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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Lucky : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 6.2 - Violet
Seona kissing Standby

You know the drill, I write you read. Let's get this party started!

Last time the triplets were studious, Seona gave birth to twin boys, making the number of sims in the house go up to 11. Jupiter finally reached her LTW of becoming a Rock Star. She and Alex grew old and Grozdan finally died. The boys all grew up to children and they were all pretty awesome, but Seona and Standby still wished they had a little girl.

And then I got a ton of comments saying I should try for ONE MORE.
Seona doing the crazy face is dedicated to all of you. I love you guys.

Coke's latest novel, a masterpiece and a best-seller! AND the royalty payments for it are his biggest so far!

Plasma: What was I about to go do again?

Plasma: Oh yeah, I was about to do homework with my hot-headed little brother. Help me lord.

Di(as we shall call him now, whoo!): Someone STINKS >:( and it's NOT ME!

Di: I refuse to bond with you over homework.
Plasma: That's fine, you brat, I only want to be friends with my BFF Ultraviolet.

Di: You're such a stupid babyface.

Plasma: Yeah, I'm quite cute, aren't I?

I thought he wasn't as cute as UV and Rain, but.. he's got his own charm.

Lefty: Go play catch with that twin, I know Ames is your favourite, but I don't give a darn!
Bee: But he's the ANGRY one!

Bee: Want to play catch, buddy?

Di: I'm not your buddy, pal.

Di: There's not enough space in the backyard anyway.

Rain: YAY! hanging out with Agnetha was SO MUCH FUN!


Seona: And I told him I said.. RUBBISH!
Bee: Coooookiiiiee!

Di: If I had any cake left I'd say I lost my appetite, mother dear. Now may I be excused?
Bee: Mm.. cookie.

Ames: I'm building a nuclear power plant! Just like the one where Homer works!

Ames: I'm gonna be rich, like mister Burns! What are you building?

Rain: I'm building a Starbucks.
Ames: Oh, suddenly my building looks just like yours, it's magic!

Rain: Yay! I'm finished!!

Rain: Okay, time to destroy this and start over!

The triplets playing video games together in PJs! Aww.

And then studious behaviour ensues. This isn't that tough! :)

Seona: Yay! Someone finally made Tri-tip steak!!
Bee: Cookie!

After gaining block skills, the boys catch up with friends from school.
Di: I know! It's rubbish!
Rain: My stocks are finally beginning to look good again! Phew.

The Sims 2 style failure makes a comeback!!
Plasma: Rain did it first!

Yes, but you did it NEXT to the darn toilet.

Ames: So when you say core body exercise..
Seona *smiles at Rain*

Bee: It's all in the treadmill, buddy. Believe me!
Seona and Rain *look at each other*

Ames: and if I wanted bigger muscles, say on my arms?
Rain and Seona *stand there and look around*

Bee: Go for the weights, duh.
Seona and Rain *continue looking around*

Ames: For a crazy person, you're very sensible, dad.

Omg you two.
Bee and Ames: Whaaat?

Bee still has a favourite.

UV: Guess what, I finally rolled a LTW that isn't something you've done in a while or something my brothers rolled too.
UV: I'mma be a renaissance sim like Jet!
Meaning mastering 3 skills, to those who've forgotten.

Obligatory SeeBee picture. They're adorable.

The boys have a day off, whoo!


UV: Mummy, I don't want to go to school, I'm sick!

It's Saturday!

UV: You need to start appreciating the best food in the world! Frogs legs!
Rain: How would you know, you've never had them.

UV: Isn't it obvious? I'm French!


UV: Got to go, I have a date with mister French toilet!

Ames: Hmm.. I wonder what would happen if mum and dad had another baby..

Ames: Hah, distracted you. I win.

Plasma: I finally finished a painting that shows precisely the contents of my soul. I call it "This boy is a monster".

Hear him roar.

Di: I hate the whole damn world!

Di: Yay, a sudden feeling of joy and happiness fills me!

Di: No really, I hate the world and everyone in it.

And then Dionysus reminds me how I still need to send Coke back to China. And France and Egypt for recipes. Ugh. Why can't they sell those recipes in the regular bookstore?

With having to constantly take care of kids etc. Seona is still level TWO of journalism, which she has to top. This saddens me.

Bee: what are you doing home? You should be out fishing already!!
Rain: You mean school, dad, and let me finish my breakfast. Gosh.

See was about to enter her workplace when suddenly...

