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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Thee Days: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 8.1 - Turquoise

Thee Days is thus named because it takes lasts three days in game(I believe). Actually most of my chapters only took so long in game.. I think. Never longer than a week anyway.
This is why it took 10 chapters to finish gen-blue xD

Anyway, 114 pictures.

Last Time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: The legacy house was painted white, Erle vaccinated a bunch of sims, Denim got married and so did Corny and then was very excited about it. EXPLOSIONS, FIRE, A TON OF SCRAP METAL! Oh and Firouzeh aka Faye was born.

Oh and Lavender got a job, but I forgot to add this picture!

She's reached her LTW, so I wasn't sure what to do with her.. so she got a job to spend the time :D

Faye: Eureka! I did it!

Faye: What was I doing?

Our little absent-minded genius.

Coke: Fierce babysitting skills!

Bleu: What's going on? That giggling sound is really annoying.

Coke: Oh sorry, that was me.

Coke: I love babies!

Jack: Stupid writing job isn't giving me a stupid promotion. It's so stupid!

Corny: help me make the bed, honey.

Coke: What was I doiiiiing?

Corny: Good meal!

Wait wait... no skill bar! WHEW!

You might be wondering who lives here..

Coke is about to find out!

And thus the owner arrives in her Bwan Speedster.

Cass: Hey, welcome to my home, Coke.

Uhm... she lives alone here??

Coke: Hey I found a guitar!

Coke: Hey I found a fancy butt-warmer!

Coke: Hey I found a nice kitchen with a bar!

Uhm.. so while you're making yourself at home, where's Crazybat?
Coke: She went to sleep about 3 hours ago. She makes herself at home our house, I'm just returning the favour.


Coke: What? I stocked her fish-bowl, I can work out in her living-room.

Meanwhile, Cass doesn't know where her own kitchen is.

Cass: I just moved here! Don't judge me!

Jordan: Hey roomie I'm ho--why is there a half-naked man in our living-room?

Cass: Whaaat? I thought he left? It's nearly midnight!

Jordan: Ahaha! He has a purple heart tattooed on him!

Jordan: Hey! I'm the simself of jordan on safari, nice to meet you!

Jordan: Now leave.

Coke: Girl is fiiiine.
Jordan: Hmph!

Meanwhile at home, there is toddler skilling going on.

Omg. Spike is looking after Corny while she's pregnant.

Oh yeah, you probably forgot, but she's pregnant again.

Di: Ew, this salad is DISGUSTING.

Erle: Eh, I think it's kind of nice.

And then the salad went bad.
The End!

Okay, I probably should not have put this picture after the off salad one.

They're in love, OKAY?

The same tattoo artist that gave Coke his first 2 tats, still works in the place!
And I still don't remember his name xD

Tattoo artist: Hey hot stuff!

Tattoo Artist: Another tat? Sure thing babe.

T.A.: I'm gonna give him fucking Mona Lisa, cause that's what he deserves!

I think that's the first time I used the real F word xF I couldn't see T.A. say frickin :P

Coke: Wow, you tattooed my right arm, but the tattoo appeared on my left one! You're AMAZING!

Coke: You're really good at your job. I'm gonna tell all my friends!

T.A.: I love you!

Coke: Um, I'm just gonna leave now. Thanks, though.

Jack: Corn, I think the ringing means it wants out.


Faye: Mummy, your water just broke.

Corny: Ahw! Yes it did, sweetie!

Corny: Oh crap, she's right!!

Cass: Hey Coke!

Cass: What's going ooooon?

Coke: What's going OOOONN!? :D

Cass: BTW, I brought my room-mate.

Jordan: Hey, nice house. It's almost as cool as hours.

Meanwhile, inside!!

Corny: Ahw look at the little squirt! He's so cute!

Corny: I think I'll name him Squirtle.

Squirt here is a Clumsy, Heavy Sleeper.
His favourite colour is hot pink .__.

Lav: Welp, I think your possible husband was just born and Coke is totally crushing on your room-mate.

Cass: You're lucky your house is so awesome, I don't date down.

Yeah, this is just an artistic shot.

