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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Full House : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 6.1 - Violet
Seona kissing Standby

It's that time again, my friends!

I had resized all the pictures when I realized I didn't have an opening.. so this isn't as awesome as some of the others I've had.

107 Pictures in this one :)

Last time, Seona was a mad b*tch and rejected Standby four times. Then she asked Standby to marry him and he accepted. They got married and gave birth to triplet boys named Ultraviolet, Plasma Sphere and Purple Rain.. and the Seona got pregnant again.
Oh and Grozdan was 130 or 131 days old by the end of it all.. and counting.

We kick off with the baby bump!

Plasma was the first to gain all toddler skills and was left to learn logic and xylophone skill from then on. Whoo!
The triplets are pretty easy with one, two, three, four, five.. SIX adults in the house.

Rain mastered his toddler logic skill!

Groz: Your father likes all kinds of fish! Can you say fish?
Rain: Hmm?

Groz: Your grandfather Alex is a photographer. Can you say photo?
Rain: Hmm??

Groz: I think I will die soon.
Rain: That's depressing..

Even Coke helps out when he has time from his busy writing career.

His novels are still all being written down on the Chimeree topic on BoolProp, so if you want to check out his titles, see them there, under the spoiler :)

Rain: MONEY!
Groz: Yes, kid, we are rich. Gosh. Didn't think kids would be materialistic..

After his babysitting duty for the day was over, he went on and finally mastered martial arts.

You can die happy now.
Really, Groz.

I gave Seona the same maternity dress as last time, as everyone seemed to like it :)

Seona: Come to mumzel, Plasma!
Plasma: I'll think about it..

I have so many books it's hard to keep up, so I did what any other control freak would do.. I put different books in different shelves.
Leftmost is for regular novels, the middle is for Coke's novels and the Chim-Chim-Cheree volumes I let the heir of each generation write and the rightmost is for skilling, cooking, guitar and fishing books :D

The gorgeous painting is by the lovely Jet, of course.

Bee: Can you say "Death is nigh"?
Ultraviolet: Adam.

Should I nickname him Ultra or Violet?

OMG. It's toddler skilling assembly line!

Although, the family is a priority for SeeBee, Seona still does little writing practise while she's on maternity leave.

That's exactly what she was doing when she went into labour for the second time!

I didn't mention but this time both parents rolled a want for a boy.
Seona: Well, ugg.. We liked the triplets so much, we figured.. pfff...  another little boy wouldn't be.. aaah! bad.

I see. You need help?

Seona: Nah, I can do this alone. And I have the boys to help me.

The boys?

Oh you mean the conjoined 2/3 of the triplets over there.
Seona: Aren't they darling?

Plasma and Violet are BFFs. You will notice they hang out together a lot during this chapter.

Seoan: Yay, a boy!



Meanwhile the triplets don't even notice.

Bee: Oh, I like these, In fact.. *rolls a wish to have a child AND a wish to have a child with Seona*



Jupiter rolled that same wish too.
I didn't promise them, because there's just NO WAY.

I will make a point to tell you, that after this birthday, there will be 5 toddlers in the house.

The two boys are called Amethyst and Dionysus.

Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz and the ancient Greek and Romans used it to prevent intoxication. He is thus dressed in that violet colour. Ames, as I call him was the second born of the twins.
He was born with Standby's hair and eye colour. His traits are Brave and Clumsy. He likes the colour green, grilled cheese and classical music, two of which are in common with his mum.

Dionysus is the ancient Greek god of wine and is thus dressed in a dark purple colour, which I think is appropriate.
Die has Alex's dark brown hair and Seona's green(ish) eyes. His tray\ts are Neurotic and Loves the Outdoors. He adores lime green, dim sum and Egyptian music.

Teaching the twins promptly ensues.

The parents favouritism starts here, they both begin rolling wishes only for the one twin that they are teaching on this picture.

Coke: Oh hey, everyone, is my nannyduty over? Time goes fast when having fun, eh?

Yeah, all he did was sit there and watch TV while the kids were in the assembly line.
Also, this was where I realized I forgot to paint the house violet. It is now painted, sorry for the inconvenience.

