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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Now You See It.. : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 7.4 - Blue
Seona kissing Standby

Another chapter for you today! Whoop!

Now You See It.. Now You Don't was too long of a chapter name..

Last time:  Blueberry grew up, Di and Sorrel broke up and Cornflower liked inventing.

We begin this chapter with a very proud daddy, Evan bringing Denim to his cake.

Did you just... grow up with girl hair?

SeeBee are still in love and I still love them.
They're so pretty in pi-- uh red.

Denim Chimeree!

Though I think he looks a lot like her mum Lavender.
Still adorable though.

Denim grew up with the Angler trait! Haven't had that in a while!

Denim: I like all kinds of fish!

He also has.. the nose!

I got those emptied shelves from MTS and put all our precious stones on them!


Lav: Where is that son of mine? I want to teach him handiness!

Oh Lavender!

he is fishing in the pond I dug for Di, of course!

See the nose!

I kind of really like it xD

Denim: I couldn't help but notice that you're kind of spamming me.

Appreciate the camera! APPRECIATE IT!

Meanwhile, everyone else was in school.

This here is Solveig Something-or-other. She's Chad Creeper's granddaughter.

She invited Jay over to her house after school.

Jay: Nice to meet you!

That's her older sister.
Notice how they both totally have Chad's nose!

Can you move out yet?
Sorrel: Nope, it gets stuck in the processing screen and you end up having to Ctrl+Alt+Del the game. Good thing you're smart enough to save the game before another attempt.

Gosh darnit!

Evan looks good in beige.

Berry's still good at guitar.

Denim, the couch-potato found that watching the fishing show is just as good as actually fishing.. except you get to park your butt on the sofa and not move a muscle.
Denim: Score.

Evan: Hey, this is new.


Omg. Dude. You're really high up!

Evan: I'm the king of the WOOOOORLD!

Evan: well that's going to be fun for the kids.

The kids.. of course.

Some chick came home with Denim on his first day. Too bad she's the daughter of a Face 1(and Antonia, if you remember her).

So much homework! I feel like it's ALL the kids ever do! Go to school, go home, do homework.

I can't decide if he looks too much like his mum or not! We shall see when he grows up!

Evan: What?




Evan: Ew, I'm old!

Meanwhile, I forgot to mention but Frederick, Evan's first son came to visit.

Freddy likes the new trampoline.

Evan: I need a makeover, brother-in-law. what do you think.

Di: I'd rather live in nuclear winter than see you out and about dressed like that, girlfriend.

Evan: Nuclear winter, oh my goodness!
See: hey boys, I just came here to check out the new object and be generally in the way. Hey is that a hairbrush?

Di: one word, Evan, darling. Heels!
Evan: Yaaaaay!

Di: Ta da. You look like a doll, darling!
Evan: Oh yeah! You can't touch this *tsss*

Omg. Can you see the little puff of steam? Yeah. EA totally went there.
BTW. I didn't get the screen or anything. Di gave him that outfit himself. And I like it. So it stays!

Evan: Damn. I'm hungry now!

Evan: I look damn good.

Di: Next?

Freddy hurt himself! Awww..

Denim: That random girl who came home with me baked that burnt muffin. I totally showed her!

He so did.

Dig Evan's new hair?

I like it.

Di: I'll show her how to move out of the house!


Unfortunately.. it made the bed more awesome, and didn't touch Sorrel.

It's 3:30 in the morning. What's Coke up to?

He's singing to himself in SimChinese.

While baking cobbler.

Coke: Hey, that's the guy who married my son. He was a good man.

A good man, who lived insanely long, but a good man none the less.

Oh hey, it's Seona's half-sister Vlasta! She's strolling by the legacy house. Quickly! To the Chimereemobile!

Vlasta: I'm so hungry...
See: I should say hello..

See: Hey sister!

Vlasta: Heeeeey!

See: hey, we share a trait! No way!
Vlasta: who'd have thought insanity was a family trait, huh!?

And then Seona went on to sculpt this puppy. Her first sculpture too!

See: What what!?

See: Oh it's you. This sim is up to no good!

That's my simself's trashcan!

See: Exactly!

Meanwhile studying ensues inside.

Boys together!

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Same noses and I THINK eyes.

