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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Preggers: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 7.1 - Blue

Mwahaha. A chapter.

This chapter is brought to you by Mariah "I've got to update so I can play more because I already have enough pictures for half of the next chapter and if I don't update I'll forget what captions I wanted to write in this chapter". Catchy nickname, is it not?
Oh and Seona sitting on the toilet.

Don't ask.

Last time, our two heirs Dionysus and Lavender found their true loves and Sorrel gave birth to a baby blue Blueberry. Oh and Di was having hostile thoughts towards Evander.

After the wedding I entered the house and noticed this.

Even the PHOTOS were gone!


I was upset... Very upset indeed.
I was told that this was caused by my moving the family and leaving the paintings in the house instead of putting them in someone's inventory. Learn from my and Rad's mistake. Inventories are your friends.

Let's not dwell on the lost paintings, though and go on with the chapter. They are only paintings after all.. the family still exists.

Evander, whose lifetime wish is the same as the one of Seona's immediately found himself a job as a paper boy.

Yay for a puking heiress!

Lav: Speak for yourself.

Meanwhile, little evil Blueberry is being taught to walk..

Lav: This is disgusting.

Right, take the spotlight from your brother and his adorable toddler by puking. Nice work.

Evan is obsessed with taking care of his niece Berry. He's always autonomously going to give her some love. It's adorable.

Soon enough, he will have his own little spawn to care for, though.

Lav: The puking was totally worth it.

Okay, that's enough of the word "puking" in this chapter. This ends here.

The father-to-be wishes to read a pregnancy book right away. He's going to make such a great dad.

I have set Operation Coke-to-master-all-skills in action! Thankfully, he has caught on to my plan and rolls random wishes to go other things than write. Martial arts is one of his favourite hobbies.

However, he still manages to write a drama novel titled "Gone Are Our Faces" in honour of the paintings.

Seona, being so close to her goal, keeps on studying charisma. I know I should let her interact with other sims instead of the mirror, but I'm being stupid and stubborn.

Berry talks!

We now have a transporter~! Isn't it fabulous?
Yeah I don't know either..

Di: Hey guys.. I was cooking and I suddenly felt this feeling.. it's as if..


Di: All done.

And he's all grown up.. for now.
To think his parents had 5 teenagers and 3 toddlers when they were his age.

Sorrel: So you're having a baby? Congratulations!

Evan *stares adoringly at.. Sorrel?*

Lav: Dad, I'm preggers! Remember how you told Sorrel about her baby's gender, can you do the same to me?

Bee: Not only that, but I can also give you AMAZING medical advice.

This picture was taken the FIRST time I played that sequence, hence the change of scenery. I hate re-playing, ugh!

Bee: It's also a girl! Congrats!
Lav: A girl? Yay!

Di: I hope your baby will be healthy like mine.
Lav: Yeah.. and I hope she gets more screen time than yours.
Di: Don't. that's a sore subject.

Hey.. toddlers aren't that interesting.

LavEv.. or The Vanders are happy. I love them.

I don't think I mentioned this in the last one, but Evan is like half-way though adulthood already.
Funny how Lavender the younger sibling gets a partner who is older than her brother and Di the older sibling gets a partner who is younger than his sister.

See: Gasp! Can he do it?

Coke: CHIM!
See: Ouch!

See: He did it! That was so awesome. *clap-clap*

Berry: Birthday!
Sorrel: That's right. And this time there WILL be cake.

This is where I painted the rest of the house blue too. So far it's been blue only upstairs.

The whole family gathered, as usual.

wait is that a fire alarm?

Sorrel: Keep it together Sorr. Just act like nothing's going on so you won't freak out the baby.

I don't think you guys should be so close to the fire..

Firefighter: Sure there's a huge fire, but it does smell nice and mellow in here.

Berry: I wanted a BIRTHDAAAAY!
Everyone: Make her stop..

I won't take the pictures of the re-take.

Before I send her top the dresser, Berry manages to scare Seona.

Sorrel: They grow up so fast!

You must be so proud.

Anyhow, this is Blueberry.
Her third rolled trait is Vegetarian.
An Evil, Virtuosos Vegetarian.


Lav: FIERCE pregnancy!

I assure you, she is not pooping. She had "sitting" in her queue. Weirdo.

Evan is SUPER excited to meet his third child with his second wife.

