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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Crazy: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 7.6 - Blue

Dun dun daaaa!
Double chapter madness is upon us! Again.

SeeBee get the opening, yay!

Last  time... oh who am I kidding?

How are you liking these 80-picture chapters as opposed to 120-picture ones I used to post?

Coke: HYAH!

May the rainbow be with you, Cocaine Chimeree!

Okay so maybe he's bisexual or pansexual. Or he has a good cover..

Platon is a funky name..

Denim Jay: Lulz. You thought I was my cousin.

Yeah I almost flipped and was like, wait, did Jay already grow up in the last chapter?

Jay: Check the jammies before you say anything, gosh.

Ah, THERE's Denim.


Denim: Oh and Crazybat's breakup from her boyfriend is also worth celebrating.

SCORE. I don't think I've ever been so happy over someone's breakup before. Unless you count Moon Unit Creeper and that Face One guy whose name I've ALREADY forgotten.

Denim: I bet she was only dating Csaba to freak you out.


Di: I can't talk right now, my son is growing up! Jerk!

Denim: And now I'm the only one on the little kids bus.

Denim: Along with the bus-driver.

Corny: Oh hey, it's Keefe! I hope he slept well!

That's the real makeover I gave him.

I like it.

Di: Welp, time for work!

Coke: I think we're all finally over Standby's death! Yay!

Blue Jay rolled Friendly and grew up with Sorrel's lips. Huh, I guess he and Denim aren't that similar-looking after all! YAY!

I really REALLY like his look. He looks manly.
As a man should.

Seona: Ew, I sculpted this? Yuck!

She's a little confused, you might say.

Here's also a good look at the girls who look also completely different.
I actually think Jay looks more like Corny's brother than Berry's xD


Cornflower totally won this.

Corny: Sooo...

Jay: CDs! I love CDs!

Corny: I love you!


Corny: Cheese! Calm down boy.

Omg, It's Standby!

I woke Seona up, just so they could jump on the trampoline together.


Berry: Too bad you can't go outside before you do your homework, huh cousin?
Denim: I... I hate you.

Corny: I bet you'd like to be fishing right now.
Denim: You girls are so mean!

Corny: Yeah well I'd like to be making out with Keefe, but he's still in a relationship with some skank.

Denim: WHOOOO! Skipping school is so much fun!!

Why am I letting him do that you might ask?

He rolled a wish. PLUS it's his birthday.

Wow, they look so much alike already.

Another half-circle, another birthday sim!

Denim: I hope I grow up unique!

Me too buddy!

Berry: Fufufu, creating tension is fun.

Denim... there are 4 empty chairs. FOUR.

Coke: Cake AGAIN? Feels like we just had cake like 2 days ago.


He's a face-clone of Lavender. This makes me sad, because he's very good-looking.

I am thus removing you from the heir running. D: I'm sorry! D:

Anyway.. Denim rolled Frugal. I wish I could have a Jay-looking sim with Denim's traits, because jay's are sort of generic. but eh.

Seona: Hey Aldric. Congrats on your baby, want t give me a tattoo that I suddenly rolled a wish to get?

Aldric: What? I'm not a tattoo artist!

Aldric: But okay, I guess.

Seona: Are you sure you know what you're doing?
Aldric: No..

Seona got a ducky with some stars, a rose and

A zombie-looking girl with red flames.

Too bad her arms are like sticks.

Aldric: That damn Seona Chimeree!

See: hey, thanks for the tat! Turns out we're both Artistic! :D

Aldric: But I'm Grumpy and you're Excitable! We'll never get along!

Denim: Go away, I'm still bitter!

Ahw, I'm sorry D:

Meanwhile Jay tries out sculpting!

He made a barstool!

Oh hey, it's Madeline.

Di invited her over.

Immediately after calling her he rolled the wish to ask her if she's single.

Last time we checked she was married to Reynaud, the blonde guy Lav thought was cute.

