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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Bliss: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 5.6 - Red
Time to get into that Chimeree groove!

yes.. yes I think it just might be...

..time for another chapter of Chim-Chim-Cheree.
Cheers to the lovely cover guy Cocaine Chimeree.
Coke: It's hard to be handsome, but someone's got to do it.

Last time we saw a lot of Seona and Standby spam but nobody seemed to mind. Phew, that was close.
Grozdan still didn't die, Jupiter got a promotion or two and Alex and Coke were around too.

Jupiter: WHEW! I'm the lead guitarist now!

And you will remain that for the remainder of the chapter.

Mmm.. Coke..
Coke: Huh?

Damn you town bike! How dare you ruin Tycho and Daffodil's relationship D:

Coke.. your daughter just divorced her husband.
Coke: Oh well, I still have TWO children with successful relationships.
what do you mean? Sub DIED and Sulfur's husband DIED.
Coke: Death did them part, not lack of love.

There's something very pleasant about his profile. I just love it so much. Sorry.

SB: I can't believe you were a COUCH POTATO >:(
Tabi: Eww, athletic sim!

SB: Anyhow, Coke says you were a doctor

SB: Have any tips for a surgeon wannabe?
Groz: Mmm.. home-made spaghetti!

Maybe eating Coke's spaghetti has been keeping him alive?
Ok, he hasn't been eating that and it's not like it has magical powers anyway.

This sure is a normal family. It's so regular it hurts.

SB: Red is the best colour EVER.

Tabi: You're wrong, purple is the best colour, you suck, bye!

SB: That went well.. yes.. excellent.




That king cobra sure looks happy :D

Groz: I haven't kissed anyone in nearly a DECADE.
He's like 119 or something.
If he rolls 120, that's 30 days/years over the norm.

Oh look, Alex has blue belt, whew!
Alex: Peace be with you youngin'!

Coke: Is he.. adding SALT?
Groz: It's a cooking show after all..

Groz: Pepper? What!?
Coke: Well do'h!

Alex: You're right, son, indie music IS the best.

Alex: Don't leave me here, I'm going CRAZY!!

SB: SALT? Whaaaaat?
Groz: It feels like my whole life is a re-run.

SB: Intriguing...

Groz: Yeah, been there done that.

SB: This show is garbage..

SB: Intriguing garbage.

It's just some things I've noticed.

Sure, start a relationship with someone that has the SAME LAST NAME AS YOU. Okay so Bertha is only a Chimeree through her father's marriage to Sub, but still.
Eh, I'm happy for her.. she has never married or had kids :(

And apparently she doesn't get along with Sulfur.. wtf?

CHAD CREEPER HAD A BABY. And he named her Imogen, which is a really cool name. Nice, Chad.

Also.. what kind of a name is Ermintrude xD we shall call that baby Trudy for short.

Remember Polly, the one who hid her baby?
The baby was Eldred's! They're married, you see :) Funny co-incidence.

Okay, I took those on the same day but trust me, she missed her carpool every other day and this is her second job, as she got fired from her first one for the same reason. Get yourself together Ines.
She's Grozdan's half-sister btw.
I told you everyone here is related xD

Daniella: Oh no you don't boy, I was tipping her FIRST!

Alex suddenly rolled a wish to get a job in Science, so he got one.
He is a great gardener after all.

At eighteen, SB still has trouble with homework and needs dad's help.

Hey, he's no genius.

Jupiter: Broken!
Yeah, you're fixing it already!
Jupiter: But it's broken!!

Oh I see.

Jupiter: Ugh..

Jupiter: Well that went well.

Time to learn to make your own cookies, your parents can't make them for you all the time, you know.


Notice how everyone else autonomously leaves the dishes on the table, while SB autonomously cleans them up.
I'm serious.

OMG. Hi Sub!
He is a VERY RARE visitor.. I can't actually remember if I've seen him about before.

Sub: Shut up, I'm busy chatting with my friends, who are still alive, letting them know where I disappeared for so long.


Jet: Oh it's you.

Jet: I suddenly feel like going that way instead.

Jet: WHEW. I love this game!

Photo of Jet: I'm more colourful than you, lol.


Uh oh..

Jet: Booo, Jupiter sucks!

Jet: You suck because you only had sons, just like me, booo!

Well this is sort of sweet :)
Photo of Sub: SORT OF? It's the sweetest!

Groz: Life is good, I'm old, healthy, I have a part-time job, spend my free time working out and reading my father-in-law's novels and the photo of my dead husband talks to me sometimes.

How old are you now?

Groz: 121.

Damn. I mean, not only is he the first spouse to outlive the heir, but he's living to be older than Leroy, remember him?

SB: hey baby, haven't seen you in a few days, wanna come on a date to our spot?

SB: And now to slip into something a little more..

