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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Double Trouble: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 6.6 - Violet

Double Heirs, double the trouble of finding a partner in a neighbourhood that only has 4 single eligible sims...

Lav: Rubies are the BEST ma!
Seona: Emeralds..

Seona likes green.

I think it's about time we see the heir introductions in case you forgot any of the traits.


With that done..

Jupiter has been returned home :)
Welcome back Jupiter :)

Some paintings take 5 to 6 tries but Lavender gets her brother's portrait right with the first try!

It's a true likeness, wouldn't you say?

Her own painting isn't as good, but still pretty good :)

That same evening Jupiter comes out to her first haunting. And takes a nap on Lav's bed.

Even later that night I receive news that Alex has died.

Thank you Alex for being a good man, a good husband, a good father, a great painter and martial artist and thank you for fathering two awesome boys.

Lav: Are we done with the warm-up yet?
Di: Dad's right, cookies are delicious!

Some time between the last chapter and this one, I decided my sims shouldn't eat their favourite food every single day.
Do you guys think the amount of their favourite food they eat increases their life-expectancy? my sims ahve been eating their favourite food.. EVERY DAY as soon as someone knows the recipe!

Lav: Since we're both heirs, we should hang out sometimes! I mean, we're not even friends!


Bee: His freaking out all the time is getting old.
See: Leroy! :)
Grozdan: Leroy! :)

Leroy shows up like every night.. as does everyone else.. the only two that don't show up all the time are Jet and Tabitha! Alex has not shown himself yet..

Di: Me, you, the park and some partner-hunting?

Lav: This is going to be so much fun!!

How about Muirenn! She's not ordinary-looking!
Muirenn: Noooo! I'm married to Cosmo!


Everybody at the park was either married, related or too old.
Wait, is that Passion? In overalls? Ew.
Also.. Amethyst walks around topless ALL THE TIME. Every time I see him he's topless.
Ames: I'm tellin ya. You should have chosen me as the second heir.
Twin heirs? Hmm..

Lav: You like money!? I like money too!!

Di: Hey bb, meet me at the park in ten?

Di: Sunny! So great to see you! Turns out, you're one of the 4 single young adult or adult sims that are available for me an my sister right now!

Sunny: Wow, the town's so empty of eligible sims?
Di Yup..

Di: You ARE single, right?

Sunny: Of course NOT! I'm steady with my boyfriend Ondrej who's still a teen, but I love him!
Di: Frammit!

Erle: hey, I remember you, hot stuff!

You remember Erle, fromt he girls' birthday party? Yeah.. she's married... and looks pretty ordinary.

Di: It is my opinion that the government needs to allow more immigrants into our city state.
Lav: If you were in the running, I'd so vote for you!

Elodie!! *squinty eyes*

Well I hope SHE's happy *more squinty eyes*

Lav: Mariah, Mariah! Exciting news! I'm inviting over a newly grown up YA!


Ahw she's cute. Her name is Ona Kraft.

Lav: Apart from your adorable cute eyes you are completely ordinary! We are practically desperate but we still have standards!
Ona: What the..? <:O

Ona: We'd never get along anyway, I'm grumpy and you're excitable!

Lav: Sooooo.. do you have anyone in your life?

Ona: You really expect me to tell you after you insulted me?

Lav: So that means you're single, hah. And really no wonder, nobody wants to date an ordinary person.

Ona: How DARE you!?
Lav: You're being inappropriate, get off my lot, bye!

Lav: I know a few ways to turn her world less sunny. Kekeke.

Too bad she does not have the evil trait so her behaviour in this scene can't really be explained.

Lav: A female immigrant?! She and my brother must have so much in common!

Lav: Forgive me brother!
Di: what is it?
Lav: I have set you up with a blind date. She's right outside..
Di: A date? Sounds good!

Speaking of dates. Garnet got married to her girlfriend Dominica. I suppose making her flirt with Sunny that one time made her gay. And that's more than okay with me.

Di: Hi. I'm the heir to the throne and I'm nearly desperate, I heard you wanted to date me.
Sorrel: Huh..

Sorrel: You get straight to the point. I like that in a man.

Di: uhm, yeah...

Di: I just got promoted to Carnivorous Plant Tender!

Sorrel *sparklyeyes*: That sounds dangerous!

Sorrel: Now what?