His other kids are called Star(a girl) and Frederick.
They both adopted his name Chimeree when he got married to Lavender. I changed the names back because I thought it was weird.. especially since they live with their mum.

Evan: I love you and our baby! I can barely wait till it's born!

Lav: Evan! Your wait is over!!

Lav: Berry, can you get help, please?
Berry *sigh*: watch me CARE! Oh! Sorry.. it's just not going to happen.

Evan: The child should not be seeing this!! Cover your eyes Berry!
Berry: She looks distraught with pain. Oh well.
Lav: Rubbiiiish!

Lav: Not to worry, if the child won't cover her eyes, I will just stay calm for her.

Di: What's going on?
Lav: Birth, I'm giving it.

Things to know about Coke: Other sims LOVE synchronizing with him.

And thus.. Cornflower is born.

Cornflower is a blue flower and it's quite pretty. It's also the national flower of Estonia, where I'm originally from. True fact.

Evan looks pleased.
Lav: She was born Grumpy and Athletic, Evan. We're going to have to find some nice toddler sports classes for her when she grows or she will be very angry indeed.

Lav: Mumma loves you, Corny.

Lav: Ahw it has bunnies and Elephants on it! It's so cute!!

THE SAME DAY - Seona gets a promotion to Star News Anchor!
*Evan gets a promotion to Automated Spell Checker Checker*.
Di gets promoted to Top Secret researcher.
Sorrel to Campaign Intern.
And Bee gets a raise, since he's already on the top of his path.

Talk about good luck.

*But who checks the Automated Spell Checker Checkers?*

Evan: Thank you for the promotion honey. Dada loves you.


I had kept a backup from before the family moved to Neverglade, so I took Coke, shoved stuff in his inventory, changed his clothes, hair and name and moved him over to Neverglade and gave the paintings back to the family.


Thank you for suggesting this route! My original plan was to re-paint them by re-making everyone in CAS and it would have taken epic time and would have been awful. So yay!!!

Welcome back boys and girls.

Of course I'll have to repaint the violets, but that's okay!

Evan: I got a--
Di: Promotion!? Me too!! :D :D :D

Lav has other ways to congratulate her husband.

LavEv *stare adoringly at the camera*

Wow they're so different. I'm going to love their kids, I feel.

Berry: Have you noticed that grandpa is kind of.. crazy?

Di: He can't help it Berry, it's in his nature.

Di: Btw, I got a promotion.
Berry: Nice, dad *wink*

Berry: The fool! He thinks I actually HAVE feelings.

How adorable. Just as Di is dreaming of more children, Sorrel finds out about her pregnancy!

Sorrel: I'm pregnant again honey! I'm going to the book store for more pregnancy books!


Passion: OMG OMG. She just APPEARED!!!

Passion: Nice to see my brother's kids are having children of their own.

Sorrel: Wah, I saw a teenager with her mum. I don't want my kids to grow up!

Can't remember what this was about, but it's a nice shot so I'm leaving it in here.

Evan: Baaaabyyyy!

Evan: Have a bottle!

Wall: I'm going DOOOOWN.
That's a first. I forgot to put walls up!

Belly rubs are the best thing since grilled cheese.

MORE skilling going on.

I'm so happy to have Jet's photo back!
Photo of Jet: Glad to be back M.

Seona: Holy crap. when did we get that shiny!?

AGES ago.

lav: I can't believe I'm not better at this. It's my LTW to master this and handiness and all!

Oh yeah, I forgot about that.


Lav: Make her stop screaming!

She will have to wait till everyone's home from work..

Bee: Hey bookcase!  I HATE YOU!
Di: Argh!!

Bee: I'm watching your every move..
Di: I think he IS a little crazy..

You think? He gave away his heart and a part of his brain.

Berry: Mwahahahaha, auntie Lavender sure is eye candy! Mwahaha...

Uhm.. what?

Berry: She's just SO attractive! Kekeke.

Berry: I want to kill them all for eating those poor animals!

Di: You're having a little brother or sister, Berr-berr.
Berry: Whatever dad, I'm hungry.

Well you can have CAKE!
Di: Yeah well you're an ugly YETI!
Evan: RUDE!

Evan and Di *pretend they're friends for Lavender's sake*
Berry: Omg and she has a cute butt too!!

Okay she's disturbed.

Do NOT pee on your daughter please.




She grew up with Lavender's hair and Seona's eye colour.
She's quite adorable.

