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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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The Final Stretch: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 6.5 - Violet
Seona kissing Standby

No, it's not the end of the legacy, I named the chapter so because it finally finishes growing up all of Violet generation to young adults :)

With Alex gone, Coke has to take over the garden.. for a while.. until I remember that Dionysus has a LTW to reach the top of Science, which means he needs gardening skills!

While out and about Di spots the magician!

And Passion's old friend Cosmo Thistle!

Perhaps it IS time to start looking for a potential partner for our heir?
This here is Patty, I think.

Di: Oh hey, we're both family oriented!

That's a no-go then. I'm not having a huge family again xD


A friend or two wouldn't hurt, so Di goes ahead and talks about his precious family.

Apparently Patty has heard of the Chimerees :)

How about Elodie?! She's cute!!
Other lady: Like me too, Dionysus!

I love her face.

Di: I want to make you my wife someday.
Elodie: =)

It's nectar making time with Lav!

Lav: Oh hey, sis! You're outside!!
Lilac: I just wanted to check out the new lamp. Now it's time to leave this plagued outdoors!

Ah! I was wondering where you had gone!
Coke went fishing in the pond behind the house.

While her nectar is in the machine brewing, Lavender reads a nectar making book, for a maximum learning experience!

Do you guys think Di looks like his father? xD

Well look at this neurosurgeon!

And look at the French magic gnome!

UV and Rain came to visit and Coke and the girls take advantage of the situation and have a chat.

Green and red!!

Jet: Son?

Coke: I'm stressed out ma!
Jet: There there, have a hug!

Someone's got a lot of harvesting to do :D

D; Ahw, rest in peace Jupiter Chimeree! You weren't my favourite heiress, but an heiress none the less. Thank you for giving birth to two awesome boys. You will not be forgotten.

Lilac plays a LOT of video games. She does it almost all the time!

Oh HEY TABI! Wait why are you out in the sun!?
Tabi: I'm a ghost, not a vampire. Sun doesn't hurt me.

Before entering resetsim Tabitha Chimeree into the cheatbar(it's an Awesome Mod feature) I let her hang out with Cocaine a little bit.

It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Garnet: Lol, mum is such a a weirdo! Her face is odd and she wears strange clothes.
Lilac: Not now, Gar, she's like right there!!

Garnet has the ability to talk about other sims behind their backs. Lilac doesn't approve.

Wait, not Jet too! Resetsim!

Lilac: It's mum you're talking about. Get yourself together, sis! I do not approve.

As I said.

Di: The stove is good, the stove is good. I sense that the trash compactor is broken, though..

Di: Must fix. Must fiiiiiix!

Garnet: Was that a cookie monster!?

The girls don't really NEED to work out, but I'm trying to give them as many different skill points as I can.
None of the girls has rolled a LTW yet. I'm waiting for their YA birthdays anyway. That way I can choose xD

The more I look at her, the more I love her and her striking eyes.

Di: That darn sink! I bet it's up to no good! I must check it out!

Di: Looks good form this angle.

Di: Looks completely fine..



Di: AAAAAH!! I knew it was up to no good!

Di: Just keep fixing, just keep fixing!

Di: This is all a conspiracy against me!!
Di: The household objects are trying to kill me so I couldn't be the heir!


Di: what's that? A phone-call?

Di: An art gallery? Gosh, I'll be right there!

Di: What if everything breaks while I'm out!?

Garnet: :O brother is freaking out! :O

Before sending him off, I decide Di needs at least one charisma point to start out with, so whenever he speaks to someone he gains skill points.

While that happens, his sister is working on getting her nectar machine to press better.

Di: The breeze is so liberating!!

Oh look, it's Sunny Marsh and her roommate Madeline Roberts!

Do you guys remember little Agnetha Raymond?

She looks pretty rad.

Di does not waste time making himself known!
The blue guy is Sunny's father. He's not pleased to find that his daughter isn't the one being talked to.

Di also stumbled upon my boyfriend's simself.
Di: My sister Garnet? She's awesome!

He loves talking about his family.

Oh my goodness!

Leroy: You had your chance to bring me back to life and you blew it.

Thanks for founding, but really.. I never gave it a thought to bring you back. I still have that old savegame where you've only just moved in with Mimi, so there's that!

Di encountered some guy after work and insulted him. I'd forgotten that he's hot-headed.

Di: You're just a huge BABY with too much hair.

Di: Oh and you're FAT!
Richard: :O

After venting, Di spots a gem in the distance!
Di: It's violet, I like it.

The girls decide that since the live across the street from the gym, might as well check it out!

Lav dances away her non-existent sorrows!

Lemar is just shy, not anti-social, you can talk to him!

And he's a fan of the white generation!


Okay so all of the girls are attractive.

It's a battle between Garnet and Lilac!

Garnet *gasps*

Lilac wins!

