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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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But Why is the Wine Gone? : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 8.3 - Turquoise

Double-update madness is upon us!

That is the question.

We begin with.. Lavender making sure this stove makes only the most delicious food from now on.

Jordan stayed the night again.

When Coke woke up he knew that this girl was obviously in his life and it was time to write another novel. He hasn't written in a long time.

A public service announcement from Squirtle Chimeree.

Squirt: I want to have children when I grow up.

Jordan: Hey, I'm hungry so I'm just gonna get some food from your kitchen and then go to work, kay?

Coke: Sure. I'm writing a book about you.

Jordan: That's nice.

It's his 93rd novel, titled New Love. An epic romance.

Squirt: Something's going on in there.

Yes.. it's Faye and Jack, getting along.

Jack: You're a good kid, don't let being a spare get you down.

Jordan: Welp, time to go! See you when you invite me over again!

Lav is STILL working on that stove.

Di: Uhm... CORNY!

Corny: It's so pretty!

Di: Cornflower!

Corny: What?

Di: I'm feeling... tingly.

Corny: What do you mean ting---

Corny: Oh plumbbob! Not Dionysus!

Di: But I'm named after a god, how can I die?

Adam: Oh hai guys. I thought I'd show my support to the purple generation by wearing purple.

Okay... and what's with the wig?


Adam: Do you like my purpleness, Cornflower?

Corny: My uncle is dying, jackass.

Adam: Your dead.


Adam: What? Did I use the wrong "your"?


Adam: Proper grammar is dead.

I refuse to believe this.

Erle: Hey I just got home from work with a promotion to Infectious Disease Researcher and..

Erle: I sense a disturbance in the force!!! But that incense is creating such a mellow mood!

Di: Please let me live some more!

Adam: Nah, you're 90. It's time.

Adam: So.. you guys wanna hang out after work?

Adam: Fine I'm leaving.

Corny: You're such a douche!

Corny *does sadface*

Wait.. that means that Evan's the sim who died with LEAST LTH points EVER in this legacy.
He's not even on the same level with Mimi.

Di got around same as Mimi I guess.

Erle: Hey, the gathering is in 2 hours.

I've never had a funeral in this game before.

Faye: I can't believe we still have to do our homework when uncle Di just DIED.

Plasma couldn't make it to the funeral.. because he died :/
This happened literally when the guests were arriving.

Cass: But.. he was such a nice guy! I don't understand what went wrong.

Lav: He was the best brother ever! He let me make out with his girlfriend and all!

Jay: Hey guys I'm sorry for you--- oh it's HER.

My simself came over and I decided she needed new hair and I wanted to modify her a bit.
Her nose seems to translate into something very big on her sons. So I made it less "wide" and tried dark green(Crazybat's) eyes on her.
I think I'd look nice with green eyes.

Mariah: Ummmmmm.. it's so mellow in here.

She is high.. on DEATH.

Also, I changed her eye colour. I think after a YEAR of modifications, I'm finally happy with her eye colour. This looks the most like my eye colour that I can get it to be.

Lav: Awesome, there are now two simselves in this room. Nice.

Omg, look! Bleu grew up in blue all by himself!!

Oh and his fifth trait is Insane.

Three simselves!

Coke(Out of picture): Heck yeah my girlfriend is gorgeous.

I swear, you girls(Jordan and Cassidy, since you're the only ones I have in game right now), your simselves are so beautiful .____.
I'm almost green with envy.

And you get to have awesome legacy boyfriends.


Cass *sneezes*

Mariah: O_O

It was hilarious.
I wish I'd filmed it.

Jordan: How dare you speak highly of Di! I didn't even know him! Gosh!

Jordan: Whoa whoa! I didn't mean to disrespect!

Corny: BTW, I made a time machine.

Mariah: Seriously? I need one of those!

Btw, my simself is the Vice President.

Mariah: I prefer "Prime Minister"

In hindsight. I think I shouldn't have made her Easily Impressed, seeing as I'm also a Perfectionist.
She's still in the making.
Yeah.. I must have her be perfect!!

I thought it was a funny picture, no real point though x3

And then Cass looked down at Squirt and Inky playing together.

Cass: I'm going to marry one of them :)

And then I took about 17 pictures of Denim. I'm sorry.. but here is epic Denim spam.

Fierce pose!

Lol. I turned the camera to take a photo of his ear-ringed side and he turned his head to the camera all "Lookit my pretty face instead."

There we go.
Nice profile too .___.

When he turned to leave, after telling us it was a nice party.. Jack gave him this Epic Look Of Longing.

Yes Jacques. I think I'm in love too.

My boyfriend(out of picture): You're weird, you know that?

Yes, yes I am.

Go download him. He deserves a ton of pretty babies.

