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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Hide and Seek: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 7.0 - Blue

WAITWAIT. It's 7.0! Yessss...

Lavender: I escaped him!

You see, last time Sorrel's brother Tony was about to run her over.

Lavender gets home and finds Sorrel pregnant!

Lav: Hello-o-o?

Lav: Is it mine? :D I mean we DID do it, you know? And my great-grandpas had three kids together so it MUST be possible!

Sorrel: Uhm, I'm sorry Lavvie, I'm pretty sure it's Di's.

Lav: Oh.. I mean that's nice. Congratulations..

Sorrel: This should cheer you up.
Lav: :)

Back to studying!
Di rolled a very appropriate wish to read the pregnancy book, yay for good men!

Seona: I will not give up on my dream! I am so close! only one more level to climb!

That's right! Seona is now the Editor in Chief!

And boy is she fierce!

Wait, what?

Standby: This looks like a job for... ME. I am awesome!

Bee: But first I must ask my wife for permission!

Bee: Hooooneeee, can I replace my heart with an artificial one? Pleeeeeease?


Bee: Don't worry, our son UV will perform the surgery, he IS a trauma surgeon after all!
See: That sounds reasonable, call me if you're gonna be late for dinner! Love you!

Yeah, THAT sounds doable!

Bee: Don't worry.. Ultraviolet will perform the surgery!

Who's he trying to convince?

See: Ahw look a wittle baby-waby!

See: Waaaay, it's my favourite creator!
Mariah: Seona! My favourite spouse to date!

Eww it's my simself.

See: I'm here because Bee is getting his heart replaced with an artificial one, isn't he dreamy?
Mariah: WHAT!?

Mariah: Congrats!

Wait, what?

See: So how's writing working out for you?
Mariah: Well, this is the 40th chapter of this legacy I think and people are STILL reading, so it can't be complete crap.
Bee: Okay ladies, I'm done.

See: ......AND?
Bee: Huh? Oh yeah, I'll go for a check-up at work tomorrow to see if it's working properly.
Mariah: :D

SeeBee *are still in love*
Boyfriend's simself *stares creepily*

Bee: So since I'm a doctor and all, I can tell you if your baby is a boy or a girl with MIND POWERS. Want to know yours?
Sorrel: Yeah!

Bee: I'm getting very female vibes from this one. It's a girl!

Sorrel: Yay, a girl! That means I don't have to have 5 boys before a baby girl!

Di: Guess what, sis? I finally got promoted to level 6!
Lav: And what's that?
Di: Aquatic Ecosystem Tweaker!
Lav: Lovely..

I don't think she gets how LITTLE she cares across to her brother.

Bee: My new TAHU makes me feel STRONG!!

Later that night..

Bee: ARGH I'm worried!
See: You'll be fine, just go get it checked out! I'm sure you're fine, since UV did the surgery!

Bee: You're right! I have nothing to worry about!
See: You're probably doomed.

See: Oh you're home already?
Bee: TAHU is working fine. I'm as healthy as ever.
See: Now to hope your cookie-eating-habit hasn't crippled your gut.

Ahw what's wrooong?
Sorrel: I'm going to give birth today but my man just left for work! He's going to miss it!

Ahw, what a loser!

Clifford: o_o
Sorrel: Oooouu...

Sorrel: Cliff.. please.. drive me home?
Clifford: o_o

I think he's in shock.

Sorrel: Fine. I like the breeze anyway :D

Sorrel: Cocaine! I'm in labour..
Coke: Okay, let me just set down this device so I can..

Coke: PANIC and be generally unhelpful!! AAAAAH!

Lav: What's going on?
Coke: She's in PAIN! What should I do?

SeeBee *joins the chaos*
Lav: Well.. I'm hungry, so I'm leaving.
Sorrel: Lavender?

Sorrel: LAVVIE!!

Di *has perfect timing*: Hey everyone! What's going on?
Seona: Oh nothing. There was a moment of panic but I forgot what that was about.
Bee: Typical, a woman giving birth! Pff..

Sorrel: It IS a girl!!!

Di: How appropriate is it that the first blue-gen baby is blue?

Her name is Blueberry(yummy!) she's an Evil Virtuoso!

Welcome blue generation! YAY!

Bee: Don't you want to meet your niece?
Lav: don't you want to meet your granddaughter?
Bee: good point..

Lav: Being single is RUBBISH :D:D

Seona: heck yeah!. I'm having a birthday!

Seona: PINK? Why am I covered in pink?
Lav: Mummy?

But wait, there's more!


Bee: Ewww.. overalls!

My sentiments exactly.

Well.. it's still cute.

Lavender: Oh my goodness! I FOUND A CUTE!

Madeline: Why is that chick checking out my husband?


Reynaud: You like hot dogs?! They're my favourite!!!
Lav: I see..

