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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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New Directions: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 6.3 - Violet
Seona kissing Standby

For those of of you who want MOAR Chimerees, here's a chapter.

Wait, is that a Glee reference?

Last time... wait is that my improved simself?
Why is she giving us a weird half a smile?

Anyway.. last time SeeBee decided that 5 kids was not enough for them.. or 6 or even 7, so they had triplet girls named Garnet, Lavender and Lilac. Bee had a favourite, but I did not and.. that's about it.

But what's this? It does not look like Cape Cavell at all.. actually, this is Neverglade! The Chimerees have moved yet again and I decided to reintroduce my simself to the mix.

The Chimerees found a lovely spot of land in the round street everyone loves so much and set down their house that they packed with them in their massive suitcase.

Bee: My lovely wife moved with us! How sweet of her not to abandon us!
See: Can we go to sleep now?

Amethyst: AAARGH!! It's a computer!!
He rolled a wish to get a job.
Ames: I could just use the paper or go on an interview at the workplace!!

Ames: This house is driving me insane.
Bee: Nobody pay attention to the boy. Look at me. I'm so cute.
Alex: It smells good in here. I love the new house smell.

Ames: You look good, Di, did you get a facial for Mother's Day?

Di: No, duh. I got a haircut. Now I look more like my awesome younger twin.

Ames: Thank you, thank you very much!

Ultraviolet and Plasma Sphere have been on baby duty all night and are extremely tired.
Always together these two.

And as soon as the family gets to the new location, they're pretty much settled in.

Jupiter went off to put her mark into the new theatre.

That done, time to go home and to sleep.

Cordelia: Time to welcome the family to their new home.

Cordelia: That's impossible! They just moved here, how the hell do they have the alarm already installed!?

Cordelia: Kekeke, I will make you need bandages!
Darrell: Okay, I'm here now so stop what you're doing.

See: WHO woke me from my slumber!?

You do not wake a sleeping woman.

And then there was a huge rumble.

Cordelia: Oh gosh darnit!
Darrell: >:(

Bee: Well, thanks for stopping by to welcome us to Neverglade! I like your genetics!

Darrell: They like me! They really like me!

Coke: How tiresome!

Coke: Well. Time to sleep!

Darrell: wait, is that Jupiter Chimeree? Her music changed my LIFE!

Rain: I have a favourite.

Rain: Mine! My precious!

It's finally morning so I can show you the 'hood!

You can see their house from heeeeeere..

can you find it?

There it is :)

More teaching of toddlers is done!

Rain: I couldn't find a chair, don't judge me!

It's right there. Then again.. reading while standing up is cute.

Di: come to big brother, Lilac!
Rain: But she's MY favourite.

Lilac is the only one I do not like, from all of the kids.

Plasma: PLUS he rides UNICORNS!

It's the only thing I could think of when I saw this.

Garnet: I know you like me.

Garnet: Omg, mummy likes me too!!

Bee: Whooo! Time to grow up to be an ADULT.

You'd think, with 5 teenage sons he was one already, but no.

Not so excited now, are you mister grumpy face?
Bee: I'm too old for all this drama.

Seona grows up too!!
Ames and Plasma: Shut up Garnet..

See: Just put me out of my misery!

Someone just realized she has 8 kids.

Say hi to the new maid!His name is Leighe, but it's not important as his genetics will never be as awesome as Darrell the cute cop's. Even though Leighe is ginger.
True, all their faces look exactly the same, but their skin, eyes and hair is still different..

Leighe: You sims are CRAZY!

MOAR toddler skilling.

Seona: I will get that promotion... soon!

Just showing off Ames. He's cute.

Where's I might send any of the others to just read a book or watch tv, but Rain's got a LTW of being a culinary librarian so I'm letting him cook for himself.

Rain: Hmm.. guess I shouldn't have made a group meal to eat by myself.


Ames: Tell you what, Rain.. I can't wait to grow up, inherit this house and get engaged to a nice girl.

Di: >:(

Di: I... LOVE mother.

UV: It smells goooood.

Bee: I wonder why it always takes so long for him to take a shower.

Ames: I has a favourite too!

Plasma: I am forgetting something..

Plasma: What am I forgetting?

Plasma: Great! And I bet it was important too!

Garnet: Lavender?
Lilac: Lavender!?

Lavender: I'm right here guys.
Garnet: Good, let's get this birthday party started.

It's time indeed.


Coke and Jupiter: Typical. The parents get to hold the cool kid.

I don't know.. I like Lavender..

Wow, her eyes look nice in the light of the fire. Wait...

Garnet: FIRE!!!!

Done with the fire... and done with makeovers!

Garnet. She grew up a Vegetarian!

Lavender grew up a Kleptomaniac!

Lilac grew up Lucky.
Lilac: Why do I get the least awesome trait?

Because... I don't know.

Plasma: You can't tell it's me because my face is hidden in this cake.

You know your legacy house is too small when...

Ames: Wha... what's going on?

The family is moving..

Not to worry, though. The new house is right around the corner.

Why did I do this again?

In the light of the dawn we can see their new house.

Like it? I do.

Ground floor.

I tried to keep a fairly open plan, so that people don't have to wait behind doors to get to the living-room and kitchen.

First floor.

The yard :)

I made a cute little inaccessible patio on the first floor where the hallway is..

From the big window there's a view to the pond.
Oh look! People!

The memory wall down in the crypt is still intact! Lovely.

By the opposite wall lie some souvenirs that we've kept..

And of course.. the sarcophagus!

Jupiter: YES! Everyone is going to hear about this move to our new house in the paper!

After the twins are done with their part time jobs at the salon I decide to send them scouting for possible mates.

