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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Jitters and Critters : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 6.0 - Violet

It's Chimeree time yet again! Are you excited? :D:D
It's Violet Generation, which means babies by the end of this chapter! Are you excited now?

This is another relatively long one with 130 or so pictures. Hope you enjoy it ^^

Last time nothing much happened, but Standby and Seona finally grew up into young adults and Seona moved in. Yay. About frickin time.

This here is Seona's everyday outfit, which she enjoys sleeping with.

Welp, time for the paper girl to start getting those writing skill points, or else there won't be no promotions.

Seona: This hat makes me look SO smart.

I thought at first that she didn't look good in yellow, but then I realized it's the hat.

Boyfriend of Seona wakes up to a lovely day off work in formal clothes.

Bee: What are you talking about? These are my sleep clothes, I only wear formal to the bistro and my upcoming wedding.

Apparently everyday is for working out.

Groz: Try harder punk, my dead husband can run better than you do!

Seona: My goodness.. there is another perv staring at me!

Seona: Go away..

Seona: Oh, it's just Bee, here let me slip into something appropriate.

Bee: I was just about to call the wedding party, till I realized we weren't engaged yet.

True story.

Bee: Don't interrupt me..


Bee: Marry me, love of mine. Be mine forever.
Seona: How romantic!!

Seona: Uhmm..

Seona: Nah, I don't want to marry you.

Seona: Hug time!!!
Bee: I don't think so...

After a few failed interactions, they got into the groove again.
Seona: You just didn't wait till you were extremely irresistible, that's all. Try again after we make out for 10 minutes.

Bee: I looooove youuuuu

Bee: Will you--

Seona: Yeah, how about you don't do that, please?

Seona: Lol. Love you?

Bee tries to get on his girlfriend's good side again while Juplex autonomously shows them how it's done.

Bee: You're the sunshine of my days! Will you--

Seona: Marry you?

Seona: AHAHAHAHA. Funny, Bee, very funny.

Bee: What the heck, hun?

Oh well.. fourth time's the charm!

Seona: Noooo-ooo!

Or not.

Seona: Let me just give you a kiss, there, hun.

Bee *has a glimmer of hope*
Seona: Now the REAL question is..

Seona: will you marry me?
Bee: After you rejected me FOUR times?


Bee: Yes.


Seona: Now is it hug time?

Bee: Yes. Yes it is. I love you See.
Seona: Love you too, Bee.

Bee: Ew, a ghost!

Seona immediately calls the wedding party, even though Bee is supposed to go to work today. I don't care, he can miss work his first day, right?

Speaking of work, non-sim-related fun fact. I got home from work today. I'd left my firefox running and my new kitten, Gizmo, had stepped on my keyboard and opened about 30 individual pages of firefox help. Poor cat, trying to take over the world but not knowing how to type.

Bee: I'm getting married, yay!

Seona agrees that Jet's ghost is being inappropriate.

Oh Alex.. I'm sorry, that's SO not going to happen.

Alex: If you have any reason to separate these two lovebirds speak now and get your butt kicked by three martial arts practitioners.

Alex, Groz and Jupiter have been practising right here in the back yard :)

Alex: J/K. But really. They belong together.
Bee: Dad, you're in my waaay!


Uh oh.. bridezilla!

THIS, should make her happy :)

Seona: Wow, I'm really getting married here? It's beautiful.

Bee: What if she leaves me? what if? *worryworryworry*

Can'tRememberHisName: JUPITER SUX!

The two decide it's best to not make a big deal of getting married and marry in their everyday clothes.
Honey: Hurry up, I'm late for work.

Okay, since Seona proposed when they got engaged, they're now Standby and Seona Hart-Costello...
But it's nothing that the super computer can't fix :)

Seona: This is nuts.

I figured I'd made this nice altar, might as well dress them in something gorgeous for it.
Seona: Lol, you're in your sleepwear!

They're gorgeous. My opinion.

Lillian: :D awwww.

Sherwood: Damn you, Standby Chimeree, damn you to hell.

Lol. I think Sherwood has been infatuated with Seona for a while now.

