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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Parties and Departees: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 7.9 - Blue

Next chapter is Turquoise.. I promise.
I hope.

Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: Di found Erle and they got married. Coke was awesome, Corny found Jacques. Erle had a baby boy named Bleu Celeste, the family moved house again. Corny grew up and was named heiress.

As you can see, again.

Whew! Evan finally reached level 7 - Weather man!

He used his promotion money to pay the bills! :D
Evan: 5000 simoleons!? This is worse than highway robbery!

Have you seen the house you live in?

Keefe and Philomena got married and moved in together.
As they had been planning for some time already.

No, I'm not bitter!

Oh hey, Bleu is still around. Bet you thought I forgot about him, right?

Well.. I kind of did, but then I remembered.

Erle: Party for my son?

Erle: Maybe we should have another one?

Erle has 3 kids from her last marriage already.

Cass: Hey, thanks for inviting me! I'm not bitter about mine and Jay's breakup! :D
Di: A house is not a home >:(

Jack: Hey, I brought hot dogs.


Oh wow, we might get violet eyes back into the family!

Rain: Great, Plasma is here too. I'm soo leaving the kitchen!

Trenton: Boooo, Plasma Sphere sucks!

He's just jealous that Crazybat is looking at Plasma and not him.

Rain prefers MY company to his fellow triplet's. This pleases me.

And Lavender finally got a painting right! She's been painting really lame dark ones of Erle so far.

And so the festives begin!

At least SOME of the guests made it to the kitchen. But they're not really paying attention.

Corny: YAY little cousin!!

Trenton: I think... I'm missing the point of this party.

This cheerful girl is Plasma's daughter Delcinea.

Rain and Mariah were far too absorben in video games, to notice anything else.

Nice.. hair, Bleu.

Bleu: Thanks.

So he has mother's lips. Fathers eyes, eye colour, hair and nose.

And he's Good.

Corny: Yeah I'm stroooong! Check out my guns!

Anyway. Bleu!

In a Gir shirt.

Corny: I have a proposal!

Corny: I don't want to wait till you're old!

Jack: You're.. breaking up with me?

Corny: No, I'm saying, we already have people over. Might as well hold your birthday!

Jack: I'll think about it.

Jack: Yeah I like that.

Cass: Another party!? :O Can't be!


I dare say, hers is the best among the Di flock.

Corny: Yay, gooo boyfriend!

Jack: Awesome! I'm 15 going on 25!

See! This is the lame Lav paints .___.

Jack: Now the only question that remains is... will you DARE change me into a shirt?


Jack: Well it's late, bye!

Corny: Hold your horses, buddy, you're moving in!
Jack: Oh yeah..

Jack: I'd love to move in with you! :D

Jack: A professional author.. I want to become one.

Well, that answers the "Will we ever have another author in the family?" question.

The eyes. Shape and colour.. I hope the kids inherit them!

Either way though. The kids could get Corny's dark teal ones or Jack's violet ones. Both would be awesome.

Photo of Jet: Those damn ambitious sims!!!

I changed his hair colour to a bit lighter, so you can see it better :D
It's btw, the same hair colour as Alex's!
His mother Desiree's mother(or granny, don't remember which) is Alex's aunt.

His and Corny's room is my favourite of the house right now.

Back to work!


Why would a weather man need to interview anybody?

See, it's nice isn't it?!

Coke doing laundry!!! O:

Meanwhile Bleu goes to school on the bike, not the bus.

The paper girl is traumatized. She wasn't expecting her boss would let her deliver to the upper class district.
Girl: The path from the road to the front door is too long!!

Someone's head is in the right place! :D

Jack: And now to work on my first book!

After joining the self-employed career, yes.
Jack's first novel is a Trashy one named Pop-Up.
Yes, I went there.

Erin got an opportunity to make friends with her co-worker Ultraviolet xD

Di: We're watching the cooking channel but he doesn't have a skill bar! Did he just master it?
Coke: You know if you add one o and remove the k, my nickname would be "cook" coincidence? I think not.

