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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Going Growing: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 6.4 - Violet

This one has an utterly stupid title, caused by the lack of anything but growing going on in this chapter. My apologies.

Last time the family moved to a new neighbourhood and a new house, the triplet girls grew into their childhood days and SeeBee finally grew into adults.

Rain: I'm so awesome. I bet I will be the heir! That would be so awesome.

Lavender: It smells SO GOOD in here.

wait a minute..

Yeah.. I think having three of those essence burners in one room is getting my kids high.

Jupiter tries.. but she will never be quite as awesome as Jet. EVER.
Jupiter: But I just caught 4 balls with one spatula!

My simself, who lives next door decorated her lawn with solar panels.
I think it looks ridiculous.. IRL, I'd put them on my roof! It'd be so awesome..

anyway, we're here because Coke needs to say hi!

Great.. now I'm wondering what their kids would look like.

I need to stop letting my simself have children with my own legacy sims. It's creepy.

Coke: You have a nice house Mimi. Very.. neutral.
Mimi: Well, I have to have my eyes rest from the crazy Chimeree house somehow.

Coke and Mimi: Omg, we're both loners *blush*

Coke and Mimi: Hehehe..

Their kids would have some serious social issues.
And they'd be pale.

I'm not sure why I have this picture here, the socks amuse me.

Rain: You LOVE me.

He is happy all the time. Freak <3

Di: I still don't like this stupid new hair!

Di: wait.. does it make me look cute?

Friends don't let sims have hair that makes them look un-cute.

Di: I... like teddy bears?

Di: Why did I just say that?

Ames: Me and Di met these cute girls the other day.
Rain: You HAVE to invite them over to meet me and the rest of the gang.

Ames: And that's why I believe that Adam totally stole my colour scheme!
Rain: It smells good in here..

Seona: Nessie is REAL. Hey, are you listening?!
Lilac: You suck! I could beat you a million times over in this game.
Plasma: I just want to relax and play a video game...

Coke: Abra...

Coke: cadabra!

Coke: And voilà! That is how you construct a divewell.

I like it. I might actually keep it right there!

But paint the liquid purple first of course!

Oh look! It's Sunny!

Sunny: So you're Garnet, my sister says your brother says you're vegetarian like us!
Garnet: Your source is right about that information.

Sunny: Nice house, I like the colours.

Di: So I hear you're vegetarian just like your sister? That's nice.
Plasma: Cute hat.

Di: It's all a a conspiracy!!

Surprisingly she was all ears and didn't turn his crazy ideas down.

Then they conversed about the family a bit.

Di: i like teddy bears.
Sunny: What? Too much information!

Sunny: I still think you're cute though.

Di *obsessively brushes his teeth*

Di: Okay.. it's not leaking Di. It's going to be okay.

Di: Hey there me, I am calm. I can face the bed tonight.


You are never safe from ninjas stealing your girl's heart while you're not looking.

This happens when you have 13 sims in the house and you're trying very hard but you can't really look after everyone as good as you'd hope.
Bee: This is so embarrassing!

But life goes on and there's always some neurotic sim cleaning up after someone else.
Alex: We haven't had a real disco around here for so long..

Rain: It's so great how they're best friends.

I was surprised to find out that Plasma isn't even GOOD friends with UV, while he's best friends with Rain.

I don't know which way to steer the girls yet, so they're mostly hanging out playing games. Not that there are many skills they can even LEARN as kids. I'm looking at you EA failing to recognize the fact that children learn things at a much faster rate than adults in real life.

Ames: I am safe. I'm sure I will be the heir. Just look at this heart-shaped amethyst on the dining table! It's the sign of my royalty.

I moved a table outside for the triplets birthday!!

UV: Wait wait!! This can't be only my second line in like 2 chapters! Waaaaaait!

UV: You're a jerk.

Bite me.

The eldest violet child - Ultraviolet grew up and gained the Hopeless Romantic trait.

He is now a Perfectionist, Never Nude, Disciplined Genius with Romantic tendencies.
His turn ons are eating frogs legs, listening to kids music and painting things white.
His lifetime wish is to become a renaissance sim by mastering 3 skills.
And he is not the heir.

Purple Rain grew up and gained the trait of Never Nude, which he now shares with Ultraviolet.

