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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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I'm a Firestarter: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 8.0 - Turquoise

Attention.. this is a very long chapter, even for me.
It's all your fault, you said you liked long chapters.

Corny gets the opening again, because she is still very special.

Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: Nobody paid attention to Bleu at his birthday party, jack grew up and moved in. Evander died D': , Jay and Denim grew up(hot) and moved out.

Chad: If only I could reach out.. I WANT that seed! I bet it would grow some MEAN vegetables. Yummy.
Submarine: It's no use Chadster! We are forever stuck in this garden of death! CURSES!
Chad: At least you have your husband buried next to you!

Now boys..

SeeBee are still in the legacy home.
And look at Evander's urn D: it's so plain! I haven't had that happen since Mimi!!

Di: Yo.

I couldn't just leave his hair white ._.


I painted the house white, so I can proudly say that the Chimerees now live in.. The White House.

Lav: AH! Someone's occupying the chess board and I've been one skill point from my LTW FOREVER!

Lav: Wait.. the kid has school today, right?

While Lav waits for the chess table to be unoccupied, Erle has some vaccinations to do, now that she's a Paramedic!

My simself's son was the first to have a go.

See! My kids are stable, just like me.

Erle: Thanks for rejecting Di and thus letting me marry him Maddie. Now, this won't hurt a bit!

Erle: Mhmmmm, looking good mother-in-law's sister!
Vlasta: Are you going to vaccinate me or ask me out on a date, lady?

That same evening Vlasta died of old age.
I'm not sure if I'm supposed to laugh or cry.

Corny: Mum, I love you, but your paintings suck.

This picture's other objective is to show you Di's everyday :P

Meanwhile Jack over there is working on his.. third? novel, a book of fiction titled The Big Book of Lies.

Corny: Good game, mumzel. I win though.

Lav did not react at all. I think she's still in shock from Evan's death :(

Jack: Why have you invited me out here tonight?
Corny: Obviously it's for the great lighting.

At the same time sort of I receive news that Denim has a girlfriend, too! Yay!

Corny: Jacques, will you marry me?
Jack: Are you serious?

Corny: Yeah, I even have a ring, look!
Jack: OMG, it's so frickin SHINY!
Corny: I know, right?

Jack: We should celebrate, if you know what I mean ;)
Corny: Oh yes Jack :D!

And so they did.

Di... Di has fallen for the old man curse of always wanting to play catch!


I am in love with my family having meals together. It warms my heart.
As if I needed more of me feeling warm in this heat. Ugh.

I love how Coke is totally looking at the painting of Standby on that wall!

Oh Lavender...

I feel so bad for her.

Evan: Hey what's up guys?

Lav: Frick yeah, the sink broke!!! :D:D Now I can fix it!! :D

This is just... aww...

Corny: Why don't I get a party for my wedding!? I wanted a party!

Here, I built a pathway to the terrace just for you to have a wedding on.
Jack seems to love it!

Corny: I hate it. I want it black like my favourite colour. And I want a cake. And I want people! And I want a pony!

I would kill for a wedding in a location like this.

I think her childish and grumpy traits completely suit her, though.


Jack: Oh yeah, my wife is hot. My wife... I like the sound of that.

I love her dress.

And the house :D Oh look it's Painting of Jet!

That there is Coke coming home from getting a writing award.

Lol. City hall has ni idea he has made over one million xD

Like husband, like wife? xD

Jack is mean spirited and Corny is grumpy. True love? Angry, but true.

Corny: Omg, I'm MARRIED!! <345

Corny: I know just the way to celebrate.

Corny: By blowing up..

Corny: ..the Bwan Speedster that was bought for Yellow-Submarine and Mariah hasn't re-painted since Red generation.



Explosion: BOOOOM!


Corny: Fabulous!

Corny: Get it? Cause Sub was gay? Geddit?!

Oh Childish trait. You amuse me.

Corny: Blowing stuff up makes me hungry!

But first, a fire breaks loose!!! oh god nooo!

Bus driver: Are you sure you live here, kid?
Bleu: Yup, this is me.

Lav: My goodness, Cornflower. You should be more careful, I don't want to lose you before an heir is born.

Corny: I did it to celebrate my marriage to Jacques!

That lady.. is the same one that was staring at Lav and Cass from across the park! Remember her?

Jack: Oh wow, I stink! I thought it was the explosives!

4 piles of 283 scraps EACH.

Corny: Sweet. I should do this again sometime.

Yeah no kidding.

Conry: And and.. I wished upon a shooting star and it didn't do anything! Nothing at all!! :'(

God thing about athletic sims with skill LTWs? They work out autonomously.

