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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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How Romantic: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 7.3 - Blue

Today I bring you... some Chimerees!

This chapter is brought to you by Di-rrel!

Last time in Chim-Chim-Cheree: I had a crush on Lavender. Sorrel and Lav gave birth to boys named Blue Jay and Denim(who is Artistic and Couch-potato, not athletic as I at first wrote), respectively. Dionysus reached his life time wish and Cornflower liked her little brother.

I forgot to mention this last time, but Coke got his second Biography opportunity! Awesome!

The novel was titled Jim: Story of the Man.

IT'S OVER 9000! It's even OVER 90000! AND EVEN OVER 900000!

Coke has earned over one million simoleons via writing!
Every Sunday at 10am I wonder where that 60k came from. Oh yeah, they're Coke's royalties. I'm surprised it says 40k here. He usually really gets 60k-ish.

Berry: Welcome back maggots. You've arrived just in time for my birthday.

Everybody was excited as ever.

Especially Coke.. but wait..

Ahw, what's wrong?
Corny: we only got to be the same age for one day :|

There there..


We interrupt Berry's growing up with.. Coke's makeover!

Coke: What can I say, I'm a fan of my great-grandson Standby and his hair looks so nice and smooth.

So anyhow, this is Blueberry! Her fourth trait is Commitment Issues.

She has Lavender's nose... yet Lav is not her mum.. so the nose must be from whoever Lavender got hers from.. Standby? Eh, don't know!

Oh Evan! Is that a toddler book in your hand?
Evan: Yeees :)

He is the best autonomous dad I've ever had in my game! EVER.

Lav: He's always with the baby. I mean it's awesome, but I'd like it if he tried to reach his LTW too, you know.
Coke: Mmm.. he's still on level 4, isn't he?
Lav: Yup.
Coke: He's getting too old for slacking.

Bee: Uhm.. are you guys going to move your chess-bits or are you just posing?

After not being able to play her guitar for years, Berry finally has the chance to show her natural talent.

Corny: She's good.

Corny: Hey Keefe. Seeing as we always have trouble finding partners unless we find them in our childhood. I'm thinking we should be friends.

Corny: No, uhm.. Cloud died ages ago. I think you're confusing him with uncle Coke.

Jay: I wish my daddy taught me to walk..

Apparently Berry's playing is so good, it makes people stop what they're doing to cheer her on.

Also.. you can see another example of sims syncing with Coke.

Yeah, I got some AMB stuff for the family. I was very happy to find that kids can invent! AWESOME. Finally something they can do!

That was fast.
Corny: Oh yeah, I'm good. Now, what does it do?

Silly Seona, we have plenty of chairs to sit on.
See: This is comfortable!

Suit yourself!

Corny: Hey Keefe! I just invented something nobody has never invented before!

While sending Di and Sorrel out on a nice dinner, I saw Ultraviolet!
He is still happily married to.. Elodie!

In fact the only one who isn't married of the violet generation is Lilac, who is unflirty.
Garnet has her Dominica, Plasma is married to a girl named Eunice, Rain's got a wife named Hildegard and Amethyst is married to Regan the daughter of Chad Creeper!! Score!
Ames is also the town Casanova, so he gets around...

Sorrel: This was a nice idea, honey..
Di: Mhmm..

Sorrel: I hope we don't have to do the dishes.
Di: It's a restaurant, hon.

Sorrel: By the way, I still hate marriage. Thought you should know.

Di *sigh*
Sorrel: Anyway.. I'm done. It was delicious.
Di: We need to talk, Sor.

Di: You're the love of my life, Sorrel.
Sorrel: Ahw, I love you too!

Di: However, I'm done with this girlfriend-boyfriend thing. I want to get married. If you reject me now.. it's over between us.

Sorrel: An ultimatum, Di? That's not fair! What about what I want?

Di: Sorrel Friday, will you marry me?

Sorrel: You can't be serious, Di!

Sorrel: Hahaha.. you crack me up, hon.

Sorrel: I've told you before and my feeling for marriage haven't changed. It's a no.

Di: Well, you asked for it. We are now.. broken up.

Sorrel: Asked for it? No I didn't! Just because I love you, doesn't mean I want you to put a ring on it.

Di: How can we be good role-models for our children if we're not even married!?

Sorrel: Sure, we can break up, because a broken home is just the right kind of home for growing children.

Di: That was out of line, Sorrel!
Sorrel: Whatever, Dionysus.

Di: It's OVER.
Sorrel: Watch me care.

Evan: Where are your parents? I haven't seen them around tonight?

Berry: They're out having a romantic dinner together! I think dad's going to propose to mum!
Evan: That's wonderful news!

Di: We...*sigh* I'm home, everyone!

Coke: That sounds ominous! I'm worried!

Lav: Uh, Di? Why is Sorrel crying?

Di: We broke up, sis!

Lav: You.. broke up?

Lav: well you can't have a great career AND a healthy marriage I guess. Congrats on your LTW, by the way.

Berry: How'd it go, dad?
Di: Me and your mum are no more. She's going to move out when your brother grows up.

Di: Now go to bed. It's past your bed-time, missy!
Berry: Wait, what?

Little Jay has no idea what's going on. He is still taught as nothing changed.

Sorrel *is pouting*
See: I don't see why you're so upset, Sorrel. It's not like you wanted to marry the guy, or anything.

berry: I'd go to bed at the right time, if Blue Jay didn't keep waking me up!!

Di: Just go to sleep, he's in bed now and he grows up tomorrow.