SB: Formal.
...no, Standby, those are your boxers.
SB: That's what I said! Formal!

SB: oh no, Lefty is BACK!
Lefty: I'll get you this time!!


Lefty: GOTCHA!

SB: Somebody.. help..

SB: Is she coming yet?

Moe: Check out this scared little girl.
Sherwood: Uhmm..

Seona: This looks BAD.

Seona: Actually, I'd love for you to follow me into a shady alley.

Seona: What? No.

Seona: Okay, where's my boyfriend, he better come to my rescue NOW.

SB: You called? Oh are these guys bothering you. Not to worry, I'm wearing boxers, that should scare them off.

SB: You're looking pretty, my girl.
Seona: Lol, you're late, Bee.
SB: Say what?

Seona: my friend Jezzy said* calling you Bee is so much sexier than SB, or Standby.
Bee: ORLY?

Even though Bees are yellow and black, I LIKE IT.
*She didn't actually say that.

Sherwood: Whatev. I'm tired anyway, and I'm leaving.

Sherwood: I changed my mind.

Seona: Can we get to eating now, hon?
Bee: Hmmm...

How romantic.
Bee: How do you like your French Toast?
Seona: It's delicious, and your hot dog?


Sherwood *watches on*

Bee: It hurt when you just ignored me when I said I liked all kinds of fish!

Bee: So I wanted to confirm that I do indeed like all kinds of fish.

Bee: I see, if that's how it is then I guess I won't say a thing.

Seona: I much prefer desks to fish. They're just so much more practical.

I can't wait to have your portrait done, darling.

Bee: Want to come over tomorrow and have our birthday a day or two early? I want grandpa Groz to see me grow up and I'm not sure how long he'll last.
Seona: I'd like that.

I just love them.

Bee: Grandpa is OLD.

Seona: Old people smell funny. I like them.

Bee: Uncle Coke is older even, but he doesn't look old. He's like 1000 years old.
Seona: Wooow..

Seona: It's a date then.

Bee: Gotta go before PCP shows up.

Seona: Yes, yes, take pictures of me. You can not resist me. Exellent.


I only took one picture... Groz won.

Coke: The cookie said I'll soon find love! :D



I sometimes forget that he has the good trait.


Seona: Well, I suppose I'll wish that our offspring will be as interesting as they are beautiful.

Seona: Yay! Go hon!

Bee: I wish I will never stop feeling this happy.

Jupiter: wait, I just realized this means we're gonna have grandkids running around soon. Crap.

Seona: Hey, at least they'll be pretty.

Bee: Check out my new outfit, isn't it hip?

I had to give him a stubble to make him more manly, but he's still cute.

Bee: It's our birthday!

Seona: I know, isn't it AWESOME?

Seona: So I herd you liek mudkipz heard you're good with dishes?

Bee: Baby, I'm the MASTER of dish washing, I'm so good.

Bee: So, you'll be moving in STAT, right?

Seona: Of course, hon!

Bee: Damn right you're changing into something a little more red!

This isn't her everyday outfit though, since she grew up in athletic wear and didn't change.

Seona: Look, I even put red on my face stars!
Bee: I like it a lot.

They're just so right for one another.

Standby aka SB aka Bee! Whew!

Yeah he grew up with the Light Sleeper trait, not all that interesting, but still..

She's so... so.. so.. I'm not that into artistic virtuosos, too... perfect. Glad she has some other traits to balance her and a sweet LTW that I haven't had yet.

Seona: I like writing so..

Seona: I got a job in the journalism career.

Seona poses, while she waits for Bee to get a job too.

More posing. She's pretty hot, though, so it's okay.

Bee: Do you have a booboo, because I'm willing to be your band-aid.

Bee: It's time to take your medicine, if you know what I mean.

Oh, no more rocket jokes?

Seona: Fufufu.

I redecorated their room!

I think it looks lovely.

And that's that!
Tune in next time for a red wedding and possible kidlets!

Thank you and please come again!

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(Deleted comment)
Hey Jezzy! I'm totally cool with you adding me, this is my only LJ, so sims updates aren't the only ones I make, but you can track the Chimeree updates if you want to, I do that for people whose legacies I follow :D
;D She is SO pretty, I'm immensely grateful that I found her when I did :D
I tend to take too many pictures and I don't want the chapters to be miles long, it would wear me out xD It's hard for me to not have them do anything interesting all the time. I need to calm down and just let them be a while :P
OHOHOHO, suspense is something I can't ever seem to create, so I'm glad it's a little suspenseful for you x3

(Deleted comment)
Green and teal are mine :) It's gonna be fun! Coke is gonna blend in nice xD
Ahw, it was short compared to the last one, wasn't it x3 I feel the same about legacies I read :)
I used to say Sey-oh-nah but I changed my mind after so many say See-oh-nah xD now I'm used to thinking it that way.
Thank you very much!