See: That damn fly followed me here!!

See: Haha! Gotcha! Now I will eat you!

See: Oh and I'm pregnant.


Seona: Don't you want a little girl? *innocent eyes*

.__. I can't stay mad at that.

Bee: Wow, hun, you're home early you look nice I am so tired I'm about to fall over.

Seona: I have some news.

Seona: I'm pregnant!

Bee: What?!

Bee: That's AWESOME! I wish for us to have another little boy *rolls said wish*

DIAF, Standby.

Bee: Wanna go have some celebration woohoo? ;) (Y) *shot*

Bee: And make sure to eat lots of apples, hun.
See: Don't worry, dear.

See: I LOVE apples!!

See: So you like cooking, huh, mum-in-law?
Jupes: Shhhh..

Jupiter: I'm so glad you and Standby decided to stop having children after the twins.
Seona *nervous laughter*

Seona: I'm pregnant, btw.

Jupes: whaaaat?
Seona: I'm.. pregnant?

Jupes: It can't be true! Tell me it's not true, Mariah!


Seona: Oh, they're making my favourite steak! Too bad I'm too dumb to write down the recipe and try it out!


Seona: I'm in love with your son, missis Chimeree.

Jupiter: You're a liar, you only married Standby for his great genes. Also, I hate all of your kids, even though they're my grandkids. I can't believe 5 is not enough for you greedy bitch.
Seona: I chose not to hear what you just said.


Jupiter: It's just one child, right? You're only going to have one more child and then I will try and be kind, okay?


Jupiter: I suppose another little blessing won't be so bad. I hope you and Standby are happy :)


There, apart from depression she went through all the five stages of grief.

Standby: Great news dear, look at this face and remember it..

Standby: because this is the face you'll see in the paper when they talk of a surgeon saving lives! I'm a real doctor now. Whooo!
Seona: That's great, hun! Now if only you could fix my aching back!

That same night, Passion got promoted to Gene Therapist, so he's still ahead of his little brother. Meanie!

Seona: Rub my belly, hun.

Bee: Ahw, hello there baby. ILU.

Seona: Awesome. Now use your psychic doctor skills to tell me what the gender of this baby is!

Bee: Seona is having a girl.

OMGYES!! Best news I've heard all week.


UV: What is this rubbish? I'm growing up without a cake?

Too much cake, too little room.

Plasma: But why? I want some cake in my tummy!

Oh look, it's Agnetha! Sadly she left right after she finished her homework.

Rain: Move out of the way, Ames, I want to grow up too!

And there it is! Three boys grown up!

Ultraviolet, who rolled Never Nude.

Never Nude, Disciplined, Perfectionist, Genius.

Plasma Sphere, who rolled Photographer's Eye.

Absent-Minded, Friendly, Slob with a Photographer's Eye.

I figured he and UV are BFFs, so I gave one the faux-hawk and the other a not-so-faux-hawk.

Rain.. stop doing the goofy smile, so I can take a proper picture of your features.

Rain: Yeah, go ahead and ruin my mood.


Purple Rain rolled Unlucky.
He apparently wants to play a game of "How much like Coke can I get." So far, he and Coke have 3 2 traits in common.
Sorry, I was under the impression for some reason that Coke is Friendly. He's a schmoozer instead.

A Friendly, Over-Emotional, Unlucky, Loner.

Ames: Typical. It's bedtime.

Lol.. I have no idea.

Bee: Yup. It's a girl in there. Boys don't sound quite so girly.

Seona sports Jet's swimwear. It looks awesome on her.

Bee: It'd be much easier to go through the doorway if the door was OPEN, son.

Bee: Much better.
Plasma: It smells so mellow in here.

Honestly. The door opened after he was already through it.

Do you like Rain's mismatched socks? I love them.

Seona: Make sure you eat all your veggies, Ames.
Ames: Mmm.. grilled cheese.

Ames has the most sensible favourite meal.

Gosh her belly looks good in the shade of.. rainbow.
So cute.

They're such BFFs, they even sit together in the bus.

Rain: When my friend Amethyst grows up he will sit next to me.. but right now.. I am lonely.


Di: I just want to be loved, bro!
Ames: To be loved you need to learn to love someone else first, dummy.

Uh-oh, someone's grumpy!

I think, he needs an earring to complete the look.
I'll see if I can remember to give him one next time I load the game.

Plasma: You'll never know it's me, because my face is hidden!