Are their lips the same? I can't tell, since I was stupid and took Jay's picture up closer than Denim's.

Jay: So what were you saying about painting earlier? Mariah didn't give that picture an actual caption.

Denim: I wonder if we're ever going to have another writer in the family, since uncle Coke does all the writing, you know?

Di joined them autonomously. How cute.
The water in this game.. gosh. Gorgeous.

Another sim who needs a logic point and Lav is all too happy to oblige!

She mastered her handiness sometime during this chapter, but I kind of missed the shot.
So now she only has logic to master and she's done with her LTW.

Sorrel: YAY! GOOOO!
Lav: Is she STILL here?

I'm sorry! It's a EAxian glitch!

Sorrel: well.. take advice of that person who commented on your post about that glitch...

*clicks on another house and Makes it Active via Super Computer. Add Sim > Sorrel Friday. Done. Clicks back on the legacy house and Makes them Active. Sorrel is no longer a member of the household*

Lesson to be learned: Twallan is really frickin awesome.

Jay: I sense my mother no longer living with us.
Denim: I can't believe you've caught more fish that I have!

Sorrel: Take care of our daughter, will you? She troubles me!
Di: Of course I'll take care of her.

Bee: Done and DONE. Now I can go take a nice bubble bath.

Bee: Wait a minute..

Bee: Yellow sparkles that make me go cross-eyed? That can't be good!


Adam: HA HA. You're dead.

HA HA. Your hand is stuck in the wall!


Quick Seona, in the house!!

The rest of the family was already mourning Bee's death.

Corny: I'm STARVING.

Standby does not go out without a fight.

Bee: Please! I can't leave my wife yet! I'm not even one day after 90!

See: Please, Adam! We're begging for mercy!

But Adam was relentless!

Adam: It's so nice to have the whole family in one room together, isn't it?
Seona: You're heartless!

Everyone: STANDBY! <3333

Adam: Ew, who stinks!?

Adam: Oh awesome! I've always wanted to try these!!


Adam: Hehe.. okay okay. I'm leaving.

Before he left Di wanted to go autonomously yell at him, but he managed to disappear before he did.

Coke went straight to his room and begun work on his 89th novel titled Standing By.. a Masterpiece.

I hate death. It brings with it the endless moaning and crying. Ugh.

Standby Chimeree. Expired at age 90, after completing a painting that now sits on the wall in Seona's bedroom.
Everyone loved you Standby and they always will I'm sure.

His urn remains in the house until the death of his wife Seona.

I can't think of a way I could possibly go on with this chapter, so let's end it here with the death of a beloved heir.

Thank you very much and I'll see you next time!

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Nooooo! STANDBY! Okey now i'm sad :(
Denim and Blue Jay looks so muc alike that they could almost be twins atleast brothers. Genetics likes Lavies nose :)
Adam's amusing in this chapter but even death itself get stuck in the wall :)

I was sad too! I still can't believe he's gone! He was only 90!
Yeah they do! And they're cousins! Funny how genetics work, huh.

I have some love for Adam :)


Standby can't die! No!
Oh and See was sculpting a lion that's chinese. But puppy works too!


It was an expression :) You know, as in "check out this puppy", I'm sure you're familiar with it ^^

LOL! Di giving Evan his makeover. XD! And I did notice the "steam" when they do that animation. :P
Coke's makeover looks quite good. :D
WOW they boys look very similar!
I can't say I'm a huge fan of Berry's (was it?) nose... Oh well. I like Blue Jay best now, methinks.
Standby died already!? We went from Groz's epic-lifespan to Standby dying right when he hit 90. Whut!?

xD It's hilarious, right?
Thanks. I like that hair.. I love it a lot..
I know, right?
I like it solely, because it's not one of those face 1 potato noses.
D: Yeah, my game was like "I herd you liek Adam the reaper, here he is!" I miss Standby!

See without Bee

Oh no! Half of SeeBee is gone! They were the best couple yet :( Poor Seona

:( I'm incredibly sad! They were my favourite pair too!

STANDY!!! Why so soon Adam?! Aw I'm all depressed now :(

... But I LOVE Denim's hair, where did you get it?
Sorry if you've mentioned this before.

