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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Feeling Blue: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 7.2 - Blue

Okay so..
I'm still waiting for the Awesomemod update,
but I had some 60 pictures already ready from before AMB.
So here they are as a small update :)

I'm having trouble thinking up chapter names.. so they come out generic to say the least.
Spike the French magic gnome says hello!

Last time: Pictures vanished and were brought back again. Dionysus grew up to an adult, lavender had a baby girl named Cornflower, to match Sorrel and Di's daughter Blueberry. Seona reached her LTW and Sorrel and Lav both got pregnant a second time!

Corny: Disco!
Lav: YAY! Disco ball!

Seona: what? Yes, I'm sure I'd like to retire a week after my promotion to the position, isn't that normal?

I still love this sim..

Standby: Is it because of the crazy little fairy on my shoulder? He scares me!

Poor old man is still crazy. Don't judge him, he was born that way :)

Lavender is so beautiful. I have a girl crush on her.

Sorrel: it's okay sweetie, you don't have to watch another childbirth after that last time with auntie Lav.

Sorrel: Oh crap.. I think it's coming!!
Berry: You promised!
Sorrel: Dionysus!!

Di: I'll be right there, honey!

Di: Ah! The baby is coming!!

Di: Ahw, hey sis and her baby. Hello little one, I'm gonna be your uncle!
Sorrel: Here it is!!

Sorrel: It's a boy!

BOY! Sorrel and Di have one each :)
He's named Blue Jay.
Blue Jay is a beautiful, beautiful bird. Will this boy be as handsome as his bird counterpart?

Blue Jay is Easily Impressed and Loves the Outdoors.

Seona quickly finds her grandson :)

It's only appropriate this baby gets a crib with blue birds on it :)

Pregnant and barefoot but still handy this heiress of ours!
Lav: It's a dangerous job, but someone's gotta do it :)

Well, it's just a cute picture of what Bee does these days. Relaxes.

Wait wait..
Di: What?
Did you..? :D
Di: Yeah, I'm a creature-robot cross breeder.

Another LTW completed! Woot!

Ahw, it's you Aldric!
You know you wouldn't be so unhappy if you came out.
Aldric: I'm not gay!

He needs to make peace with himself.

Frederick: HI DAD.


He's yellow! And he's SO CUTE and puddingy!

Since his visit I've received news that his mother, Evan's ex-wife got married :) It's a win-win!
Frederick also has an older sister named Star :)

Oh hey, it's Jay's birthday!

Lav: You'll be here soon, baby.

Everyone: Oh Sorrel, what did you do!?
She wet herself..
Sorrel: my baby is growing up! It makes me nervous!


It's Blue Jay!

He got Standby's black hair and Sorrel's eyes.

His sister.. looks amused.

I think he brainwashed her.

Jay: I did it using my cute.

Evan: Lavender <3 <3 <345
Lav: Rubbish!



Evan: Why are we waking up honey? It's only 5am!
Lav: It's clearly because..

Lav: I'm having our baby!
Evan: Lavender..

Evan: Oh my goodness! Shouldn't you lay down on the bed? It's much more comfortable!
Lav: nah, I can do this..

Lav: I can do it using my FIERCE LABOUR SKILLS!

Lav: It's also a boy! Just like Di's!

This baby is named Denim!
Denim is Artistic and a Couch Potato

Corny: What. Is. THAT?
Lav: That's your little brother!

Corny: I...

Corny: I. LOVE. Brother!

Corny: Can we keep brother?!
Lav: Lol, yeah we have to. He's apart of the family now :)

Sorrel: Congrats on your baby. He's lovely.

meanwhile.. Blue Jay and Cornflower enjoy some time together apart, while playing with their respective toys :)

Look how different they look!
This is AWESOME.

I'm convinced that Sorrel has a hidden neat trait. She is ALWAYS making SeeBee's bed! Or.. she's just trying to please the heirs.

It's been a while since we made some wine.

Do you like her swimwear? :D

Berry: This juice fills me up with EVIL.

Berry: I see you there Spike. I see you and I HATE you.

Berry *KICK*

Berry: I'm going to convince everyone that you faked that injury.

Oh hello there.

I put all paintings up in the house as opposed to in the basement. The graves aren't there anyway so.. might as well see the portraits around more often :)

Dirrel's portraits aren't nearly as good as The Vanders :P


Ah, the downside of making them share rooms.

Also I noticed that both of Dirrel's kids' names start with Blue and The Vanders' don't.
So if you ever get confused.. there's the theme. Unintended but a theme none the less!

And now it;'s Denim's birthday!

As well as Cornflower's!

Lav: She's looking at me funny!
Berry: What's wrong with you?

Di: I think I forgot to check the sink! what if it explodes and floods us while we're having a party!

Aaand the baby is crying.
Bee: I'm going to kill myself if he doesn't shut up!

Here's Denim!

He has Lavender's hair and Evan's eyes :)

Corny: My turn! :D

She's cute..


Corny grew up Loving the Outdoors, like her brother.

The Vanders are happy that their kids are so sweet.

They are by far my favourites over Di and Sorrel.

Corny: It was my birthday today!
Berry; No way! That's awesome! Let's swing!!

And so they did!

Guess who got a new portrait! It's Coke! I like this one better!

Corny: here brother, have a bottle!
Denim: Fanks!

Denim: Wuv!
Corny: I love you too!

That's all there is!
Next time: Stuff happens! Ooh!

Thank you!


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I hate waiting for AM, actually i just hate waiting >.<

Loved this little update it's lovely that both Lav and Di both have a boy and a girl :)
And they're so cute, as all your legacy kiddies are!