Plasma: There, I'm full. No need to make dinner for me!

Seona: Oh.. yeah my water just broke.
UV *chokes on his hotdog*

UV: That's great mum. Have a nice time in labour! :D

Seona: If I keep having kids I'll stay in level two FOREVER!
Di: I want to be a creature-robot cross breeder! >:(

Seona: This shouldn't hurt so bad! I had triplets and twins before this!!

Seona: Yay! A girl. I shall call you Garnet :)

Mother nature: Hey, I heard you wanted a baby girl so..

Mother nature: HAVE THREE. LOL.

I think I need to go through those stages of grief that I mentioned earlier.
You know what this means?
8 kids.

It's Bee and See plus 8. Yay.

Okay, I'll go curl up in a ball and die now, thnx.

Seona rolls this wish EVERY time that she gives birth. I WOULD let her quit, if it wasn't for her career related LTW.

Seona: Oh man, I'm so hungry, I feel like I gave birth to a baby elephant!
Bee: What just happened?

Jupiter: Hey, what's up ,son? It kind of smells like babies in here. Funny huh?

Jupiter: Oh... Oh. My. God.

My sentiments exactly.

No really, I feel a little numb right now.

There are thirteen sims in the house. I know I have awesomemod and I've got overstuffed houses enabled(or what's it called) but thirteen? I was even surprised that it allowed me to get them pregnant again to begin with.

Oh look, it's Aldric Veltran, randomly stopping in front of our house!
Aldric: Randomly? Me? I'm not random at all!

Aldric: I'm uh.. I was just.. uhm...

Aldric: Okay.. I really was just randomly passing the house and decided to stop for a minute. I'm sorry.

I think I love him. I need more blonde in the family. Welcome to the list of "maybes" Aldric.
Aldric: Okay I'll go now, sorry to trouble you.

Seona: Oh hey ghosts! What's going on Leroy? Sub?
Leroy: Hey I heard you have 8 kids? Lol, I had 1/4 that amount and I was just fine. Freak.
Sub: I was just gonna play some video games..

Do you like the triplet boys' themed PJs? It the rainbow pattern but in their appropriate colours. I think they rock!
Rain: Rubbish!

Yeah, THAT is what I should have named this chapter. Its rubbish. I apologize. I wasn't expecting another set of triplets.

Seona was the only one again, that agreed to take the babies to their cakes, so one by one they go!

Bee: I just realized I have eight children.

More than any other family I've ever played in TS3. Congrats.

Actually I only took this picture because it has Standby topless and he's many shades of hot when he's topless.

Garnet, the firstborn of the girls. I was so happy to see her be born. She was the one who made my day before I was crushed.
She has turquoise eyes(from who? I can't remember anyone with those eyes.. maybe Seona's mum?)
And Seona's brown hair I believe.

Garnet in real life comes in virtually any shade of colour, but I liked the name and in Ragnarok Online, the garnet you find is violet. So forgive me.
OUR Garnet is Good and Easily Impressed.

Second of the triplets is Lavender.
She has Standby's black hair and red eyes from Jupiter.

She's Excitable and Neurotic.

Last of the eight children is Lilac.
I was so overwhelmed with her birth, that I didn't even give her a unique colour (not like Garnet's is unique, but w/e)

Lilac also has Standby's black hair and Alex's green eyes.
She's Good and Hates the Outdoors.

I didn't write down the girls' favourites because it's just too much to chew on right now.
Also, we have 8 kids and none of them share an eye colour! That is AMAZING. I'm blown away right now.

Ames: But wait, there's MORE!


Ames: It's MY birthday too!

Amethyst rolled Flirty. Cute. I like him. I like him so much, I let him keep his t-shirt.

Brave, Clumsy, Technophobic Flirt.

His twin was out shopping for knowledge while he felt the urge to grow!

I'll need to give him a different hairdo next time, because this reminds me of Zac Efron xD It looks so good on Coke, I thought I'd try it.

Dionysus rolled Family-Oriented. Good thing his LTW is already locked into something other than surrounded by family.

Hot-Headed, Neurotic, Family-Oriented sim who Loves the Outdoors.

Immediately the brothers get busy caring for their little siblings.

You would think, with eight kids, work was a little more peaceful for Standby, but no. Crazy people going wild in the hospital.

Wait. Standby the insane sim is looking after the psych ward? Something is very very wrong here.
Anyway. he got promoted the Gene Therapist and is working alongside his brother Passion.

