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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Lost and Found : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 5.3 - Red
Welcome back!

Last time Standby was born and brought up to the age of toddler where he was super cute. His older brother Passion had his first party and grew up to be a teenager.

Iiiiiiit's Stanbdy!
Standby: :O Omg, red panda!! It's RED!

Standby: That's the way the world's supposed to be! :)

Standby: Red blood!
Sub: I do not understand this child.

Sub: Eh, he's not so bad :)
Standby: Red roses too!!

Groz: So have You been able to get Coke to tell you where he keeps his special stuff?

Jupiter: On this SB's birthday, a fortune cookie will guide my way!

Jupiter: "Using one's legs instead of one's feet brings long life."

Jupiter: Whooo!! YEAH!
Groz: Wow, I'm the best dad ever.

Jupiter: Well that didn't help.
Groz: She's a pretty awesome daughter too though :)

Passion: Whew!! It's my brother's BIRTHDAAAAY!!

Passion: Well, time for school!

Huh.. déjà vu.

Coke: I have a feeling I'm forgetting something.. hmmm..

Thankfully Coke has some time to remember his great-grandson's birthday, since the little one still has to finish reading this book.

Grozmarine *are cute*

Coke: Wait, what did I remember again?

Coke: What was iiiiiit?

Coke: Oh yeah it's Standby's birth--wait is that Tabi?

Tabi: Don't mind me, just getting some mac & cheese.

Time to blow the candles, yay!

Jupiter: Not only is my son going to be a child.. the ghost of grandma is having breakfast..

Alex: Whoops.
SB: Whoa.. fire.. pretty.

Alex: We're outta here.
SB *goes cross-eyed*

Alex: mm.. it smells nice in here.
Everyone else: AAAAAH!! FIIIREEE!11!!!!!1!!

Sub put the fire out and we were able to replace the counter and the cake.

The fireman: Screw you guys!!!

Yeah you're late.

Coke: Why am I here?

Second attempt.

Coke: Oh hey, there's a birthday going on! Good thing I was here!

SB: Yes sir, I can boogie.

Jupiter: .. yay!
Groz: At least she's trying :)

SB: Oh hey, I have the same eyebrows as uncle Coke.

Standby rolled Athletic. He has big dark grey eyes and long lashes, aww. He got them from probably his grandma MaryKay Shallow, because I think nobody else in the family has those eyes.
"But I thought Alex's mother's name was Julia Golden?" Yeah, but he has 2 mums. Yeah Jupes and Alex both have gay parents. Nice co-incidence.

I cahnged his hair because I didn't want to make him look too much like a girl.
He and Passino share the nose and the lips.

To celebrate, Jupiter went and played in-front of Coke's diner.

The first thing Standby did was sleep. Aww

I wish this one did something more exciting, so he could showcase his excitable trait, but he likes to write.

And read.
Passion: To become a great writer I should read a lot.

Standby: Rubbish.

Standby: "This cookie will bring you luck as long as it is with you, so try not to use the bathroom for a while."

SB: Well isn't that just dandy.

Lefty: Har har, I am Lefty, I lived in the left fist of Jet Chimeree and now I am here to haunt yours forever!!
SB: Whaaat?

Lefty: Die, human!
SB: Noooo, save me Righty!

SB: Ghhhhhhhh--


SB: Oh well, time to work out! This bod ain't gonna keep itself fit!

SB: Ew, who made the shower dirty.

You did.

Alex: Silly son, you can just go on the internet and find answers to your math homework.

Passion: Oh my grash, dad, how am I going to learn if I don't do it myself?

I believe these two will grow up later today, but they hardly notice.

Wait.. I have a pair that has the same birthday? Sweet!

The other pair is... playing catch, of course.

Passion: It's a beautiful day to start dating! Even if I'm not the heir.

Oh look, there's one that doesn't look like everyone else! it's Maureen Williams.

And there's Christiana!

And Brenda!

Okay, here's the thing:
Maureen is Grozdan's niece. In addition, she grew up this same day and got married to his boyfriend Mark Veltran.
Christiana is Daffodil and Tycho's granddaughter
and Brenda is Cloud's granddaughter.

Almost everyone in town is related to the Chimerees by blood or marriage. This is why I'd like it if my spares would only have ONE child each.

OMG, It's Phoebe Veltran, someone who isn't related to any of the Chimerees in any way. Whew!

Darren, if you steal this girl I will hurt you.

Phoebe: I'm suddenly feeling...

Phoebe: So tired...

Someone pulled an all-nighter the night before?

