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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Forever: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 7.7 - Blue


It's our first .7! I feel so ashamed. This generation keeps going on and on because I take too many pictures xP
Okay so I'm obviously having fun but I'm gonna keep on apologizing because.. well.. I don't really know.

Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: Aldric and Desiree had a baby girl whoops, wrong family. Jay and Denim grew up into teenagers and Denim was ruled out of the heir running. Keefe was a loyal boyfriend to Philomena but I still think he's a douche. Di flirted with Madeline, who was also a loyal wife. Seona died at age 96. And Blueberry grew up and was moved out, ahww!

To show us that she's serious, Maddie goes and has a new baby with her husband. Pfff...

Coke: Why am I heeeeeere?

1. It's the gym.
2. The gym is across the road. You should remember!

So Coke rolled a wish to be more muscular. I have no problem with that. He needs to master athletic anyway!

Lav: Is that... Crazybat?

I shall dub thee.. Cass from now on. I don't feel like typing more than 4 letters *lazy bum*
By the way, to those of you who aren't following the legacy from BoolProp, Cassidy Crazybat is the simself of Crazybat and she will be marring in sooner or later.
Cass: But hopefully sooner.

Cass: Eureka!

Cass: Eure--excuse me? You're in my personal space.

Lav: It's me, Lavender Chimeree? You're engaged to my son?
Cass: Ah yes..

Cass: Guilty as charged!

Lav: So what is it that you do?

Hmm.. that woman!

She was staring at them from across the park THE ENTIRE TIME.

This is not the Creeper legacy, but thank you for the compliment.

Ahw, why is UV so sad and pouty?

UV: My mother died, you moron.

Ouch..  yeah that..

Meanwhile Cass and Lav kept on chatting.

Jay showed interest too, but the ladies were far too busy.

Keefe *sigh*: I'm not sure why I'm even still friends with this girl..

Corny: Why so blue today Keefe?

Keefe: My father died of old age!!

Corny: I see an opportunity to turn this conversation back towards me..

Corny: My grandma DIED TOO!!
Keefe: Ow, your hair is in my face.
Corny: WAAAAAH!!

So I turned SeeBee's bedroom into a small reading room. Complete with Standby's painting!

A few hours on the muscle machine and you can already see the difference, can you not?

Corny: Don't you think I could be a model? I was lucky to be blessed with the legs I've got.

Corny: omg omg omg.. wanna be BFFs!?
Keefe: Sure if it means you'll stop flirting with me!

Corny: Hehe.. I've got him now!

Corny: Sooo.. you're looking good today..

Keefe: Thanks :|

Corny *sigh*

Corny: Ew, is that dirt!?

Bee: Oh dear. That poor young man has passed out.

Contrary to my momentary belief, Keefe passed out from exhaustion NOT from being cowardly, which he is not.

Corny: It's no use.. I think I will have to actually be just friends with him. He just won't leave his girl.. who is now a YA and can't fool around with him anyway.

Wait, didn't Seona make this last chapter before she died? Hmm..

Di *uses flirtatious greet*: Hello there distant friend. I'd like to get a lot.. closer.. to you.
Erle: Oh Dionysus!

Di: I noticed that we're both workaholics! Is that why your husband left you?
Erle: My husband died.
Di: Oh.. sorry.

Before they have time for anything else, both must leave for work!
Di: I've got your number.
Erle: Yeah, that's how you got me to come over in the first place.
Di: Oh right.

For some reason every time I see him ride around on that Kenspa of his the Indiana Jones theme comes to my mind.

Funny thing, the mind.

Hey look, it's Star Grim. She's Evan's daughter!


Coke: Heeey! I like frying pans!

Coke: Uhm.. forget what I said.. I just want a tattoo..

Tattoo Artist: Sure thing, follow me hot stuff ;)

Coke took the whole thing like a champ!

Because he managed to blink at the exact moment I took the photo in CAS, I have to show you his tats out of CAS instead. Pff.

A purple heart with a dagger. I like it.

And some SimChinese signs.
What do they mean?
Tattoo Artist: They mean "I am totally awesome", end sarcasm, I don't know what they mean, girl. I just think they look cool.

Well then.

Coke: You did such a great job! Thanks!

Next Coke decided he could see if the stylist was worth anything.

Obviously not..

Coke: Do these track pants make me look straight? Cause I am.

I am completely loving the tat.

Back home.. Lav interpreted Jet's painting. I like Jet's better.

Photo of Jet(out of picture): Damn right you do!

Di: I don't know, I kind of thought Lav's was progressive and cool..

Either way, I had to sell it for her career.

Lav: Gosh! Can't we get over mum's death yet?

Way.. way out of line!

Jay: Are you wearing those shades to hide your tears over granny's death.. or to hide those of the loss of Keefe?
Corny: I'm SO over Keefe. I'm wearing these because it's sunny. Obviously.

Done with work, Di invited over Erle again.

They're both single parents, I figure they need love!

Oh I see.. the chair got over the death of Seona.

And then promptly died itself.


Di: I won't dance around the bonfire Erle, want to be my girlfriend?
Erle: Of course!

Di: I live with my sister and her husband and two kids and my own son. My daughter's already moved out. Oh and uncle Coke. I hope it's okay with you..

Erle: I'd love to move in with you. My young adult son can surely raise his toddler sister and child brother by himself! No problemo!

Di: Lavender! I have great news!

Lav: What.. what's going on? Someone called me by my full name!? What?
Di: This is my girlfriend Erle Cynster, she just moved in with us!

Di: Um, don't take it personally, she's just very hungry.
Erle: I get that feeling sometimes.

Then Di rolled a really cute wish of bouncing on the trampoline with Erle xD

So they did.