He is a Friendly, Unlucky, Loner who refuses to ever completely undress and gets emotional easily.
He likes the colour orange, eating cobbler and humming pop songs.
His lifetime wish is to become a culinary librarian.
And he isn't the heir either.

Rain.. uhm.. what's wrong?
Rain: I'm.. I'm just..

Rain: So happy!!

Rain: I can finally get out of this nuthouse!!!
 Good for him..

Plasma Sphere grew up a Schmoozer.

He is an Absent-Minded, Friendly, Schmoozing Slob with a Photographer's Eye.
He likes all things pink, kids music and having a nice plate of falafel.
His lifetime wish is to become super popular.
And he isn't the heir either.

I let Rain keep his amusing socks. He deserves them. He was the only one of these three that I even considered in the heir running.
I'm sorry to see you go Rain.

UV: I'm sure he has no hard feelings, he's a loner anyway. This house was driving him mad.

True fact.

Coke: We only have 10 sims left. Awesome!

This loner sim can't wait for less sims either.
I'm thinking of changing his hair style.

Life rattles on like a certain snake we know. Juplex is mainly boring me to hell and so far, even though Leroy lived for ages and so did Grozdan, it's these two that I'm bored of. And they only just now reached the end of their life bar.

Ames: I got a promotion, but does anyone talk about that? No, it's all about the triplets growing up and leaving the house.

This twin rolled the LTW of becoming a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder and for some reason I locked it.
So here he is stargazing.
Di: I had to get a break from that chess board.

So some of you might know.. I've been doing exploring with Coke and look at that shiny new butterfly he found!!


Oh yes.

This tops everything I've discovered on any World Adventures trip.. EVER.

He also found that cute magical gnome in France. Oh wait.. is this picture about Seona going insane again and shouting at Lilac for no reason?
Seona: How could you eat that chicken leg at your vegetarian sister's presence!? Have you no feelings!?

Lilac: Attempting to care. Attempt failed.

And then I decided to grow the girls up a day or two early. They're boring as kids.

Coke *attempts to make Seona deaf*
Di: Leave mother alone. I love mother.

Oh my...

Garnet scares me.
She kind of looks like a clown. Maybe the violet eye-shadow was too much..

Anyway.. Garnet gained the Inappropriate trait.
That explains the crazy look.
Garnet: What do you mean? It's perfectly appropriate.

Good, Easily Impressed, Inappropriate Vegetarian.

Juplex *make sad faces*

Lavender however. She gains a point in my awesome scale of awesome by looking good in the hair that she has as a kid as well.
Plus the EYES. And the lipstick has a cool look.

Small lips are like a thing in this family. Everyone has small lips and I mean the width.

ANYWAY, getting carried away again. Lavender rolled Handy.

Excitable, Handy, Neurotic Kleptomaniac

I gave Lilac a top I really liked and cool jeans and--
Lilac: I can't stand the art in this house.

She rolled Can't stand art. Grozdan would be proud.. but Grozdan is finally dead and you're going to have to cope until you move out.. which will happen. Sorry .__.
I mean she looks fairly pleasant and has a okay traits, I really don't know why I don't like her.

Good, Lucky sim who can't stand art and the outdoors.

Garnet: Rubbiiiiiish!

Sunny: Getting engaged would be nice..
Garnet: hey how about you get engaged to--

Bee: Stop. I do not approve of this coupling. She wears blue and everyone knows blue is the opposite of red. Red is good and blue is bad. Stay away from her.

Sunny&Garnet = OTP ?

Jupiter: waking up these lazy boys on a school night at 4am sounds like a great idea, let me go play my guitar in their room autonomously.

Dionysus and Amethyst: Grandma Jupiter.

Garnet: I don't know, boys. I like it *taptap*

Oh shirt. According to the fortune cookie Amethyst just ate... someone tried to destroy the world.

Lavender: You were right, mother! Mariah did customize our beds!
Seona: I am always correct!
Actually I just let them have the triplets' beds. Shh.

Bee: I want to speak with my wife, but there is a little woman in my way!

Time to put Lavender's handiness into action by letting her fix the computer she herself just broke.
Lav: By the way, I haven't got ANY handiness skills yet, so we'll see how well it goes.

She didn't die. In fact, she got two skill points from this. Score!

Next it's time to put Coke's nectar maker into action!

Lav: Eeeeeew!

I kind of adore her dark beauty.

My only problem with her is..

her slightly odd profile.

