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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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One Last Chance: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 7.8 - Blue

Are you serious?
We're STILL blue?
Ho ho, funny pun.

Corny gets her second title, she must be special.

Erle: Hey, you're STILL sexy!

Rain: Some party this is!

Oh hey there Rain.

Coke: It hit me in the head..

Cocaine.. the rainbow is strong within you. Use the rainbow!

Coke: I can do it, just you watch me.

Coke: I feel no fear, dummy. None of it!

Corny: OUCH! Stop distracting me with your martial arts sound effects uncle Coke!

She's invented 3 things. THREE. She's so sloooooow! But I love her anyway.

Denim: I wonder what my evil vegetarian cousin would say if she heard I'm not using tofu..

Oh hey. I'd forgotten that he got a tattoo xD

Coke: Eeeeek!
Jay: Relax uncle. I'm just flushing my dead fish..

Seona: Hey. It's me, Seona!

I'm sad that she and Bee never show up together D:

Di: That damn shower head broke again! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

It's an abomination. Obviously.

Oh Seona.. oh...

I don't even know what to say to that.

There has to be at least ONE picture of the father interacting with the belly per pregnancy. It's just a fact.

Coke: And I'll just put that.. wait is she pregnant?

Coke: I should have a new baby too..

Coke: If my baby and Erle's baby got together and had a baby, would that baby be generation Orange.. or generation Green?

Coke: It's just Chicken vs Egg all over again!!

Coke: So not fair..

Corny: Hey, Jacques right? Yeah it's Cornflower. I saw you in class today and I think you're super cute.
Denim: Yeah I know, it really bugs me too!

Corny: Disco-ball? Yeah it was like half of my family's first word!
Denim: School sucks :D

Corny: I was chatting with you over the phone when I looked out the window and saw you here, so yeah. Hey, I'm Corny.
Jacques: Just call me Jack. Most people do.

Corny: I see now why it's so dark out, it's because the sunrise is trapped in your eyes.
Jack: Oh Corny...

Blue Shirt Girl: Oh no she didn't!

Corny: what's up with blue shirt girl? You told me you were single!

Jack: Yeah I am, she just has a crush on me I guess.

Oh, now that's just MEAN.

It's so much easier to flirt when your partner is single.

Corny: Nice pair of lips you got there.. now remember sharing is caring.

Jack: Eh..

Jack: Our curfew is nearly up. If you kiss me now I wouldn't be able to stop and then we'd both be at the back of the cop car.. how about we do this again another day

Corny: I like the way you work, mister Veltran.

Di: Oh god, where's my wife!?

Di: She was standing right there!!

After noticing his error, Di went and relaxed while watching his wife give birth. Lovely.

Erle: It's here!

Erle: It's a boy!

His name is Bleu Celeste.
Or Bleu for short.
Bleu is Clumsy and Perceptive.

Erle: Look, we have a son, what should we do with it?
Di: Cake.

Yes I am not wasting a day growing him up from a teeny baby. He shall be a toddler STAT.

Jay: Yay, brother I didn't know I had! Whooo!

He looks.... JUST LIKE DI.

He even got Di's hair and eye colour. And nose and lips

Di: I think we have a clone now!

You're telling me!

But Bleu is a fast learner. He already learned to talk and here he is half a day old, learning to walk!

And that's when the family moved to a new house! Whew!

Nice entrance, yes indeed..

They deserve an entrance like that, no?

Here's a top-down view!

You might notice I didn't make the floors blue. Yeah I need some kind of contrast on the pictures and the wood looks generally much better in brown. So it stays brown!

I'm so not doing another tour in a new post, so here's a small tour now!

My favourite spot in the house. It really looks like there could be people living here. I love clutter!

I also LOVE the kitchen.

Also a bit cluttered.

Living-room! :D Complete with a small fireplace!

A look into one of the hallways! :D

Dining room O:

Hey there Orange!

Tiny little laundry room! LOVE IT.

Boys room.

Coke's. I made it a bit more violet this time. But still white!

I wish I could re-paint Tabitha's painting too.. *sigh*

Vanders' kids room!

Whoops. I gave Denim Berry's bed. I forgot to save the style of the one I made him D:

Dirle's room :D


Back yard!


And in the distance you can see the graveyard! Spooky.