But there is no time to waste! Soon enough, Sorrel and Dionysus are friends!

And let the flirting follow!

Seona got promoted to Lead Reporter! So close!!

Go on Di, this is no time to be shy, you're 36 years old for plumbob's sake!

There we go!

Lav: This is rubbish! I discovered her! I should get some action too!
Coke: Go then!

Di: Okay then girls.. uhm.. that's a FRIENDLY hug.. right? Anyway, I'm going to bed, see you.

Standby: Your adulterous behaviour makes me nervous!

Lav: oh my goodness that was magical~!

Di: hey I came back to make sure Sorrel gets home safe. Girls?

Lav: I think we need to talk about Sorrel..
Di: Oh do we now?
Lav: I.. I have the warm fuzzies for her!

Sorrel *is about to have a thought*

Di: I have the warm fuzzies for her too!

Lav: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Di: A fight to the death for her love?
Lav: I was thinking more along the lines of a triad..
Di: Oh. That works too.

Di: We shall see how things develop.
Lav: Indeed. Good luck!

Fight or not, Sorrel autonomously sleeps in Di's bed.

When she wakes up, though, she wonders where the hell she is and how she got here.
Sorrel: I don't even know his last name!

Di: Where is she? Has she already gone to flirt with my sister again?! I can't take the pressure!!

Morning brings out Di's insecurities.

Di: Sis, I don't think I can share her with you. I might not be a hopeless romantic, but I'm a romantic none the less. I need her to be mine alone.

Lav: Bring it on, brother!

I changed Sorrel's looks!

I kind of have a thing for those jeans and that polo shirt right now.
And the sneakers obviously.

Bee: What if someone sees me standing here stinking up the room.. *worryworry*

Score one for Lavender! She's taking this fight for love seriously.

Sorrel: I don't mind having children, but commitment is something I'm terrified of.
Lav: I'm glad we're on the same page. My brother doesn't seem to be on the same boat though.
Sorrel: I should go talk to him about it.

Sorrel: Your sister tells me you're not completely on-board with the polygamy?
Di: Yeah, we've decided to battle it out. Basically, it's up to you to choose one of us..
Lav: Noooo, she's TALKING to him!

Lav: What if she chooses him?


Sorrel: I love you.
Di: And I you, love.


Lavender does not take rejection well.

I liked her better with her hair up.

This is Sorrel. She's now officially part of this family.

With Sorrel's LTW, I'm making her study many different skills for later usage! her first job is.. something something.. I think it was political. Could be wrong..

Lavender starts work on Sorrel's painting. Interesting.

Looks good.

How about it. I'm about to expand the violet area, so that Lavender's yet to be determined partner will fit in!

There is something blue on the way!

Oh hey there Leroy!

As I've decided to go no-favourite foods for a while diet for the Chimerees, Seona makes French toast. Yummy.

Oh Mimi! You silly gal, you!

Where's Coke going?

The graveyard!!

Hi Sunny!

Coke: Adam, you've been letting ghosts stay out all day lately and it's driving us nuts..

I decided to move the family to the local graveyard.

The only slightly smaller grave is Mimi's and the only one who didn't fulfil his lifetime want was Mortimer.
I'm pretty proud of that.

Coke: Tabitha! I don't want to leave you here alone!

Coke: This breaks my heart.. *sniff* get it together Coke. Be a man..

Sorrel: I has a fetus!


Lav: I have an idea!
Antonio: Oh?
Lav: I'm letting you know what I think of you!

Elodie! *squinty eyes*

Lav: You're a WINNER!
Antonio: You really think so? :)

Lav and Tony: Hehehe...

Oh look it's Sorrel and Antonio's mum Kylie!

Lav: So cooking is pretty fun, huh?

Lav: Are you.. you know...
Tony: Gay? No..
Lav: I meant single..

Tony: Oh.. yes.

Lav: Wow, for someone who is Unflirty, you sure let me flirt with you very soon.
Tony: Be still my heart!

In no time.. there is kissing!

Lav: wow you kiss nearly as good as your sister!
Tony: Thanks! ...wait!

Tony: You've kissed my SISTER!?
Lav: well, yeah, she's my brother's girlfriend now, but we totally had a tried going for a whole 10 minutes!

Tony: I think we can't be more than just friends.. I'm sorry...

And he really does look disappointed..