Yeah, I need to stop with this "I love the eyes" thing. I think I'm beginning to creep people out.

By the way Jordan, I have Papercat's  freckly skin tone. I could totally change your skin tone to that, if you'd be okay with that?

Coke: You're a lot more ginger in this lighting!

Jordan: Hey thanks!

Coke: What was I doooinnnng?

Coke: Oh yeah, I was asking if you're single.

Jordan: Only for you.

Coke: Oh yeah, I'm so going to score.

Jordan: He is so going to ask me out on a romantic dinner date with candles and stuff!

The really real world!

Lav: Coke has found love again!! :D :D :D


Cass: Peanut butter with jelly?! What's the matter with you?!

Okay. I never understood that.
1. We didn't really eat much(read: any) peanut butter where I'm from to begin with.
2. When I hear jelly, I think gelatin, not jam xP
3. Peanut butter WITH JELLY?! What's the matter with you!?

Then again, I've never tried it.
Is it an American thing?

Coke and Jordan: :D

Cass and Jack: Hmph!


Jordan: whatever, it's late, bye.
Coke: I don't understand women.

Thankfully.. he had stuff in his queue for her, so she just stood outside and waited for him xD Weird.

Needless to say, she stayed the night.
No woohoo on a first date!
And this ISN'T even the first date yet.

Coke: I ma so frickin excited! I have someone to love again!

Not sure your wife would like that.

Coke: She died 4 generations ago!

Squirtle: WAAAAAAH!

This is not a race, Faye!

Faye: I do it betta!

Bleu: What does it want?
Coke: Check it's speech bubble.
Bleu: He doesn't have one.
Coke: Looks like you're screwed.

Coke and Jordan: Home..


D: I'm sorry.

Jordan: Good job, you resisted changing most of my clothes.

Jordan: But you still need help, woman.

Di: It's no use, Jordie, she would make over the Queen herself if she had the opportunity.


Jacques: Go son! Go! You're doing awesome!!

Omg, he's BLONDE.

He gets it from his grandpa Aldric and his father before him and his father before him.

Squirt: I have gween eyes!

Yes you do.

He could be Aldric's son.. if it wasn't for Corny's nose :D

Coke: How can something that smells so WRONG, come out of a human being!?

Changed Coke's PJs btw. I got those pants from MYOS, before you ask,

Aren't they adorable?

Squirt: I play good, no?

Faye: So smart, am I!

Squirtle is totally cute.

Squirt: :(

Corny: Here ya go, buddy!

Lav: YES, I'm growing OLD! :D

Lav: I might die soon! :D


Omg. She is such a sweet old lady!

Lav: Stop following me and paint the house teal, you lazy bum.

I knew I was forgetting something.



Corny: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Jack: Yes.

Corny: Omg is that a spider?!



!! It's a miracle !!

Dark wood floors look better :D
As well as dark ceilings!!

Evan: Don't mind me, I'm just here to listen to the music box.

Evan: Oh, what beautiful music!

Bleu obviously thinks baby poop is all KINDS of wrong.


I'd here like to thank NoVanillaPudding for making my NPCs not Face One any more :D

Granted, if this was anyone other than Coke painting, I wouldn't even let them finish, but I see potential in this one.

It's his first heir painting ever!

Then I remembered I forgot to give Erle violet highlights. So I gave her some.

Okay.. I need to stop taking random pictures that are just cute but no more than that.

I couldn't decide which one I liked better.

Okay I'll stop now.

Corny: I am so having another baby with that man.

Jack: Why is it crying? :(

Corny: What's that?

Faye: Birthday!

Erle: Birthday party!

Erle had to throw a party and invite Camden Grim for a job thing. Let's kill two birds with one stone.

Blueberry(out of picture): HOW DARE YOU KILL BIRDS! D:<

But first, more skilling!

Omg. Lav is still herself.

Bleu is still rude.

Coke is still super excited.

Um, Swanhild, you weren't even invited. So whatever.

Jordan: Ugh, am I late?

Yeah, like 2 hours late!


Ahe. This is Firouzeh!