With Mimi is annoyed me cause she had that Chess wish and nothing with athletic, but Corny can work out all she wants :D

These two.. they're not hopeless romantics or anything but they're so in love with the idea that they're married.
Also Jack wrote a fiction novel titled The Loneliest Spare.. for Bleu, cause I kind of ignore him D:

Now why is he running to Gallow's Rest in the middle of the night?

Light: He's obviously here to see me.

Actually he came here to set Seona and Standby to rest.


Now you see it..

Now you do.... WHOA YES!


So far, the only ones whose LTW I didn't reach have been Mortimer, Sorrel and Evan. I hope Erin's I can reach. I HOPE.

Lav celebrates by brushing her teeth three times.

Lav: I'm just so tired! So tired..

Ahw.. She really troubles me. She has not been the same since her husband's death. Maybe I'm seeing something that isn't there, but she's just odd.

Corny - Married married married married! <3333

Corny: Oh I'm so happy to be married! Oh look at the pretty ring I got! :D

Corny: Oh hey...

Corny: It appears that..
Jack: You're pregnant!? :D :D
Corny: Yes :D

Corny: I know just the way to celebrate!

By blowing up that most expensive car you can by in The Sims 3! :D

Explosion: KA-BOOOOM!
Corny: AWE-SOOOME!! :D :D

You might be thinking: "Wait but pregnant sims aren't allowed to swing but they can go around detonating things?"
Yeah this is EAxis at work. I bet they're fans of MythBusters and Kari seemed fine with blowing stuff up while SHE was very pregnant.

Corny: Now to face the aftermath.

Yeah a huge fire broke loose! It was HUGE I tells ya!

Corny: Eh, it's okay.

This car produced four piles of 620 scraps each. OMG..

A random neighbour who happened to be passing by: AAAAAH! A fire! Call somebody!! QUICK!

Should have read your own shirt, buddy.


Lavender left something on the stove, to check out the fire outside and.... a fire broke loose.

Gruffydd Moon to the rescue: What's going on? I see no fire!

That one girl: AAAAAAHHHH!!

Meanwhile, Corny decides to help soothe the fire inside.

The other firefighter's named Darko Bateman.. any relation to Evander Bateman?

Gruffydd: You guys better be more careful next time! That hot guy could have died!

Coke: Hmph.

I jsut blew up a car worth a hundred thousand and got this. It paid only for the replacement of the 1300 simoleon coffee maker xP

Ahw Garnet is still in love with her wife :D <3

Speaking of wives. Sorrel's niece(Jasmine's daughter) Nola got married to her girlfriend recently. I love autonomous same sex couples :D

Corny: AH! I'm married!!! You must be so jealous Coke!
Coke: Eh, Mariah has something planned in the next chapter, don't you M?

Indeed. But shhh!

Corny: I'm so much in looooove :D Now to do married woman stuff...

Corny: Like cleaning the kitchen floor..

Coke's Tattoo: I'm so awesome.

I wonder how long this will last for xD

Corny was back to inventing. This time she's making a harvester. She already made one and I sold it.. and then she got an opportunity to make one for Denim's girlfriend Viorica. I should have waited a bit..

Di: PIE!
Bleu made a little pie! It's so cute!

Oh and the fireplace is fireproof now.

There have been too many fires in the past few days.

Corny: Oh hey Viorica! I got you that harvester you wanted!

Look it's Erle's first son Jamison!

Viorica: hey you don't happen to have any food, do you soon to be sister-in-law?
Corny: Huh? A mooch are you?!

Corny: Sure thing! I carry milk and cornflakes with me all the time, just in case someone might ask me!

Viorica: Great, thanks.

Corny: She took my cereal!

Lav: I think my daughter's gaining weight.. Should I tell her? What if she feels offended?

Corny: Mum, I'm pregnant.

Lav: oh Cornflower, that's fantastic! I did after all roll that wish for a grandchild!

Lav: Evan would be so proud!

Lav: Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?
Corny: Nope, but Jack wishes for a girl. I couldn't care less.

I hope it's a boy.

I think he's trying to tell me something.
Coke: Alien abductions. I want them in The Sims 3

Yes. Yes me too!

Coke: Oh and I'm tired.

And then Corny did this really cute goo-goo face at her bump! :D Nobody's done that before! Usually they just rub it.

Obligatory father to belly interaction photo.

Jack isn't one of those clingy dads. His only 2 wishes towards the baby ever were for a female baby and this massage. That is all.

Bleu: Birthday time?