Lillian: HI, I'm pretty too!

If you think she has Mortimer's eyes.. you're right.
She's one of Cloud's grandchildren(also Sherwood's niece).

The resemblance is amazing.

One more for good measure!

Alex: Okay and now kiss her again, that last picture came in a bit out of focus!

Bee: Nuurrgggghh!
Seona *is blissfully happy*

Speaking of babies, guess who rolled a wish for a grandchild? Nope not Alex.. Jupiter. Is she nuts?


Sherwood. You are such a creeper!

Don't panic everyone, this is completely normal.

Sub: Haha, that was so much fun.

Bee: Thanks for waking me up early grandpa, I forgot to set the alarm so I would have overslept :)


I need to get Seona a certain award so I need to fulfil her every wish at the moment. One of those was to learn to play the guitar.

Meanwhile, at the bistro!

Coke: Hur hur.. omniseeds.

Finally. Gosh.

Chad: I see a friendship in my future.
Coke: Ship? What?

Coke: I. LOVE. You.

Chad: Haha, that's nice and all, but I've got to go..

Ahw, don't be frightened by Coke's enthusiasm.

Back home!

Seona: I'M SO HAPPY. I love having all my wishes fulfilled!

Lefty: Did you hear me, son?
Bee: Whaaat?

Bee: Nuuurgh!

Bee: Actually that sounds like a great idea.

Bee: Welp, time to sleep.. in my sleepwear.

Coke: wow, Seona, you're actually wearing everyday for everyday purposes?!
Seona: I'm not sure what you're talking about, these are my formal clothes, it's breakfast time!

Passion: Marriage..

You see, Lillian(who you saw earlier) got married to Passion, yay!! Congrats!

Honey also finally got married! To.. Seona's uncle.
I missed the marriage notice, so you get the move-in one which follows it.
Also, Honey Hart, is a really cool name!

Passion: Okay, well, I waited for half a minute and nobody came to welcome me in, see ya!

Bee: But.. I thought he was here.


Seona: By the way, I'm preggers, so we're gonna have to go shopping for booties and stuff.. hey husband? Are you listening? They never listen..

Seona *worryworryworry*

Seona: Oh hello there, baby bump!

Seona: Spaghetti. Do want!

Green is not your colour, sweetie. But I had to add a picture of you to show that you're still around.
Love ya!

The next day or two was spent reading and otherwise educating the couple.

Sweet! Nice work, Alex!

No caption, I just thought it was a nice picture.

Seona is really rather hot pregnant.

Bee: I see you there with your baby bump. How come nobody told me you were pregnant?
Seona: I did tell you, you didn't listen!

Seona: RUBBISH!!

Lefty: Hur hur, your babies better be pretty like you, love.
Seona: I don't know you!

Lefty: Come on baby, gimme a kiss.
Seona: Eww!
Lefty: Well then.. you must--

Lefty: DIE!
Seona: Help?!

Seona: Oh hey this feels kind of nice.
Bee: I am so not doing that during woohoo. So forget about it.

I wanted to not take too many pictures during her pregnancy thinking they'd clog up the chapter, but I love these two too much.

Bee: Massage?

Just a picture <w< don't judge me.

Bee: I love you!
Seona: Aww, love you too.

Aaaand, thank you Alex!

This is your next Cape Cavell Idol.
Jupiter has reached level 9 of her job - pop icon!

Alex: Nice work honey!
Jupiter: I've told you before, sweetie, it's not Honey, it's Jupiter.

Men, eh?

Seona: If I just concentrate, this baby won't be coming out yet. It's not time!

Seona: Give me strength, photo of Jet.
Photo of Jet: Yeah right.

Groz and Bee: AAAH!
Seona: It really doesn't hurt, boys.

Seona: Okay, maybe it does.
Groz and Bee: Oh god oh god oh god!

Seona: Just breeeeeeathe..
Groz and Bee: What do I do, what do I do, what do I do?!

Mortimer: oh my god, she's having a baby!
Groz: Just no.
Bee: Eww, a ghost.

Seona: IT'S A BOY!



