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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Dream Lover : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 5.5 - Red

Are you ready for an extra long chapter!?
This update has like 3-4 sim days in it, I have no idea why I take so many pictures D:

Before the REAL fun starts, I'll show you why Maureen Williams(now Veltran) is off limits to Passion(and Standby).

Would YOU date your mum's cousin? No, no you would not.
And Jupes doesn't like her because of her Childish trait.

Since I didn't show you(I think) Standby's full outfit last time, I'm doing so now!


Also, the moment I saw this hair in EA Store, I knew I had to have it.
I tried it out in game and fell for it even more. I wish I could put it on every guy sim in game omg.

Ok, I'm done now.

Brothers, as you can see, are very similar. Same nose and lips, nearly same jawline.

Coke: Oh, hello reader. Has Mariah finally stopped putting in random pictures and started on the actual update? Good.

Coke: well, back to reading my book then.

Rare shot of Coke ACTUALLY reading.

Jupiter: Thank you so much for the promotion, Cocaine!
Coke: Uh, I only OWN the theatre, no need to thank me.

Jupiter is now.. Backing Vocalist - Level 7, whoo!

Passion: Party at my place. Now.

Alex: Good heavens.. people.

Name the film that line is from!

And there's even more people outside, waiting to get in!

Seona: It smells nice in here.

Standby: What if she doesn't make it? What if she doesn't want to come at all?

SB: Whooo! She made it!!

Seona: Mellow..

Shy kisses are so adorable IMHO.

Jupiter: Well, I'm off to work, be nice.

Random, captionless Standby+Seona pic <w< I am not ashamed.

Oh yeah, the party was for Passion, right?
Sorry Passion, I still love you, though.

Clumsy lady: AAAARGHH!

Oh hey, I actually have some teenage boys in this hood too!

Teenage Boy #1: Boo, Standby, Boooooo!

what's his problem?
He is btw, Myf and Light's grandson.


Standby: Oh hey guys, what's up?

Passion: OH LOOK, I grew up on MY BIRTHDAY.

Uh, sorry again.

Standby and Seona *can't stand not being in the spotlight*

Clumsy Lady: Oh hey, he grew up hot, can I keep him?


Passion: Was she just looking at me?
Clumsy Lady: Omg omg omg omg omg.

Passion: Dance?
Clumsy Lady: :D

Clumsy Lady: Oh well, gotta go, bye.

Passion: Whoa yeah, I just met my true love, maybe!!

Seona and Standby are now official.

Old guy *snickersnicker* Nice party.

Whoa whoa.. I don't think teenagers can move in anyway, but whoa.
Slow down.

Standby: Rubbish!

Seona: I agree. Rubbish bin!

Standby: If you marry me later on, dad will paint your portrait and we can hang it in the crypt.

Seona: Yeah, I dig that.

Standby: CLOUD!
Seona: What!?

Standby: You!
Seona: Whoa whoa, no way!

Seona: I don't even know who you are any more! Person person plus.

Standby: We will take over the world and earn tons of cash!!
Seona: Nice :D

Alex: Sooo... wanna play catch?

Passion: I'm getting my own place, finally.
Standby: Make sure you buy a bed. That stuff is essential, bro.

Coke: I want to sleep, but there's a dining table in the way D:

Jupiter: Oh hey guys, did I miss anything?

Passion: OKAY BYE.

Btw. Passion rolled Adventurous. After he moved out he got a job at the hospital. Looks like he and SB will be co-workers soon.


Jupiter: I never told you this, but, I love you, son.

SB: I approve.

Jupiter: Good, now go to school!

Jupiter: I.. wanna be a rock star!

While busking, we encounter Seona, why she isn't in school is beyond me.

Oh look, Groz is still alive. He turned 114 on Passion's birthday. That's 24 days overdue and counting.

Jupiter: Just keep strumming, just keep strumming.

After school SB shows up to express his approval of mum's music.

Seona: Oh maaaaan. I'm late aren't I!

Seona: hey there hun!

Standby: You looks like you need a k--

Seona: Ewww!

SB: What the heck?
Seona: I'm not that easy..

Omg, that's SO CUTE.
I mean.. aww rejected.

Seona: Awkward...

SB: Soo... I like jellyfish.

SB: Actually, I like all kinds of fish.

*awkward silence is awkward*

Seona: Screw the globe.

SB: Screw the schoolbus!

Seona: Benches ought to be made of wood!

Seona: And bookcases! What's with those things?

SB: I have no idea what she's talking about :D

Seona: I dig writing.

SB: And painting is pretty sweet too!
Seona: Omg yes. Person person plus.

SB *evaluates if the time is right*

SB: Cuddle time?

Aww.. That was sweet.