Lav: We both like hot dogs, wanna make out?
Rey: Uhm, what? I have a wife and she's like.. standing right behind me.

Lav: Okay, then how about you leave her for me?
Rey: That sounds reasona--

Rey: wait, no it does NOT. What's wrong with you!?

Lav: Ahw you look upset..
Rey: Really? I wonder why..

Lav: A hug always makes ME feel better!

Lav: Now how about some action on that bench over there?
Rey: Did you not just hear me say I choose my wife over you?

Lav: Why? I bet she makes you do housework!
Rey: Dude, you have to share responsibilities!


Lav *sparkles*: How about now?

Lav: Okay I'm going to take it slow this time and have a regular chat, okay?

Rey: and then I said to her, I said "I'm the man, so I deserve the big piece of chicken!"
Lav: Uh huh, I understand..

Lav: I would ALWAYS let you have the big piece of chicken.. leave your wife for me?

Rey: What part of NO do you not understand!?
Lav: Yikes..

Rey: We can still be friends though!
Lav: Yay!

Lav: I still have a chance with him!

Uhm, hate to break it to ya, kid..

While their daughter was out, Bee and

See got their makeovers!


Lav: rise and shine Sorrel.
Sorrel: Hey, what are you doing here?
Lav: We need to talk.

Lav: I'm goinna be an old maid thanks to you! We were so happy and then you had to go and make a baby with my brother!
Sorrel: What? Wasn't a triad your--

Lav: My idea? Yeah, but we aren't in one, are we? I don't want to hear another word from you right now.

Lav: You broke my heart!!
Sorrel: Oh dear...

Sorrel: It's not my fault! My heart beats stronger for your brother and you both made it clear I had to choose ONE.

Sorrel: I'm SORRY!
Lav: I can't hear you, lalala!

Lav: For my brother's sake, I will now go back to ignorance-is-bliss mode, but stay away from me, okay?
Sorrel: Stay in Di's arms? My pleasure.


Serious Seona is serious.

Speaking of grandchildren..

Blueberry is growing up! :D:D

Here she is after dressing her in a little blue dress.

She has Di's eyes and Sorrel's hair and skin.. so far that's all I can tell..

Lav: So you see governor Bateman, being pansexual doesn't mean I like frying pans, or pandas.. or anything that starts with pan, it means I like people.
Evander: I think I read about this somewhere..

Lav: I support marriage. I want to be married some day.. that'd be awesome.

Evander: yeah marriage is pretty great. I'd know since I'm married and a father of two.

Evander Bateman, governor of Neverglade and an all-around nice guy.

Lav: We're both schmoozers..
Evan: This could turn into something interesting..

Okay Aldric Veltran? He's TOTALLY listening in on their conversation.
Before Lavender came and talked to him, Aldric was dancing with mister Bateman.

I think he's secretly gay. How will we tell his wife that she's a beard?

Lav: I like you governor. I like you a lot.

Lav: Is leaving your wife and children for me something you might consider doing?

Evan: Why sure! You're young, beautiful, rich and powerful! Having such a wife will surely aid me next time elections come along.

Lav: Really? You're divorced now?
Evan: Yup. It's as simple as thinking it!

Lav: That means we're free to flirt without your wife getting all fussy!
Evan: You're telling me!

And just like that, our heiress has a romantic interest!

Evan: My precious...

Lavender HAS A CUTE.

Lav: I'm so glad I found you here in the park, dancing with a closet-case.
Evan: Me too Lavender. Me too.

Lav: Oh I can't wait to tell my family!! You're meeting them tomorrow!

Lav: Good night Evander.

Evan: Good night Lavender.

wait.. so both their names end in -nder? Huh..

And so the couple parts in the night!

Di: I was just downstairs and Lav told me she's finally found someone! You know what that means?

Sorrel: Yeah, it means she can finally get off my case! Thank goodness! Now we can focus on raising our daughter, who nobody's seen for a long line of slides.

Di: Actually I thought it'd be a great idea to get married!

Sorrel: Married? Honey, I'm a commitment-phobe!


Sorrel: I can't even commit to a job never mind settle DOWN.

Sorrel: Don't give me the cold shoulder-stand! It's not like I don't love you!

Sorrel: I adore you and our daughter. Blueberry is the best thing that happened to me after YOU. I just don't want you to put a ring on it, okay?

Di: It's not like wedding-bands even show up in this game..
Sorrel: Exactly!

Di: I love you so much Sor-Sor.
Sorrel: I love you too, Di.


She's obviously not very evil yet.

Sorrel attempts to teach the kid to talk, but she's taking AGES to train.


What's the special occasion?

Lav: Overalls? Evan.. what have you got to say for yourself!?
Evan: Uhm.. uhm.. EA DID IT!

Curse them!

Lav: SO, this is my home!
Evan: Wow, it smells nice in here!
Lav: I know!!