Err, yeah. Both parents wished for a girl and got three boys.

Really, Jupiter? REALLY!?!?

Bee: Whoo! I have three sons!!

Seona: Thank you for this gift of three children in one birth, hun. It was an interesting experience.

Now to hope they're not identical.

I know I haven't given you names yet, and I won't until their toddler birthday, because there's no point now.

Seona: Off to the spa in some nice comfy relaxing clothes!

Who cares for the triplets while Seona is at the Spa and Standby is sleeping?


Birthday time! Whoo!
Only one cake shot because there's three of them, kay?

First born! Ultraviolet!
Okay, so maybe Ultraviolet isn't really violet or purple, but it's in the name, okay? So I don't care.

Ultraviolet grew up in Jupiter's hair and ... VIOLET EYES.
His traits are Disciplined and Genius.
Too bad I can't rename him YODA <w<
Ultraviolt enjoys a nice plateful of frogs legs, kids music and adores the pure beauty of the colour white.

Second born, is Plasma Sphere.
If you think this is not appropriate, you're mistaken.

Plasma Sphere grew up in Seona's dark brown hair and mustard coloured eyes.
His traits are Absent-Minded and Slob. Hmm..
His favourite meal is falafel, he also likes kids music and if he had a choice, he'd paint his room pink.

The littlest of the triplets is Purple Rain.
The colour is in the name, since purple rain doesn't actually exist. Unless you count the drink.

Purple Rain grew up with Seona's dark brown hair and Seona's grandfather's soft dark brown eyes.
His traits are Friendly and Loner, much like "uncle" Cocaine!
He would most want some cobbler on his plate, he jams to pop music and the colour of his choice would be Orange.
He's gonna love Jupiter, huh?

Grandparents rock!

Bee: Hey guys, look! I match my kids!


Let us take this moment to say goodbye to the last of Generation Yellow, Sulfur died a few days prior. Sniff sniff..

Oh this?
Yeah, this is what I like to call "a decision I know I will kick myself for later, but I decided to go forth anyway"
As if the lot didn't already have 9 sims on it(before you ask, it's thanks to the Awesome Mod and twallan's Story Progression Mod)

May the sims have mercy on my soul.

PS. Forgot to add, but Grozdan is 131 at the end of this. Whaaat?

Have a good day and I'll see you next time!!!
Thanks for reading!

Marriage rejections are sad plus annoying, that's happening with Ains and Clark right now ¬¬

Back to reading :D

She only did it cause she's insane. xDDDD Nice excuse.

Yay update!!
Love the names this gen, especially Purple Rain! :D
Sad that Daffodil died :( She lasted a long time! (Not as long as Cocaine xP)
Anyway I have no intelligence for this comment so, that's it... Love your legacy!

Thanks! Ultraviolet and Purple Rain were the two I knew I'd use for sure :) I like the word "Violet"
Yeah, but Coke is cheating. Groz is still topping them all though. He's OLDER than Sub and is still alive. My god.
Thanks :) I leave unintelligent replies all the time xD

Recent Thoughts (Anonymous) Expand
Recent Thoughts (Anonymous) Expand
TRIPLETS!? Oh god, good luck he-he.

And they're all so adorable! I love their names :D

But i love UV! :)

MY FIRST :D:D :D I tried to induce them like crazy, both of them have fertility treatment and Seona spent most of the days sitting in front of the tv and with the radio on kids channel.
And it worked.

Thanks :)

UV is my favourite NAME of the three and I love the light violet I dressed him in :) But we'll see how they all grow up.

Love Ultraviolet! I hope he rolls the daredevil trait, then Ultra could be extreme (:

Also, do grandchildren not count as kids? Jupiter seems to be having a midlife crisis with that wish!

:D that would be extreme!

Children are children, regardless whose kids they are.