Lav: I like friends. Friends is good. I'll find someone else to stalk and flirt with, but with the town's single sim population still low, I'm running out of options..

Tony: Good luck on your search for love!
Lav: Thanks friend!

Tony: BYE!! :D
Lav: What a shame I can't have him.

It'd be weird to date your brother's girl's brother.. seriously Lavender.

Tony: She broke my heart! :(

Will Tony run Lavender over? Will Lavender find true love if he does not run her over?
Next time, without question: A BLUE BABY!

BTW, next time will be soon, as I have all pictures taken and all I need to do is resize, make the opening and upload the whole thing. Are you excited!?
I really liked this chapter and next time will be pretty fun too, I think! Plus that one is about 20 pictures longer too! See you soon!

Thanks for reading~!

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OMYGOSH was amazing, I finished reading 6.5, went back to your main page and there was 6.6!! YAY!
Anyway, love the choice for second heir, Lavender is really very pretty.
Where did you get Sorrel's hair before you changed it back? Looked better than the ponytail, in my opinion! LOVE Sorrel's face by the way, georgous girl!

LOVING the fast updates, most legacies I read update like once a month, so the Chimerees are a nice change! :)

Wow, that must have been so awesome!! O:
I adore Lavender!! ADORE.
Uhm.. I think it's one of Anumbis' conversions :) I liked it a lot but it's hard to see her face in all that hair sometimes. I like to see my sims' expressions, that's mostly why I changed it back.
Thanks :D I had a hand in creating her.

Thanks for that too. I'm in love with my legacy and I only have a part-time job so I've got time and will to do this a lot. My boyfriend is annoyed that I only ever play sims xD He's always trying to get me to play other games xD

Godly Rhea mother of Zeus!

Shit what a quick update! I was playing my game on the weekend and my game crashed and a whole day of work gone down the toilet, that make me sad... But Di did get the girl he wanted... Poor Lavender.


Re: Godly Rhea mother of Zeus!



Re: Godly Rhea mother of Zeus!

My game's been a bit of a jerk too lately, but nothing too serious.. you know besides disappearing pictures xP

Poor Lavander finds someone as soon as you read the next one :D


Another wonderful update as always (:
Lavander is EXCEPTIONALLY pretty <3
Your house is lovely and so are your writing skills!
Does the pattern on your walls in the main room (not the rainbow pattern) come with the game? I can't find it, as it looks so cool [:
Anyway, i'm super happy and excited for the
next update! You have made my week <3


Thank you! :)
I know.. I say it too much, but I do love her so much!
Thanks! oh yeah.. I still have to do the house tour! I keep forgetting!
Oh, the peacocks? Nope, they're by Lethe_s I love that pattern! Enjoy!

You're welcome ^^

Di won the competition :)
To bad you got such low amount of sims to choose between :(
Hope for a babyboom now so the blue gen won't have that problem :)

All in all another great chimeree chapter.

Yeah my game was a jerk that way, but I did get a whole TON of pregnancy announcements, so I hope I'll be good next time! ^^

Thank you! :)

I actually squeed with excitement when I saw that there were two new chapters! I love Di *swoon*
ps: Jet, Cocaine and Alex just moved into my legacy family's neighbourhood! I made them all siblings so they didn't reproduce with each other >.>
Off to read about blue babies :)

Best chapter yet I think! Both Lavender and Di are awesome and I love Sorrel too! VROOOM! I'm going to read 6.6 now! Blue baby!

Best yet? :D Awesome! Thank you very much!

Blasted Ghosts!

I've been having the same problem with one of my legacy ghosts. He's my founder, and he NEVER. GOES. AWAY. He haunts all night and all day, too. He isn't really a big problem, but it still kind of irks me. I wish he'd go back to the grave for some rest, jeez. Oh well. I'll let you know if I find a solution, though!

By the way, love your legacy. It's so entertaining! I wish I could stick with updates, but I start publishing and then stop updating but keep playing. Keep up the good work, though! I get many laughs from the Chimerees. :D

Take care!

~ Katie

Ack! Good to know I'm not the only one, sad to know we're having this problem to begin with!

Ah well, it's not for everyone :) as long as you're having fun it matters not.
Thank you and I'm glad you're enjoying my folk ^^

Never mind

Well, that answered the question I asked two chapters or so back. Glad to see Jupiter and Alex back on the lot (even though it was only for a bit).

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