Make her stop D:

Bee: Someone shut that baby up or I will!

Lav: I know how to shut her up al right.

Omg. This family has malicious tendencies.


Well, at least she's taking her anger out on the microwave instead of her child.

Ducky: What shall we do tonight Blueberry?

Berry: The same thing we do every night, Ducky. Try to win the next heir throne.

Lav: Wait a minute. I'm pregnant again!

Berry: I sense pregnancy hormones going haywire somewhere in the house.

Lav: AH! How can I have another baby so soon, while this one is still a screaming mess?

She's just angry by nature, it's not her fault.

Lav: I'm having another baby!! :D :D :D


Lav: I don't know if I will be a good mum.

Lav: Well it can't be all bad.

Sorrel meanwhile is pretty pregnant already. Remember her? Yeah.

Di: So you and my wife and pregnant at the same time. That's a nice touch.

Lav: You should know that I'm also having a baby soon.
Sorrel: Are you for real!? :D I love babies!

Sorrel: Baby?
Di: YAY They're friends again!!

Then I notice they were wearing the EA pants that EA did not give a morph to.. or something. In any case it doesn't show up so I give them both a new pair of pregnancy pants. Nice.

Corny: Hmph! I will defeat this level!

Corny: Come on...

Corny: You better go in there, block!!

Corny: ARGH!!!

Cornflower has left the game.

It's what we on the internet call Rage Quit.

I'm sure I had a good caption thought out, but I can't remember it.

Either way, this is the last picture of this chapter.

Next time: Two births and plenty of birthdays!

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I'm glad you got your paintings back, i would have been severely depressed i think.
Blueberry is pretty disturbed with those thoughts about her aunty...
And OMG i want the 'Determine Gender Of Baby' interaction! :(
Plus Cornflower is oh so cute!

...i've just seen a post where somebody has Ambitions, i might just have to pop to my nearest GAME store tomorrow *shifty eyes*

Anyhow loved the update, as always xx

I was pretty bummed when I lost them. I think I was in denial for a while "They'll return, they can't just be gone!"
The whole family has... issues. It's my thing xD
Doctors have it :D It's awesome. If you get to nkow a doctor in game, even if it's not in your family you can ask them for the gender of your baby :) They don't really rub the belly though, I make them do that before the bubble disappears, so that it looks at least a LITTLE realistic.

Oh... can you get me a link?! I did hear they were being shipped early :)

Thanks! :)

FAO nymph16

Are you in the UK? (I just wondered because I don't know if other countries have GAME stores)

If so, we don't get Ambitions til Friday. :(

I thought 1st of June was the international release date? D:

I thought so too! I have pre-ordered! But I think in the UK it comes out on June 4th not 1st :( I want it now!!
Yay! New update!! -Runs to read-

I wish you the best of luck getting it early! I ordered it via my boyfriend's mum's work and will just have to see when it arrives! I want it now...
I hope you enjoy the chapter x3

Planning another full house so quickly? For the multiple heirs, will Di and Lav each name a heir/ess or will only one child claim the title?

Love the blue.

Only one child will claim the title. I didn't want to have only one child per couple, I wanted variety, so each had two :) It isn't as bad as 8 kids and 5 adults, although.. 7 adults and 4 kids is still 3 sims over the limit xD

I love the blue too. I thought I'd miss the violet living-room, which looked awesome, but blue is a nice colour.

Yay for blue gen babies!!! And oh my, Cornflower is just SO adorable! *o* I'm betting my simoleons on any of Lavender/Evander's babies, I love them both so much.

AMBITIONS, OMGWTFBBQ, I want it sooo much! But I didn't even get HELS yet - problems with the EA distributor [?] here in Brazil, so I don't think we can buy HELS or Ambitions anytime soon. I'd have to buy them from the US or anything but I'm still unemployed and can't ask for them as a birthday present since mom gave me the LOTR extended trilogy with the miniatures and it was really expensive >.<

And the pic of Seona sitting on the toilet was just AWESOME. Oh, Seona xD
Awesome chapter, I'm loving it!

She sure is! I have high hopes for LavEv too! They have nice faces :)

I want it too. I'm sorry there are complications to your getting the games. Some day soon I hope you'll get both :)

Seona is a silly sim x3 Love her! She reminds me of Jet.. and Mimi for some reason I kept wanting t write Mimi in the chapter when it was Seona xD

Babies! Yay!! Haha I love the whole "I will bet this level" thing with Cornflower... It's adorable!

