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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Getting to Like You : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 5.4 - Red

Okay so I played a lot during yesterday and today and looks like I have a chapter ready for you guys :D
I was excited to see Seona again, you see.

So, last time red generation's Standby, or SB, grew up into a cute kid, uncle Coke was awesome, SB met his possible true love Seona and Yellow-Submarine passed away from old age at the age of 96.

Kostya: HAH. I already finished my homework. You're slow.
Standby: Shut up.

Jupiter: If I stay perfectly still he won't--
SB: I see you there, mother.
Jupiter: I think he spotted me..

SB: Why did grandpa die!?

Jupiter: Oh my goodness..
SB *sigh*

Jupiter: Oh good, he calmed down.

There is so much fail here.


Maybe it's just me, but these things bother me so much.

Okay so, Jupiter can console+cheer up Standby just fine but when Standby tries, Jupiter goes all "EW, HISS"

They aren't friends :(

SB: Why don't you love me mummy?
Jupiter: Whoa.. I don't NOT love you, I just don't know how to act around kids. I will express my feelings when you're older.

SB: Promise?
Jupiter: I promise.

As you can see, she has no problems around a teenager.

Passion: I am passionately heartbroken over grandpa's death, mum.

Passion: Console me, as I don't have a significant other to rely on as of yet.
Jupiter: O_O

Jupiter: There there, young man, you'll get over it as will we all. Dad's memory lives on.

Passion: Thanks mum.
Jupiter: :)

SB: Initiate opperation "Connect to mother".

SB: So, you're looking lovely this morning.
Jupiter: Just no. Don't you have school?

SB: Operation was a failure, person person minus.

Somebody has to eat Sub's leftover carbonara. That mission lies on Grozdan.
Seeing that made me really kind of sad..

On the day that SB grew up Jupes was finally able to return to work, for good and I think she'll finally get the promotion to Lyricist(level 6, rock branch) tonight!!

Jupiter: Oh my grash! I DID get that promotion and now I'm about to interact with my son!!

Jupiter: It's actually very simple, you just have to actually do some maths and not simply write in "red" on each line.
SB: How about here?
Jupiter: No.

SB: Thanks for helping me with homework mum, those were some good points you made there.
Jupiter: Uh-huh.. here, let me just..

Jupiter: Give you a hug there..

SB: So, there's this girl I like and she's really cute and I want to hold her hand..
Jupiter: Aww..

Jupiter: Good good! Just what we want to hear from a growing little heir.

Alex: I can't believe she actually helped you with homework! I wish I had my camera on me!
SB: Mhmm..

SB: Did she tell you about the promotion she got last night?
Alex: What!?

Alex: This pleases me.

SB: I see you fly. Did YOU see what happened to your little fly friend the other day?

SB: I'mma get you, fly!



SB: Yay, Seona's coming to visit!

Seona: Hey there hun.

Yay, we can see Seona in better lighting! Nice eyes..

Seona: I like clouds an' all, but..

Seona: Nothing beats a little bit o' sunshine, right hun?

SB: I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I like rubies. Like if I was a girl, my parents would have named me that probably. Cause it's red and all.

I would have named him her Watermelon. I love watermelon.

Seona: Cool, I dig that.

Exact same pose: GO!

The sweethearts played some tag..

And joked around.

Oh look, it's Christiana!

SB: I. Love. Red.

Seona: Green.

"If it was mine to choose, hun" Seona said with a sparkle in her eyes,

"the whole world would be green!"

SB: Well, that's nice, but this is red generation, sorry.

SB: And after that is Purple/Violet!

Seona: No green?
SB: Not for a few generations, no.

Seona: Oh..

Seona: Okay then, hun :) True love takes sacrifice.

SB: I like her, even though she has cooties.

Oh yeah. She fits right in.

...Coke never gets biography opportunities. He has written over 50 novels.
Jupiter writes ONE, for the legacy and she gets these constantly.

Jupiter: Honey, as your twin sister, who IS NOT a scientist like you, I have to say you're stupid for asking me to write your biography. CALL UNCLE COKE.

She said it!

SB: I.. like you.
Jupes: I should leave..

SB: This is the best day ever, so far.

Seona: I like classical music. Vivaldi's The Four Seasons? OMG yes.

I love Spring, which is your favourite?

SB: Well, I like indie music.

Seona: Cute indie boy? Score one for me.

SB: I should show her my magic trick!

SB: Check out my new hair!

Seona: That. Was. Awesome!

Instant Best Friends.

Jupiter: Standby is growing up tomorrow! Kiss me!


SB: Will they ever stop? D:

On the morning of his birthday, Standby gets a different meal, for the first time since milk.

And then it's time to grow.

The family is thrilled.

Possible cover shot turned sparkle dance picture.

Oh, I see, this is becoming a common occurrence now?

Standby: I look so manly and cool now.

Apart from the eyes, he looks just like Passion, I think, same lips and nose.
That hair makes him look like his brain is trying to escape. oh well.. I like that hair on him, so you will have to cope.

SB: 'KAY, time for school?

SB: Oh wait, I grew up on a school day which means automatic day off. Score.

Okay so I skipped on my 18th, but the rest I had to go, or else.

Anywhoozle!!! Standby grew up with a locked in trait of Hopeless Romantic. I was super super happy with that.

Jupiter: Okay so Passion is a teen now and so is Standby.. wait.. that means..


So I noticed it said that HR's like to read romance novels and Coke has written some.. not many though, so SB begun to read one and Coke started another one :)
I called it "One insane, Two insane" in hindsight I should have called it "1 insane, 2 insane" instead.. but eh, that's good too.