Grozdan just won't die, it seems he will be there forever and se Bee's and Seonas 100% cute kids ^^

My sims are just too happy with their lives to give up and die xD

Wow! Seona looks great in red! But still awesome in green! I love how you make the introduction thingy for S&S! And SB looks really cute now he's an adult! I wonder how long it'll be before Grozdan dies...

I honestly like her better in green xD but I like green in general best, so I think that's because.
Bee does look really cute. I was afraid he'd lose his cuteness but I think he's cuter now than when he was a teen.
I wonder...

Grozdan living to 121 is madness! xD I wonder if Ainsley or Clark will live that long....scary thought haha!

Seona and SB grew up great! :D I didn't want this update to end, can't wait to see the babies!

....there's a weird beeping noise in my house, i keep thinking its a bomb lol!

Can't wait for the purples! :) x

Oh by the way, you know all the notifications you get? Like who's getting together, splitting up, etc.

Is that from awesomemod or something?

it's a part of Twallan's Story Progression mod :) I have it in my resources. There's a mod on MATY that has ONLY the notifications and no SP, so that EA story still works, but I like Twallan's better.

At first when my computer loaded the page I was like "What!?" because you now have like 15 entries shown on the side, and a new userpic... but I'm over my shock now. xD

LOL Tabi's ghost xD
Ermintrude!!?? Yes, we shall call her Trudy... :P
When Jupiter was electrocuted I was like "OHNO! DON'T DIE LIKE CHAD CREEPER!!" (It seems the Chimerees & Creepers are invading each other's games xP) Not that it's a bad thing...

Blah! Light Sleeper is probably my least favorite trait next to Grumpy... oh well. (For me, Heavy Sleeper is actually a positive trait because the Sims don't wake up when there's a burglar xD)

Sorry for the confusion, I just thought it was better to have move posts on the page :D And I made Standby a banner like I have done for the heirs. Now to go in game and save Seona and Standby and add them to the download post!

Too bad we'll never hear from Trudy again.. unless one of the violets wants to marry her xD
I thought that too. I took pictures just in case. It would have been interesting to have someone die of something other than old age <.< I'm a little evil sometimes.

Yeah I'm a bit "eh" abut the Light Sleeper trait too. Heavy Sleeper is nice. I'm one IRL, that is once I finally fall asleep. I've had trouble falling asleep as long as I remember.

It's interesting and somewhat ironic how Spencer died of starvation in the 1st gen. of the Apple legacy and all the Chimerees have died of old age... (I WANT EA TO BRING BACK DEATH BY FRIGHT!)

My sleep cycles are on-and-off and VERY random. Like two nights ago I had an enormous amount of trouble falling asleep, but last night I fell asleep within 10 minutes of laying down...

And I mean all the Chimerees who have DIED have died of old age :P But that's sort of implied...

I wouldn't think for a moment that the Chimerees who are alive have died xD
I'm sure they'll bring us many interesting ways to kill a sim over time :D

Ugh, that sucks too. Us humans need sleep so bad. It's be awesome if we didn't have so much trouble with it.

Aw, they're too cute together. Great update, I hope Groz hangs on to see the little ones!

I hope so too. I remember back in the day, I hoped he'd live to see Standby be born... yeah. He's an old man.


Ever think there is a curse in your game, It skips a generation, They all have kids with the same gender except with Jupiter and Alex, Jet and Morti: 3 boys, Sub and Groz: 3 girls, But then Jupiter had two boys, I just noticed that.

Oh.. that's funny xD
Well, Grozmarine only had girls because I gave them watermelon, that was the only way for them to have a girl.
It'd be interesting to have a curse though... hmm..


Heyy, first of all I love your legacy. I'm not really a commenter though. I was just wondering how you get those updates about the sims in your town like about their kids and work and stuff?

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it :)

Ellie asked the same question a bunch of comments above yours. It's a part of Twallan's Story Progression mod :) I have a link to it in my resources.
However, if all you desire is announcements and no mod that replaces EA-story driver, you can try Buzzler's even notifiers here.

Re: Updates?

Alright, thanks!!

What did you do to Cocaine to make him immortal? I am intrigued!

Twallan's Super Computer, I aged him down in Edit in CAS and now I'm using the Age option to set his age back to the beginning of YA as he gets older, I believe it's impossible at this point to turn off ageing for one sim only. Unless that is, the one sim is the only one in the household :)

I don't think any adult sim pulls off the facepaint quite like Seona does. And she is so gorgeous, I need to put some red gen in my game! I think I've only had Coke, Flamingo and Corny thus far.

I agree with you regarding artistic virtuosos. And she has the Bookworm trait too, three skill-helper ones on a townie? You scored well!

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