Seona+Standby: :)

SB: Here let me massage you, just because I wish to do so.

SB: Makeout time!
Creepy dude: :)

Creepy dude: :)

Seona: Yo should write me a song. Good boyfriends write love songs to their girlfriends.

Seona: You.. you do love me, right?

SB: Writing's not really my thing.

SB: But I could dig you a pond?

SB: I'd die for you?

SB: I'd run the marathon for you.

Seona: I like what I'm hearing.
Creepy dude: Ok, I've had enough.

Finally. he was so creepy D:

SB: You're my yeti. You see because I didn't think someone like you existed. Someone who is completely compatible with me. But I found you.

SB: So, I've got this rocket..

...uhm.. yeah.

SB: Kay time to go before psychic curfew police shows up.

Seona: I'll just hang out here, since the PCP don't care for non-controllables.


NVM, this is The Sims :D

SB: Parents, I am home in time this time!

SB: And now nobody cares!

Coke: Shouldn't you be in bed?
SB: Hmph, uncle Coke! I have to do homework!


But first, epic late dinner!

Alex: Can you do the dishes once you're done, please?

SB: Whoo, dishes!!

SB: Screw dishes..

SB: Daisy in a pot..

SB: Rubbish.

Rubbish is his favourite topic ever. I kid you not.

SB: Marathon.


Time for some mother-son bonding. Which means catch!

He likes catch. Uh oh..

SB: Seona wants me to write a song for her..
Jupiter: omg, a song!?

Jupiter: How about I write the song and then you can present it to her?

SB: Do'h, mum. it has to come from my heart! *makes a stupid face*

SB: So, dad's doing a nice job gardening.

SB: Science!!

Oh wow. I totally know what T-shirt to give him when he grows up, now. Thanks SB.


Jupiter: Noooo! That's just WRONG.

Jupiter: Person person minus. Screw science.

It's clear that Jupes is pro-arts
Funny, cause "arts" is actually the Dutch word for doctor and SB wants to become a surgeon. Word games, they're fun xD

SB: I can prove that Nessie is REAL!

Jupiter: Okay, that's pretty cool. Person person plus.

Dancin' time!

SB: I like indie music, what kind of music do You like?

Seona: Classical, I already told you when we were like.. 10, don't you remember?

SB: So.. I've got this rocket.

OMG.. he's persistent.

Seona+Standby *do that camerawhore thing again*

Okay, THIS? My favourite picture of them EVER. EVER!


YOU are the one that keeps rolling wishes to chat with Seona. He only ever rolls wants to chat.. sometimes massage and make out, but mostly chat. He LOVES talking to her.

SB: Oh, well if I wish to chat, I guess that's okay then.


There isn't a caption that I can write that is appropriate. I mean.. really.

SB: Sleeeeep...
Seona: Frick yeah, I'm staying the night!

Seona: omnomnomnomnom

Seona: FUFUFU.

Then instead of going to sleep in Passion's old bed, she made her way to the crypt and stared at Jet's picture.
Seona: She's my heroine..

I just took this to show you her nice eyes.

I just took this to show you Standby's tattoos.
Coke: Mm... home-made spaghetti!

Coke: So you want to be a surgeon huh? My wife was in the medical field and so's my daughter Daffodil.

SB: Why do I always have to do the dishes?

In the other room, Seona was mocking Jupiter.
Seona: Look at me, I'm Jupes and I hate kids.

Seona: Bleeeeeh!

Jupiter: what's wrong with you?! You better behave or there won't be a heir spouse spot saved for you!

SB: Oh there you are, ILU.

Father-daughter bonding!!

Wait, he's still alive?

Grozdan: what can I say? I've lived a healthy life!

He's 117 xP

Alex: Hummmmm..

SB: Gosh, way to rub your relaxing free time in my face, dad.

Alex: Whoa whoa whoa!!

Alex: Ugh..
SB: Lulz, karma.

Alex: Hey, way to do your homework like a good student.

SB: Hurhur.. I know, I'm awesome.

Sb: I love you, dad..


Coke soon after this begun work on his 60th novel - A Life Well Spent - The Jay Dean Story.

And this is where I leave you. I apologize for this picture heavy S+S spam chapter(again) I'm hoping to grow him up in the next chapter for sure and then we can start thinking of Generation Violet/Purple :)

Hope you liked it even though it's silly.
!! Thank you for reading !!

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I was gearing myself up for this update! And i loved it! :D

And i loved all the Seona+Standby spam! They are just so right for eachother and are so cute! It must be fate, can't wait to see their kiddies! :)

I'm now off to make my founder ;)

Awesome update yet again Mariah! x

Wooo! I'm so glad you did and I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes them. I can't wait either. I bet they'll be awesome and cute!!