On second thought. I don't know if he has his dad's nose or not..
but it's not Erle's either.

Corny: Oh hey my husband is in the same room! *rolls wish to kiss him*

Lav and Evan were the same way :')

Bleu: Look dad! Dad look! Look daddy!
Di: The cake's taking too long. I'm eating this leftover instead.

Bleu: You know, this is the second time I grow up in this hair. Maybe it's meant to be there.

Get out of town!

Coke: Uhmmm....

Coke: Why... am I here? What was I doing??

I kind of like his absent-mindedness x3

Bleu Celeste, here, rolled Inappropriate.
Dun dun daaaaah!
Bleu: What stinks? Oh yeah, it's your face.
Bleu: So's your face.
That doesn't even make any sense!
Bleu: So's your face.

What... you know what.. I'm leaving.

Bleu: So's your face.

Uh, yes it is. And this conversation is over.
Bleu: So's your---
Stop that!!

Bleu like all my teens rolled a wish to get a part time job, so he got one.. which one, I can't remember.
And then he looked up to Photo of Jet.
Bleu: She's my idol!


Erle: Hey, isn't this Tabitha's shirt?

Yeah it was her athletic as an elder I believe :)

Lavender finds some fun in the trampoline.

Bleu is SO clumsy!

He tripped over the newspaper.

And a minute later, on his own feet on his way to the bed.

Look, turquoise crib!!!

If you didn't guess, the next skill Coke's mastering is painting. He's at 7 now I believe.

Corny: Sweet! I made a tornado!

Corny: Or the flying fighters, whatever. That's cool too.

The next day Erin has another vaccination session.
It really bugs me that her work score goes DOWN when she does that! WTF EAxis? Am I doing something wrong? D:

Meanwhile, Corny's in labour. Great, now I have to keep an eye on the park with Erin AND Corny.

Do you want her couple name to be Jarny or Corck? I like Corck xDD it cracks me up.
Corck: Hospital :D:D

I haven't had hospital birth since Jupiter o:

It's a natural girl, as Jack wished.

Her name is Firouzeh, which according to my sources is a Persian word for "turquoise".

Little Firouzeh is..

....how's that even possible?

How am I going to portray that?

Now I was GOING to name her Fayruz, which is a name version of the word, but I figured, this is a rainbow legacy in which we don't give kids REAL names.. so yeah. Firouzeh.
However, you're welcome to nickname her Faye(totally stolen from Questionable Content), as I haven't come up with a better one so far.

Too bad she was born to be a spare, as this generation's heir, and it can only be an HEIR not heiress, will marry Crazybat's simself. This is 100% planned and will happen no matter what.

Cassidy Crazybat, somewhere out of picture: WHOOO YEAH!

I also received sad news that

Garnet's wife died :(
We never knew you, Domi, but Garnet obviously loved you, so rest in peace.

And good news that...

Denim got married to his girl Viorica.

Look who's getting vaccinated!

Oh yeah you don't know her.
That's Evan's first wife Saija. Even she is still young :(
I feel even sadder about Evan's death now.

jack: I'm so happy about my daughter's birth that I have no trouble paying this 3000 simoleon bill :D

It's okay to loose money, we have like 600k in our funds. I blew those two cars up to lose money. It didn't really work.

Corny: Here you go my absent-minded genius daughter. Mummy has to go invent stuff!


Corny: These rubber gloves aren't working. I am so suing  the company.

Garnet doesn't stay single for long and already has a new girlfriend. I assume it's a girl, since Garnet never used any romantic interactions with men, so using EAxis logic, she shouldn't have a preference for them at all.

Also Jay and Ona Kraft got married! :D

Oh so THAT is what Lav's athletic wear looking like. I don't think I've ever seen it after she was made over xD

This legacy player loves it.

Corny is back to inventing, after a short shower.

Spike helps.

Why does the grand-uncle, that has never even seen the baby get to hold her?

Because then her over-excited parents don't squeeze her to death.

And her *checks wiki* first cousin once-removed can laugh at her from afar.
Bleu: HAHAHAHA she's a cocoon!



I haven't got a clue where she got those yellowish-green eyes from, but they work for her.
I THINK it's her father's eye shape though, which I'm happy about :D

Verdict: Cute, but still a spare, sorry. I love you!

They did this.. till 3 am that night.


The question is, who will Lavvie play catch with when she gets old? D:

Corny: Silverware. Say silverware, it's not that tough, come on.

Corny: Okay then. Football?

Corny: Cooking?
Faye: Cooking!!

Corny: What does she want? I don't understand!