Standy had to rush to work and couldn't make it, sadly, but at least See is here :)

Coke: TOOOT.
Groz: Hey, I'm still here too! Wait for me, guys!

Ultraviolet shows off his epic cuteness.

He gained the Perfectionist trait.
A Disciplined, Genius, Perfectionist.

Plasma Sphere, here, not as cute as the other boys, but I'm sure he grows into it.

He rolled Friendly.
So he's a Friendly, Absent-Minded Slob.

Purple Rain is cute too.
He doesn't share the same nose as the other boys do(is that why they're BFFs?)

He rolled Over-Emotional.
An Over-Emotional, Friendly Loner.

Really? I know you're triplets, but that's just not gonna happen.
Sorry for the long picture...

While rushing to the bathroom, Rain fails.. but it's okay. It happens to everyone around here.

Bee: It's okay to fall Ames, I'm a paramedic!

Passion here is totally owning his brother at the medical career. And it's okay. I'm so happy for him doing so well :)

This is where Ultraviolet and Rain rolled LTWs to become surgeons too and I totally didn't lock them in.

Plasma: Love.

Plasma: it makes people's smiles sparkle. I'm not smiling, because I'm not in love.

While those two hang out together..

Rain hangs out with grandma.
Jupes: You know, from the amount of this cake we eat, you'd think we'd know the recipe, but nope. Mariah has to buy it for us from buy-mode.

I've noticed that I hardly ever use other patterns any more. I usually just go for the fabric ones. I'm getting lazy.

Bee: Dada loves you, Ames!

Unlike the parents, I don't have a favourite right now.

Rain rolled a wish to get a doll house.
An hour later, Seona rolled the same wish. I decided to go for it.

Rain looks happy.

Lefty: I find your blatant favouritism disturbing!
See: Eeeek!

See: That damn Lefty!!

I'm surprised how well insane parents take to parenting.
Seona and Standby both constantly roll wants to snuggle and teach and chat with their kids

Jupes: Remember that one time you were rude to me? I haven't forgotten.

I just realized these two are the only women in the house next to.. 9 men.
Jupiter: The amount of testosterone in this house is disturbing.

There's something incredibly sweet about a man teaching his toddler son.

Groz: Oh Sub, why won't I just DIE?
Painting of Sub: I'll see if I can talk to Adam about that, darling.


Look excited, Mrs. Excitable!

Jupiter: :)


Jupiter: Welp, time to hail a cab!

Jupiter: omgomg, I fulfilled my LTW last night!!

Jupiter: YAY!

Alex: Stand still, love, they pay a ton for a good close-up at the newspaper.

Jupiter: BTW, it's our birthday today.
Alex: But I don't want to grow old...

Well, it's got to happen.

Seona: Whoo! The in-laws are growing OLD!!! Whoooo!!

Alex: Well, this ain't so bad..

Jupiter: OMG, I'm old and I get to wear badass gloves!

All good rock stars are old anyway.

Jupes: Looks like it's just me and you dad, everyone else just walked away to carry on with their day.. dad?

Groz: Huh? Oh, yeah I'm listening, I was just staring in the distance randomly.
Jupes: Phew, I thought you were going to die.
Groz: Well I was gonna go to work first but I suppose I could just expire now. Lol.

Groz: Wait, I didn't mean that!

Groz: God?
Nope, it's just me up here.
Groz: Well, have a good day then.

Jupiter: I think.. I think I'm going to cry.


Adam: Remember when you didn't add a picture of me when Submarine died? Yeah, that's payback for you. Do it again and I will keep Jupiter and Alex alive forever.

Yikes. Well I sure learned my lesson.

Adam: You ready, old man?
Groz: Am I ever?

Violet: What's going on here?

Adam: Sorry to keep you waiting so long, Grozdan.


Jupes and See: I need to pee.
Adam: Well, see you soon Jupiter.

He literally waved to Jupiter, but I missed that bit, sadly.

Grozdan Chimeree, you poor old OLD man. You lived to the age of 136, which is 46 days over the norm of 90.
If your nose returns in a throwback of genetics in a generation or two, I will come into afterlife and kill you again.
You single handedly ruined Jupiter's face. She'd be 100% more gorgeous if she'd gotten your husband's nose..
I could never tell you that to your face, because I'm a coward, but there it is.
I can't say I'm HAPPY to see you gone, but I'm not sad either. It was by far your time.
Thanks for being a good husband to Sub.