Then I remembered she's the VIOLET generation's girl, so I changed her colouring a little xD Silly me.

Anyhow.. she has ONE logic skill point. And if you know ANYTHING about medical field.. it's that you need logic. So does Lav!

Keep on sculpting, keep on sculpting!

Corny: Funky.. my hand is in a ghost!

Corny: Oh hey grandma.

Di: So.. work was pretty tough today, huh?

Talk of work is a total turn on for these workaholics.

FYI they also share the family-oriented trait ;D

Di: hey Erle, Erle hey.. uhm.. Erle?
Erle: Omg WHAT?

Di: Will you marry me?
Erle *gasp*

Erle: YES!

Grozmarine approves of this coupling.

Lav: What's going on here?

Di: me and Erle.. we're getting married!

Lav: Are you serious? That's fantastic!!

Lav: He deserves to be happy finally! :D

Jay: It's okay if you won't find a boyfriend who will have you, Corny. My dad just now found the girl of his dreams.

Corny: Your desperate attempt to bring me down.. has failed. You know what else fails? My attempt to see YOU romantically involved with anyone.
Jay: I'm engaged, fool!

Erle: Can you just.. hold on one minute?
Lav: Sure.


Erle: FLUSH damn you!!

I like her.

Erle: I don't want to scare you, but from the way my breakfast just emigrated from my body, I can tell I'm pregnant.
Di: Scare me? No way will that scare me. In fact, I'll invite the wedding part over right away!

Di: I. Am. Getting. Married! Be there!

Blueberry shows up in her awesome formal wear.

Erle: YOU look sexy today.

Oh look, it's Sorrel. She and Di are good friends after all.

And Cass!

Rain: Why are there so many sims here!? D:

Oh yeah, HE was the loner. xD

Cass: Hello!
You. I want your babies in my legacy.
Cass: The feeling is mutual.

I say this a lot, because I seem to have a "thing" with eyes, but I adore her eyes.

Rain: Oh golly.. weddings always make me cry..

Rain: True love is so beautiful!

Rain is married to Cosmo Thistle's sister.. she's been an elder for a while now too..

Gunther(yeah, I don't know who he is either): YAY, Dirle!

I like Dirle better then Dirrel xD

Cass: Yay!

Mariah: Oh goodness, the SIMS! There's so many of them!!

My simself is also a loner, like me.
At least Coke(another loner) is keeping it together. Classy man. Unlike some..

Corny and Denim: Whew!!
Gunther: Ew, kissing!

Jay: Excellent!

He looks totally awesome here.

Evan *copies Coke*

My goodness Sorrel. It's not like he DIED. Gosh!

And it's SO not like you accepted any of his proposals.

Lol. It's okay simself. I find it disturbing too.

Cass: Ew is that dirt? I have to keep this dress clean for MY impending wedding.

Wouldn't THEY have made a cute couple?

Plasma is sort of super cute.

Jay: Wow, she's SO PRETTY!

Lav: Hey Meems! I don't think we've been introduced! I'm one of the current heirs of your legacy!
Mariah: That's nice..

What's going on HERE?

Sorrel *twitch*

Cass: Wait! Your new step-mum has been puking all day!? Awesome! It might be a boy!

Jay: Hate to stop you there love but, you're engaged to me. Remember I asked you and you said yes?

Cass: Um, you were like.. ten.
Jay: This is so not going to work.

Jay *walks away*
Cass: Well that went well..

Anyway, this is Erle!

Lulz. Can you see how I Photoshopped her top violet, because I didn't have a better picture of her? xD
Nice work, me.

Di: Hey I'm Dionysus. This is my wedding.. so uhm..

Di: I give the BEST makeovers ever! Want one?
Cass: Sure, if it's free.

Di: I get to do a makeover! Whew!!

Di: Oh god no! Oh I can't even look!
Cass: What's wrong with my dress?

Cass: Well if you're going to change it I want one that flows with my body like this one. I really like the A-line style of it.

Di: Are you stupid? You need to go poofy!
Cass: What?

Cass: Oh yeah, I make Eaxis look good.
Di: I'm a married man. I'm a married man. I'm a married man.

I hope you like it xO
I could NOT help myself.
I'm addicted to this stuff.

What do you think of your new swimwear?
Cass: It stinks.


And that's the formal I gave her.

I kind of love this dress.

Cass: Anyway, nice party I guess, bye!

Some thought the party was so great, they didn't want to leave.

Some = Rain and Blueberry.

They stayed well after everyone else had left!

That night Erle found that there really is a baby on the way! Success!

Nice to see Di is still fertile :P

The next mo-- wait is Blueberry STILL here?

Berry: What? My dad totally owns this place. I'll stay as long as I want.


Now you might be asking. Will this be it or is there another chapter coming up in a hurry after this like the last two times?

Well, it's 3:40 in the morning and I AM kind of hungry, but the next pictures are already uploaded, so I might as well write it up, right?
Time only will tell if I pass out mid-chapter or not.

Till then, have a good time!
Sorry for the typos you might find, I'm a teeny bit tired xD

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Happy ending time!

I love blueberry "Blueberry fields forever"! Di got married! Erie is so pretty! I thought the whole wedding was funny, and romantic... Jay: Excellent Smithers(Simpson Joke)


Thanks ^^

Blueberry is evil after all so she may stay there forever :)
Great chapter :)

I thought Aldric & Desiree had a boy?
Cass IS pretty :)
Di finally got married! :D
The ice chair finally melted xD
YAY new baby! :D

They had another one after Platon, called Sharon and she's a girl. I totally forgot to mention that xD
You've got an eye for detail eh?

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