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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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!! Family Tree !!
I have made a family tree! Whew!

If you haven't read all the chapters, there will obviously be spoilers here.
So beware!

Oh and each generation is it's own image, so it's easier for me to fix stuff when it's broken.
And they're 1000pixels wide xP

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Holy Avatar!

It's really cool, I'll never be able to do that...


I thought that too, but then.. I did it. It's totally worth the trouble! :D

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig. :D

Lol at Di's expression. Even better, all his offspring have the same, "Yes, that's my dad," expression.

Also, I think you forgot to put a grim reaper on Evan's picture.

In sum: biiiiiiiiiiiig.

Evan is not dead!!! [/denial]
See this is why it's good to have other people check out what I do, so that they can point out my screw-ups. Will fix.

I wanted to make the photos nice and big so you can see all their pretty faces well :D which meant it had to be big xD
1. There were multiple births icons too in the pack I got but I didn't see them till I was done with the ones I made myself.. and I think I like mine better xD
2. They're all up there by birth order :D

Oh my plumbob! That's fantastic! Hehe when i look at Coke it seems like he is oh my gosh waht have i gotten myself into :) He looks like he is about to panic:)


Woah Grozdan wasn't an elder! Just kidding but i'm having problems seeing Groz as Adult and not elder :)

The photo of Coke is one never before seen. I took it in France and I still haven't uploaded his journeys. Whoops!
I think it's so HIS look, besides the "What was I doing?" face xD


Lol. Yeah he used to be a young man one day... hard to imagine.

Awesome! I know why you haven't put all the spare spouses and kids on, but I miss Myf :(

Awww, good to see Light, Passion, Honey and Clowney again, and relive the mentalness that was gen purple.

Ah, I remember Myf. She was pretty awesome.

That is son awesome :D
How did you make it, in photoshop? xD
Well done, it looks great :)

Yup Photoshop. I honestly can't imagine making this in Paint for example. It needed layers so bad!

And a thank you!

Family tree! *o* MAN, that makes the legacy seem so huge. But wait, it already is o.o OMG!

Hey Jet! And Grozmarine! And whoa, Purple generation was, like, MASSIVE.

Weird... Seeing Passion made me miss him and I don't even know why! o.o LOL I think I'll reread the legacy, I've been wanting to but the laziness wouldn't let me...

And the fam tree is awesome ^^

xD It's so weird to think it's been 8 generations(with Miroy xD or should it be LeMi ? :P)

Yeah, there was no way to fit 11 sims on one line. Eleven! Grilled Cheesus!

Ahw, Passion grew up pretty awesome. I love that picture of him, especially with that rainbow right behind him :D

Thank you! I'm quite proud of it.

Di's "6" is on the wrong side, making his grim also on the wrong side... bother bother.


Squirtle's number is on the right instead of left too. No big deal ^^

is it just me that gets the generations with more than 4 kids going off the side so you can't read it?

No i get it too

Recent Thoughts (Anonymous) Expand
Recent Thoughts (Anonymous) Expand

Where did you get the avatars? Where they brushes??

The avatars? Do you mean the sims portraits? I cut them from existing images from my screenshots folder.

you forgot him... you forgot MOSS :(


*goes to re-do the thing*

Re: MOSS (Anonymous) Expand
Thanks for the link to the icons. I have seriously wanted to make a family tree for my current legacy but have been intimidated by the process. The icons will help encourage me!

You're welcome ^^ the process isn't so bad. It's definitely not as tough as I thought it would be.
Good luck with it!


Memories of history and Goth Blood

Oh, memories! Not only Coke is one of the most awesome sims in Rainbowcy History, but he's also a Goth! (You can technically say the same for CherryBlossom, Flamingo, Yellow-Submarine, Daffodil, Sulfur, Clownfish, Jupiter, and Honey.)

And if i remember correctly, Grozdan's last name used to be Ursine. I guess the daughter Claire is pregnant with at the start of the game, later ended up with some townie and had Grozdan.

Are any of the other spouses related to original townies? I'm pretty sure you might have changed neighboorhoods a few times. I think the Chimeree's might have been in Riverwiew for a few generations... Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth, if i remember correctly. Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth grew up in Legacy Island, right? Or at least someone's custom neighboorhood?

(You should remake Coke for TS4 and have him meet the TS4 Goth's. It would be kinda interesting. Wonder what would happen if he meet Cassandra or Alexander... Is it even well-known in-story of Coke actually being a Goth?)

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