. She was one of my favourites.

I used Twallan's Super Computer. Click on the computer > Master Controller > Demographics > Population. I don't know if you can do it any way without a mod..

Thank You!

After all these generations, I'm still in love with Coke <3. And BOOOOO ADAM! Why'd he have to take Lav first? Couldn't it be Erle? I didn't really like her. Lav was just too uber cool to die. And FINALLY crazybat may have a chance to enter the legacy... poor girl has been waiting, what? two generations?

I love Coke too x3 I'm neutral about Erle. I wish Lav had outlived her, but it was not to be.
Hahaha, yeah. And now the people on BoolProp are saying I should marry her to Faye instead x3

Awesome new chapter! So, if Coke gets married, does that mean he's going to have a new child soon??? Poor Lavender. :(
I love Squirt's hat. It looks awesome.

-Flowne XD

I'm having internal debates about that with myself.

Thanks! I love Squirtle's hat too!

Haha, oh wait NO!!!!

Awww, poor Lav. She was really pretty.(Well that nose was a issue...) Coke and Jordan are really cute together(But didn't you want you're simself to have a kid with him?) Well I'm making my own legacy, The Avatar Legacy. Founder: (Fire Lord Wanna-Be)Zing
Husband: Drew
1st Born Son: Aang
Twin Girls: Azula, and Appa
That's it so far!


Re: Haha, oh wait NO!!!!

I thought it made her look unique and awesome. But that's just me. I really was unsure at first, though :o
My simself is married, so it was a no go and one of my Boolprop readers voiced her opinion about who Coke should fall in love with(her simself) so I went for it :D And you're right, they are very cute together!

Oh nice! Good luck and have fun with your legacy! ^^

OMG, LAVENDER, NOOO i.i I'm sad... But I think at least she's with Evander, now. Anyway, awww, didn't want her to die that soon i.i

Hahahahaha Cornflower is still awesome. Ahd Firouzeh is so pretty! LOVED her eyeglasses, I saw a korean singer with one of those IRL and I so wanted to find one here in Brazil but... Too bad, I'll never find -_-

Squirtle <3333 still cute AND stylish. Love him, too!

Oh my, Coke and Jordan engaged... That's so weird. But I guess he deserves some lovin', too. And Jordan is pretty, can't wait to see their child, if they ever have one <3

Me neither. I loved Lavender.. such a sweet girl. Isn't it weird to think they both died at 90(at least I think Evan did too), yet so far apart in time?

I love her glasses too! So awesome. Can't you find and order some online? Maybe? Can't be too expensive.. o:

Yay! I like his hat a lot .__.

Yeah I wasn't planning to get them engaged, but Coke wanted it. I couldn't say no.

SQUIRTLE <3 (Geez, I have a new victim every generation! >w<)
And that painting of the picture of Sub in front of that diamond....ahw. So cute :) <3

That pig picture is... weird...

DENIM! <3 He's currently in my game, living with my new simself. I really need to play them and make babiez... then it's Coke's turn, and then Purple Rain, and then possibly Squirtle if he's put up. :D Just wish we could have TS2 sims here. Jude and Iaaannnnnn D:

Whoa... Inky... is that exactly the same face?

It is, isn't it? Groz took that photo :D I think it's appropriate to have it in his father's room. A nice reminder of his family.

Lol, yeah I was like "wtf is THAT supposed to be?"

I just added your simself to the game again, too! I hope she finds love :D

Yeah, pretty much! I hate parent-clones more than I hate sibling-clones I think. Thanks EA for removing one problem and adding a brand new one xP

Congrats to Coke and Jordan!
Didn't we have the "no people your age" problem a few generations back?
Weird... Berry dated her enemy :P
Zhivko! Sounds Russian... or maybe Czech or something.
That pop up is funny... not because something was blocking the Miner, but because it says that cheap sofa "might be worth something" xD
Inky looks a lot like Jack!

You like green... like me! Im going to say you put indie as your favorite music?
(Feel free to give my simself a makeover if you want to.)

And I really wish LJ had an "edit response" option... because if I want to change something in my reply, I have to delete it and repost... -.-

Careful with those trips to the past - you might end up with a random extra kid. >_> happened to a sim of mine. at least the kid wasn't ugly....

OMG Adam! You shouldn't have rushed to that appointment with Lav. I'd have liked to see that painting get finished. :( Next time wait til your dry cleaning is done. :p (LOL, that was so funny)

Yikes!! I thought only "try for baby in the past/future" did that? D: I don't want another baby yet!

Yeah, he totally should have waited.. and taken Erle instead while he was at it.. but eh..

Ok i gots a question. My game crashes and NO error message shows up. It happens randomly and I have the latest patch and i tried Re-installing the game but nothings working.

PS: I LOVE THIS LEGACY <333333333333333333

Sorry, what's the question? I don't see one D:

Thank you!!! :)

how do you bring up the realtion ship bar that showed you they were prego, and who was the father, the gender of the baby etc. Also the demographics of the town, I have awesome mod, twallans SP, that & mastercontrol all installed, so is it one of those.. Or?

Click on sim > Nraas > MasterController > Status > Relationship for the relationship and baby menu and click anything > Nraas > MasterController > Town > Demographics > Population for the town demographics menu :)

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