Don't be stupid Corny. Please.

 I blame her for the 160-picture update! I blame her!!

See, I told you she lost her mind after her husband died!

I don't blame her though. I probably would too.

Corny was doing laundry and then suddenly put it down to do this.

Mr. Lefty: Why did we put the laundry down, Righty?
Mr. Righty: Because laundry is stupid, lefty, I hate doing laundry!
Mr. Lefty: I wish laundry was asexual, then it would just do itself.

Who agrees, ladies.. and some good gentlemen?

Corn: That was FUN!

Yeah, now do the damn laundry!


Oh I see.

Bleu: I'm bored of you.

And I of you. However, I feel as if it'd be cruel to say I'm sick of you and move you out.. So I will keep you here for 10 more days after which you should grow up by yourself and move out.

Bleu: Ten days? I'd rather die.

It can't be that bad.

Anyhow, to celebrate her second pregnancy, Corny is going to blow up... the kid's play table. Why?

Corny: Because you can't draw pictures on it, like in TS2!

Well then, be my guest!



And that's finally it! Whew! Took me 3 hours, but here it is xD

Next time: Another turquoise baby is born, is it the boy we're hoping for? Judging by those apples I've been cheatingly feeding Corny, yes. Will there be even MORE babies? More explosions? More deaths? We will one day find out!

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And I love the explosions so much. 8D I'm currently growing up a teenaged inventor sim, and I can't WAIT for her to be older so that she can begin detonating stuff, hehehe. Except that I'll probably have to wait for a few generations 'till I can blow up the 'spensive cars like you did, booo. My 'splosions won't be as cool. D: OR THEN I CAN BLOW UP SOMEONE ELSE'S CAR!

Uh, I kind of went off on a tangent, there. What I was gonna say is that I liked this long chapter -- a whole lot. I felt sorry for Lav, really liked Corny (though that abbreviation makes me crack up -- a lot) -- she seems so COOL, now that we've gotten to know her better. 8D Never mind childishness and grumpiness, still cool. :3 I also love the excitement about her marriage.

Ooh, what are you gonna do with Coke? TELL TELL TELL! Or update soon. TAKE YOUR PICK.

Love this legacy so much. n_n

(ok, now I should probably go to sleep, since it's around 1 am on this side of the world, and I have to be up before eight tomorrow for an eight-hour shift at work, lalalala)

xD I forget her name too. uh.. what was it.. Firouzeh! I had to check my notebook, lol. I'm mean to myself, naming her that!

You should totally blow up someone else's car! You might get fined, but it will be SO WORTH IT. :D:D

That's probably why I gave her that name. So I can in a generation or two say "Oh, that's so Corny" xD

I'll NEVER tell. Or maybe in the next chapter.. yeah.

Thank you! I love it too!!

xD! I had that same thing happen with the Creeper legacy yesterday! I had work this morning but Starla updated so I jsut HAD to read it before I went to sleep. Having different time-zones amuses me.


I've been waiting for this!
Corny's personality cracks me up. The way you portray your characters is amazing!

PS- Yes, we do love long chapters. Keep it up!

Thank you! I love The sims 3! In TS2 I had little idea of how to portray my sims and I didn't get such vivid image of what they're like in my head. TS3 is awesome. Love it.

xD Oh, I will, I always take too many pictures.
Thanks, again!

You know how to make a Chimeree addict happy :) It's okey to blame me for long chapters, i can handle it :)
It makes me sad to see Lavie like that :( She is supposed to be happy! Whatever sort of legacy i will do but i can say one thing Adam will pay for this!

The only time i haven't read your updates in 5 hours was when you double updated at the middle of the NIGHT :D

Okey those explosions is forcing me to get ambitions fast :)

Me <3 Chimeree

Gosh longest comment i have done in ages :)

I'm glad someone takes the responsibility for this long chapter.
It makes me sad too. It's heartbreaking!

Lol xD I was being sneaky.

Yeah, they're pretty awesome. And you can blow up nearly anything, even INSIDE THE HOUSE. I didn't want to burn the house down, so I didn't do that xD

Thank you! :D

Hi there! Your legacy is explosively awesome. I check my feeds like every day to see if there are any updates. :D Can't wait to see the next update! Hopefully, if there's a boy, he'll be as adorable as Corck's daughter whose name I am not going to attempt to spell. xD

Oh! I have a question. You know how you get the little updates that people have gotten married, etc? How do you get those? My game lets me know when people have died but it's never told me about relationships and marriages.

Keep up the good work! ^^

It's Twallans storyprogression mod, it's absolotely fab!