Now off to write some legacy stuff..

Waiting SUCKS. Ugh!

yeah it's awesome! I can't wait to see them grow up and be awesome!

After I'm done with this.. I shall go read!

Hilarious as always, especially Blueberry :)

"Wait, what?"
^Seconded. *Double checks prima guide* Apparently that's impossible and I've seen athletic sims have trait incompatability with couch potatoes, so... maybe he's channelling his grandparents' insanity? Though personally I don't see why somebody who's athletic can't be lazy...

I'm not very good at judging toddler looks, but Jay and Corny might have the same nose and skin tone... But they have a lot of differences too, for cousins.

I do like Lavender's swimwear, though I think I've seen the pattern somewhere else in the house...

Denim's adorable, though I think I prefer Corny's eye colour.

Oh Coke, you're still so handsome.

And Corny and Denim hugging is adorable!

Looking forward to more updates!

xD thanks!

I read it off my notebook wrong! He's actually ARTISTIC and Couch Potato. Whoops!

They might have the same nose, yes, but Corny is darker.. other than that they look different :) Their jaws for sure and eyes. I'm pretty psyched about it!

Yeah I love the elephant pattern. I got a comment saying I haven't used it in a while, so I did. I think Di's bed has it too! :)

I adore the kid hugging toddler interaction! I want a toddler hugging toddler interaction too!

Me too. I miss playing them!

I look forwards to seeing what you do with Ambitions! The children are all so cute, but Blue Jay is definitely my current favourite. Great update :)

:) I wonder if any of the kids get any AMB traits or LTWs O:!

Ahw! Super cute kids!
Vanders are so much more intresting then Di and Sorrel :) Lavender is just too good for this world.
Yikes, great portraits you made for Lavender and Coke!
Denim and Corny got almost the perfect genetic blend and looks fantastic.

Yeah I was so focusing on the Vanders while Di and Sorrel still have their issues..
I know, I love them. I'm not sure why I didn't make a new one for Coke earlier, he deserves it :)
I love genetics.. love 'em!

Aw all the kids are super awesome this generation, it's gonna be hard to pick an heir (or two?). It's interesting how Berry and Jay look totally different from each other whereas Corny and Denim look quite similar. Cocaine didn't get any lines at all, although it is a very small chapter. But he was at the front blowing a horn at most of the kids birthdays. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Only one heir! Not two. Not doing that again. The house just gets a little too stuffed for my liking :)
I still have 2 chapters worth of COKE AND ONLY COKE going to China and France, but I didn't find the time and then I sort of forgot about them, whoops! I suppose I'll be posting those chapters some time soonish :)

Wait a minute

Why is Lav making wine? That's the whole purpose of Di! God of wine, ah, I guess Di isn't as much as a god as Suri(GOD)is. All of the little kiddies are SOOOO cute!


Uh.. it's sort of her thing. She has been doing it since she was a teen. I guess I don't link Di to wine as much as you do xD


Re: Wait a minute (Anonymous) Expand
WHAT!? Athletic AND Couch Potato!??
Aldric's got a very ugly nose...

Blueberry is my favorite this generation. But we'll see...

Yeah that was FAIL on my part. I read it off of my notebook wrong. He's ARTISTIC and a Couch Potato.
You know how the noses grow in this game... ugh.

Good luck to your favourite! I'm probably... maybe doing a poll again. But we'll see!

Yeah, Blueberry is my favorite... I'm a sucker for blonds...

Wait, I just noticed... Is she the first blond of the legacy?

Well Jet was dark blonde, but apart from her, yes Blueberry is the only blonde(and Sorrel, but she's not a REAL Chimeree :P)! That's why I wanted a blonde partner! I want to bring blonde back! :)

(Deleted comment)
Go to account > Journal style > Customize your theme > Text(under Display). There should be a box labelled Sticky Post(and sticky post subject) That's it! You can use HTML in there(obviously, or I couldn't put links in) If it isn't there, then your theme doesn't support Sticky posts, so try to find one that does.
Whoa two legacies, eh? Good luck with the legacies and the stickies!

(Deleted comment)
The Vandeeeers!!!! *o* I love them, much more than Di and Sorrel.

"Corny: Can we keep brother?!
Lav: Lol, yeah we have to. He's apart of the family now :)"
Corny and Denim are SO CUTE! And yes, I'm totally partial LOL sorry?

Hello there, Standby! Love you, too. Aww I miss red generation, already i.i *sniff sniff*

And I see Coke! \o/ Hiiiii, Coke! *waves*

Haha, yeah me too. The Vanders are awesome.

xD A lot of people seem to like Berry too. I don't know who I like best yet. I hope they grow with awesome traits and looks.

I miss the whole family. I want to play so bad but I don't want to try the test version of Awesomemod.

Coke rocks. I think I'm gonna give him a makeover when I get to play them again!

Just wondering if you use any slider hacks? I can't remember if you said you did and now I don't know which ones work with Ambitions and I am all confuuuused!

Yeah I use slider hacks.. I'm not sure which ones though and I haven't checked if they're compatible I'm winging it.
They're sliders... I'm not sure how things could be changed so much that they wouldn't work.. I imagine you still need Awesomemod though to get them to work properly.

Cornflower Cuteness

I <3 Corny. I think she was a super cute toddler. My favourite picture:
Corny: I.LOVE.brother
Lol XD

Re: Cornflower Cuteness

She did make an adorable toddler ^^

I can't wait to see her as a teen and adult!

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