Oh look, it's Daffy! She still works in the hospital. I remember when she told Groz he was indeed pregnant :) Memories..

That same night, I decided to call Seona out, since she had grown up too.

SB: Hey Sey! Wanna go no a date at the restaurant, I'm already here, waiting.

Seona: Hey there, hun!

I don't know about any of you, but I personally think she's freaking gorgeous.

I dressed her in green, seeing as it's her favourite and she won't be seeing it when she marries in.

SB: Remember when I predicted the grim reaper showing up? I predict two hearts.. one love.

SB: See, you're the emerald, of my eye!

Seona: You're sweet, hun.

I adore her eyes. And her complete opposite of Alex/Passion/Standby jaw. And her lips.
Too freaking gorgeous to pass up.

Do you guys dig the piercings, or is that too much? xD I like it.

Oh no Cosmo, walk away. She's ours!

 I like the green/red theme.
I wish I could keep her in green when she moves in. OH WELL. I'll have fun in green gen with that.
Green is probably my favourite colour.

Seriously. WTF?
I don't know about America, but where I'm from this is unheard of. Teenagers can stay out till 3am, if their parents say they can xP
It's none of police's business.
But that's just where I'm from.. when I was a teenager. Maybe they've changed it.

The police does not unsettle Standby however and he has big plans!

Such as this.

Is his chest.. bigger than hers? That's just wrong.

SB: Sorry Mariah ruined the moment.. here, I'll prove that my chest is smaller than yours.. uhm.. I mean.. uhm..
Seona: You're so super cute, hun.

Cecily: You're coming with me, young man.

She doesn't look as impressive in this resolution.

That's a much more impressive.

Seona is smitten and cares not about the authorities.

Yeah how come the police only comes for controllable kids and leaves the others alone? Unfair.

Alex: It is past midnight! How could you disappoint your parents this way, Standby!?

Ahw, don't hurt him! D:

SB: True love takes sacrifice. I regret nothing.

Jupiter: What's going on out hee---
Alex: I am so angry right now! Let's have angry woohoo!
Jupiter: :O

Passion: Yeah, let's dance!!

Standby: Brother. Good morning. What's new?
Passion: It's my birthday.

Passion: It's my BIRTHDAY!! PAR-TAY TIME!!

And with this, I leave you!! This was sort of a SB+Seona spam chapter, but they're totally worth it.
Next time: Passion will grow up, obviously, more of Standby and Seona and maybe they'll grow up too.

Thanks for reading once again and I'll see you next time!

PS. I was already using moonlight skins on female bodies and I changed the male bodies to moonlight too in this chapter. Aikea is great, but the ribs bothered me and the bodies were a bit too shiny for me.
Links in the resource post as usual.

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Awww, I think that Passion is really cute. But I think Standby will be a great heir. =)

He better be! He has no choice. I am very fond of him and Seona :)


Green and Red are my favorite colours! I love SB and Seona! Red and Green are Christmas Colours!

I was wondering what they reminded me of and why they went so well together.. Christmas. D'oh!
I love them too!

Seona IS gorgeous. I love their red and green together, it reminds me (this is going to sound so weird) of eclectus parrots. http://parrotarchive.blogspot.com/2009/05/eclectus-parrots.html

But with them the female is red and the male is green. :)

Ahw that's cute! We own a green parrot, but he's such a brat.
I'm glad we agree on Seona's beauty :)

I have a female eclectus, she is bright red. And she's a total diva. XD

BTW Where did you get Seona's outfit?

And yes, parrots can be brats. lol They are like small children.

The teen one is already listed in my resources, the child one is from Oepu's site, I'll add that link too, but it's here.

Awwww! ^-^ I'm in love with how cute SB and Seona are together! And i really like the piercings, they suit her, definatly no too much!

Awesome, I'm glad you agree too. I even tinted them green :D :D

Seona & Standby <3
Love them! Awesome couple :D
I bet their children will be beautiful haha!
Oh, and I'm a teen from England, and the police don't do that ^^

They better be beautiful xD Well I think the will :)

EA is just weird, that's all. What else is new.

In Arizona(where I live), the curfew is 10:00. It's really dumb!

Love Seona's outfit, she's just too cute. SB definitely is making good progress for his heirdom, Jupiter should be proud (now that he's starting to grow up)!

I told myself I'd use that outfit next and it fits her so well :)
I think she IS proud :) Well I am anyway..

I like those paintings in the 8th or so picture down.
Seona is pretty! Is she a descendant of Dorie and Hus Hart?
YAy for SB + Seona!
(Stupid police... I always hate how they show up out of nowhere... And in the USA it's quite common for there to be town curfews.)

No, she is not. She's the daughter.. or granddaughter, not sure which of a pair of CAS sims I made.

Are you serious.. that's lame. I guess it's safe that way but eh..

Aw! Standby & Seona are so cute together!!!

So, so true! :) I adore them, obviously.

I <3 Seona. No kidding. Lol. I know this is REALLY random, but where did you get the mod so Sub and Groz could get pregnant?? Haha...

Funny, I just answered this same question yesterday on boolprop xD
Get either the Super Computer or the Woohooer, both work, but with the Woohooer they can actually conceive via woohoo, with the SP you have to pollinate one by a few clicks.

Thanks! Now I just have to see if either one works with HELS.

Of course they do, Twallan is known for keeping his stuff updated and being kind and generally awesome + I have HELS and they work fine for me :) :D

Oh ok... Maybe I should also install WA, because I have it, but I didn't know if it would slow down my computer too much.. Oh well! :)

Hi I love this I'm trying to catch up cause you have already finished but yea also I'm from England and I'm 14 and I'm aloud to say out until 5 am if I want

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