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Laaaav i.i And Evan napping by her side, that's SO CUTE! <3

Oh my. Bleu... He irritates me. LOL

"Gruffydd: You guys better be more careful next time! That hot guy could have died!"

LOL at Corck xD And Corny mythbustering, LOVE IT.

Firouzeh is so cute! But where did those eyes come from? o.O Yellow eyes, wow o.o

Di is like Grozmarine, isn't he? If I'm not mistaken, Grozmarine loved to play catch, too. And Coke looking at Sub's portrait, how cute! ^^

Loved the update, Mariah. Really. <3

Vanders are meant to be together not apart. But I don't want Lav to die yet either.

Bleu gets on my nerves too. But I feel like I'd be jsut a whiny baby if I went and moved him out. I can't always get what I want xP

I know, right?

Corck amuses me a lot.

Maybe it's one of Jack's parents... or maybe it's weird genetics of TS3. I mean, remember Light's red eyes? Where the hell did they come from?

Yes, Grozmarine were avid catch-players :)

Thank you!!

Turquoise, yay :D

QC!!!!! I didn't know that you are a fan of QC :DDDDDDD
Rain's socks :D So glad that they're back!
LOL I agree with Lefty!

I am too a fan of QC. All the awesome people are, aren't they? I'm kind of trying to be awesome..
Me too, I missed them and they amuse me so much!
Yeah me too. It's actually a line I stole from something I read somewhere, except it was about homework not laundry, but laundry is like homework for people who don't go to school any more xD So it worked.
I know right?! :D She's adorable!!


She looks like a kitten or something. So precious.

Love the longer chapters by the way. :D


Yeah she does a pretty good :3 face. I'm impressed.

xD Not like I can help it! Thanks for the encouragement!

(Deleted comment)
Cute toddlers are the best!

I'm glad you like the SP. I couldn't live without it any more x3

Whoo! I finally got caught up on reading your legacy. You are the fastest updater ever! =D

I'm really happy to see generation 8 finally come. It makes a Chimeree addict happy.

I can't help it either, I play so much and I take too many pictures. I am addicted to this legacy and this game xD

I'm happy to see the 8th too! It's bitter-sweet though, cause it's once again closer to the end!

Good, good

Nice update, A very MythBuster like update.


Thank you! MythBusters rock.


The vaccinations are really funny! xD
Yay, wedding! :D
What did I say? The expensive cars give you lots of scrap. :D
Wait, is Coke remarrying? :O
Over 3,000 scrap... that'll last a while... :P
So Bleu is Inappropriate, eh? That trait WOULD be pretty useful in an apocalypse, because of the "sponge bath" option.
Welcome little Firouzeh! And soon-to-be-born baby!

You were totally right! I wasn't expecting quite THAT much though. But it's awesome.
I don't know, is he? :O What's going to happen!??!?
Yeah, no kidding!
Hmh, Apocalypses scare me. Too much of a challenge for me .__.


Poor Lav. :(


I'M SORRY FOR THE---wait, no I'm not.

I know :( I feel so bad for her.

Chimeree! :3

hi ya, just started reading the chimeree I have to say am really loving them (plus the way you tell your sims story, i feel like there really real and your just telling there little funny story :D)

Corny, Standby and Coke are by far my fave sims :D. Thank you so much for posting them for download, my sim-self now one happy girl married to standby (with baby's on the way Thank you :P)

also i hope you don't mind me asking but how do you keep coke alive and young for so long?. Mod, hack or something like that?

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

My favourites are/have been Jet, Coke, Sub, Standby and Corny :D
I have a bunch of faves xD

Omg, I get that question so much, I need to like make an announcement or something xD
I use Twallan's SuperComputer to set his age back to one day since his YA birthday via the Age feature in Intermediate and I also used that same mod to age him down via Edit in CAS in Advanced. :)
OR you know, you could use the Ambrosia recipe in game to reset his age. I'm just too lazy to do that :P


http://www.omg-facts.com/view/Facts/8636 baha check that out :D

xDD That's hilarious. Thanks x3


Hi. Milkyway Mariah! HUGE FAN! Just want to let you know i've read your sims legacy like 3 times already! Can you tell me how to hack into my game and get the cool mods??? Please?? Oh and you are the one who got me into the whole "create sims legacy thing"! Can you help me with my own version of a family tree? I know i'm asking you for help with alot of things it's just i didn't get my game till christmas of '10! I think your legacy is hilarious and intriguing and i was sad when it ended, but that's why i started reading it again!!! lol! THANKS BUNCHES! Anonymous/Big Fan

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