So far, Coke has mastered Cooking, Martial Arts, Writing, Gardening and Handiness.

Evan: What's... going on?

Evan: Crap.. my wife will be very upset with me when he sees this.

Corny: DADDY!
Everyone looks at Corny :( ahw.

Adam: Hmm, strange, he was supposed to be here. What's going on?

Meanwhile, Lav is coming home from an opportunity.

Evan: Hey, you're looking lovely today, Adam.
Adam: What do you mean today?

Evan: Well, time to go.
Adam: it was a pleasure collecting your soul, sir.

Jay: Welp, it's birthday tiiiime!

Lav: Honey?! D:

Denim: Daddy, no! You're too young to die!

Lavender thinks the same.

Jack: That darn jay, having a birthday while we're in mourning!

Apparently I forgot to take an after picture.

He rolled Coward.

Coke then got an opportunity to write a Vaudeville novel.
He titled it Revenge of the Grim  Reaper.

Corny: It's okay mum, you've still got me and Denim.

Lav: But he was only 90! Just like dad!! Just like daaaaad!

Lav: I can't believe you lost your father so soon.


While Jack puts out the fire like a good soon-to-be-legacy spouse.. Jay flees.


At least it has great lighting,

It's all too much for Jay.

Sure thing!

One of the 4-5 things that Corny has made was a hygienator.

Time to show off her awesome inventing clothes.

Now with rainbow gloves!

I wish EAxis made those trousers separate. I love them.

Jay isn't moving out till Denim does. Only one day apart so it's okay for him to stay :)

Jack's second novel is a Fiction novel titled Bright Dayes and Dark Knights.
See what I did there?

Ultraviolet has not aged well.

His ageing also means Di will age soon.

Erle: My son Bleu? Totally awesome!


I gave the family 2 sinks in the kitchen, cause they kept clogging up the path.

Denim: Watch me grow up awesome and regret not making me heir.

The family is there as always!


Denim rolled Unflirty and the LTW of being a Home Design Hotshot.
It means he needs to get 100 top scores for architectural design jobs. Wow.. that's a tough one!
He and Jay then promptly moved out.

Ahw the whole family is eating together except for..


Why do I have like 2 pictures of jack taking a shower? <_<

Lav: wow Denim, you're an interior decorator now?!

Lav: Oh goodness, you need to come over and make over this place!

What's wrong with my decorating?

Still inventing. This takes a long time!

And then Di and Bleu spend the entire evening playing video games together!

Standby: Oh hai guys! Can I play?

Di: I don't feel like playing any more
Bleu: Me neither.

Lav: Ghosts just should not be allowed to play video games!

The family is clearly ghostophobic.

In the privacy of his room, Coke weeps for Evan.
Coke: Alone again, naturally.

It's not like you were that great friends.

Now Corny. Who wouldn't want babies with someone who looks like that?

Lav: What's wrong with your son?
Di: He's reading a paper, what of it?
Lav: He's ten.

Bleu was checking the baking market, to see what kind of goods he should bake.

Not burnt ones, surely.

maybe the park will have more potential customers!

Denim: Dad..

Denim: I will make the world pretty.. for you!

First customer: I want that fly!

Bleu: Certainly sir. I would also suggest you try a vanilla muffin!

Bleu: I hope he didn't forget to pay for that fly!

#1 Customer: Thank you Bleu!

Ahw it's Evan's other son!
He's sad :(

Denim: I remember when nobody bought anything from me. I should not let that happen to my cousin!

Denim: Can I rent that empty space? I want to advertise my designing business!

He also got a blueberry muffin.

Sweet. new contacts!

Di: A birthday is upon me! :D

Di: wait does that mean I'll be old?

He grew up in a spiffy outfit I am so letting him keep.

He grew up pretty good actually! Nice.