I still think he looks just like his mum, though. Besides the eye colour.

Squirt: Don't look, I'm not looking!

Inky: I'm not wooking eife!

Mariah: I have to go!


And then Bleu stood there behind the front door for hours mourning his father. It was sad.

Beautiful mother and her charming little son.

Faye: Won't he shut up? He's getting birthday cake later today!

Corny: Oh my love, I hope you won't die like my dear uncle!

He is not even an adult yet. And neither are you.

Corny: Welp, time to try this puppy out!

Corny: How do you spell "future"?


So uhm, why isn't THIS the opening!?
I'm an idiot.


Ahwww, too bad! >:(

Lol, they like their cities in ruins.

Corny: Holy hell!

Whew, stuff!

Corny: Ew, space dust!

Corny: wait a minute.. UNCLE DI DIED!

Next time we're going to the past. I promise.

Corny: What's that doing there? It shouldn't be there!

Corny: I guess I'll just blow it up then..

Ah. finally that detonate 5 objects want is finished.

Corny: Oh crap, I made a fire!

Jack: You need to stop trying to burn our house down, honey!

Corny: Ahw, you're no fun!

Meanwhile at Lavender's work:

Whew! Saying no to more money brings us work performance!

Coke: what was I doing?

Coke: I don't remember :(


Squirt: Birthdaaaay!

Squirt: Don't be sad about Dionysus, sis. it's your birthday!

Faye: Really?

Corny: The other one is for my daughter who's turning 13 today! *intense look*

Even Nova cheers for Inky!

Squirt: well, I'm gonna go do my homework or something.

Squirt: Because I'm so cool.

Pretty eyes..

Faye *sigh* :(

Faye: Candles! :)

Sorry, when I said she's turning 13, I meant 3. she's turning 3.



The more I see him cheering the kids like crazy, the more I think it'd be nice for him to have another child.

Meanwhile, this is Inky.
Who still looks just like dad. Ahw.. we'll see if he still looks like him as a teen, but I'm pretty certain he will.

Inky: I think I'm a clone now.


A mini Denim is born!
Congrats to Viorica and Denim!

Squirt: Isn't it sad how purple generation is dying? I think it's so sad!

I wish Faye was a boy. He looks so unique.

Father's eye shape, but funky eye colour, father's nose. Mother's lips and hair colour and skin tone.
I can't tell you if that jaw/chin combination is from Jack or Lavender... but it's nice either way.

Some awesome eye wear to perfect the look and..

I wish she was boy D:

Faye: Ugh, can I go to my room now? This posing thing is so boooring.

You still share a room with your kid brothers you know.

Faye: I can't stand those darn kids *rolls Dislikes Children trait*

Squirt: I don't want to divorce! We'll be happy forever!!

And with this lovely shot of our heavy sleeper, I leave you for this time!

Next time: Faye does teenagery things? Squirtle grows up and stuff and more stuff happens. I'm sure it will be awesome.

I'll see you when the time is right!

Love and rainbows!

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Noooo Di! Adam if you even thinks about letting Lavie go at 90 i will hunt you down! :)
Oh Faye looks intresting :)
Denim <3 :)
Corny is awesome! She got the part of Jets personality that neither one of them ever grew up :) <3

Okey sleep now :) Absent-minded+tired=No idea what i just read/thought/wrote :)

Lav <3

I have no idea what got into him! Suddenly he's slaying my sims left and right. I mean it COULD be a coincidence, but I'm seriously starting to believe my favourite food theory is correct.
Faye looks awesome.
Denim <3 .___.
Well, she IS childish xD I LOVE that about her.

Since you'll be reading this reply when you wake up.. I hope you slept well :)

Awwww, Squirtle is sooo cute <3 And when he showed Faye some support! Such a sweetheart.

DENIM PICSPAM *drools* I'm so marrying him to one of my legacy daughters. Or sons. Who knows? LOL

DIIIIIIIIII T_T Oh, Adam, why so cruel? i.i Oh, the sadness!! >.<

[p.s.: loved the rainbow!]

Squirtle is adorable. I like to think he has a hidden good trait. He emanates good.

AWESOME. You do that.

When clock hit 12 and he didn't die that night I thought I had passed the worst! And then midday he still died at 90! :(

Thanks :D

Aw, Di Died!!!!!!!!!!! I'll always remember him (cause I named him(Tee Hee Hee))


Actually, I already have a number of green girl names written down that I'm looking forward to using :/
I used Di, though, so you have that :)

Recent Thoughts (Anonymous) Expand
Recent Thoughts (Anonymous) Expand

Cocaine's still awesome. :)

But your entire sim family and the story that goes with it is just as awesome! I've been reading your stories since finding your page, and I can't wait to see what comes up each time!