Lav: Pool!


Di: Oh hey girls! This pool needs more legacy heirs in it, so I'mma join!

Di: But first to stretch!

Di: No!! But now people can't see my hot bod in a speedo!

There, happy now?
Di: Ohyeah.

Garnet: Pool!

Lav: Nobody will miss that ceiling lamp.

No. Nobody will. Now steal the widescreen tv, on the wall to your left.

Lemar: Oh hai! I see you there jailbait!

Lav: I just stole some stuff. I feel so dirty!

Seona: I don't get it! Why don't I have grandchildren yet? I'm so confused!

Hildegard Thistle married Rain.

way to steal your brother's bride.. who he hadn't even flirted with yet, but whatever.

I think I missed Plasma's announcement, I'm pretty sure he's settled down too.

Standby: I am world renown!

Bee: You hear me!? If you ever need surgery..

Bee: You better come to THIS hospital and let me CUT YOU!

Standby Chimeree wants to cut YOU open.

He means it in a good way.

You're having a good day and then THIS happens, your favourite meal has gone bad.

Well doesn't Di look lovely.

Oh yeah and he's a Lab Tech now!

As Bee has reached his LTW and mastered logic, he doesn't really need to play chess any more, but he's kind of addicted to it.

Oh and Seona is a Weather Woman now. Level 7! Whew! We're getting there!

Time for more interviews!

Oh wait, is that Sydney Chimeree?

Clownfish's daughter!

Lav: Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!

Lav: I might have babies one day!! This excites me!!

The gnome has fallen asleep in front of the fridge, blocking my sims' way. Starving them to death.
These gnomes are EVIL.


I realized I didn't have a painter in the house any more, so I need someone to start painting!

Lavender: Phew, I fixed it!

See: Fine, if I can't have grandkids yet then...

See: I'll just roll a wish to have a child with my husband.

Are you insane!? Oh wait..

Okay I can't stop taking pictures of her. She's too adorable.

Di has reached level 4, Fertilizer Analyst!

My mum used to do something like that! She travelled around the country to take samples from people's field soil and then they tested them in their labs!

The girls are doing the last homework assignment of their life.. even though they'll never go back to school to turn it in.

Destination party time for the girls!!

Hey it's Sunny and she's all grown up too!
Guy: Lesbians scare me!

Sunny: Hey is that your sister?  I like her heels!

Everyone found a partner to dance with, except..

Di: Oral hygiene is important to me!

Ah, neurotic sims.

Garnet wad the first to decide to grow up!

Then Lavender!

And Lilac!

Garnet: Wait, you're vegetarian too!? No way!!

You'd think her brother would tell her about that..

Gar: Would you like to go on a da--
Sunny: Your lack of heterosexuality disturbs me!

Ah the fool!

Not to worry, Garnet found Pauline to dance with.. too bad she's already married.

Lav: oh my goodness oh my goodness!!

Lav: My parents are dancing together! This excites me!!

And then everyone said it was time to go. The party was epic.
How? There was no cake! There is no party without a cake!!

Lilac here, rolled Unflirty!

She's an Unflity, Lucky, Good sim who Can't Stand Art and the Outdoors.
She likes all things in the shade of Orange, dancing to Latin music and eating Stu Surprise.
Her dream is to become a Dynamic DNA Profiler.

She will not be the heiress.

Garnet rolled Artistic.

She's an Artistic, Good, Easily Impressed, Inappropriate Vegetarian.
She adores the colour Grey, Egyptian tunes and eating Tri-Tip Steak.
He goal in life is to master the arts of painting and guitar playing.
She will not carry on the family name.

Lavender rolled Schmoozer.

She's an Excitable, Neurotic, handy, Kleptomaniac Schmoozer.
She loves the colour of Lilac, Indie music and a good meal of hot dogs.
Her life long wish is to be a tinkerer, by mastering logic and handiness.
She will indeed be the second heir(ess) to the throne! YAY!

After saying goodbye to their two daughters, Seona and Standby play some catch.
Life goes on? I think so.

They're turning into Grozmarine.

I just realized I have two neurotic heirs.
Lav: Just keep brushing brushing brushing.

Did you guys notice I gave her Rain's socks? I loved them too much to let them go!
Di: it smells--
Good in here, we know. Gosh. Stop that!

I changed Standby's pants.
Bee: Why?
You're in your sixties.. you're too old for skinny jeans.. honestly!

Oh my god EA. REALLY!? What is THIS?!

Cheese plate fail.

Seona: This legacy needs more drama!

And with that, I leave you! It's time to end this growing up thing!
Next time.. will Lavender and Dionysus find a partner? Will there be more drama? Will I remember to get Jupiter's grave and add it to the family crypt!? Will I remember to make Lav and Di icons for my LJ?