We couldn't pack the garden and I'm not re-planting everything unless I get a sim that likes gardening. But Coke will plant that one special seed he found somewhere.

Within minutes, the new dining room was put into good use. However I found that it got packed with sims really fast and there was a big traffic jam, so I changed it a bit later on.

Jay: Here you go, brother. This will make you smart!
Bleu: I'm alweady smawt!

Standby: This new house smells good.

Not this again.

Ghost of Standby loves the trampoline.

Denim: what are you doing? Don't touch my clothes pile!

Corny: I'm cleaning the entire house, duh!

She has no idea what she has on her hands.

How did you get into Coke's bedroom? It's supposed to be locked!

Oh wait it's a new house.

Due to the lack of a basement, which was kind of annoying anyway, Lav's wine sits on the ground floor.

Check it out. My paper girl is not Face One!

Why it's AwesomeMod's new NoVanillaPudding feature that I've got enabled.

We might actually marry NPCs now that don't all look the same! :D

See, changed the kitchen-dining layout and exchanged the 3-tile table with a 2-tile one.

DI has another day off, so to teach his toddler he goes.
I'm sorry he's not portrayed much. He's a toddler.

Erle is--
Erle: Screw this!!

Correction Erle HAS made herself at home in the new house and in the family.

Still loving my tiny laundry room.

Ho ho ho..

He is THIS close to mastering martial arts.

He mastered the skill before he smashed the space rock.

Coke: Watch out for my epic ninja skills!!

Corny: I am so strong, watch out people!
Jay: She IS pretty strong..

Corny: Hey Jack, we're done with moving now and... what do you mean you're busy?

Corny: Dirt begone!

Corny: Busy? He doesn't look busy to me..

Corny was in too much of a rush to do any schmoozing and just kissed the guy.

No huss for fuss.

Jack: Well that was nice.
Corny: There's more where that came from, fufu..

Corny: Actually, I haven't got much time. I'm growing up in one hour and if we don't go steady you might find someone else. So will you be my boyfriend that I an wait for?

Jack: Definitely!

And then there was more kissing action!

Corny: Oh Jacques.. what will I do while you're still a teen?
Jack: Well you won't be flirting with other guys that's for sure.

Corny: I think I'll go mad.

And then the clock struck 20:00 and Corny felt that tingling feeling.

Jack: This is depressing.

Jack: Oh hey, my girlfriend grew up hot.

No kidding.

Corny: I'll be seeing. You. around.

Really? I want to get money for watching tv!

Lav: Oh my goodness, it's my brother. He is WALKING!!!
Coke: They use sugar in cooking too?

Go sit in the comfy chair Corny, so I can take a picture of you.
Corny: No.
Corny: No.

Corny: No.
I didn't even say anything.

Can you tell her new trait?

It's Childish.
I actually think this here is her Gumpiness showing, but Childish works so well for her. I think she's always been a little bit that way/

Well it's an introduction screen. You know what that means! Cornflower is the heiress.

I picked the only non-career related LTW for her. Because I want to keep her in the inventing path.

Oh yeah, Keefe? Watch me CARE...

Yeah. Ain't happening.

I made her new eye-liner a bit blue too. It looks pretty cool, if you ask me.

What made her un-grumpy you might ask?

Autonomous jump on trampoline of course!
Corny: This is so much fun!!

Hahaha. She bounced maybe 5 times and then said she'd had enough.

Odd to think that HER daughter is already old enough to have her own kids. Lav does not look old at all :)

Denim: There's something fishy about this assignment.
Evan: I'm still sucking at my career. I'm probably going to die before I reach the top and be the third sim, if you include Sorrel, whose life time wish you haven't completed.

The joke's on you, for not getting promotions.
Still love you, though.

Corny: Screw fish!

Yeah you tell them!!

Anyway.. that's it for this time!
Hopefully next time we'll see the birth of Turquoise, but you'll never know, with me xP

Thank you for reading :)

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how old is coke exactly idk y but i keep thinking he's been around since old sub i could be wrong but im to lazy to go check and thnxs for the lagacy best ive ever seen

Since old Sub? Oh no, he's is Sub's FATHER ;)! He's been around since he was born in Generation two so he's probably around.. 200-300 years old?
The game doesn't count his age, since I have to reset it to keep him younger, so he's forever 20-something in the game :)
And thank you very much, hell of a compliment!