And that's it for this time. Forgive me for half of this being lame, but I was just super distracted by the fact that my family is far too large.
To repay you, I'm letting you guys know that I'm probably doing double heirs. Not sure which two yet and not sure if there will be a poll, but there will probably be two heirs to the throne.

Next time:  The girls will grow up and the boys will continue being awesome as they already are In My Honest Opinion.

Thank you for reading and please come again!

O_O OMG. 8 KIDS! How will you handle it?!

It's lucky the twins and triplets are teens now though. That should make things a little easier for you. :]

I think Ultraviolet is SO cute btw! Then again, so are the rest of the kids. I just think he looks so innocent and adorable. ^^

But great chapter. Good luck with the 8 kids. O_o

I have no idea. I was sitting here saying "How it that possible?" out loud. I have 5 adults and 8 kids in the house xD
It'll be so peaceful when most of them move out once the heirs are chosen.

Yeah, i's gonna be easy to teach them with everyone helping out. I just hope I won't forget to feed one of the older ones.

UV is a sweetie. I like Amethyst right now and Plasma and UV. We'll see how the girls grow, but I'm sure they'll be stunning xD

Thank you so much .___.

Thanks for listening, Mariah. Even though it did ruin your life... :)

Ahw, I always try to listen :) And I did want a little girl too.
Also it didn't ruin my life xD it just made it a bit more complicated. It's still gonna be a blast! :D

When they grow up I'm uploading ALL of them :D:D


Jupiter's stages of grief :P Earlier this year I wrote an essay on handling grief for English class, so I know a lot about it :P

TRIPLETS!!?? :O :O :O :O At least See and Bee finally had girls, though...
Wow Di has a personality quite similar to my own :O I don't Love the Outdoors, though... I'm a Couch Potato xD

Oh and I keep forgetting to tell you... there's a street called Xylon Lane in my town :D

haha ouch :D
Called you my Sensei when you had 5 kids ^^
Now you have 8 kids and i'm out of ideas what i should call you know. Maybe Un-lucky ^^

Ha, yeah. I really don't know either. I guess it serves me right for having a couple with the fertility treatment awards try for ONE more.

Oh and good luck with your legacy too! I forgot to say last time :)


CRAZY. I wasn't expecting so many kids! I like it though; genetic diversity is one of the best parts on the sims, for me :) At least you didn't get and clone glitch thing! (although I don't think that even exists in this game, anyway :P)
And wow about the eye color!

I think I like Purple Rain the most. But Garnet is sooooooo cute! <3

Don't I know it.

I wasn't expecting it either, believe me. It really is one of the best parts. I was so floored when I noticed they all have different eyes. I'm sad that Jet's dirty/dark blonde hair hasn't made a comeback, though. I liked it so much.
I don't think that glitch exists here, yeah. Something I'm SUPER pleased about :)

I love all of them .__. it's tough to get their personality in their speech, though. I have to constantly check which had which traits xD

OH MY GOD!!! When I fourthed the 'try for a girl 8D' thing I didn't mean I wanted you to have TRIPLETS AGAIN O.O OMG, I feel guilty i.i

And man, the boys are SO cute *o* I especially love UV and Dionysus [I don't know if I wrote that right (in portuguese it's written Dionísio xD Anyway, I don't think it matters >.<)]. Di's eyes are GORGEOUS. Can't wait to see the girls grow up, they're going to be really gorgeous, I think!

Loved the update ^^

IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT. I BLAME YOU. Not really xD I knew they both had fertility treatment, so it's my own fault too but I honestly didn't think the game would allow more then one. I was wrong. Obviously :P

Yes, you wrote that right. I keep saying I love them all, and I mostly do. I just can't wait to have the girls taught so I can grow them up and see their pretty faces!

Thank you very much! ^^

THREE GIRLS! I bet you hated all of us for asking for a girl at that point didn't you lol!

I don't know how you handle 8 kids! A little hectic?

I think Garnet is my fave of the girls, she's just so cute! And those eyes! :O They sure stand out!
Btw, where did you get her hair from? I looooove it!

Awesome! Can't wait for more! xx

Nah, I was more like What? Noo.. this isn't possible!" I was in denial xD

Very.. but the boys are all teens now so it's easier. I'm just overwhelmed by the amount of sims.. I really really hope I won't starve someone!