Oo! I can't wait to see your new legacy too!
Awesome, now I'm in a mood for some Sims! Looks like I'm staying up till late again xD

Thank you so much! :D xoxo


Seona should have a shirt that has a picture of GIR in his dog costume, GIR from Invader Zim. GIR's dog costume is green, I'M GANNA HUGG YOU!

Oh heck yeah, do want :D

I need to find one.


Great chapter and damn i just can't help it but i guess i'm falling in love wtih the gorgeous beauty Seona. In beauty i guess she can compete with Jet but never in personality :D

// Robza

Seona is so pretty *sigh* I'm thinking that too. No one will ever be as awesome as Jet was.

Haha I love random background people... It cracks me up! :)

xD I love them too.The old guy who said schoolbus.. that was perfect timing!

Haha I was reading the simsecrets once and there was this guy in one hot tub that said "i hate daisies" and in another hot tub a guy was like "WOO! DAISIES FTW!" I was cracking up...

I saw that too xD Hilarious.

The "Good heavens... People." comment is from Pride and Prejudice, as said by Mr. Bennet, no? And *squee* to S&S, but if Jupiter doesn't like children.. how will she react to grandchilden? O.o

Correct! :D
I have no idea, she'll probably steer clear from them if she can xD Silly Jupiter.

"Science - it works, bitches." (From xkcd, no?)
Myf & Light's grandson? So like... Let's see. Light = Sub's uncle. Their kids = Sub's cousins. Their kids = Jupiter's second cousins?? So what, Passion/Standby's third cousin? I AM CONFUSED.
Psychic curfew police xD
Wait, Alex is meditating? THAT'S AVAILABLE IN SIMS 3!? I did not know that.

Wait.. maybe that guy is Passion and Standby's 2nd cousin once removed? I AM STILL CONFUSED. (That teen does look like kinda like Light though... At least you can tell he's related to Mortimer)

Okay, I figured it out. With the help of Wikipedia's "cousin family tree" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:CousinTree.svg) and a chart I made (http://pics.livejournal.com/connor95/pic/0002kx7q/g28), I have "discovered" the random guest is Standby's SECOND COUSIN ONCE REMOVED. I'm certain of this.

(Yeah that's my head in the top of the picture :P I had to hold the chart up to my Mac's camera :P)
(I have a lot of time on my hands, don't I? xD)

Yeah, either that or the "Stand back, I'm going to try SCIENCE" one, I think the first is better though. And I will paint it red :D
xD I was confused too, either way.. everyone's related to everyone in this town. YOU MADE A CHART. THAT IS SO COOL. You get cool points for that.
With WA, you can learn the martial arts skill and when you get high enough you can meditate. Leroy used to do it too! It's pretty nifty.. and when they get in a meditative zone, they can teleport too :D

It's not much of a chart... but thanks anyway. :D
I didn't know that. Well, now I do. (That reminds me of a commercial for a cable company here... A "voice" talks to people about their TVs and in the end the person's like "I didn't know that." and the voice says "Now you know." xD)

(Deleted comment)
Oh hey, I remember you!
I THINK I'm more maxis match... Yeah I'm gonna stick with that answer! xD
I'm glad you like the style :)


I LOVE SB & Seona spam! So adorable

Re: http://bouvierlegacy.wordpress.com/

Thanks so much ^^

Also, good luck with your legacy!

AW! S&S are SO cute together! Urgh creepy guy! And I love the several slides about dishes!

I'm glad you agree :) I rolled a wish to move her in too, like SB did xD
Creepy guy was SO creepy. This isn't the Creeper legacy, gosh.
Every time Alex has dinner at the same time as Standby and there are empty dishes in the room, he makes a comment. It's as if he has a hidden neat trait.

I love your legacy and I think Seona is so pretty! Can't wait to see the next generation!

Thank you very much! :)
I can't wait either :D

Your sims are all so pretty!

By the third or fourth generation, all of my legacy sims start to look the same. All of the neighbors that move in have the same facial structure, so those are the only genes going into the gene pool. x] This may be a silly question, but how do you keep your sims/townies from looking like clones of each other?

Thanks so much.

Uh.. I honestly have no idea. Twallan's Story Progression mod(link in my resources post) might be helping, I've made sure nobody romances with the NPCs as they all have the same face, other than that.. no idea. I just assumed that the sims moving in are randomized. Most of my genetics comes with townies getting together, who've lived in town for generations.. genetics mix and interesting sims are born. That is all I know, sorry I can't help you further.

Sorry, I know that was a weird question.
Thank you, though. :)

I love S&S together. When they were talking about writing a song for her, and he said I'll die for you, the first thing that pop into my head were Bruno Mars "Grenade"

Going to the next chapter.

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