And that's it for this chapter!
Not much in it but growing up and leaving, nut I hope you enjoyed it anyway :)

Next time: A Blue wedding? Turquoise babies? :O

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So Jack's a Couch Potato and Mean-Spirited? Sub would be proud :P
I don't know why a weatherman would need to do an interview... maybe he was asking about the weather tomorrow? A better question is why are there even weathermen in Sims 3, since the only weather so far is "Sunny"... Or "Cloudy" in Twinbrook.
Evander died at 90 too?! Wow!
Bright Dayes and Dark Knights? That reminds me of that new movie "Knight and Day" and also the Batman movie "The Dark Knight."
Ha! Lazy paper girl :P

Indeed, Sub would!

The "Dayes" bit was a reference to Rad's Dayes of Our Lives :D
The Dark Knight was brilliant!

Dayes of Our Lives looks interesting! I'm reading it right now. :D

Denim...mega-super-AWESOME-HOT! :O

'I want that fly' xD That actually made my day...laughing is good!

Can't wait to see those babies! :D

I know right. I kept saying "Damn!" at my screen when he grew up xD

The babies that have not yet been conceived! I can't wait to see them either!

I'm not surprised i probably would have been super wierd and started kissing my computer screen! aha! x


And he's up for download :D:D:D

Haha got to love Jays coward trait :)
Adam! You do know that making Lavie sad is a veryyyy bad idea?
Ah well another great chapter and don't feel bad if you make a 7.10 :) Atleast i would be happy then ^^
Di looks unnaturally god as a elder.

Di turned out really well! I hope his sister ages as gracefully! :)

Oh, Denim. *drool*
Never mind... I'm so excited to see Cornflower and Jack's future~ Hopefully their kids have his eyes.

I drool for Denim too x3
And same here as well. I really hope their genetics blend well! :)


Aww poor Lavender, almost as heart-broken as Lavender Brown from Harry Potter (cept' lav isn't crazy...is she?) Bleu has a GIR shirt!!!!!! And reads the paper, hey his dad's a god, he can do as he pleases. Wait, can Erin be a mortal! Cause then Bleu is a Half-Blood! Oh, new suggestion for name Poseidon, greek god of the seas!

-Luna(p.s, Denim is hot! And I'm a HP fan...*ashamed*)

Lav is definitely not crazy :)
His dad isn't a god. His dad is only named after a god xD
I'm not sure how Erin and Bleu have anything to do with HP, but let me assure you, they're just simple sims xD

I so agree with you, Denim is hot! I miss his pixels already.

Wow I can't believe Evander's already gone. Di wasn't even old when Evan pegged it. And what a great choise in a spouse for Corny Jack is! He is truly awesome. I can't wait for the next generation, not that I'm not bored with this one, I just miss the babies and the redecoration of the house to a different colour! x

Yeah, it was quite a shock to me too :(
Whew turquoise!! :D:D
My theme here is kind of turquoise xD So yeah, I like that colour and can't wait either!

EVANDER!!!!! T_________________________________T Nooooo!!! T_T
I'm sad, now. i.i At least there were many moments that cheered me up in this update, so I'm not THAT sad.

Wow, Denim. O.O OMG. And MAN, Corny reminds me of.. Paris Hilton! [in this pic: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v134/j.mariah/7point9/Screenshot-6769.png] Not THAT much, but there's something in her that reminds me of Hilton. But Corny is a lot prettier, I don't like Paris' face shape o.o

Di's old! i.i At least he aged well, EA didn't ruin him.

Oh, Evander i.i

[btw, I got Amb and HEL today, I'm going to check it out *o*]

D: I miss him because it seems as if Lavender went a bit coo-coo after he died. She's not been the same!
He wasn't even around for that long.. :(

Yeah, wow Denim indeed. I said "damn" like 5 times at my screen when he grew up. Everyone agrees that he's hot. Even the guys who read my legacy O:

I don't really like Paris' face shape either. Corny is so much prettier :)

Now, brb, got to finish writing the next chapter. have fun with your new expansions :D:D:D:D I hope you don't have many glitches!

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