Yeah okay, she has some issues, but don't we all.
Ever the gentleman, Darren just stands there.

Phoebe: Why's this boy here? Why would he approach me? How suspicious!

Passion: We're both geniuses!
Phoebe: Shut up!!

Passion: You're the lady to my bug -- what? what did I say?!

Phoebe: That was just wrong, besides I have a boyfriend, Rikard!

Passion: Oh, I'm sorry, I had no idea!!
Phoebe: Hmph!

It's official. Passion has nobody to date. It's a little sad.

At home, my own sims have issues too. As noted before.. but Sub felt the need to prove it to you.

Okay okay.. that's quite enough.

SB: I think I pulled a muscle or something.

You think? Now stop fooling around and glitching up my game plz.

SB: Well, time to do my homework.

SB: It appears every single answer to these questions seems to be "red", what do you think uncle Coke?
Coke: Huh? I wasn't paying attention, but you're a smart kid, I'm sure whatever you said is correct.

SB: Daddyyyy

SB: Attention, I demand it.
Alex: If you could wait one moment please.

Alex: I'm growing up!! Whew!

Alex: Check it out, I look just the same.

Actually, I think he looks cuter and more manly.
I could be wrong.
Jupiter grew up too, but I don't seem to have a picture, she looks pretty much the same though, I think her nose turned uglier xP

SB: Curse you bug!

SB: Gotcha!!

SB: Mwahahaha..

SB: Oh yeah, that's right, your camera missed me eating the bug. I'm just that lightning fast!

SB: What do you mean you forgot the caption to this picture? D:

And finally Standby got his attention.

SB: Oh yeah, I'm the best. You know why? Because the whole house is coloured red, like my favourite colour.

Passion: Ew, uncle Coke, this spaghetti is a bit off.

Yeah, so don't eat it.

In the night poor Passino had to get up and puke his dinner up. Ew D:

I think I like Standby's formal outfit the best.

Oh look, it's Cloud's son Sherwood Raymond all grown up to adult and without his baby this time. Cute.
I wonder if he has some nieces who aren't related to Cloud, that would be eligible for Passion to date.

Groz's number two hobby, one being playing catch with his husband.

Oh look, Sher is insane!

Sub: Hey cutie, wanna hold hands?
Sherwood: Uh.. I'll pass.

At this point I got a message that Standby wants to go home from school with a girl and I was all "Hell yeah!"

Wow, there are quite a few girls SB's age.

Guess which one is Seona Hart-Costello, the one he's going home with.

If you said, the one with the cute dress, you were right.

Not only is Seona not related to the Chimerees, she's also cute and not too regular looking. Okay so maybe a little, but whatever, she's still a child and has time to evolve.

SB: Mariah is at her boyfriend's desk right now, saying how we're meant to be, lol.

Hey!.... yes I was.

I mean that in a positive way.

And to make it better. She lives at..

this house. Yes.. she and her family live in the second legacy home. True love?

SB: I see a dark figure in our future, gotta go.

Seona: Fufufu.. good luck.

SB: I like her :|

SB: So uncle, I got an F for my homework today and I'm telling my parents it's your fault.
Coke *chokes on his food*

Sub: Hum di dum.

Sub: Well this isn't right.

Wait WHAT!?

Sub: I seem to have died.

Coke: :O

Coke: MY SON!! :(
Alex: What's going on?
Passion: I don't know.

Cue the mourning.

Even Leroy shows that he cared for his great-grandson.

Oh Sub.
Yellow-Submarine was a sweet mean-spirited sim, who mellowed down once he got married and had children.
He was such an awesome father and grandpa and a great husband.

Adam off screen: Oh, so I don't get screen time? Nice.
I think this is the first time we lose the heir before the spouse!
Adam: Hello? Respond to me!

Grozdan has lost the other half of Grozmarine and is heart-broken.
I was immensely surprised to lose Sub before Groz, seeing as Groz is much older.
Sub was 96 I think when he died and Groz was 109.

The next morning, the first thing that Standby does is call his sweetheart to confirm that the reaper did show up as he had said the night before.
Also that he rolled a LTW to be World-Renown Surgeon!

Next time: SB grows up? More reaper action? Seona+Standby?

Thank you for reading!


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Aw I love Standby! It feels like he and Seona are meant to be, how cute! :D

I love her outfit aswell! Hehe!

And poor Sub, he'll be missed :( More ghosties for you!! x

:D They totally are!

Thanks, I made her over. Randomized EA outfit and hair was not enough for her. And I think the freckles look super cute on her.