Great. Now he'll come home with no promotion. At least at home he has the beautiful vista moodlet.

See: Don't cry over your grandpa, Bee, maybe we can have another baby to replace him?

Bee: I'd LOVE another baby!


See: I don't understand why Mariah has to be so harsh! We only have 5 kids! And I always wanted a little girl!
Bee: :(

Bee: Hmm...

Bee: We have five boys, hun. One of them is bound to be gay. And having a gay son is just like having a little girl!

What? No. No it's not like that at all.

Seona: Oh, you're right hun! I'm happy now.


Sweetie... you already live with him, so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to fulfil this wish.

Rain plays with his dolls autonomously btw.

I haven't been able to make the triplets' favourite meals yet. I miss Jet's superior cooking skills.
I should make Coke master all skills...
Oooo! Now there's a plan!

See *still has her favourite*

Dionysus needs a nickname. Should I call him Nysus? Cause the alternative is Die, which is how you pronounce the beginning of his name.. and it would be kind of odd. Or do you have any other alternatives?

It's the morning of the twin boys' birthday to childhood and it's Seona's first day back to work since she got pregnant with the triplets.
Seona: Yay, I get to carry papers around again! I missed that!

Alex: One day I will watch you get married!
Violet: Won't you be dead by then?
Alex: Not if I follow the pattern of this family.

Violet: This sushi is not perfectly made and it disturbs me greatly. I have to concentrate to be able to eat this mediocre meal.

Alex: But I don't want to go to work, I want to look after the twins!

Coke is home to do that and Jupes only works nights.
The twins *are adorable*

By the way, I noticed at some point that, besides Plasma and Rain having Seona's brown hair.. nobody else shares hair or eye colour.
I love my frickin huge gene pool.

So Rain and Seona BOTH wanted each other's attention. Seona wants to be best friends with this one. Her other favourite?
Oh and she didn't get a promotion.

Sweet, Standby is totally a great doctor!

Last minute skilling!!!

Whoo! They both got the skill point and then scooted away from the object at the same time! It was totally sweet!

Yeah I let them grow up without cake. It's okay, right?

Standby: Sweet! I'm right in time to see my favourite grow up AND I finished my intern-ship and am now a resident.

Dionysus gained the Hot-Headed trait.

Nysus: I wanted a damn birthday cake!

Nysus: Don't look at me. Do not even look at me.

Nysus: Typical. Of course you keep looking.

He reminds me of Jet and Sub.
Both of whom had that trait and ended up with heir-ship.
Anyhow, he's now a Hot-Headed, Neurotic sim who Loves the Outdoors(opposite of Jet, dun dun dun!)

Amethyst: Huh? what do you want? D:

Ames grew up with the Technophobe trait.
He is gonna be in constant agony. I can't live without those things.

Ames is now a Technophobic, Clumsy, Brave sim.

Nysus: Dad, you stink. That's disgusting. Take a shower, gosh!

Violet: This sushi is much better prepared than the last meal I had. This pleases me.

How do they stand each other is anyone's guess.

They even go to school at the same time. Poor Rain is neglected.

Omg. It's a Chimeree train!!
Plasma: where's my favourite brother? Is he right behind me as usual? :)
Rain: I find your blatant favouritism disturbing.
Ames *has a lazy crazy eye*

Maartje: oh my drash, Chimeree boys are SO CUTE. Can I have one!? :)

Three of the boys went home with friends that night, while Plasma and Nysus went straight home and did their homework together.

Ames' friend is Graeme Rochester.

Rain brags about his younger angry brother to his friend Agnetha Raymond.

And Violet tells his friend Aldric Veltran all about his obsession with everything pure.

Bee: Ew, grandpa, you JUST died, we don't want to see you again, yet!

You tell him!
That's it for this time, my friends. Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time, when:
The boys grow and stuff. IDK, I don't usually play ahead.

Love you long time!

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Aw i'm actually going to miss Groz, he grew on me lol!

And i still love UV! :D Cutey!
And FIVE BOYS?! Baby girl??? haha!

