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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Favourites : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 5.2 - Red

Who's in for some snacks, Dr.Pepper and a chapter of Chim-Chim-Cheree?
If you said yes to the preceding question, you're in for a treat. snacks and Dr.Pepper not provided by me.

Last time Jupiter was about to give birth!
Alvin: Just walk in there lady and don't panic. I've never done this before and both of us panicking won't make this any easier.
Jupiter: I feel so safe now.

Alex: Sorry I'm late!
Jupiter: check it out, another son for you.

As we saw last time, she used her Kenspa to get to the hospital, but on her way back she made sure to take the taxi, to keep her baby safe.

The boy was named Standby Chimeree.
Thus named because most standby lights are in fact red.
Standby also favours the colour RED, likes Indie music and eating Cookies. Sounds like my kind of guy.
His traits are Good and Insane. My first insane sim since Jet :) Ah Jet my love... I miss her.

Sulfur hadn't left after all, she just got stuck in the bathroom with these two.

Jupiter promptly set Standy in the crib for Alex to get.
Alex immediately rolled wishes to pick up, take a photo of and snuggle his new son. Aww.

Passion: Hello, I'm a big brother now.

Sulfur: This place is nice and all but I've gotta go, bye.

Sulfur then gave birth to a son and named him Lachlan. Yay.
I'm not sure how I feel about spares having kids. On one side it's cool on the other side.. they're populating the hood with sims I can't marry in xD

Alex: After you're done can you clean up the dirty dishes. That'd be great, son.

Passion: Just admit you're wrong dad. I did this equation three times, just to make sure and it's SOOO obvious.
Alex: How.. is that possible!?

Jupiter: Okay everyone, the show is over!

Jupiter: Mmm.. people..

Passion: OMGOMGOMGOMG It's my brother's BIRTHDAY!!

Passion: Okay, time to go to school.

What do you think of Jupiter's new outfit?
I think it's cute.

Let's get this party started.

Alex and Coke: Whoooo!!!!

Alex and Coke: YAAAAAY!!!

Alex: Ok, ok, I'll stop copying you. You do it better anyway.

And then they stood there for 2 whole hours. Why are my sims so slow?

Where are the red eyes? The red hair? Traitor.

Cutest traitor ever.

Pretty fly for zombie snack.


Alex: Say dada.
Standby: Why?
Alex: Dada.. say dada!

Standby: No.
Alex: Sigh.

Standby: I don't need to speak, I am cute beyond words.


Standby: Sorry, did you say something? I was too cute to notice.

Standby: Money!

Alex: How the hell did Jupiter do it? I just don't know how to teach a child to speak.

I think Passion taught himself to speak, Jupiter just sat there and listened.

Things to know about Standby: He screams when he's hungry, tired, stinky, alone, happy, full, freshly-bathed, whatever. Basically he screams at all times unless he's busy with something.
Alex: I think I'm starting to understand Jupiter's dislike of children.
Ahw, it's not that bad.

Alex: Being a father is tiring.

Alex: But it's totally worth it! :D:D:D

Passion: What? This is unacceptable.

Passion's most best friend Cosmo Thistle is a loner. Aww.
He is actually an Unlucky Loner! Just like Coke!! :O:O:O

Passion: I can't believe you can not stand people. People are awesome. We can still be friends though.

Passion: I have to go.
Cosmo: What just happened?

Stop being a whiny baby, Cocaine Chimeree.
Coke: I have been writing non-stop for 12 hours.
Oops. Love you?

His masterpiece "Passion of the Heir" ended up being a best-seller :)

Passion: That egg roll over there would be delicious but we're all out of leftovers... sigh..
Coke: I get the hint, boy.

Passion: Sluuuuurp.

Alex: Just say something, Standby, say anything.. please?

Standy: PLEASE.

Alex: Gasp. You did it!

After that it became easier to teach the little boy.

Yes disco balls ARE awesome.

Passion's first party is being thrown tonight for his birthday! :D
Passion: I am so excited O.O

Jupiter: Hey.. he looks pretty easy-going. Maybe I should give this mothering thing a try for the second time..

Standby: Buuuurp.
Jupiter: Hey, this isn't so bad.

Jupiter: Wait, is that maid stalking my baby?

She looks happy enough :)
Look at Alex just sitting there not knowing what the hell to do xD

Jupiter: Do be do be do, just tune him out, Jupes.

Jupiter: Oh hey, that worked too! Amazing.

Standby: Awesome! I'm in a great mood now!

Standby: Nooooo.. I'm stiiiinkyyyyy...

Standby: Stinky?

I gave Jupiter the command and she stood there looking at Standby for probably an hour before deciding it was safe to approach him.

Passion: Where's my partay at!?

Yeah I'm gonna have to move the table out of the way.

When Jupiter realized her son wasn't going to be a child any more, she was up, front and centre.

Passion: Whooo!

Christiana the blue girl: Tooooot!
Riley the pink-shirt-girl: Hmph!
Dexter-shirt-girl: Who is the maestro on the xylophone? He's cute.

Jupiter: Whooooo!!!!
Aaden, Alex's uncle: She has a cute butt.
Riley: :)

Say whaaaaaat?

Much better.
Riley: Wait, now he's too old for me!! >:(

Christiana: Wow, he has a cute... elbow.