Grozdan just wont die :) and i love Seonas outfits and the engaging part ^^ just lovely and the kids look to have som great genes and can't wait for next chapter ^^


haha, yeah. I'm glad he lived to see the kids, though :) I had to build an extra room in the house, because I expected him to die sooner so I could change his room into the kids' room. Didn't happen xD
They do look like they have great genes, yeah. I'm excited to see them grow up too :)

Yay, Seona gets to have green accents on her clothes.
Wow! Standby was rejected FOUR times!!??
Lillian DOES look a lot like Mort! :O
Seona's wedding dress is pretty. :D
Triplets :O I haven't had triplets yet in my game.
Alex? You DO know Jupiter dislikes kids, right??
Plasma Sphere :D That's awesome name! Too bad he's a Slob...

They're my first triplets :D
Yeah, Alex does, but does Jupiter know? xD
Thanks :D
Old Grozdan is way too old. 131 means 41 days overdue. OMG. Will he ever die?


The Trio are sooo CUTE! If you get another boy, incase of the curse I talked about happens, his name should be Dionysus, greek god of wine, and grapes and wine is PURPLE! It's just a suggestion, but if you did, keep him away from the bar....


Oo.. I haven't got that name on my list yet. Nice catch, thanks!

(Deleted comment)
You have to be a certain age to have multiples? That sounds like a myth to me.

I usually just let them be. I'm thinking that when I move them, I'll build a graveyard especially for them on the lot next to the legacy house, but it's just an idea for now. I kind of still like the idea of the crypt under the house. Kind of spooky.

(Deleted comment)
TRIPLETS?!?!?! Wow that's crazyyy!

Random Fact: I had a test on WWI and they asked us to "Name 5 countries that were made after the war." I included Estonia and it reminded me of you... lol

Well duh, their parents are crazy too xD

Aww, that's sweet :D
Random Fact: I was born when we were still occupied by Russia and the year my brother was born(at least I think it was '92, not sure) we got our own currency.. and now they're adopting the Euro after only 19 years xD
Another fact: I nearly failed history class <w< My brain is incapable of remembering dates.

(Deleted comment)
Ahw thanks :D I like it too!

(Deleted comment)
xD thanks, I'm certain I will go crazy but it'll be SO worth it in the end. I hope.

(Deleted comment)
Ultraviolet is super SUPER cute, his picture does not do him justice. I think he and Rain are above Plasma on a cuteness level. As kids too!

It's all good ^^


I read your wholeee legacy in like a day and a bit and I am actually in loooove! I lovelovelove Coke <3 and gosh, I want Grozmarine back so much! Oh and Light used to be one of my favorites too <3 But bring on the girl babies! No more sons please D: aha ;)

So anyway yeah. This legacy is off awesomeness. If you have a girl, she should be Limentis arthenis, maybe just Arthenis after thiss beautiful purplish butterfly:

Wow, congrats! I should totally reread it too, it's been a while :)
Jet, Coke, Seona and Standby are totally my favourites, though I liked Light too. ;) You'll see soon enough who was born next.

Wow, that's a beautiful butterfly. I already had the birth in game before you posted this though. But thank you ^^
And thanks for reading!

I'm not sure if you've mentioned this before or not, but what do you use to show the story progression of characters that aren't your active family in the notifications part? Like when it tells you that randoms have gotten married/ had babies/ gotten a new job/ eaten puppies etc.

Also, you are amazing. This is probably my favourite legacy I've ever read. The members of your families are so good looking. >.<

If I got a euro every time someone asked me that I'd be a millionaire. Unfortunately I don't... that'd be awesome though..
It's Twallan's StoryProgression mod, link in my resources post in the sidebar :)

Thank you so much! I have definitely been lucky with the looks. I love all of my simmies so much!

All these boys, i wanna see some girlies again.
An also how did you get them to actually have more then 8 sims. I have the twallans story progression mod and when i go into the Nrass and click on general options and change it to either 10 or whatever, it doesn't actually change. it still tells me that my sims will have to many people on the lot to get preog, or have someone move it. An I was told that awesome mod will screw up Twallans mod because awesome mod is a core mod?? got any suggestions? i've been trying to increase my lot size for over a month now, an no luck.

Well yes AwesomeMod is a core mod but Twallan's mods are NOT core mods, so they all go fine together with AM. I've been playing with both for ages and I'm fine.