It's EA made, it comes with the AMB stylist career I believe, but it was unlocked here: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=406974

Recent Thoughts (Anonymous) Expand
Recent Thoughts (Anonymous) Expand
I can't believe Standby has already gone.. He was defiantly one of my favourites :)
Damn you Adam!!
Brilliant post as always! x

Mine too. Probably on 3rd place after Jet and Coke.
I already miss him..
But now I "only" have 9 sims to look after.

I think Denim and Jay are identical!

I laughed when I saw this picture!! : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v134/j.mariah/7point4/Screenshot-6131.png

Yeah, they pretty much are apart from the jaws. Odd. Identical non-twins!

Oh yes.. THAT picture. I laughed when it happened in game xD
It's SO not Di!

He will be so missed.

Yes he will. It's odd to think that he's gone..

Glad to see my advice helped. ^^

Aw can't believe Stand By's gone *sob*. It's so strange for one of your sims not to live past 90 days. Anyway, this chapter was hilarious! Evander on the trampoline "dude, you're really high up!", Evander and Di having a gay makeover moment and randomly Cocaine singing to himself SimChinese (I don't why but I keep giggling at it everytime I read it). Shiny stones have AMAZINGLY great graphics, like the water aswell. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Yeah I was all "why is it zooming in on Standby? What.. nooo!"
EA made them stereotypically gay for a little while. And it was good comedy.
Awesome shinies are awesome.

Awww, Denim!!! <3 He so totally rocks! he's a Vander, that's why. <3333

And I'm loving to see the heirs' portraits all over the house. Last chapter's GrozMarine... I SO miss them! i.i My favourites so far are Coke, Jet, Grozmarine and the Vanders ^^

Oh, so it was Sorrel that you wanted out of the house! I wouldn't have thought. And Blueberry got her commitment issues trait.. Oh boy!

If you ever made a poll asking who's the awesomest dad so far, I'd totally vote for Evan, btw. I know, random, but... just ignore it LOL

STANDBY!!!! i.i Why so early??? Adam, you IDIOT! -_- [LOL I'm SO used to say this, since my eldest brother's name is Adan (yeah, with an 'n')... it's so funny to me to say this in this context. xD]
So wait.. You were experimenting, right? You used to give your sims their favourite food and all. Now that you stopped doing that and Standby died so... 'early'.. It proves their favourite food increases their lifespan? o.o

Yeah! I wanna see him as teen already! He's pretty awesome and his traits aren't COMPLETELY generic like Jay's xP

We see a ton of Grozmarine, because a lot of action goes on in the kitchen, apparently xD

Lol. Yeah. I didn't WANT her out but I needed her to be gone or the whole plot was pointless. But then again.. I don't miss her. It's nice to see notifications of what she's doing though.

Me too. Evan is an awesome dad.

Lol. Nice.
Huh.. how strange. We'll see how long Seona lives from now.. that might totally be it, though. Interesting.
Though each elder has like.. a chance to die any day. A small chance but still. It might just be random. It'd be interesting if I was right xD


Today, while simming, I experience the awesome that is Adam aka the Grim Reaper. Not my first experience with him, but let me put THIS: http://i784.photobucket.com/albums/yy121/ohheykid/grimmyandtheflower.jpg

to show you that this is my first experience with the death flower!! I knew I had the plant but I didn't know that my Sim had harvested a flower. So BAM!

Anywho, the most important part of this screenie is Adam's comment up there in the corner. :3 Who knew that Adam was so nice?! He has such a sensitive side! :'D
Just wanted to share that with you since you seem like such a big Adam fan! Hope you enjoy!

Ahw, how sweet of him! I actually have a death flower for that reason in Coke's inventory in case he dies by accident.

Thanks ^^

Hey Mariah, how do you have Master Controller AND Awesome Mod? Aren't they incompatible with each other? I'm confused

Nope, AwesomeMod is a core mod but Master controller is just a script mod. Use them both if you so wish, it's caused no problems for me at all :)
Sorry it took a while to respond, I was on vacation!

Noo, Standby! :( One of my favourite Chimeree heirs, other than Coke, of course. He and Seona were so perfect together.

But lol at Adam's antics. He just doesn't seem to understand that people generally don't see him as a friend, so they don't want him to stick around.

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