Passion: Whaddup?
Passion rolled a trait that his father also has: Photographer's Eye.
He already rolled a LTW of Illustrious Author on his birthday to child though..

This was my second choice for title screen, but Zombie snack was on it didn't wanna spoil it too much. Why Alex was doing that? No idea.


Family time!

Yeah the party's still going, but I don't care much xD

Sulfur: Nice party, but I have a toddler to take care of, bye.

Standby: Noo.. don't leave me here, daddy!!

Not to worry, brother's here to get you out once you've had your nap.

Sub: No! I can't be losing, I've been a gamer since I was 6!! This is so not fair, you guys.


Standby: Zebras are black and white? But where's the red? Whaaaat?

Oh look! It's Clownfish, Rhys and Lachina :D
Was Sulfur trying to copy Clownfish when naming her son Lachlan?

Lady in Lilac: Hey there Polly, what have you got there behind your back?

Polly: Nothing. Nothing at all.


Katie: AAAAAAHHH!! A burglar!! OMG NO!!



Passion: What's this noise? Make it stop please?

Cecily: Okay burglar, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, they're identical, so it doesn't matter which way you choose.

Cecily: Prepare to be minced meat!

Katie: You win again!

Cecily: You're coming with me, little miss burglar!

Jupiter: Yay, they made the alarm stop! :D
Alex: Oh god oh god!!

Alex: Don't worry, baby, I'm here to keep you safe.
Jupiter: Oh 'lex! <3<3<3
Passion: Omg you guys.. not in the living-room!

I can't wait till Jupiter goes back to work and neither can she.
Staying home with kids she doesn't want to take care of is slowing down her ascent to the top of the music career.

Does your game take ages to load the textures? Mine does. Annoying!

Yeah there was no point in those, I just really like Standby. My favouritism knows no bounds, I think.
If he keeps being awesome as a child and teen I won't even do a poll. We'll see.

Even Passion loves him. He keeps rolling wishes to pick him up and snuggle and toss in air and chat with. It's so cute In My Honest Opinion.


Sub: What's the matter mum? Is the tv broken?
Tabi: Yes :(
Sub: It's okay I'll fix it :)

And on this note I'll end the chapter.
I'm sorry it took more than a week, but.. yeah I haven't got an excuse D:
Next time: Zombie snack Standby grows up! And other things happen!

Thanks for reading and please come again!

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Passion aged up to teen nicely. I gotta agree, Zombie Snack is quite the little cutie pie. :)

And I just read Cocaine's novel titles over at Boolprop, genius!

Passion grew up looking very much like his dad, though, but it's all good. SB'smy fave though. I hope he grows up just as cute.

Ahw thanks! I thought it'd be a nice touch to write them down :)

One word to sum up:
Okay, three words.. well, two and a letter... whatever =P
But seriously, just look at Passion... O.o And methinks Standby has his lips, too. And for once, I don't have a favourite :O I didn't like Passion at first, but he's realllly growing on me, and SB is just a bundle o' awesomeness :)

xD I think he looks a lot like Alex when he was a teen, but he's got some Jupiter in him too.
Standby does indeed have the same lips. SB rocks. I'm still getting used to his name, Marco suggested it xD he comes up with the best names!

Christiana: Wow, he has a cute... elbow.

LOL... I was laughing... hard.

I thought that was funny too x3 Thanks!

No problem... I hope you never stop making legacies!! Haha..

Oh....my....god....STANDBY IS SO ADORABLY CUTE! ^-^

I'm jealous -_-

And haha at the lady holding a baby behind her back, that was unexpected xD

And Passion turned out lovely, i loved his t-shirt as a kid. Gotta love Stewie ^_-


Gotta love glitches, right? Sometimes anyway.
I love Stewie. Family Guy was on like half an hour ago too xD

He will i'm sure :D
Yeah the good ones anyway, aha!

I know i'm watching it right now! Stewies singing xDDDD

I love Stewie's singing. He should make a band.

It's cool how both kids this gen like their color!
In that first shot of Standby as a toddler he looked like a girl 0_o

Cosmo has such an ugly shirt. It reminds me of a watermelon xD - I actually call it the "watermelon shirt" xD

Polly looks like such a great parent -_- Is she pregnant again? Let's hope she gets some parenting skills...

Gah! Never loading textures -_-
For me, the first time I enter CASt every time I start up the game, it takes ten hours to load the patterns -_-

I know, it rocks so much! I have no idea how it happened, but it did, yay!
Inujade on BoolPrp says Passion looks like a girl, as a child AND as a teen now.

I passionately hate that shirt, I should have changed it, but he's a teen now :)

xD Good thing Jupes never held her kids when they were babies, she probably would have done that too. Then again, she's not a BAD parent, she just finds her kids terrifying.

I hate, hate, hate that! xPP!

I... sort of agree with Inujade... except Passion looks more boyish as a teen.

Why doesn't EAxis have any fashion sense? xD

I actually like how you portray Jupiter and her dislike of kids. I've always associated Sims who dislike kids as the "evil stepmother" type... xD

I think so too, but to each their own :)

Thanks so much :)

The Red generation is definitely my favourite so far. Passion and Standby are just too much pixelated awesomeness to comprehend, I can't wait to see how they fare in life!


Her new outfit looks like she is Rainbown Bright

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