Here's two! They're names Sunny and Antonia Marsh. I think they're super cute.
Sunny: It will be sunny with some shades. Get it?

Ames: So you're vegetarian! so is my little sister!

Antonia: I'd love to meet her one day!

Plasma: Stand right like that pretty brother. You're such an awesome model, darling!

It's a mystery guitar woman!!

Oh wait, it's just Seona. She's a freelance writer now.

Di: You've changed my hair again! I am not amused!

But look how cool it is! You look awesome with it!

Di: Okay, so that WAS ,pretty cool.

Ames: oh no! I tripped over my own feet! Did anybody see? What if I can't be heir, because I'm clumsy!?

And he's supposedly brave.

I still don't like Lilac..
Lilac: I guess I'm not so lucky after all..

I do like Lavender though.
She's cute and mostly always happy-looking.
Lavender: How exciting! :)

But dear readers seem to favour Garnet, so far.
Garnet: Me?!
Di: Jupiter is so awesome..

Garnet: Yay!
Di: I LOVE mother..

Plasma is the one with the odd...



Lavender: I'd like it if Mariah customized our beds too, like everyone else's!
Seona: She will, when the triplets move out.

Coke: Tabitha..
Tabi: Cocaine..

Coke: Wait a minute I just made out with..

Coke: a ghost! Ew!!

Coke: Maybe I shouldn't have been so cruel...

That is all for now, but I've played quite a bit, so the next chapter should be released very very soon. Likely later today or tomorrow :)
Look forward to that :)

Next time: A ton of growing up and some character development.

Thank you for reading and please come again!

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So many kids :) Actually i have no real favourite at the moment. Perhaps later when the girls grow up.
Another great Chimeree chapter can hardly wait for next part :)

Thanks ^^ I hope you end up liking the heirs I have chosen.. still haven't decided if I will go for two or not, but it's one of the plans.

Did it take long for you to get Sims in your new neighborhood? I downloaded this same one and played it for a couple of Sim days so far, and haven't seen anyone out and about yet.

Well, I used Twallan's Porter and moved some families in there along with my legacy family, so I had quite a few people in it to begin with. New people don't move in very quickly unfortunately.. try moving some families from Riverview and Sunset Valley there to populate the 'hood :)

I LIKE Lilac

Hmm..I rather like Lilac..She's my favorite. :D I also have a soft spot for Lavender..But Garnet? Nahh

Garnet as a teenager.. creeps me the hell out. She is so creepy.. especially with the eyeshadow I gave her, the big hair and the trait that she got.
I adore Lavender. Lilac.. I don't know why, but I just don't like her.

Yes, you're right. I favor Garnet. Her eyes are gorgeous! :D

Di is... still my favorite!!
HOPEFULLY he's the/one of the heirs! :)


I love ur legacy!
Don't u thk tht Plasma looks like Puck from glee :)
Also I <3 Garnet's hair where is it from.
I no ur not doin polls but i thk Garnet shud be heir

The links to Garnet's hair are in this comment.

Wait... Glee reference?? How coincidental, I watched Glee last night... (usually I don't, but for some reason we did... it's actually a pretty good show! :D)

I like the new house... but how do you manage... 14 Sims is it? 8 kids, SeeBee, Juplex, Coke... 15 Sims? How do you manage that many Sims with three bathrooms? (My spellcheck says Juplex is misspelled, but SeeBee isn't... :P)

Sunny and Antonia have interesting skintones...
Don't be so hard on Lilac! D:

Hmmm. I reinstalled Sims 3 and I can magically download neighborhoods again :O I'm going to get Liberty Bay, I think... Neverglade is just TOO large. It is pretty though - WAIT, is that the Newbie House? And the Bunch house is there too!

I just realized (by reading the next chapter) you only have 13 Sims.
I wonder why I thought there were 15... I messed up my math apparently :P


The maid has a funny hat....
Di has almost the same haircut as me, though I'm a girl..
Anyway I think Garnet is really cute!


I adore Di's haircut :D
I need a new haircut too, it's getting long.

(Deleted comment)

Lol. Awesome!

I like Ames, especially because of his name. It's sort of hard to have a favorite because there are so many! I still love your legacy though. Can't wait for the next chapter!

I didn't have a favourite for the longest time, but two of them have grown on me.

Amethyst is my favorite! He's so cute! It would be pretty perfect if Amethyst and Garnet, your two gemstones would be heirs. Just sayin'. LOVE your legacy. :D

.__. ahw I'm sorry... I'm glad you love it, though!

OMG!!! I just noticed that Plasma kinda looks like Puck from Glee!!!

Fufufu.. it's the Mohawk and the skin tone, isn't it?

Ok, so you KNOW I'm going to comment on the next chapter's post, but I NEED to say something before I head to the next chapter OF AWESOMENESS:

I just freaking LOVE Di, UV and Plasma. Like, LOVE. Like, REALLY. They're AWESOME. And I thought I'd like the girls more than the boys [because I like to play with girls instead of boys and I have no idea why] but I just realized that I seem to like boys a lot more when I'm reading legacies.
Especially AWESOME boys like yours. Because no, in my game I can't find pretty people, they're all weird -_- LOL

neway, Garnet's eye is just GORGEOUS. Just sayin'. But I prefer the boys 8D

xD AWESOME. I love people loving my sims, it's special when someone else thinks they're hot stuff too and not just me, lol
I love my boys best too, really.
Ahww, I'd like to have townies that are more special looking, though..

My favourites at this point would have to be Ames and Garnet.
Amethyst is actually my birthstone, so me and Ames habe a connection there ;)
Garnet is just friggin adorable.

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