But it's a small compromise. At least she's different :)

Lav: Oh Mariah, please let me take 3 showers, I just fell in squished plums and grapes! Eeeew!!

Seona: One day my son or daughter will get married!! The prospect of it excites me!!

I remembered at this point that Seona has conducted zero interviews, so she invited over Plasma, to ask him some questions.
Seona: So tell me a little bit about yourself!

Plasma: Well, I've been dating Imogen Creeper and I think she might be the one..

It's a fact.
Do you remember when I showed you her birth announcement?
I really do love the fact that the neighbourhood grows with the main household :)

Coke: Whaaaaat?

Coke: Oh hey M!

Mariah: Now to remember why I'm here.

I just realized me and Coke have two trait in common. No wonder I like him so much xD

It is.. the twins' birthday to young adulthood!!!


Di: Gooo my baby-faced brother, you're gonna be great blowing those candles off!!

Mariah didn't even look at the boys. This deeply saddens me.

Mariah: Oh hey it's that strange child, where's SHE going?

Garnet wanted to walk around the crowd to get a better spot.. to laugh at her brother.

Di: What if I'm not ready?

There's no turning back now, kid.

Di: Where'd my cool hair go?

So you DO like your hair.

Coke: Can I get cool hair too?

I'm still considering changing his 'do.

Amethyst looks exactly the same, only bigger.
He rolled Commitment Issues.

He's a Technophobic, Flirty, Brave, Clumsy sim who just can't commit.
He likes thinking of the colour green while eating grilled cheese sandwiches and listening to classical music
His lifetime wish is to be Jack of All Trades.
And... he is not the heir.
I do adore Ames, but.. I have someone else in mind.

Dionysus. Who does he remind me of? I know he reminds me of someone, I just can't pinpoint it!
He rolled Workaholic

He is a Hot-Headed, Family Oriented, Neurotic workaholic who Loves the Outdoors.
He likes to look Lime coloured paint dry, listening to Egyptian music and eating Dim Sum.
His lifetime wish is to Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder.
And he is the heir.. at least one of them. I still haven't decided if I'll go for one or two, but I adore Di so much!
I had to give him a beard to make him look less baby-faced.

Di: Oh my goodness, what if I let everyone down?!

Di: What if I forget to check the sink one night and it floods the house?
Seona: Is he for real?

I'm afraid so.

Di: Do not make fun of my neurosis! This is serious business!
Lavender: Oh look, a penny!

Di: I'm a scientist now, mum! I'm going to be cross breeding creatures and robots one day!
Seona: That's great son.. whatever makes you happy.

Ames: well.. time to do this.. use the computer to get a job and leave this house.. I can do this..
Photo of Jet *looks at photo of SeeBee*

Ames: A three-bedroom house sounds reasonable!

Jupiter: I'm moving with Amethyst!? AWESOME! I can't wait to get out of this hell hole!

That's right.. I am moving Alex and Jupiter together with Amethyst.
I do feel some guilt, but really.. as some of my readers said, I'm just waiting for them to die anyway.

Ames: I was supposed to be heir!

Jupes: I AM the heir!

Ahw, I'm sorry. Thanks for giving your eyes to Lavender :)

Merritt the paper delivery boy: Bye bye Jupiter Chimeree, we still love you!
We do.

Anyway, that is it for this time. When we begin next time, there will only be 7 sims in the house. Life 'll be a breeze!
I hope these twin chapters were enjoyable :)
Next time we can finally take a better look at what we've got on our hands oh and the girls grow up xD
I'm sorry the past chapters have sucked kind of.

Thank you and please do come again :)

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Two chapters in one day? WOOOOOOOO! =D *Goes to read*

Also, I apologise for not leaving a comment since Grozmarine. Bad Chippy! D:

It's okay Chip, I'm a generally lazy commenter myself. Have fun reading. I'm taking a break and then I have to respond tot he flood of comments I've gotten xD

Garnet is STILL my favorite. Her eyes are just super duper cool.. Haha...

That's about the coolest part about her, though.. imo anyway xD she scares me. I like the shirt I gave her ^w^

Yeah, I just wish the girls were as beautiful as their mom...

OMGWTFBBQ, the triplet boys are gone T_T and so is Ames O.o For some reason I can't exactly define I thought he ans Di would be the heirs when you moved the triplets out. Man, you have some wicked plans going on hahaha I'm loving it!