He sure will he was great!

Wow, another great chapter! Standby is so cute! Even when his eyes were crossed at his birthday!
Aw! I'm sad to see Sub go, he was a favourite! Grozmarien RIP :(
Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!

xD That was pretty cute, he gets that from Sub.
I will miss him a lot and I was so surprised he went before Grozdan.

Awww, Yellow Submarine died? How sad!

Are there any boys Passion's age? After all....his grandpas did it right?

And I understand how two men can have a daughter ( xy ) by I can't see how two women can have a boy. (xx) but then again, when does sims3 follow any kind of genetic logic? =p

Great update!


Hmm.. I haven't checked actually. I wish someone made a mod to randomize their orientation when they turn teen. That'd be awesome. I suppose I could manually do it with the Super Computer.. I think.. hmm.. must read the manual.

xD Sims is such a nice break from reality! Alex also has a younger brother named Tristan, so there, in yo face genetics!

Thanks :)

Grozdan's dead D:
zOMG THE VELTRANS!!! :D :D:D :D :D :D *end of spaz*
Oh, Phoebe! I hope you were doing something scientific to explain your low needs!
Ack! Freaky glitch!
Maureen... looks weird.

(If Phoebe doesn't want to marry Passion you can always try Rebecca :P She and Passion are both Party Animals xD)

OOPS! I mean SUBMARINE'S dead! (Double sadface) *facepalm*
I'm just so used to spouses dying before heirs...

Also seeing the Veltrans inspired me again! I'm busy, so no guarantees, but the next chapter might be up within the next few days!

I'm used to spouses dying first too, I was expecting Groz to die like 2 chapters ago! Not that I wanted him to die, I just thought he would and then Sub went D:

Lefty: I will be all-powerful! Resistance is futile!

I always have that problem. I leave for an hour or two to focus on a different sim and suddenly the others don't know how to use the bathroom. The rest of the city ALWAYS has the problem, because I'm never there to show THEM how it works. Stupid sims.

Standby is a cutie, I'm liking his personality! LOL @ the return of Lefty. Seona +SB= YES! <3 I love her outfit and the stars on her face, plus she has pretty genes (yet like you mentioned, she doesn't look like everyone).

As always, I loved Coke's faces. LOL at his absentmindedness.

Oh no, Sub! ;__;

I can't wait to see what other traits he picks up! It's weird, I put the paint on Seona's face and then later I found out she's insane. How great did that fit? Not that only insane kids should have paint but.. I think you get the point.

This is why I kept him. Not only because it's cool to have a resident novelist, but his personality and facial expressions are just too awesome. He really shows his absent-mindedness a lot. He would walk to places and things would drop out of his queue, because he forgets what he's doing. it's hilarious and sometimes annoying.


Standby is absolutely adorable, but I loved him more as a toddler. But him and Seona have to be together. And those stars on her face actually suit her. You want variety, anyway.

And noooo! Sub! You can't die. Poor Groz can't survive now! And Coke is just plain awesome. :)

I think he lost a bit of his cuteness, but I'm sure he'll make it up with his great personality. He and Seona ARE meant to be. I don't care what happens from now on, she will be in this legacy in this generation. I have to admit, I already put her on my legacy corkboard next to Standby xD

About Coke, I repeat what I said in the comment above.

Poor Groz, if only he'd found Coke's secret to long-life in time for Sub. Hopefully they're reunited soon! Loving SB, he'll be a wonderful heir with Seona at his side.

At least I had fun with Sub while he was with us :)

I think he'll make a wonderful heir too, I only wonder what these two insane sims will come up with!


You do know that Passion couldn't have had Phoebe anyway?! She is Groz's neice's husband's sister! (Well... I think so, because Maureen's husband is Mark VELTRAN and Phoebe is Phoebe VELTRAN!) :D
Brill Chapter! :D

D: Not at the time of their "date" and that's a long-shot anyway xD but wow.. yeah, I didn't even think of that.

I think I need to be less strict with this otherwise I'll have nobody to marry in next.

Wow, Seona is so cute as a kid. Where did you get those gorgeous freckles, is it a skin?

Insane sims are always so much fun to play. And you actually get to see all of their outfits often, as opposed to 'normal' ones who usually spend the majority of their time in casual and PJs.

I know what you mean about legacy sims populating the entire town. This is where sims from other legacies are fun to put in. I've had spares of mine marry a few Chimerees - Cornflower and Flamingo as I recall. Haven't yet married a legacy sim to an heir yet...I do try and use at least some of the townies.

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