That and more when I see you again!
Thank you!


this legacy is absoloutly AMAZING (:
I love reading every chapter <3
And your designing skills ....
would it be too much trouble to
do a third house tour? i'm trying to
get inspiration from your house, it's
too lovely (: it's okay, if you don't (:

Thank you so much!!

I hadn't thought of another tour, this house is pretty simple, not a lot to show, but I suppose I could do it, it only takes a few minutes to take the pictures :)

Re: OMG(: (Anonymous) Expand
I'm so glad you put that last bit on about getting Jupiter's grave! I panicked a little when i saw the popup and she wasnt back at the house to die :O

Congrats on growing up your herd of children! They all turned out so well!

Thanks for a great chapter!

I panicked a little when I realized I didn't have her grave! I'm about to go in game and catch it :)

I did it! *throws fists in the air in celebration*

Thank You for commenting! :)

YAY! :D Lavendar's heiress! WOO!

Lol. I bet you're glad all the kids are gone now, xD.

I can't believe UV stole Edolie! D: She was really pretty too. :(

I liked Garnet's nose in the picture where you listed her stats, I dunno why it just looked...groovy.

Yeah, it's peaceful with only 5 sims.. I'm kind of dreading having kids right away xD

Yeah I liked Elodie a lot! *sigh* Oh well, there's got to be more fish in the sea..

Fufu, her nose there reminds me of Mimi's nose a little bit x3

Ahh a great read at the evening.
Another great chapter and Lavender really do look fantastic.
Will be intresting to see if Lavender or Di get their partner first.

thank you, thank you!
I have a major pixelated crush on Lavender right now xD
We shall see!

(Deleted comment)
Oh my goodness! I'm sorry about your game! Fixing a computer is good, though! I'm really starting to want to look into external hard-drives to keep backups on..
Glad you like Lav as heiress.

Cosmo grew up in Sherwood's shirt! :P
Wait, what!? Leroy was resurrected or something?? :O
RIP Jupiter :(
I think "resetSim" is a cheat that game with the base game, not AwesomeMod...
I never noticed the pool's water was all reflective or whatever like that...
Agnetha looks cool, but slightly angry :P
I never noticed how pretty Lavender was!

Omg, you're right! I knew he looked oddly familiar besides the fact that he's Cosmo and I've seen him before xD
Nope, you CAN resurrect sims but apparently only until a certain point. The game let me know that Leroy reached that point. I think that's how it is.
:( RIP
Really? I didn't know that.. hmm..
Yeah it really distorts their bodies. It's kind of annoying.
And now she's married too, so she's out of the question(Agnetha)
WHAT? Unacceptable. :P I love her.

Aw. I wanted Garnet to be heir, but I knew you adored Lavender. Oh well, better than Lilac! Is there any way you can put Garnet for download even if she's not heiress?

I already uploaded all of this generation earlier today :) Have fun!

Holy Crap!

Bee: Any one who don't go to this Hospital I will CUT YOU! (Maybe not..)
Maybe Di should date Sunny, she is kinda cute... But he's(named after)a GOD! He can have any woman in the world!


Sunny's already in a relationship(grrrr!) and turns out I have like 4 eligible single sims in the entire hood! How troublesome!

Re: Holy Crap! (Anonymous) Expand


I was just visiting the site on a normal check website routine, and it was like 6.5 and I was like "OH MY GOSH YES!" SO I just had to read it! :) Thanks for the new chapter

I have that too when legacies I read get updated xD

Ah I love this legacy! I knew Lavender was gonna be the second heir - she's awesome! Seona rolling a want to have a kid because she couldn't have a granchild was funny. RIP Jupiter. I'm looking forward for the next generation!

Thanks :) I adore Lav, but that's no secret.
I'm dreading it! I don't want so many sims in my house again! But I'm sure the kids will be awesome :)

I didn't like the girls that much at first, although Garnet was very cute, but I LOVE Lavendar, now! Glad she's heiress :D

I only liked Garnet and then around the time they grew up to teenagers I was all "Hey Lavender is kind of gorgeous" xD And she has a good personality. I'm glad you like her ^^

Aw i loved that snapshot of Coke and Tabi.

Lavender is beautiful!

And i couldn't help but laugh aloud with SB and the whole 'cutting' thing! xD

So glad i had this update to find when i got back :)

Me too! Coke+Tabi <333 I love them.


Awesome. I thought it was funny, but you never know for sure x3

(Deleted comment)
You mean on the exchange? Does he keep his skills that way?
I don't really know how it works over there and if the CC is included etc. The exchange freaks me out .___.

Awsome chapter! I loved Bee's "I'll cut you" poses. Where they planned or random? The nectar machine reminds me of a willy wonka candy machine :P

MOST of everything in my chapters is random, except for the romantic stuff, I usually plan those things.
So yeah, that was so random and it fit Bee perfectly xD