Awesome update! This household must keep you busy! x

Ahww. Yeah I suppose he did grow on us a little bit.

FIVE of them!!! They're cute though and they'll grow up to be gorgeous young men.

It sure does xD And thanks!

whaaaat!? Grozdan died! i'm shocked. Thought he would live for ever and torture you until the end of time ^^

Awesome kids and quite a huge variety in genes. That i really like.

You are my sensei in keeping 5 screaming monsters in life ^^ Would probably kill the first when screaming just to get them silent. :)

That would have been so annoying D:

I like it too! I'm so pleased they all have different colour eyes too!

Haha! I'm not too fond of kids IRL, but sims aren't so bad. It wasn't by far as tough as I thought it would be :)


Yay! You used the name I gave you! Dionysus, in the Percy Jackson books is Director D, the care taker at Camp Half-Blood, in the books, he is a hot-headed guy, he also doesn't like children veery much... Thanks for using it though!


I loved the name so I used it :D Thanks for the suggestion!

(Deleted comment)
Ethereal Karma (Anonymous) Expand
Wow, Jupiter became an elder before Groz finally died! O_o
Haha, Nysus' hot-headedness xD I'd say he's now my favorite for heir... Maybe because I'm Hot-Headed and Neurotic? His last face is PRICELESS!
Ack, a Technophobe!! In Sims 2 that wouldn't have been much of an issue, since there were lots of objects that gave Fun (Plus Sims could play 'Red Hands'), but in Sims 3 it's harder to deal with... You could have him see a movie every day to raise his Fun quickly...
LOL, Chimeree train! xD (again!)

Hmm... Is Aldric Mark & Maureen's son? Because he doesn't look like John & Sarah that much.

I need to figure out how to play all that into the "story".
It's so annoying. I'm not selling my technology for that kid. I still love him, though.
It was so awesome.

I haven't got a clue, but I'll check next time if I remember.

(Deleted comment)
Ahw thanks!

I was unsure at first, but I love it now.

You love it, you know you do.


What cheat have you used that Cloud is still alive?

You mean Cocaine, not Cloud.

I keep Coke alive using Twallan's Super Computer. There's a link to it in my resources post.

Ha I bet Amethyst will be a stunner teen, he's so cute now! Poor him though, having the technophobe trait in your house.

And it's quite funny actually, I once played Dionysus in a school play, and the character was made exactly like your Di (hot-headed, neurotic)! BTW I totally think Di should be his nickname!

And Rain's toddler shirt is awesome! May I ask where you got it?

I really love your legacy, probably my favorite out of the BILLIONS I read :)

Also, forgot to say this, I was quite sad when Groz died! I had grown very fond of him... I thought he was gonna live forever!

But I'm sure you must have been relieved when he finally went :)

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Wow, 5 boys. I don't know how you can keep your sanity. I once had 7 kids, but I quit when she was pregnant with the 8th. Just couldn't do it, but I had them one at a time. I was constantly teaching someone a skill. Still, props to you, lol.

And although it seems like your stuck on Di for Dionysus's nickname, I also think Dion sounds cool. Very manly.

Love the legacy!

I love ultraviolet!

This is a nice legacy and i have been following it.
All the sims are so cute...^ ^
Among so many boys in the house, i like ultraviolet.
This is the last generation isnt it?

Re: I love ultraviolet!

Thank you very much and I'm glad you enjoy it!
I like them all! xD I think I'll have to do an heir poll again, but we'll see if someone grows on me! They're all so handsome.

Oh it's not the last at all! There's still Blue, Turquoise, Green and Lime Green! Whoo!

Re: I love ultraviolet! (Anonymous) Expand
They're all just too adorable, I don't know how you'll ever choose an heir. Still love ultraviolet the most.

Just so you know, the heiress of my rainbowcy is marrying Coke as I write this. It's been a while since this legacy was finished, but this legacy is still one of my faves!

Awww, and no link to your legacy? I'd love to see it :D

I love huge families! You're right, it's so easy doing multiples when there are more than 2 adults in the house. I did 5 at once also, though mine were all girls.

As kids, I like Ultra and Dionysus. Will have to continue reading to remember then as teens.

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