Flirtatious greet!
Madeline: Wow he has a nice car!

Di: So, are you married?

Madeline: Uhm, ya, to Rey, who your sister tried to seduce.

Di did his best to lure her in with talk about his awesome family, but no matter how many times I tried she turned down his flirts :(

Meanwhile Seona sculpted a nice ice chair!

Di: I'm divorced *giggle-giggle*

Yeah, that's something to brag about.

Madeline: I bet you make nice babies!
Di: Would you like to find out?
Madeline: Ew, no, I'm married.

Coke keeps on building up martial arts skills.

Di: Now that we're best friends, how about you break up with Rey?

Madeline: What's wrong with this family!?
Di: Yikes!

Di *makes a smooth recovery*
Madeline: Oh I see.. I.. understand..

The kid is named WHAT?
Sc...Sche... Scheherazade.

I wonder what Elodie and UV are going to nickname her xD

I see what they did there though. I turned off pregnancies in their house and as soon as Elodie turned Elder they adopted, which was enabled xD

Seona: The kid is named WHAT? Wait no.. that's not why I'm making this face!

Seona: I think I'm going to die! Eh.. about time.


She looks fancy as a ghost!

Seona: No, I changed my mind Adam! Please don't make me die!

The family is heartbroken once again. Will this soften Adam's heart?

Adam: Come come, Seona, you're 96 and your husband is dead already. It's your time.

Apparently not.

Seona expired 6 days after her husband's death.

SeeBee is together again!

Coke: I feel like a part of me is missing.

Yeah. Your wife. I'm still sorry about that.

Coke: No, it's not that. I haven't written anything for 2 days. I've been busy with martial arts!

Uh oh. He's having writing withdrawal.

Di: Oh Madeline, how will I go on without my parents! And my girlfriend also left me! Now it's just me and my children. They need a mother.

Di does his best to get Maddie to give in.

The next morning...
Berry: A cake? For me? Sweet!

While the rest of the blues were sent off to school, Berry had her birthday!

Berry: Check me out!

Lavender: Red? She's not supposed to be red!

Berry: Mum didn't want to get married, dad, but she still loved you. She wanted to feel free while still being in a committed relationship. You should have respected that.
Di: I wish Seona was here to tell her off, I do not have the heart.

Di: MUM!! WHY!?
Lav: Mum...

Anyway.. This evil doer had Workaholic locked in. So she shares one trait with mum(Commitment Issues) and one with dad(Workaholic)

Berry's final traits are Commitment Issues, Vegetarian, Virtuoso, Workaholic and Evil.
Her lifetime wish is to be The Emperor of Evil.

She won't be the heiress... so she found a job in Criminal and was moved out.

That leaves us with 3 Blues.
Who will be the heir/ess, that brings Turquoise into the house?
That and much more next time in Chim-Chim-Cheree!

Thank you for reading!

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Seona noo! I'll miss her :(
But atleast Seebee is in peace at last.
Ohh you got cute kids there :) I will throw a guess that it's Blue Jay that will get the heir spot. Now to the exciting part to se if i'm right.
Lovely chapter yet again :)

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! updaaaaaaaaaates!!


I liked berry, but i guess having Commtment Issues doesn't help. Oh well! It's almost as if SeeBee's song is Taylor Swift's Love Story! Awwww, so sweet...


Berry was nice and she looked great, but she kind of bored me in game ^^ sorry!

Oh, how come?

Re: Awww

Well, they were insane,I don't think that she wrote the song about people falling in love in a asylum. It was more of a happy ending version of Romeo and Juliet. oh well..


Hahaha... yeah that makes sense I guess xD

They were crazy, but they thought they were completely sane themselves. So I guess it could fit x3

I so hope it's Cornflower. XD

I have epic love for Cornflower in my heart.

Another awesome chapter- it's a pity that Denim is out of the running, he's a real looker <3

Where did you get Seona's tattoos by the way? I haven't been able to fine them on any of the cc sites I frequent ^_^;

Yeah he is, but he just looks too much like his mother. It's much like Tar and Leroy back in the day.