And the new house is awesome too. My houses are so 'boxy' and dull, I might request my sister's help [she's an architect xD].

And yay for 7 sims in the house! \o/ It's still a LOT of people, but it's almost half of the amount you had until last chapter LOL

Loved the updates, Mariah! *o* And Coke, ILUSFM xDDD *hugs*

T_T I'm sorry, I had to pick one and they weren't my favourites.. I loved Rain and Plasma was awesome, but just not awesome enough. Good that you still love it though xD

My biggest challenge is landscaping, I usually just leave the lot empty, but I put SOME effort into the Chimeree front yard this time.

Yeah, and there's still two sims moving out(2 of the triplet girls) so yay for less sims!

Thaaaaank you! I love Coke so much..

Who wouldn't love them??? [I'm talking about the other comment, in the other chapter xD] They're pure love!

Oh, don't apologize. Really, I like surprises. They make us expect the unexpected, that's good! Really good!!

Oh, landscaping... After you've done the whole house, you're always too tires [or, in my case, too LAZY] to give your best at landscaping. I NEVER do it, I find it boring [that, and the trees annoy me so much! You need to get the camera too close to the ground in order to see if there are any seeds, gems, etc. Not that you would find seeds and gems in your lot - I never did! - but you get what I mean, right? T_T] Anyway, the Chimeree's new house *is* lovely, I like it a lot, too.

So I guess next generations you're going to try to have less babies? LOL Because OH MY, if you EVER get to play with more than 13 sims in the household, MAN, I'd give you god[ess]-like status. That's just TOO MUCH xD

oh, and have a nice weekend ^^

Yeah, trees are kind of annoying sometimes, but I just love the cherry-blossoms! And if I take pictures outside it makes them look less empty :) And my computer doesn't seem to mind them as much. In TS2 I never put trees on my lot because they would lag my game like crazy.
I need to clean it up and upload it I think. I'm going to make a small list of patterns I've used.. at least ones that I can find. It's hard to tell what's not EAxis with them.

Yeah I'll either have 2 or 4, because I'd like it to be even between the heirs if I go for 2 heirs :)

And you do too! I think mine will be splendid!


You's soo weird, Is Di the Heir?! I'd be super happy if he would be the heir!

Teah, it's what I said in the update, isn't it? ^^

Re: you

I'm just stupid like that, But... I gave you the name so I'm super happy about that! Di is so much like the person he's named after, well the Workaholic isn't but hot headed, sure, he'll turn you into a dolphin. Never judge a God, even a drunk one...


Yay For Two Chapters!!

Di sounds like an interesting heir. I'm sure you would've made it interesting anyways. Can't wait for the next generation!

Re: Yay For Two Chapters!!

Well I do try ^^

(Deleted comment)
I love Lavender, but shhh...

I love Garnet's eyes, but Lav's profile is awesome!! I can't choose who I like better.

I hope you like who I end up choosing ^^

Di will be a great Heir :D
He just got those traits that can make a chapter fantastic :)

Lavender is my favourite of the girls, maybe cause she looks good and has quite fun traits too

xD I know, plus he looks super super cute. Personal opinion anyway..

Yeah, same here ^_~

D: No triplets for heir? **cries**

I hope you do double heirs though, Lavender is gorgeous. <3

And your sim self is so cute! D'awww.

Great chapters as always! ^_^

Ahw I'm sorry :(

I'm having fun playing with the idea. We'll see.

Thank you very much x3

And another thank you very much! :D

Simply adore the huge amount of sims that this generation went through, huge families are too much fun. I can't wait to see what Di (and a possible joint-heiress) get up to in the following updates!

Huge families are too much period They can be fun, I don't think I made it look very fun though. Your mileage may vary.
I can't wait either, I haven't played ahead much yet! :D

More than 8 people...

Nice legacy and i'm looking forward for the next chapter!
Btw,how do you enable more than 8 people in a family and they have tumbnails?
Modthesims has mod that enable this but they do not have thumbnails which i dont feel comfortable.


Re: More than 8 people...

I'm glad you like it :)
Uhm, I'm pretty sure that it's Awesome Mod that does that. Pretty sure..

Thanks for the comment :D

Heir move-out

Are you still going to bring over Jupiter and Lex's tombstones to the household?

You know how you said Di looks like someone. He looks like my boyfriend ALOT, just without purple hair, blue eyes instead of aqua green ones..

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