Oh gosh Corny. I made you invent ONE TIME. Now you can't stop thinking of it!

Corny: it's obviously because I'm MEANT TO invent.


Lav: Wait wait.. two cakes means...

Lav: One is for me!

Cocaine Chimeree loves birthdays!

Coke: It's because those are the days that I get to leave my room! :D
See: Go on, baby! Grow up!

She grew up to an adult, yay! Second cake is for Jay!

One last look!

Ahw why so blue, Jay?

Jay: Can't you see? EAxis made me grow up with the most awful hair in the history of ever..

We interrupt Jay's makeover with.. Di's promotion to Mad Scientist!

Ahw, he still has cute in him.

And he has.. the nose I believe!

Blue Jay grew up with Good Sense of Humour.

Sorrel's LTW of Jack of all Trades is too much for her. She can't even get to level 5 of ONE career, never-mind 4!

Always too tired or stressed or whatever.

Yeah this she enjoys.

Do your damn job!

I could not be bothered with buying them separate beds. They don't hate each other, so they can sleep together for a day or two till I move her out.

Jay got an opportunity to gain logic skill for something or other and Lav needs to master hers. Score.

I like him. I like him a bunch.

Meanwhile, Sorrel didn't leave her school(the science place apparently) and when I went to check up on her she was playing catch with.. Seona's half-sister Vlasta Diamond. Huh..

Corny.. is not inventing.

Corny: I'm working on a different kind of science experiment.

Corny: Blueberry muffins.

Mr. Righty: You do not need to pee!
Bee: I don't know, Righty.. I think I do.

Mr. Lefty: Listen to Righty, Standby! You do not need to pee!
Bee: Nurgghh!

Bee: Oh noooo...

Bee: I'm so embarrassed...

Poor Bee.

Meanwhile Coke is writing his 87th novel titled Passion in Overalls. This was suggested by a reader, but I can't remember who it was, sorry D:

If we can't take over the planet. We'll take over.. the UNIVERSE!

Di: How did you sleep, Sor?
Sorrel: Fine, I slept fine.

Di: Great, now how about we be "Just friends" and you move out?
Sorrel: I'd love to be friends, Di, however I can't move out due to a glitch. Let's see if Mariah comes up with a solution, but till then. I'm staying.

Di: So friends it is!
Sorrel: Yup.

Jay: When did mum and dad break up?!
Corny: Last week when you were 3 years old.

Jay: I head you broke up, mum. I'm sorry. I still love you.
Sorrel: Ahw, baby. I love you too Jay.

Sorrel: When I move out, you'll be a good son to daddy and fight for the heir spot like your life depends on it, okay?
Jay: Yes, mummy!

Berry: It'll only be rainy when you're gone, mum!

Sorrel: Oh Berry, you make me cry, hon! I don't want to leave! I'm so unhappy right now..

Berry: Fufufu... mum's unhappiness brings me great pleasure.

Next time: Denim grows up. There's also fishing and makeover action and MORE!

Thank you for reading!
Don't Forget To Be Awesome.

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Things that happened...
+Blue Jay had a GIR Shirt!!!!!!!
+Corny like inventing(Emmet Brown anyone?)
-Sorrel and Di broke up
+Like Sorrel didn't know it was coming


Lol, yes Jay did have a Gir shirt.

Bee gets cuter all the time :)
Me like chapter yes yes ^^
Berry got intresting face and so does Blue Jay, but still The Vanders kids has the lead.
And i like Cokes new outfit it's awesome :)

I vove that last picture of Berry!! She's very beautiful, but that nose.... Haha...

A part of me wants to make her the heir xD
A part of me wants Corny, now that I've seen her as a teen :D
A part of me wants one of the boys.
Crazybat from BoolProp wants me to marry her simself to one of the boys.. she'd be very disappointed if I chose one of the girls. I'm SO doing an heir poll, so the decision doesn't fall on me :P

How about you make Berry a lez then she can marry your simself? Haha... Or maybe that would be too weird for you?

Lol. Actually I like Corny better.. I mean uhm.. xD
I'm still doing an heir poll, but if one of the girls wins.. you never know xD

Aw, I love Cocaine's new look, although then I just love Cocaine (the sim not the drug)! Does the weird nose come from Groz? Because I remember you saying you'd kill him if his nose was inherited furthur down the generations. A Chimeree Galaxy sounds absolutely awesome! Off to read the next chapter now!

Nope it's not Groz's, it's completely different. James said it was Morty's and I think he might be right.. I have to go back a few chapters and see..
Huh.. reminds me of when I wanted to start a legacy that's last name was Galaxy.

Or Darling, Fetch The Battle Axe.
ANYWAY! I actually forgot that Coke's name was Cocaine! It's been so long xP
And Blue Jay is so cute! Ahww :)
Meh, I bothered about Sorrell. I do feel sorry for Di, though.
(And we've got a football match today :) )

xDD You know it's been too long when you think the person's nickname IS their birth name.
I wanna see him as a teen already! I've seen Jay and he's sufficiently good-looking.
I liked Sorrel, but as I told Rad, I couldn't see them going anywhere else. They just weren't meant to be. Now I'm debating having Di find someone else and having another child.
(I know, I'm watching it right now! :O)

I got to the last pic and the thing that caught my eye was the cake sitting in front of the rather flamable portrait of Groz. I would hate to see you have another portrait incident.
Or is that payback for the nose genetics :)

Wouldn't it just get singed, though? And I could replace it? I don't know though.. hmm

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