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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Cool: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 7.5 - Blue

Yes it's me again.
*bother bother*
Well you're going to have to put up with me because I love this family too much and I take far too many pictures.

This is totally a sneak peak to Corny grown up to a teenager.

Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: There were shinies and Creepers. Evan grew up and got a makeover, Di and Sorrel were over and Standby died.

Jay: Hello lady's waistline. Looking good today!

Jay: You gonna say something or what?

Alas we may never know if the lady's waistline replied, as those were all the pictures I have of that particular encounter.
Seona: Standby </3

That lady over there is Jasmine, Sorrel's sister. I don't know how she got in..

Lav: You won't die soon, will you love?
Evan: Nah I just grew up!

Evan: I can't believe your father died! It makes me so ANGRY!
Lav: Whoa, hon! Whoa!

Berry: Fufu, they're totally having a fight about grandpa.

Denim: Grandpa!


It breaks my heart.

Corny: I'm growing up today! No more being a baby. Then we can look for boyfriends for you together. I already have Keefe!
Berry: Boyfriends?!

Berry: That's uh.. that's great Corny.. I don't really like commitment.

Obligatory cake shot.

Obligatory mourning shot.
Wait, what?

Di: How can Coke cheer? He should be heartbroken about dad's death!
Evan: My son is so awesome.


She was so distracted she fell over. Ahw.

Well, she's different! AWESOME.

She has Evan's nose!

It's kind of flat xD

She rolled... uhm.. uh... well um.. NEAT.

I just loaded the game to see because I forgot to write it down xP
So she's a Grumpy, Athletic, Neat sim who Loves the Outdoors.
Why I thought inventing would be her thing, I don't know xD

She went and register as a self-employed inventor immediately.

Then off to the junk-yard she went!

Corny: A bicycle pump? I might need that!

Jasmine and Sorrel were there too!

Sorrel's been dating various people since her breakup from Di, but hasn't married.
I'll be angry at her if she gets married. Really.

Meanwhile the boys were sent to a nearby park!

Denim set up a bake sale.

Denim: Come on lady, buy something. It smells so yummy!

Stanka: I didn't take any money with me! :'(


Stanka, along with having a funny name, has an interesting face.

I like the eyes.

Jay finds the family's second extraordinary butterfly.
Nice work Jay!

Jay: It's tough being so awesome, but I'm doing it.

Don't worry Denim. It's our little secret.

Flying Fish: I'd like a cookie, little boy!

Jay: Waah! Grandpa!
Crazybat: Boooo! You made Jay CRY! I HATE YOU!

She literally booed the guy.

Jay: So, we meet again waistline.

Jay: You stumbled upon the park and I just HAPPENED to be here? It can not be a coincidence! We're obviously meant to be.

Jay: Woman, marry me!

Crazybat: Oh Jay, you crack me up..

Crazybat: Really though? The answer's yes.

Jay knows that the way to a woman's heart is with good humour.
Jay: Everyone likes a guy with a good sense of humour.

This guy?

His name is Cathair Westmoreland.

I'd marry him to Corny, just for the name.

Speaking of Corny.. whoa nice segue!

She's inventing!

I gave her two outfits, one with the dress and this one, for inventing!

Very appropriate.

Corny: I'm really rather good at this inventing business.

Explosion: BOOM!

Well, you sure told us!


Corny: I'm ON FIRE!

I knew that dive-well was going to come in handy one day!

Corny: AHHH!

Corny: GASP!

I just thought this was a nice picture.

Corny: Welp, time for bed.

Corny: Oh yeah, I'm smooth.

Coke: what was I doing?
Jay: I'm awesome.

Corny's butt isn't the only thing on fire around here.

This is Baked Angel Food Cake, that Seona made.

Corny: Science is awesome!
Jay: WHAT!?

She seems to have that choking effect on Di's children xD

Corny: Grandma should finish that sculpture she started when grandpa died..

Meanwhile Jay went to autonomously Get To Know his aunt. I like him more and more every day.




I forgot to apparently turn off romance for her household. Whoops!

Hey Corny, your childhood sweetheart is in a relationship with someone else.

Corny: I can fix that.

Corny: Let's see here.. Aha, Keefe!

Corny: hey Keefe, it's Cornflower. You're coming over! I'll see you in 10!

Corny: Whew! I can't wait!!

He's rather cute.


Why are you not skilling!?

Corny: You're hot. I'm hot. We should date.

Keefe: Uhm, I have a girlfriend?

Since nobody bought his baked goods in the park, Denim headed across the street to the gym instead.

I don't see why people aren't buying anything.

His goods are PERFECT and all.

Corny: Skin, you need to show more of it. Girls like skin.

Keefe: And a haircut?
Corny: AND a haircut!

Corny: We're going to have to dye your hair, so that your genetics aren't too much like mine.

They have the same eye colour too, ugh.

Keefe: This is too much skin, I say.

Corny: Whoops! Hehehe..

Changed his colour, as I said.

I did NOT ask him to dress in his swimwear, that was his doing, so whatever.

Corny: Forgive me, lover.

Seona: My life is empty!!

Mr. Righty: Yeah end your own life, love!

Mr. Lefty: Join your husband in death!

Seona: Stop trying to make me kill myself!

Corny: So Keefe, since we're good friends now..

Corny: Why not break up with Philomena and be with me instead?


Corny: Ahw I'm sorry.

Corny: BTW, I like fish.

Corny: And I'm RICH.

Keefe: I'm not sure why I agreed to stay the night...

Cornflower Chimeree - she will distract you with random things until you agree with whatever she's saying.

She totally inherited that from Lavender.

Next time: The boys grow up and so does Blueberry?
FYI. There will NOT be a poll for the heir this generation. I realize I said there might be one but I've made a decision that I'm very happy with.

I'm doing another double-update, so check back later for chapter 7.6.
Yeah I'm aware that I'm a bit crazy, why do you ask?

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:O I love Corny! She's so gorgeous.

I want that butterfly!!!

Keefe and Corny would make a cute couple, damn you Philomena!...what a name xD

Can't wait for the next update :)

I love Corny too! She's pretty awesome!

I love my silly names hack so much xD
Cathair... xD

You will need to wait no more :D

Woah Corny looks fantastic!
Keefe looks better then most of the sims you can find :)

Another update! You know i love what i hear there :D
If you're happy with the new heir then i'm happy to :)

I know, right? I love her.

Ahw thanks :)

Ha, ha ha

Fish: I want a cookie little boy!


:D thanks! I found that bit pretty amusing myself :)

Corny is rad, nuff said :D Love how she caught fire and dove into the well, great screens!
*still trying to catch up* xD I was gone for a week you see :P

:P Yeah I went on a rampage. Sorry about that. I hope you had a nice week.
Corny is pretty awesome, yes. I still need to make a Corny usericon!

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