- Flowne

Re: Cocaine's still awesome. :)

Ahw, thank you very much indeed ^^

I hope you continue to enjoy my writings! :)

(Deleted comment)
Yes, that's supposed to happen :) The message is there to make sure you update your mod as it often gets updated when Pescado finds something broken :) I for one make sure I have the latest one each time I go play.

Allow me to quote Wikipedia: "On the Internet, a mirror site is an exact copy of another Internet site. Mirror sites are most commonly used to provide multiple sources of the same information, and are of particular value as a way of providing reliable access to large downloads."
So just get the mod from one mirror :) Doesn't really matter which one, but I usually use the top one.

I would say more, but

I'm sure he feels the same about you. Speaking of which.. I need to re-add your simself to the mix! :D:D

Coke and Jordan are so cute together i swear!

OMG Adam?! Did he just randomly turn up purple? Because if he did it was awesome!

I've never held a funeral in S3 either. What exactly happens? I thought when i first got the game and heard about funerals that they'd be carrying the coffin and stuff xD

Those kids are cute! I hope Inky doesn't turn out to be a clone.

By the way Mariah i've been stalking your 'Download a Chimeree' post, and because Denim is super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot i plan to have him be a part of the Denali's lives one day...is that ok? :)

Yeah it was so random!! Weirdo xD And so appropriate!

Nothing really happens, they can console each other and express condolences and speak highly/poorly of the person.

I hope so too, I'll see when he's a teen since I've seen Jack as a teen.. I really hope he'll be different!

Yeah! Go for it!

lol at Adam's sudden purpleness. I didn't even know the Grim Reaper could do that.

Nice to see Coke's gettin' back into the love groove. :)

Inky grew up with some funky hair.

I love Faye's eyes! I hate the color yellow, but her shade is oddly mesmerizing.

Yeah, I find random glitches amusing sometimes.

I didn't know what else to put on him .____. I'm probably going to change it.

I'm glad they're not completely yellow, or I wouldn't like them.

Sorry for a late reply, I was on vacation... wait did I just apologize for being on vacation? :O Nevermind...

OMG FAYE! (Literally, I thought that.) She's SO PRETTY! :D And I like her outfit.
Hmmm... seeing all these Simselves makes me want to update my Simself... Maybe... we'll see. I'm quite lazy, soo... ... ...
Oh no, Di died!
I've never had a funeral either...
I really wish I'd kept Ambitions installed when I saw the time machine. But I'm just playing with a vanilla Sims 3 for now...
Wait, I think Squirtle has Kyle's and John's (his great-grandfather's & great-great-grandfather's?) eyes!

WHOOO VACATION! I hope it was fun.

Faye is pretty awesome, right?
Lol. I'm constantly updating mine. Every time I see her I want to change something abut her xD

The time machine isn't too exciting. It's like the catacombs, technically a rabbit-hole. But you can try for a baby in the past or future <w< Alex(and his mother and her father before her) had green eyes too, but we may never know who those particular eyes are from xD Faye's eyes are just freaky... but cool..

Aw it's a shame Di died, he was awesome. And thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for the Denim spam! He is so cute, I've got a sim-crush on him! =D
The turquoise generation are interesting. I kinda wish Faye was the heir but she's not a boy.
I love it when Corny explodes stuff, it's my favourite thing about her!
Keep up the good work! x

Mm, Denim. I couldn't help the spam!
Lol, you should see the whole conversation they're having about hw I should marry Faye to Crazybat instead of Squirtle, cause she's so cool.
I'll try to add more of that next time I'm in game. I need to find reasons to do so xD Then again, do explosions need a motive?

Coke & Jordan & Etc.

If Coke & Jordan have kids, would they be a colour or just random?

And when I saw the announcement about Plasma Sphere's death ,it prompted me to look up what it means. And it turns out I have a plasma sphere! Yay :)

Re: Coke & Jordan & Etc.

It's a secret ;)

Omg. Major jealousy going on right here. We're talking almost green with envy!

So I just trawled through your entire blog over this weekend...and I have to say I have really enjoyed reading it and drooling over the pretty pictures. (I like graphics the way you like eyes...)

Anywho, I feel like I've been the one playing the Chimeree's, to the point I've had to remind myself of my own Legacy Family's name. Awesome writing.

Also, your tips and resources and general sharing of your world has also made you more than just another anonymous interwebs user. Thank you for sharing the Chimeree's and Gizmo ;)

Seraphyem (I came through Boolprop)

Hey, You! I'm glad you like it! :D
I like graphics too, that's why I spent my hard earned cash on the best card I could get for that money. It's working pretty well, I think.
Ahahahaha.. sometimes I forget what my sims' names are too. But that's mostly because I'm forgetful .__.
I'm so pleased you like my writings of all sorts. I enjoy doing it. Helps me feel connected :)

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