Sorrel: A douche in overalls is as good as she can do? Pffff..

Di: oh, that must be governor Bateman, Lav's boyfriend! He looks like a nice enough guy.

Di: Wait, wait, what's going on?

Di: But.. that's not fair! It's not even fair AT ALL!
Coke: I smell you there incense burner! Don't think I don't!

Lav: You see governor guy over there? We're getting married!!

Di *gasp*: That's great news sis!

Evander is compatible with children! I moved him in and within 5 minutes he wanted to feed and read with little Blueberry. Aww.

Lav: Daddy! I'm getting married!
Bee: Marriage! Gosh!

Lavender and Evander waste no time exchanging rings.


See: Congratulations Evan and welcome to the family. Where's the cake?

Evan: Thank you so much mrs.Chimeree. I'd like to know where the cake is too! I was promised cake!

Well in your face mister politician!

Di: Congratulations on leaving your two children.. I mean your marrying my sister. I'm happy for you.
Evan: I can tell your feelings are sincere, young man. thank you so much.

In the night.. Di rolls a want to be mean to Evan. WTH?
The Di in game feels the same as the Di I imagine in my mind.

Oh yeah he's hot-headed. I forgot xD

Anyway. Here are Evander's stats!
He's the governor and yet his LTW hasn't got a thing to do with it. Hmm..
Oh wait, that's the same LTW as Seona's.... oh well. Whatever makes him happy. He already has 8 charisma points, whew! No to train him to write!

Next time: Babies probably!

Thanks for reading! :)

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Bee is like Iron-Man, an artificial heart! See and Bee has peppermint hair...(Tee-Hee-Hee)
The God Di is named after is married! He's a GOD! He dose what ever he wants!(Along with drinking every wine since he invented it)


Yeah. Bee also gave a part of his brain to the hospital for research one time, so yeah. He's THE MAN. Mmm... peppermint!
Hah, I guess Di isn't as good a god as THE Dionysus.

Re: Wha?

I hope I get a Banjo! Oh and World Adventures( My parents think I play Sims too much, I almost agree with them if it wasn't apart of me!)


Omg a banjo? That is so cool..
How else do we get a break from reality?! At least you're not playing shooter games or something like that! :)

Re: Wha?

Yeah, it's not like I'm playing Grand Theft or something, but I guess they just want me to save. But the sims have it made...

(Deleted comment)
That's exactly the issue I was having, it was so hard to get everyone to shine! 8 kids? NEVER AGAIN.
I have learned from my mistake xD

Oh names are goood! I need names!

For some reason, I adore the name Azura. It means blue in some langauge, but I love it!

Azura, eh? I shall scribble it!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks ^^ and you're welcome!
I love Lavender too!

~ Ethereal Karma ~

Loved the update!!! Here's some quick name ideas,

Azure or Azura or Azurite
Cobalt (LOVE THIS ONE!!)

Blue Jay
Lapis Lazuli ( is a beautiful rock)
Ocean or Oceana

Eifel 65 sung a song [ I'm blue da ba de da ba di da ba di]
Aqua, Water, H20

Thank, and update soon! ^_^

Oh my goodness.. some of the names are for turquoise too, which is a separate generation completely.
Thanks for the help, I got quite a few names scribbled down from here.

YAY blue gen!!
Poor Di, rejected! But it's not as bad as See, she rejected Bee like 4 times, no?

Yeah 4 times, I believe. And Bee was crazy enough to try again.

Yey Lavender finnaly got her man :)
Blueberry do look quite cute and Di got rejected that's cute too. Another lovely Chimeree chapter. :D

Your simself reminds me to make my simself again...might do that right after i comment! :D
Thank goodness Lavender wasn't involved in a hit and run.

Lavender and Evander are cute, and i love how their names end the same!

Blueberry looks like Sorrel but i am a bit crap at saying who kids look like lol!

Now to making Simself and then a post!


xD She's baby blue xD

Yeah I grew her up in game to child and she looks so much like Sorrel, so you're right.

Ewww... overalls! I agree!
LOL, Evander just divorced his wife like that :P So unrealistic... :P
Seona's hair looks cooler now that it's gray. :P

...Sorry for a lame-ish comment...

Yeah, it's like in some ancient culture(can't remember which one it was) where a man could divorce his wife by saying "I divorce you!" three times xD

It's a comment! I'm grateful for that :)

Another great chapter! Evander has really good genes. Blueberry's really cute and blue! Cocaine's reaction when Sorrel gave birth was hilarious! Can't wait for the next one!

Thanks! I like Evan, he's sweet and I agree about the genes :D

Spouse Hunts

Well, if you ever have another difficult time finding a spouse, you could always stop by the graveyard and have a ghost spouse. After all, not like they go anywhere...

I never thought of that! :0

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