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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Doctor, Doctor! : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 8.2 - Turquoise

Heeeeeere's a chapter!

Oh dear.. looks like the washer does indeed need a doctor.

Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: Faye was a cute toddler, Coke met his Second-True-Love and got another tattoo. Squirtle was born. Jack told Cass how he loves PB&J and Lav grew up into an adorable elder. Corck got pregnant again and Faye grew up into a cute child!

We ended with Jordan being late for the party, so here's to show Coke was glad she made it at all.

Corny: Oh hey, I'm pregnant, just like I wanted!

Corny: Welp, time to put you to bed Squirt. Mummy has to celebrate!

Corny: This. Is. Perfect!


Corny: Tell us the truth. You're only letting me blow this up to reduce our funds, aren't you?


Corny: Who cares about money, if you can have AWESOME EXPLOSIONS!

I think I missed the initial explosion, because this is kind of disappointing.

Corny: That was for you baby. Mummy loves you.

Di: Hey, son, I think it's time you get your own place, we need room for the new baby.
Bleu: I understand, dad.

So Faye was fishing, right? And then Di autonomously went and joined her!
How cute.

Jack: And make sure you find yourself a nice sim to marry. Marriage is the best!

Bleu: I'm still a teen, you know.

Coke: What a beautiful sight.

Jack is obviously happy he's going to be a father again.

Meanwhile, Erle was sent to the park to diagnose some sims!


Erle: Hmm, I think I know how to cure you!

Erle: Okay, keep your eyes on this pen.

Dorian: Okay..

Erle *kick*

Dorian: OW! What the hell!!

And then I got a message saying he was cured.

Erle is.. so amazing.

Denim: Hey Erle, I have been feeling awful lately!

Erle: No worries nephew of mine! I can cure you!

Erle: Let's see here!

Denim: Oh plumbob! I hope it's nothing serious!

Denim: AH!!

Erle: Just swallow this whole and you'll be fine.

Denim: WHOLE?!


And yet.

He does it anyway.


As I was looking around for Jordan, I found her map-tag at the restaurant.. where I wanted Coke to take her anyway xD

She was chatting with this fellow.

Lincoln: Hey I was talking to her! Who's he Jordan?

Jordan: Oh he's just a friend.

Coke: Oh no I am not.

Lincoln: Well this is awesome..


Some creeper was watching them the whole time. Which is usually the case with my outings xD

Coke: Do you want to go steady with me?

Jordan: I thought you'd never ask!


My first toddler pass-out!

Di: Uhm, sis? I don't think it's something to cheer about. His head is in the potty!

Remy: So, how are you liking your meal? I made it right before my shift ended!

Jordan: You're so sexy when you eat Cheesesteak.

Coke: Does this lighting make me look cross-eyed?

Jordan: By the way, I got a promotion. I'm a Lab Tech now!

Look, it's Denim's wife!

And their lovely date continued.


Corny: I'm in labour!!

Coke: So many people!! WHY?! WHYYY!!?

Jordan: Calm down honey!

Lav: Omg, she's having the baby now!!

Corny: Calm down mum, I've done it before.

Lav: Oh then... whew! That was great dinner I had!

Corny: Contraction!

Corny: It's a boy!!

Yay for possible heir!

The boy is named Inky.
Inky after the cyan-coloured Pac-man monster.

Well I thought it was appropriate!
Inky is.. Good and Excitable.

Coke: I.. love you so much, that I want to name a star after you!

Jordan: Oh Cocaine!


Well that's a first.

Coke is so awesome.

Coke: I am in love.

Not sure I remember why I took this screenie. But here's some of Jordan's traits.
She totally shares a trait with Lavender :D

Coke: What was I doing?!

You were on your way home to sleep. So you can be up fresh and early for..

Inky's birthday!

Before Squirtle gets to his cake too, Inky is screaming his excitable head off and everyone's in a bad mood. Ahw..

Squirtle grew up Neat, like his mum and sister!

He has Evan's eye shape and nose! Not sure about the lips.

Either way, he's cute!

Nova: Looks like I'm all done here *puts down plate*

Yeah, because our neurotic and neat sims are doing all the work for you.
As Lavender demonstrates.

Anyhow, this is Inky, who looks like an image of his dad already. Except for the black hair.

I hope he grows up to look a bit different from Jack. I want both boys to be in the running!

Squirt: But I'm so perfect!

Yeah well you're an image of Evan.. with blonde hair.

Squirt: But Evan was good-looking!

While Faye was out for an opportunity, she saw Jordan sitting on the bench outside city hall.

Corny went to the Consignment shop, but there was nobody there at 8pm, so naturally..

She blew something up to show her displeasure.

This just reminds me of a quote from Grey's Anatomy(Season 3 Ep.17).

"Sometimes we'll be in the same place at exactly the same time, and I can almost hear her voice. It's like I'm touching her. I like to believe she knows I'm there. That's all you get. That's it. Moments with the people you love. And they'll move on, and you'll want them to move on, but still, Meredith, that is all you get. Moments."

Is that even possible?

Coke: But I was going to take the baby!

Evan: There you go little guy. Grandpa loves you.

Changed Coke's everyday again.

Looks good.

Faye: I'm so sad about Rain's death, uncle Coke!

Wait, what!?

Ahw D:


This reminds me of Rain Desmond in my Apple Alphabetacy. He died in a fire. D: I loved him too.

Rain was the second of Violet-gen to die. The first was Garnet! I didn't know she died D:
And she was one of the youngest too!

But life is a funny little thing and as we see, Denim is going to be a father!

Lav: Listen, love. Forget about him. Love sucks. Just live by yourself and get some cats. I'm sure you'll be fine!