Garnet is my favourite too, she was the first and she's so cute!!
The hair is Peggy's I got it from PMBD, though. Uhm.. there's a separate file for toddlers and children, the one labelled 000386.zip and one for teen-adult I believe and it's for both genders, but it looks ridiculous on boys IMO. It's the one labelled 000387.zip

Thanks so much .___.

(Deleted comment)
Yes you do :D

I'm like Standby, I like Amethyst.. but it's so tough to pic a favourite, they're all so awesome .__.

Yeah, it's crazy xD I'd pay to have 6.

I suppose mother-nature decided to try balance the testosterone levels in the household a bit? Goodluck!

WOW, just Wow

That's just too much.... How the hell do you handle all of those sims?! Dio looks like Zac Efron, yep that's really weird. Mother Nature or as the greeks would say Hera the goddess of motherhood, is a bitch....


I have no idea. I'll just take it moment by moment and hope everyone survives.

Oh My Gosh!!! 8 Kids!!

That's crazy!! You had to know that you'd have more than one, right?

I love Amethyst, especially the name. How do you differentiate between all their personalities?

Love it.

Re: Oh My Gosh!!! 8 Kids!!

xD Yeah, something like that.

I was just saying in a different comment somewhere that it's really tough to keep track, I'm constantly checking my notebook to see if I got it right. It's hard work playing a legacy xD

Thanks :D

Ethereal Karma

Oh good Lord! I'm so sorry I begged for you to try for a girl. You're doing amazing though! Isn't Garnet red??

xD It's alright.

Quoting Wikipedia:"The name "garnet" may come from either the Middle English word gernet meaning 'dark red', or the Latin granatus ("grain"), possibly a reference to the Punica granatum ("pomegranate"), a plant with red seeds similar in shape, size, and color to some garnet crystals."
HOWEVER it also says that it can be virtually any colour.

And that's why I apologized when she grew up. I just ALWAYS pictured Garnet as violet, because of that one game I played xD Nerd.

YAY you used my nickname!! :D I love how you made Di's personality - "I'm not your buddy, pal" XD

LOL at the picture with all FIVE boys skilling - I can never get any of my children to behave properly! :P

OH my gosh, I didn't think you would actually try for another girl! LOL again at the 5 stages of grief with Jupiter :)

Oooh Puple rain is cute as a teen! :P How did you get Rain to have mismatched socks? Downloaded?

3 girls. Wow. I was thinking earlier on, 'It would be interesting if they had 3 girls...' I'm sorry, I think I jinxed it. But hey, at least you got girls right? Right?!

On another note, I love your triplet/twin cribs! :)

And it IS amazing, EIGHT kids and none have matching eyes!

I think Di and Purple Rain are my official favorite for heir (in that order, not including girls)! I just love Di that much! :P

How will you do double heirs? Will they both live in the same house and have a small amount of kids?

Sorry for the EPIC-LONGNESS of the comment, this is what happens when I choose to comment-as-I-read.

Yeah xD Dane Cook said something like that in one of his shows. I thought it was funny.

I love it too. It's like a moment of peace and quiet before the storm.

I know, I was crazy for trying.

Yeah, the socks are yet another great creation of Aikea Guinea. I can't give you a link right now though. They're on Garden of Shadows.

Thanks! I thought they would just sit next to each other but they're created so that it's a bit to the left of the square so they overlap if you put them next to each other. It's super cute.

It still amazes me every time! Can't get more awesome than that.

Not including the girls.. I like them all. I need to go play and see if someone grows on me more :P

Yeah, exactly like that. How else? xD

No problem, I like comments like that x3

Simpsons are awesome! Just like to mention that. The boys are a lot cuter now they're teenagers. I wish you the best of luck with 8 kids! I loved Jupiter's reaction; Oh. My. God. Can't wait for the double heirs. It was fun in the Apple Legacy for generations W and X. Great chapter!

Mhmmm! Simpsons! I agree about the boys and thanks!
Jupiter's reaction was my reaction in disguise. Jupiter reminds me of myself sometimes xD
Oh I remember when I attempted three heirs in W and it went horribly wrong when I started hating the Count xD Xylon rocked!!


I've read your rainbow legacy it's gr8 and u're so lucky ur game works. I <3 Seona and Standby and I can't believe how many kids they have!!! How do u cope lol

Haha, of course it works, EA may have released it buggy as hell, but it works fine xD I adore Seona and Standby! They're my favourite couple in my legacy so far. It's not as bad as it looks like if you can believe that :)