Wow you don't go to My Sims 3 Blog? I always go there for quick updates of most places and that's where I got the links to the tattoos I've got.
The ducky
The roses + the stars near ducky
The lady

Oh, Seona!!!! i.i We'll miss her, she was a treasure, really i.i

MAN, Denim looks AWESOME! He's really one of the most handsome sims I've ever seen! O.O Awwww, he's not the heir i.i

Corny is so beautiful, too, I'm really hoping she's the heiress! <333
And the double updates, I'm loving them xD

Yeah she was ._.

D: I'm sorry!

I have much love for Corny. Like a ton.
xD thanks

(Deleted comment)
:) I loved them too, so much!

I'm a lurker, and, you know, I actually liked the longer chapters a lot more! It seems as if we're not getting to know the new heirs as well as we know Jet and the earlier ones because of the shorter chapters, you know?

Anyyyyway, you're awesome. And I love Coke. I'm so downloading him and injecting him into my 'hood. :p

Noted! :)

I liked how I used to write them. I don't think I do it the same way any more and it's bugging me. I wish I did more story and less random sometimes so we could get to know them better, but I can't seem to go back to how I used to do it. It's odd D:
I'm trying though :)

I think it might be called a creative block. n_n Don't worry about it, it'll surely pass. I still enjoy the random, though!

Double chapters don't bother me at all :)
Di looks really different in his work uniform...
At first the shot of SeeBee jumping together looked like they were flying and I was like "What!?"
Aldric's hair is suddenly very shiny...
An ice chair? That isn't very practical :P
Noooo! Seona is dead!

Oh and about the last chapter....
Scheherazade? That's an odd name... I'd pronounce it "Skeh-her-uh-zahd"
Corny's inventor outfit is cool.
Csaba? That's a weird name too :P
CRAZYBAT! That's an awesome last name!
Ack! Keefe grew up in Egyptian wear!

I got new hair textures from Aikea and Aldric's style was one of the ones that got a new texture :)

xD Funny thing is.. it's stood in the corner of the garden and hasn't melted yet... Seoan died days ago! Odd..

Ooh nice. That pronunciation could totally work :)
Thanks :D I LOVE her inventing outfit too :D
Yeah I'm loving my strange names mod :D
Cassidy Crazybat is a simself of Crazybat on BoolProp :D she voiced her wish to marry one of the boys in violet gen, but I ended up not doing that, but I am now :)
xD Which kind of works for him.. he looks 50% Egyptian. I like to imagine his dad's Egyptian and his mum's from somewhere with slightly darker skin tones :D

The shot of Seona and Standby on the trampoline is gorgeous.. I just can't put it in words - but it's very cute :)
Sorry I'm not good at commenting everything, but I still like your legacy! :D

Thank you! I only wish they did that as ghosts, but they just don't come out on the same night at all! :(
No need to apologize for that, I'm a bad commenter myself, so I know how that goes.

Oh, Mariah!!

The stupid computers here dont allow me to see the pictures you post, so that means i'll have to wait till I get back home to the US to read all of them... Ugh i'm so behind!!

Makes no sense for them to not show pictures.. hmph..

I guess you'll have a nice afternoon of reading chapters when you get home xD

Yupp... Im starting to read right now...

Bwahaha... you have your ways to go! :D Should be fun..


Hey guess what I saw that's totally relevant to Di and Sorrel. Okay, maybe I should have posted it to the other chapter, but whatever! Anyway, in my computer class we have to do this thing called Microtype that "teaches" us to type, and one of the things we can to type was "Di and Sor have broken up." I was like, "OMG! CHIMEREES!" And the people sitting next to me were like, "What is she on?"

So yay, fun-fun, no? XD

Lol. Omg, that is so cool! xDDD
Thanks for sharing! <3

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