Things to know: she is talking to Sorrel.

As much as this may totally rule.. I'm re-painting. This can be just a decorative shot, but not an heir-portrait.. I think.

Di: Catch this, honey!


Di: What?

Di: Oh my heart!

Nothing to see here, just some cute kids.

Meanwhile Lavender is painting a BRILLIANT painting of Jacques.
A bit of good lighting and you too may paint something so bright and beautiful.

Inky: Rain?

Jack: Rain died :(

Jack: TIRED!!!

But not tired enough to have some father-son moments :)

Blue portraits are done!

In the middle is Corny's medal for creating a time machine.
Didn't I mention that? Oh yeah.. let's go back in time to see the message!


Yes, it's true :D
And you can find your own car-keys.

Now. I think Jack's portrait is so good, it can compete with the two other very good ones..

Groz and Mort.

I think I still like Mortimer's the best, after all this time.

What is it.. with all the napping in my game recently? My sims are sleeping in the wrong beds and napping all the time. Ugh!

Coke: Even when I dream of you, the sweetest dream would never do!

He is SUCH a closet-romantic.

Lav: hey bro. I'm just here to check your sink, make sure it's okay.

Lav: excellent. Looks like it's not going to burst and drown my whole family while I'm at work..

Lav: I can patrol the streets happy now :D

Faye: Schooool! :D

Erle meanwhile was sent on another vaccination spree!~

Walter: Skip, skip, skip to the doctor! :D

Walter: Oh Cheesus! It hurts like hell!!

This is Philomena. She's the one Keefe didn't leave for Corny.

If Mortimer and Mimi had a kid this is what that kid would look like.. except for the eye shape and hair colour xD

The lesbian couple my SP made last chapter are having a biological baby :D

Nola: I'm going to be an awesome mum. But first I have to get vaccinated!

Phi totally digs pain.

Phi: I'm healthy!

I need to use that hair on someone. I like it <w<

Omg. It's Solveig Mathis.
THE Solveig.
Chad Creeper's granddaughter!

Solveig: I'm pretty.



She's just jealous.

Slveig totally digs pain too.

Coke: Jo.. Jordan.. Jordan Emerson... there.

Coke: Done and done! There is now a satellite named after my darling girlfriend.

Coke: And now to tell her about it!


Here's a random shot of Denim getting vaccinated.

Denim: I got cured but I have to make sure I won't get sick again.

That's nice.

This girl's name?

She's Jenni Jones-Brown's daughter.

Corny: Is that dirt!? get off of me!

Corny: Must be clean, must be spotless!

If this kid rolls neat too I'll--


Now excuse me as I dance and cheer for The Netherlands getting into the frickin' World Cup FINALS for the third time ever.

Ahem. Let the chapter continue!

I decided Di was ready to retire. He got confetti!!

And then everyone came outside and clapped for him! Even Inky, wtf?


Say what?

Well, he IS a mad scientist after all.

Jack: Me.

Jordan: Hey you invited me. Nice surroundings..

Coke: Yeaaah.. look.. uhm, let me just finish paying this and we can have a chat.

Coke: Remember when I said I wanted to name a star after you? Well I didn't find a star, but I found a satellite.

Jordan: Ahw that's so nice of you.

That was seriously the reaction. I seem to have lost the picture, but she was all "Oh, thanks,. I'm flattered" and that was all xP

Jordan: Mariah changed my skin-tone mid-flirt.. do you like it?

Coke: You always look like an angel to me, sweetheart.

Jordan: Oh Cocaine!

Jordan: Kiss me! Kiss me now!

He will, not to worry.

He is kind of obsessed with his new love.

He has all this pent-up LOVE in him that he now needs to express.
He was NEVER that obsessed with Tabitha.

Jorcaine: Someone get that.

I totally stole that line from Moon Unit Creeper.

And that's all for now. That is, until I finish writing up the next chapter of this double-update.

Have a nice time till then!

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Coke, can you feel the love tonight? :) I bet he does seeing those wishes.

Jikes! Can't wait until i get amb so i can blew that BIG airplane thingy But i guess i have to get to Generation green if i don't spawn my own writin' addicted Coke :) That got to be awesome.

Lav <3 When the chapters come Lav is closing in to the topp Heirs with big steps :) If Lav is happy when a toddler pass out in a potty then i can't imagine how happy she will be when she reunite with Evan :) :(

Great Corny artistic pic

Jikes long comment, the biggest (So far) :)

He sure does :)

Ahw yes, Lavender is such a sweetheart!

Sorry I didn't give you a long comment back!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm LOLing so hard here because of the Jorcaine xDDDDDD

And boy, that Grey's Anatomy quote was so sad T_T So, so sad. i.i Poor Vanders i.i

Corny is still mythbustering around town, how sweet *o*
Now let me read the second part! ^^

Jorcaine x3

It really was. It was sad in the series and it fit here so beautifully because it's equally sad :(

x3 I'm hoping to do more of that. Corny's still very young after all.

Coke and Jordan, Sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then come marrage, then comes a baby in a baby carage!


Gah! My cousin's wife's name is Bambi!! (Don't ask, I don't know the story behind the name)...

Yeah. That's all I had to say.

Jorcaine, aww. I love how you combine their names all the time. So cute! And helps muchly to remember who is whose partner, with all these differently aged sims.

Really nice that you're allowing Coke to have another partner, he's certainly bided his time.

Also? the kids are gorgeous. I love Faye, she's pretty! But Squirtle, first blond kid in how long? Yay for genetic diversity.

OMG, it's obviously been 4 years since you first posted this, because I just watched Netherlands struggle to beat Australia. But the Oranje have a class that we lack :(

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