Her third trait is Neat.
Like mother, like daughter :D

Except she got either Lavender's or Jack's jawline.
Squirt has Corny's.

Nice headband :D

and uh, that's it O:
I know, disappointing. But I'll play more today and tomorrow probably so there should be another chapter soon.
I hope anyway. Things might come up.

Next time: Squirt grows up and Corny has her third child. Yes she got pregnant, but I didn't play long enough to see her bump in this chapter xP

Oh and... The Netherlands just beat Brazil! BRAZIL. Omg.. This is legendary stuff.
*does a cheery dance*

I'll see you next time!


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Woo for the Netherlands :DDDDD Good luck!

Does Faye have Lav's lips? Because if so, I can't wait to see her all gorwn up :D
And Squirtle! Awww! His hair actually looks quite nice with those streaks. Ahw :)
But... does this mean that Coke's going to move out? D:

Yeah I think she does :D those lips are so cute!

I don't know, does it? D:
You shouldn't worry :) He's been around too long to just let him go. He will be here till the very end if that's the last thing I do.

Omg Lavender is the most adorable elder i have ever seen :D
It will take some time to adjust to the fact that Lav got another hair, i knew it was something that made her look diffrent. just took time to notice it :)

Squirtle! Now i want to play pokémon :(
With a house that big it just have to take some time to recolour it! :)

<3 Chimeree :)

Meh my absent mindedness is kicking in now when it's hot outside. Holland is the team that i want to win VM :) I told my dad Holland will win against Brazil but they would fall behind first. :D

OMG, elder!Lav is SO BEAUTIFUL! *o* And awwww, Squirtle is so cute! And hello, Aldric's hair xD


I... I think I feel some jealousy seeing Coke and Jordan. LOL
HAHAHAHA Coke awed by the mad skills of the weird tattoo artist, that was funny xD

GO HOLLAND, GO! Brazil played well in the first part of the game, but the second... Holland deserved to win, really. I'll bake an orange cake next time Holland plays \o/ Hm, I mean... I'll TRY to. Not sure whether it'll be edible xD

Cass & Jordan's house IS nice... but the lighting is rather yellow :P
Hehe, salad story :P (I don't like salad...)
I KNEW IT! I KNEW Coke was going to start dating someone or get married!
Neat, Squirt has blonde hair & green eyes!! :D
The teal house seems very underwater-y.
Lav's a very nice looking elder.
Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches ARE an American thing I think. I can't stand peanut butter though, it's disgusting...

lol I loved how Coke made himself at home in that house xD
Always so many things happening in your family! *envy*

Aww :(

You didn't use Poseidon... Could you use it next time? And now for something completely different! I'm OBSESSED WITH AVATAR THE LAST AIR-BENDER! My favorite person is Toph the earth-bender, say... In green gen. how bout a girl named Toph! I'll be forever greatful!


haha pb&j's are totally normal around here in america!! :D

I <3 Faye. It makes me sad how she will always be a spare. She is adorable. Btw when you said you couldn't decide which picture looked best. I think the second. It looks like Jack is playing 'Aeroplanes' with Squirt and he's about to puke on him :P

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are THE BEST FOOD IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Buy the ingredients and make one, because you will NOT regret it, believe me. SO GOOD.
And YAY Squirtle! :D


I was obsessed with Pokemon as a child, so I'm super happy you named him Squirtle! Ahhh! /happy dance

GO NETHERLANDS! I want them to win the World Cup.

Glad you liked it. It was suggested to me after I said I didn't have many unique turquoise names xD I find it AWESOME.
I like turtles.

HUP HOLLAND!!! It would be so AWESOME if we won.

Omg I LOVE Jordan... Her and Coke make a good couple... May I ask where you got her from? :)

I got her from Jordan.. whose simself she is ^^
Uh.. here.

She's so pretty, right?

1. Peanut butter an jelly!!! you've never had it!!! its not just an american thing i thought everyone ate that, i'm not from american and i eat it.. sometimes, just more peanut butter toast = ]
2.I wish that Faye was heir, she is my favourite so far.
3. An I see you were writing this during the world cup.
England and Germany always come soo close to winning but never win. One day my teams will prevail!!

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