Recent Thoughts (Anonymous) Expand
Still loving this legacy! Hard to believe there are only a few generations to go...*sniff, sniff* I'm glad Corny's the heir. She's interesting.

Ahw, you all should stop reminding me that it's nearly the end. I can't imagine ending them... it's so weird to think that!
Thank you :) I think so too!

Yay Cornflower! :D A+

I love the house - do you have much in the way of CC furniture, or is it all expansion pack related? I really want that hanging chair. :X

The chair is CC. I got it via downloading a house so I have no idea where it's from D: but I can see if it has a tooltip in game, if not I can go ask the person who made the house. Hold on :)
Other than that I think the chair, Di's bed, some clutter, a few end tables and the kitchen cupboards are the only CC I have in the house. I try to use as much EAxis as I can :)

Well then

I tried making big house like you...I worked all day on it and yours is still better... Sad luna...
1.Di got to watch tv for money?! God of entertainment ladies and germs
2. Bleu is sooo cute.
3. One of my dead sims I can control as a ghost! Super awesome!
4. Corny is so pretty! Pretty Lady!


D: I'm sorry

It was Evan, but yeah. I'm so jealous.

I'll tell you this once again: Cornflower is STUNNING. Period.
And YAY, SHE'S THE HEIRESS!!! <3 LOL Keefe, your loss, dude.

And wait, then Crazybat isn't marrying Jay? Or was it Denim? They confuse me! @.@

Coke's tattoos were really cool and I LOVED Coke!Action. But wait, Coke... and babies? LOL I admit I thought he could marry again, but it would be kinda weird having yellow gen AGAIN.

Last word? GROZMARINE!

Mhmmm.. I love her.

It was Jay and she's not marrying him. She agreed to wait another generation, but she will be marrying the Turquoise heir(who's not born yet) and it will be a boy :)

Ahw... I've given it thought and I just can't see him marrying again. Not only because it will take up room in my house, but also because.. what will I do with her? Would I let her age and die? That's be cruel for Coke! I might let him get some romance though :)


Yay Corny! :)
She looks awesome and got some traits that you don't see sims have that often :)
Oh Perfect min Perfect body the last Chimeree that had that, was it Kitty/Simon ? :) Gosh feels like going back to the beginning of time when you think like that :)

Oh wow... yeah! I knew I'd done it before but couldn't remember who it was that had the LTW!
I feel all nostalgic now! :)

I was going to comment on this ealier, but i had to go to College...

Attack of the CLONE! xD You only had one though, i had two...nearly three >.<

I love that Di has found love again :)

Yeah! Screw Keefe! Who needs him anyway! Corny and Jack are much cuter together :)

I can't stop staring at that house! It's so lovely. Did you colour it white? Just for a second...so you can revel in the thought of the Chim-chim-cheree's IN DA WHITE HOUSE! xD

Great update(s)! x

Lol. Curse you education! :P

Well I did have Denim too..

:) Me too. I'm happy for Di!

xD I haven't yet but I'll do it as soon as I get back into my game. I hope it looks good enough to keep it that way.

LOL! Di facing the wrong way :P
So it's a boy, eh? He was doomed to be a spare since before he was born...
The new house is really nice. If it was a real house I'd totally buy it if I had the money! :D
The Chimerees have A MILLION SIMOLEONS!? O_O
Corny's VERY good-looking! And I like her clothes post-makeover.
Lav DOES look quite young!

Ahw, how so?(about Bleu)

One million! Pretty sweet, huh? :D
Thanks! She still has her second outfit for inventing too! :D Whew!

(Deleted comment)
Arrg! Everytime I see UV I go 'Tobias!' I think it's the hair or something >w<
I'm so glad that Coke's still there! <3<3<3
And I think that Carny is growing on me. I still love Denim, though! Any chance you could upload him alongside Corny when it gets round to the uploading part? So cute! I love him. and Coke. And Leroy. And Rain. And Sub.
*Cough* sorry 'bout that.

Hahaha.. it must be the hair xD
Me too, I still love him after all this time!
I will, someone else already asked for him too, so he'll be up on the download list as soon as I get there.
Oh Rain! Ever since the wedding.. I really miss him xD
xD No need for you to apologize!

Cornflower is so very hot lol.

Yeah she's quite something, isn't she? :)

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