Thanks :D Corny is adorable! My favourite toddler yet, I think.

Wow .. i have no idea were to start :)
Glad the paintings returned :)
Cornflower is just super cute and is my favourite so far. You nerver know what you have in store for us :) Maybe that's why i can't stop read and re(read)

chapter gets 10 points out of 5 :)


why do all of your sims have to be so amazing? i <3<3<3 your legacy so much!! Did you do the pregnancy thing, where you plan the maternity outfit before your sim becomes pregnant. lol. i reasearched it and i'm going to try it because the editsim didn't work for me, it said it would crash my game :O

I plan the outfits once they're pregnant, I use Twallan's Super Computer for that :)

I'm glad you're also enjoying it!

WOW! Di is an adult already!?
Sitting on the toilet... Literally :P
What effect does the "Medical Advice" even have??
I see you're using the WA clothes a lot... with Lavender's outfit, Bee's, and Plasma's. I'm not too big a fan of any of the clothes that came with WA...
I HATE how the EA pants don't have a preg morph!

Yup, he's an adult! :)

It has.. 0 effect as far as I know. Pointless..
Wow really? I like them.. I like them AFTER I give them some good colours that is.
I hope Ambitions has some better ones though. The WA stuff wasn't very.. every day.
Yeah, and they're marked maternity so it's their fault xP And they're nice pants too!

Oh! Idea!

Hey... You know a good name for blue? RAVENCLAW! I know it's a Harry Potter name, but the color is blue! You don't have to use it, it's just a suggestion...


Ooh! Hadn't thought of that! xD Nice one!

i love this legacy so much. :D
i have a question: where did you get your weird names mod? i would love to stick it in my game. xD

happy simming! :D

You need Awesome Mod to get it to work, but here it is. Make sure if you do get it to write Bacon in the awesome mod config where it asks for first(and/ or last names if you so choose) names Generator Key. I only use first names right now.

Aw! I can't wait for the next blue-generation babies! Lavender's so funny when she's pregnant! I've finally adjusted to playing the Sims 3 way (YAY!) and I feel inspired to begin my own Rainbow Legacy but I have no idea how you can make all the walls (clothes, furniture, etc) a particular colour and how to get a rainbow streak! Please help! And thanks for another great chapter!

The CASt tool! :D It's very easy to use: you click on the pallet board with paint brush button (next to the hand button) when you're in the build or buy mode and then click on the item you want to change. It brings you to CASt screen where you can change colours on all patterns.
The rainbow streak is a pattern, that can b found here.

Good luck!

Hi :) So, I've been following this legacy since Generation Red (yeah, I'm a little late, sorry), and I really, really love it. And you're my personal TS3 heroine for getting up to seven generations. The furthest I've ever gotten was generation three before I get bored or something happens to my game.

I can't wait to see how the new babies turn out, and I'm really looking forward to how Cornflower develops. Berry's pretty awesome, too :) Evil sims are fun, even if they are kinda disturbed. Your sims are so amazing, though. I wish my sims turned out that cool.

I do have one question (which is kinda my ulterior motive for coming out of lurkdom and posting, heh). How, exactly, are you able to get those close-up pictures of toddlers? Is there some nifty, super-secret camera technique everyone's hiding from me? Because I've seen a lot of other legacy writers able to get these adorable close-ups, and I always have to get mine to snuggle with an adult to be able to take a good pic of their features.

Any tips you have would be great =D Thanks! And I can't wait for the next chapters and more blue babies!

Hah. This is my third legacy and the one before this was an alphabet one(26 generations) *gets arrogant and snobby* Anyway.. legacy playing isn't for everyone :) I'm just one of those people. I'm completely addicted to playing this way.

Thanks, I always have trouble thinking up evil things for my evil sims to say. I'm just not evil enough!

Yay for coming out of lurkdom. I'm an epic lurker myself! I do have a hack that helps me go lower(and the cam moves slower) but I'm sure you can do without it if you don't like hacks.. via Free cam mode! Press your Tab key, that brings you to free cam(your user interface disappears, that's normal) then you can move your camera a lot more free using q w e a s and d keys :) also + and - and your mouse wheel(angle). When you're done press Tab again and you get back to normal mode. The hack is here
And how to download .package files in case you don't know how to.


Why does Lav sparkle like that?

She has the Eye Candy Lifetime Award :)

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